Accessing “The Flow” And Throwing Out The Little You

“The “little me” isn’t real as limits aren’t real. The only truth of your being is that you are infinite consciousness, divine perfection, and have this pool of wellbeing at your core. Where love and joy and bliss are your natural states. In this mode you are effortless, have a sense of deep lasting joy, and attract babes like a magnet for your enthusiasm of life.”

So is this deep, joyful state one reserved for sitting cross-legged in caves? Or can man access his innate, natural state, like the fresh glow seen in babies? And how does this state, by giving up resistant or ill thought, relate to women?

You can. Here’s how:

Does sexual abundance come from approaching girl after girl or dwelling in the state of being?

When you lose your ego, you just find yourself acting more spontaneous around women, which feels GREAT.. it’s almost like you access the “flow of life” or the universe. It’s effortless. You ARE being, but you’re being limited, as am I, but that’s fine because it’s part of THIS experience we both chose to have (being physical / human in this body & ego at this time for this purpose) so, you realize you’re a perfect soul, and life is just this big game. Then you find since you’re already perfect, it’s not like you have to DO anything, other than release all the bullshit that you are NOT.. ie the painful “little me”.

Like, it’s hard to explain but, when you’re totally chilll in the moment (meditation, stillness, surrender, going with the flow~ etc) you feel a deep, deep connection with everyone around you, including girls, and all of life, and this extraordinary feeling of wellbeing fills you. Naturals call it “state” “chill” “buzzing”, etc. It’s almost like you ARE her.. you just want to explore her/your body and make it feel good. Her pleasure is YOUR pleasure and you both feel fucking great. Happy, joyful, loving, enthusiastic, confident, radiant, this core state of who you are, which gets covered up by incessant tension-based fear thoughts.

In this state you’re a 10 in her eyes, because you’re super free. Most guys act stifled around women because they think too much.

Your behavior feels awesome. You’re funny, witty, cocky, sexy, awesome, she loves you and you love her.

But don’t get too deep into man, if anything ego loss and freedom of being is a background. It’s the spice and not the meal.

This presence and being stuff ROCKS when you release the little me and feel the depth and clarity and freedom and power of who you are (seriously, do meditation it’s the way), but imo it’s only meant to be a background / foundation for passionately living your life.. I find releasing bullshit limited painful “little me’s” just unleashes more and more energy, making me more and more lethal and effective in all arenas, especially social. When you lose “[your name here]” and become YOU – the ALL, it’s like you access every single funny witty mannerism, joke, behavior, bodylanguage, sexual smoothness, witty humour, confidence..whatever.. you become not ‘you’ but ‘YOU’, it’s like a paradox: the less of little “you” you become, limited by thoughts, or trying, the more you FEEL LIKE YOURSELF! hard to explain in words, must be experienced. So, less is more.

When you get still and totally surrender to life, and the moment, women and the universe, you find yourself completely renewed.

Or if the latter, does the former naturally come about?

When you’re truly in your natural state, which is pure positive energy of excitement, enthusiasm, eagerness and passion / strength or certainty, confidence – a million names for it, just watch a baby’s mindstate; you can’t HELP *but* approach and flirt and play with hot babes man. It’s like a delicious buffet and they’re all yours, begging to be eaten.. and the more you enjoy eating them, the more delicious they become for you.

i.e. You imagine yourself fucking hot girls all the time
and as a result you *naturally* go approach a fuck load of them.
Rather than feeling anxious and forcing yourself to do it.

Exactly – if “you” are feeling nervous or anxious about approaching women, you’re being limited again. That’s why it feels so bad to you, YOU are being ‘you’ again. To release ‘you’ release thoughts, then you become everything, and free.

The secret is Brad Pitt isn’t Brad Pitt, he’s just in the moment, making miracles.

So when you become Oneness/Being/YOU[by releasing all thoughts of negativity for a prolonged period of time and releasing], the unlimited blissful happy free fulfilled spontaneous soul that you are, you find you ARE everyone’s success. An “alpha” dude that cracks some witty joke, you are 100% capable of making that same joke, are you not? I even look at it like a TIMELESS ESSENCE of YOU – pure infinite potential. Your body could even look like his, in other words, you could BE him, only separated by space and time.

It’s all a vibrational potential in the Universe. “You” is just a temporary you you chose to create. So, it’s like you ARE Brad Pitt and his confidence, or that hot stuck up bitch (you can exist in female form, too, being infinite and all, lulz.) but you’re also the people on the street suffering, kids being shot at in iraq – you name it. That’s why when you begin to access more and more of yourSELF, you start feeling what the bodhivsattvas and buddhas call “GREAT COMPASSION” – but that’s WAAYY off topic. Back to nightclubs 🙂

Have you noticed naturals typically aren’t wounded or have these hardcore egos? They’re just having fun and yet they fuck the most girls? They’re the most naturally quiet, surrendering to life, and giving p and letting it all go.

The nerd on the other hand has a million thoughts, theories, grasping to his thoughts and egos and clinging to past like reactions girls had, he can’t release into the NOW moment, which is the eternal happy perfect spot your soul sits. You’ll understand that when you do meditation more.

To me it’s maturation of the human race. The next spiritual step in all of our evolution, realizing we are ALL one divine energy and we need to support eachother and stop fighting over shitty little monetary means and egos that are ALL fleeting, anyway.

Back to banging hot bitches…

Personally, I *NEVER* imagine myself fucking girls unless it feels effortless to me. if it feels like work or a struggle it’s counter-productive. I just FANTASIZE a lot, but that annoys me because it gets so good I don’t need it in reality anymore – that’s when freeeaakkky shit starts happening.. but yeah man, I mean, it’s not like my entire reality is being created by my thoughts alone, lots of shit happens that exists outside of that power, so, whenever im raging at a party or something I’m just in the moment having a good time applying all the RSD principles and shit just naturally happens. I see a honey, I go talk to her, Win/Win we both have a great time pumping eachother’s states and things naturally go Awesome mode.. like Tyler talks about girls looking at you and it’s almost like they are seeing GOD.. it’s so funny man, this happens to me like every night I go out.. it’s like you bring people into that deep peaceful TRUE REALITY of showing them Who They Really Are, too.

But dude, don’t worry about this “ego loss” shit too much bro, focus where it feels right. I go through periods in my life where I obsess on this stuff full Tolle nerd then drop it completely and just do a bunch of other shit totally forgetting and then my inner being nudges me to go look it up again and im back studying this stuff/practicing it with daily meditation or listening to old Lester levenson tapes – just trust your intuition / results you create in your own reality and drop it if it doesn’t feel right for you at this point in time.

Kay’ dudes, I’m off to the gym.



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  1. hello mizu good that you’re back I missed you so much

    this you say here is great because it is the source of happiness and the manifestation but I would like you to give us detailed exercises to be totally in the presence and elevate our pontencial in all areas.

    also hope to talk about finances

    Thanks mizu and to continue reaping successes

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