Being Honest & Unapologetic about your Core Desires

Just had one of the siiiickest weekends of my life… like, spring break frat foam party fiesta style. GIRLS. GIRLS. GIRLS. Bikinis. Hot asses. Boobies poppin’ out everywhere… chicks all day talking about how ‘wet’ they were(foam haha).

Lots of massive internal shifts happened, I almost got in two fights, and yeah I banged another hot cute new girl.

I realized something cool and profound… what you want wants you.

Read that again. Put it in your phone and read it daily.

What you want wants you.

The thing is, when I was poor with women, I used to feel anxious or SCARED to escalate on a girl. Like “Oh fuck, should I kiss her now? Man, I should really be grabbing her hand… dude CLAW I need to CLAW.. but I’m scared to and feel nervous!”

Guys, I want your new criterion and single ONLY criterion for “success with women” to be simply this…

How deeply are you enjoying her?

That’s it. Next time you see a HOT TOTAL 10 SEXY WOMAN walking down the street next you, and you get nervous or whatever, instantly go “Fuck lol I wasn’t enjoying her at all haha.”

So what begins to happen when you internalize and focus on this mindset is you find your behaviors begin to naturally align to being a rad badass cool alpha motherfucker. The more connected you are to your authentic core desires, that is to say the more honest you are about them (not hiding them from girls, other people, or the world… EVER. This frees you.)  the more natural you act, the more RIGHT you feel, and the more sexy and hot / alpha you become.

You think she looks fucking hot in that mini skirt and you want to lick her hot little pussy? Dude, that is AWESOME. Why would you EVER feel ashamed of that or want to hide that from her? Wouldn’t you want a girl giving you “the shark with a boner sexual desire look” looking right at your dick and smiling? SHE WANTS THE SAME THING.

Remember, MAN = WOMAN. Look at her with that look in your eye like you fucking WANT HER RIGHT NOW and be 100% UNAPOLOGETIC about it. If she rejects you, waaa waaaa waaaaa boo-fucking-hoo. Who gives a shit – you would of fucked that girl to heaven and back so she just missed out on the hottest funnest ride of her entire life, she wasn’t open to your MASCULINE GIFT of lighting up her heart (an innate ability you just need to tap into it, you have it inside you already due to your very DNA) then move the fuck on and find a girl who WILL open up to the value you offer her.

Continuing earlier when we talked about fear of escalation, that’s simply an illusion of you STIFLING your desires. Dude fear sucks. Anxiety sucks. Desiring, enjoying, and pleasuring hot girls feels REALLY good. You will WANT to grab her hand. You will WANT to kiss her. You will WANT to grab her fucking hair, inhale her sexy scent, and rail her as hard as you can. You will WANT to go approach those two hot girls standing over there twirling their hair at the bar.

Another problem I had earlier that I think a lot of dudes deal with is the unconscious stifling and supressing of sexual arousal/desire for HOT girls because of a subconscious fear of premature ejaculating due to the INEVITABLE horrible first-time learning sexual experiences. I remember I couldn’t get it up my first time, then I finally did and blew my load.. I was fucking SHAKING nervous hahaha. Now, I make girls cum like 5 times on my dick.

…Get ready because I’m about to liberate you guys Tyler Fucking Durden style.

Now this may be very counter intuitive, and hard to grasp, and you probably downright wont even believe me, but once you SEE it and EXPERIENCE IT my friends you will believe it…

The more aroused you are with her, the longer you last inside her.

I know what you’re thinking. “Bullshit. I get aroused and then I blow my load super fast!!!”

Slow your wheels, Turbo – I’m going to explain why the above statement is frighteningly liberating, and also scarily true.

Congratulations because what I’m about reveal to you took me years of studying, research and in-field work (more like in-vagina work, but you get the point ;)) Okay really bad joke, I apologize lol.

Anyways so check this out.There is an energy that runs inside your body along all your 72,000 nerves. It gives LIFE to your body. It moves your muscles. It allows you to process sensory input. It makes you horny. Now, I learned this awesome tip from a little old chinese man energy worker dude… he said when you tense up any of your muscles the chi doesn’t flow properly. It’s literally like blocking water in a damn. Premature ejaculation is when your body / mind is tense (tense mind = tense body), the sexual energy that is then built up in your genitals is pretty much forced to build up there, until it has it’s spasm muscle release and triggers ejaculation in minutes. Like, the first couple warm wet pumps.

The awesome thing is, and it’s SO counter intuitive, when you relax and fully enjoy the hot cute girly in front of you and allow yourself to get super horny without suppressing it AT ALL or feeling ashamed that you fucking honestly WANT her (she wants you to honestly desire her, that’s what being an ideal sexy, feminine Woman is… women get ALL their validation and sense of self-worth from men desiring them…remember, hours in the mirror for YOU to think they look pretty so they feel good about themselves.)

Anyways, when your whole body is relaxed (Exercise regularly to achieve this easier. 3x a week AT LEAST. This keeps your energy channels opened up and relaxes tense muscles).

The energy literally doesn’t build up solely in your genitals anymore, but instead flows through your ENTIRE body (up your spine) so it’s like your entire body is horny with lust for this girl, not just your dick. What this does is turns you into a fucking ANIMAL in the sack. Like, you literally last as long as you want and can fuck for HOURS and the girls can’t get enough of you. They LOVE it when you get this aroused because that’s their feminine gift to you. And you’re giving her your masculine gift of fucking her to God. It’s… fucking insane.

Like, incredibly sexual, HOT crazy fuckfests.

Once you truly realize the amazing gift and value as man you bring to women, you get so fucking picky and selective / naturally screening it’s ridiculous. I deeply love and respect myself, and I take really good care of my body… so if I see a fat chick or a girl who does a lot of drugs and smokes / doesn’t exercise etc it’s such a turnoff. have standards guys!

Hope your weekend was ILL, leave me a comment about the successes you guys are having.

Now go get clear on your purpose and mission, aka your DEEPEST GIFT TO HUMANITY,

-AK 😉

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