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Gooooodmorning gents. Before I(Mizu) head off to the gym I would like to post up a BADASS conversation between Hendrix and I. I’m in light blue, he’s in the green.


Basically chicks give all there energy away – most guys are ‘inexperienced’ and not acting out of there core, they give it back to them or don’t even realise they’re getting it.

Yes. Most guys aren’t even aware of this “feminine/masculine energetic exchange” dynamic. What allowed me to get the “click” is listening to Tyler talk in the blueprint about seeing the world through my own eyes and ignoring social conditioning aka THINKING FOR MYSELF AS A MAN. Society NEVER talks or teaches about this stuff, but it’s REAL. If you told some guy about this he would be like ” durrrhh what a weirdo beam me up scotty DURRRHH magic energy crystals DOIIIII” like an ignorant nonbelieving idiot, because it is so “woo woo” and sounds “Fruity” as even Brad put it. (fruity isn’t having fucking threesomes with hotties and being able to lift incredibly heavy weights and uncovering a deep vision to better all of humanity)

It’s also completely out of nearly every guys reality. like, EVERY FUCKING GUY… they’re NERVOUS to approach dude… WTF LOL. That’s fine, I’ll be the one stealing dudes HOT girlfriend and having her look at me in a daze like ” fuck I want to fuck him” while she is holding his hand not even knwoing what is happening to her body… (hahah actually happens so funny and the dude gets all pissed like WTF and I’m not doing ANYTHING lol it’s like once you have this click there’s NO GOING back, you can’t shut off the MASSIVE feminine attraction.)

And another thing man, most chicks are spiritually unevolved so they don’t even KNOW this is what they respond to HARDCORE. Like, you’ll see a hot chick start to get attracted (giving you her feminine energy/gift etc) and then she’ll stop herself snap out of it and like look away or roll her eyes or someshit and you can totally tell its her EGO, you know? it’s like ” too bad she thinks she’s “too hot” for me[society superficiality]… poor girl cant open up and be feminine. I can fuck her to GOD, and she cant give her gift and open up fully as a divine sexy feminine woman so I can get turned on, energized, and in return give her my masculine gift and open her heart with love.” even if its a fucking TOTAL 10 GUCCI MODEL(pffffffft.). like, getting “blown off” or “rejected” DOESNT AFFECT ME WHATSOEVER. unless I’m being a full fearful chode and deep down as Man I deserved that rejection. read the above paragraph; what I just wrote again cuz that is a huge shift and pretty fucking profound.

When you feel all this energy coming at you from everywhere you just have to accept it and feel you deserve it, but many guys feel like they don’t deserve it or need to ‘give back’ etc.- but the truth is your doing the world a favour by having a PURPOSE a VISION that will better humanity. Woman (and some men) give away their energy to the alpha male in order to help him with his VISION – this is because in cave man days every1 gave their power to the leader who had a vision – it’s wired into us, biologically.

Yup yup yup! Like in Tribal times that “vision” was the protection of the group, the very SURVIVAL of the group. The alpha males were the ones who used their energy to build fences, forge weapons, bring in food and water, KILL other invading men etc so the beta males and females of the tribes supported those men by giving them gifts and energy. It’s weird man, it’s like I tapped into some kind of Genetic Blueprint of a leader of Men. I have so much fucking energy and strength now, just BUZZING receiving all this feminine energy everywhere I go… my belly fat that has been with me for like my whole life (Even when working out vigorously) is seriously MELTED OFF, like I have a 4-pack now.. almost at a rock solid lean six pack.. my metabolism has SKYROCKETED and my intelligence as well. I read books and ABSORB every WORD like a sponge.

as you said when you focus it like a laser beam as you’re saying to get SHIT DONE and realize a DEEP VISION it’s alpha as fuck, powerful, and… yeah words cannot describe. Let’s just say I’ve accomplished more in my life in the last month than I have in the past THREE YEARS. No exaggeration.

