8 Amazing Characteristics of an Alpha Male

8 Amazing Characteristics of an Alpha Male


Recently I was asked about all this stuff regarding the ‘Alpha’ male and how being an alpha male could get you all the hottest women around town. They’re cool dudes who walk into the room and are literally show stoppers. When they talk, you listen. Women are programmed to like such men and even guys want to hang out with them. Who the hell are these guys?

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They are the latest breeds of Alpha Males. They are the leaders of the pack and at the helm of the ship, so to speak. Born leaders and protectors, they are in their element during a crisis. They lead and others follow. If you’re picturing a loud mouthed, aggressive, muscular guy who beats and bullies other men around him as an alpha male, I have another name for such a guy: Asshole. You don’t have to constantly dominate everyone, because that is your one-way ticket to isolation and seclusion. As an alpha male, you are the rock that women are looking for. Throw in a strong identity and high standards and try hard at being non-reactive – you have the complete transformation into the male of your dreams.


Go get them!


  1. 1.      Be the Nice Guy at all Times


When your date is trying to reach or pretending to reach for the bill, your first instinct might be to let her. But that’s just what an alpha male will never allow. Instead, he just calmly takes the check and says with that amazingly confident smile of his, ‘ Let me get this’ and goes on to pay the bill with a hefty tip. Being a nice guy doesn’t end with paying bills. You’ll have to listen to her and share her emotions. If your girl is upset, you need to be upset too. At this point, I’d say you don’t just listen to her, you get lost in her emotionally.


  1. 2.      Be the Leader


The alpha male excels in a skill set that keeps his own desires and intentions strong, and at the same time he listens to and gathers information about the woman he wants. He will listen to the woman and, at the same time lead her and guide her, with his confidence, not arrogance, his sense of fun and of course, humor. Don’t get me wrong here – you don’t need to pump yourself with false certainty or deliberately go about putting others down. Just go about with a calm and balanced vibe and you’ll start feeling better about yourself. Women will surely sense this vibe and will love you for it.



  1. 3.      Don’t Suck Up to Anyone


And don’t ever suck up to anyone. Remember, you are the leader and you get ahead through sheer hard work and not by buttering up the right connections.  An alpha male is respectful and is not afraid to speak his mind. He doesn’t gossip either, not about his buddies or his boss or even his girlfriend. You are the leader of the pack and you don’t betray it or belittle it, whatever the provocation. You don’t have to build yourself by pulling others down.

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alpha males don’t suck up aat authenticking.com


  1. 4.      You Don’t Panic


Throw anything at him and he still remains calm, rising up to the challenge every time. You could almost say he is ice-cold and detached, sums up the situation with an inscrutable expression on his face and then comes up with the right decision. He is never fazed by a problem and he doesn’t panic. He doesn’t believe in knee jerk reactions as well. He reacts with lightning speed, but it’s a well thought out reaction.

  1. 5.      He doesn’t Lie


An alpha male shoots straight and doesn’t make attempts to slither sneakily out of a mess by lying or wriggling. He stands up for his words and his actions. He doesn’t lie to his girl, his boss or to his buddies, no matter where the chips fall. He doesn’t stab anyone in the back either. I’d say he is the thorough gentleman, albeit a little tough.



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  1. 6.      Get in a Fist Fight


If someone slaps you, would you turn your other cheek to him? You’re surely way down and have a lot to learn about alpha males. Turning the other cheek is fine at Sunday school, but when you face a bully, an alpha male stands up and fights. Beat the bully and make him your friend. Now, you’re talking the language of a warrior. A warrior doesn’t fight at the smallest excuse, but if it is a matter of honor or defending your pack, he destroys whoever stands in the way.


  1. 7.      A Reader not a Bodybuilder


You’d probably think an alpha male has to be a body builder. That’s as far away from the truth as you could get. You don’t have to be the biggest guy around. In fact, I’ve met bodybuilders and know them to be chicken when it matters most, with insecurity written all over their faces. They are not alpha males; they are just huge males. The alpha male strengthens his mind and this makes him more confident and self reliant, cool, composed and strong. If you have a lust for books about Abraham Lincoln or about Roosevelt or Napoleon Bonaparte, you are well on your way to strengthening your mind and not just your body.


  1. 8.      Ok, Size does Matter


Am I contradicting myself here? Not really. Physical presence is very important to look dominant. If you are naturally built tall, you stand at an advantage. If not, you could always develop a good posture to convey confidence. Have a confident strut, a deep voice tone – I think baritone is the word I’m looking for here.  Your body language should be open showing that you are not intimidated nor to be taken lightly. Of course, being muscular does have its advantages, so you could try hitting the gym as well.


What I’ve shared with you here is not going to make you an alpha male overnight. But knowing what an alpha male would do or think or say is important. One last word, women are NOT his priority. He doesn’t seek women; it’s the other way round! So, are you ready for the change? Fuck Yeah !!!!


Get behind your alpha male
Get behind your alpha male

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