Everything now makes sense – When you were feeling shit and that chick ‘healed’ you, this is what happened, you took energy from her – women in a way want to give it to you if you are ‘worthy’, so take it from everywhere – i’m literally buzzing atm

Exactly. It keeps happening too. I’m not a God man, there are occasions when I doubt myself for a second and feel chode. Like I was feeling chode next to some HOT HOT chick last week in class (she was sitting next to me) and then she looks over at me and dude I swear to fucking God I can just FEEL her warm indescribable feminine energy like surrounding me, healing me almost, making me feel reallllyyyyyy GOOD and masculine, and my balls started literally buzzing(I imagined my sperm getting ready to cum deep inside of her… nay.. my whole BODY ready to penetrate her and FUCK HER TO GOD) lol and I started getting a boner but then I go NO circulate it, so I take a deeeeeeeeeeeep slow breath and imagine the energy filling my ENTIRE body. Suddenly I feel like FIGHT CLUB ALPHA TYLER FUCKING DURDEN: I sit up straighter, more alpha, don’t give A FUCK what ANYONE thinks of me, DOMINANT AS FUCK, HORNY, READY TO WALK UP TO THE BOARD and TEACH THE FUCKING CLASS AND BUILD A SPACE SHUTTLE AND WORKOUT AND BANG EVERY GIRL IN THE ROOM AND READ A BOOK AND AND AND hahaha… and this chick looks over at me just STARING (I’m like WTF.. well not really cuz this happens so much im used to it at this point hahaha) I glance over and she looks down shyly…turned INSTA CHODETTE. this is a BONAFIDE 10 man, the straight up HOTTEST chick in that entire class, one of the hottest on our campus I have ever seen. LOOKS DONT MATTER. its all an ENERGY thing that goes SOOOO much deeper than shallow superficial makeup and genetic facial structures. its the core LIFE FEMININE ESSENCE in EVERY woman, that’s all that matters.

When you use this feminine energy to benefit the world, light up hearts (this is you giving back). When you fully surrender to you core and to your divine purpose – chicks know.

women give men anything, energy etc. completely surrender to the alpha to help his vision, they will also tempt you to get off your path so they can see how worthy you really are

Exactly. all shit tests = PASSED. I say stuff like ” man I’m so passionate about music and surfing” and a girl will go ” Surfing? surfing sucks the water is all cold and shit” and I go ” LOL wow you’re missing out ” its so basic… most guys go ” Oh NO surfing uhh well its warm.. uhh sometimes..” all APOLOGETIC… an even better example, it’s almost like she’s saying “oh wow you want to help the world by building the next automobile hovercraft (or whatever the fuck your purpose/vision is.. even if its washing the dishes or raising your hand in class or going for a jog or whatever you believe in to be RIGHT” she says hahaha loser IT CANT BE DONE. and you cockily smile and go “watch me.” I never really understood this until now, but one of my buddies who is a total PIMP(reeeallly alpha dude, big muscles, like a fucking HAREM, lots of money doing live concerts etc)…. so we’re both kinda drunk and he looks at me and goes ” You know what my philosophy of life is?” and I’m like “nah dude what” and he says (I’ll never forget it) – “I think God is a big sexy bitch…who lives to test me day in and day out.”

“I think God is a big sexy bitch…who lives to test me day in and day out.”

To me bro, every MINUTE of the day is a challenge, a calling to GREATNESS, to be your BEST SELF to accomplish your VISION. Utilizing your time and efforts in the most quality, effective manner. Successful alpha dudes intuitively know this.

Successful men GET THINGS DONE, they channel this feminine energy and use it like a laser to go after his goals – THAT IS SOOO TRUE WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT SUCCESSFUL MEN AND HOW THEY ARE WITH WOMEN ENERGY – Behind every great man is a woman/multiple women giving him her energy freely.. also women only dispense there energy to guys who are MOST WILLING TO ACCEPT IT AND GET SHIT DONE.

Women can’t move throughout life alone, she needs to surrender to a man who knows the path to guide her through his core – this is her trust, this is her comfort, this is how she EVOLVES.

Exactly. Women need to find a worthy man on a MISSION that is NEVER women. Men need to find a woman who knows how to surrender to her inner “dakini” or divine feminine essence that SUPERCHARGES MEN and allows them to accomplish GREAT THINGS and better HUMANITY. “A woman’s love is men, a man’s love is LIFE.” You know whats also funny man, this is like a deep truthful KNOWING. I’m serious like it’s some divine secret the world leaders have used to accomplish great things and control NATIONS and have fucking HAREMS… this is IT. I KNOW it. Eckhart Tolle said when he became enlightened or present or whatever, he just KNEW . Everyone around him said he was crazy for being happy for no reason or whatever but he KNEW deep down the divine truth of his experience. He said even if Buddha said ” you are wrong ” he would be like ” no, you are.”

Everything loves you – let it love you – use it to go after desires – i’m just relaxing as the centre of the universe I can feel energy coming into me from everywhere.

dude I love this, I literally feel so good right now realizing this.

DAMN MAN – this is some serious fucking shit, one epiphanies just leading to like 3 more each time and i know your feeling the same way…. I’m telling you this shit cuz your the only other guy i know who is on this level and i gotta let it out hahahah

yeah exactly, I don’t talk to anyone about this stuff because its so far outside their realities and so “weird” by societies conventional norms. But man, its what defines massive success in todays world. Look at the successful people in different fields like Lil’ Wayne, or rockstars, or emperors/conquerors of the past… or just Alpha Males in general, what is one thing they all have in common? they fuck LOTS and LOTS of women, or in other words, they (Deeper than sex) fuck them to GOD and receive their DIVINE FEMININE ENERGY to FUEL them. A woman’s hearts deepest desire is to FUEL Men’s passion and purpose and ACTION in the world.

Man = right ACTION ( to open her and the world into love and bliss… through force, direction, or protection of the weaker spirits/humans).

Woman = REACTION. LEAD. LEAD. LEAD HER.. plus most dudes get that feminine energy gift and go be a consumer or be full chode with it(feeling fear by supressing it, feeling nervous trying to block it, stifle it etc)…

or they go play fucking xbox all day, or smoke pot and sit there watching TV eating junk food… or buy some magic pill product… CHODE CHODE CHODE.

Also, when you see the divine feminine essence in every girl, its like skin doesnt even matter anymore. dude its weird but I feel a pull towards GRANDMAS. hahahahaha. like GILF status. a woman’s deepest fear is to not be desired or loved by a worthy Man, and society says that women are ONLY beautiful when they have perfect smooth skin and are young… its so sad man…even my mom sits in front of the mirror for hours a day putting on makeup and dying her hair weekly to hide grey hairs and wrinkles… I’m like MOM – YOU’RE FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!!! and I truly mean it.

A hot girl wants a real MAN who is connected to his CORE MASCULINE POWER who wants to FUCK HER TO GOD regardless of if she woke up that morning with messy hair and no makeup on or has a few wrinkles. he fully is appreciating her LIFE FORCE, her DIVINE FEMININE RADIANCE ESSENCE that FUELS AND EMPOWERS YOU. that’s why most HOT like HOT HOT HOT “10’s” of society are TERRIBLE in bed… they are responding to some superficial BULLSHIT that has nothing to do with BEING ALIVE. they are self conscious and cant open their heart and feel deeply into divine feminine and be ravaged in love by a masculine POWERFUL man. it is our DUTY as men to open these girls the fuck up and light up their hearts.

temptation – this is a big one, instead of being attracted to chicks you can be ‘tempted’ by them – Hard to explain but i’ll write some massive article on this and all these other epiphanies. Just by being tempted rather than wanting to have sex with them builds MASSIVE attraction, they end up trying so hard to please you it’s ridiculous.

soooooooo key. most chodes are instantly SOLD. they give up their masculine energy(sued to accomplish their deep vision and gift to humanity) to some random girl who probably isnt even worthy of it (which ultimately results in the creation of a new child – ejaculation, depleting a man fully of life force.) it doesnt even have to be ejaculation, but it can START at foreplay as soon as you SEE a woman and go FUCK SHE’S GOT ME… hahaha 99% of chodes do this. like you said, TEMPTED, not wanting to have sex right away.. ALWAYS A CHALLENGE FOR HER = HER BEING HORNY. “I could, but I wont.”

“Watch out for that one, she’s a predator posing as a house pet.” -Tyler Durden

(Don’t end up like that guy lol, giving away ALL of his life energy to her)

I look at every girl and subconsciously analyze how divinely feminine and sexy she can be & open up and allow herself to turn me on. Like I’m buying a fucking stereo or something checking the volume knob. “how loud can this get” or “how HOT / sexual / ALIVE / feminine can she get for me?” which seems to make me even MORE masculine (dominant, leading, bursting with passion, clarity, direction, decisiveness, energy, ETC).

Welp dudes, I’m off to the gym.

I’m seeing bloody beetroots this weekend, gonna be fucking NUTS.

fucking CHILLS brothers…this is beyond WOMEN. hahaha. we BRING THEM UP to this level.
Have a great productive week / kickass weekend and leave us some comments/questions about your guys successes. We WANT you to get the natural “click”.

Now go open up some girlies hearts with your Masculine gift and receive theirs!

-Mizu (AK)

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