BURNING DESIRE: Your Key To Everything.

Crack your beers and have no fears…. Mizu is here!!!!!

You know the deal.

ello’ Lords. 8]

I plan to fuck with your reality hard today. In fact, I plan to MELT it. I plan to melt off that chode that is still a part of your identity and show you the TRUE YOU underneath who is and has been a KING FROM BIRTH.

Before we begin I would like to emphasize that you read the title of this post. I cannot stress this enough through my keyboard via tiny letters on a little screen. When I say desire is your key to EVERYTHING, I really really mean it.

No, really.

E V E R Y T H I N G.

Desire is the BASIS of LIFE. The very biological act of SEX is cellular level DESIRE, like your cell’s thirst for water.

Desire is EVERYTHING. It is the key to success, happiness, and literally ALL goals that you seek.

How would you like blazing and soaring energy levels and fun buzzing sex drive, consistently?

How would you like to look and feel healthy and young with a glowing complexion that everyone compliments on?

How would you like incredible amounts of confidence and power to go out into the world and get, accomplish, and CONQUER anything and ALL that you want?

Is it diet? Is it sleep? Is it sunlight? Is it semen retention? Is it yoga? Is it your metabolic typing macronutrient ratios?!

Sure, these things all help. Maybe 25%. MAX.

I’m serious. 25% is actually being very generous here.

So then what’s the MAIN factor? What’s the #1 most influential element?

You’ll be surprised to find out that the KEY to being ridiculously strong, horny, unusually happy, healthy, productive, smart, having AMAZING lasting hot consistent sex with MULTIPLE GIRLS, and all around just getting ANYTHING easily in your life is an overflowing abundance of energy(aka positive emotion… ‘energy in motion’), and the way to get a consistent overflow abundance of positive energy is through the most powerful natural innate human tool you were born with(that is the basis of life and the fundamental Key to the Universe) that is Consistent Pure Desire.

Burning desire to be exact.

After reflecting on and figuring out the common denominator key formula for outrageous success in my own, and other Men’s lives, I have decided to carve out this creation for you fellow Kings to help show you.

The purpose of this post is to drop some KEY TRUTH for you dudes so you can reclaim your badass true masculine drive/nature, be fueled with aggressive stoked passion and male Zues Energy, dominate your current life goals, and be super fucking productive and highly, HIGHLY, attractive to Women.

The great thing is, this is all super EASY and EFFORTLESS when you know how!

Well then…. How?

How can you get that ripped powerful body, even though you’ve been lifting all the right weight and eating all the right foods?

How can you jump out of bed in the morning REFRESHED and EXCITED about the upcoming adventurous day?

How can you see a cutie walking by you on the street with her perfect soft boobs and sexy seductive feminine walk and suddenly get that chillfull RUSH of exhilaration and excitement, purely DESIRING to talk to her and get butterflies of fun – Lovestruck?

Ever feel numb to life or like you have no energy or enthusiasm to do ANYTHING?

Ever feel depressed? Down? Incapable? Tired? Bored? Weak? Like you’ll never get what you want?

All these negative emotions are indications of you pinching off and suppressing the flow of the constant stream of positive energy and good things the Universe, God, or whatever you want to call it is constantly trying to give to you in every moment. Your thoughts either help you receive this flow of wellbeing, or further pinch it off. This is called “Resisting”. The medical community refers to this as disease, or more accurately; “Dis-Ease.”

This is why meditation really really helps, when you “go in the now” with absolutely no thoughts or aka zero “resistance to what is” as Eckhart tolle says it, the dam of wellbeing pours to you as it naturally always will and always is trying to do.

After reading this you will hopefully begin to understand the key to accomplishing EVERYTHING powerfully in your life. I am going to bestow upon you knights some POWERFUL Authentic King tools that will guarantee you closing the gap between you and your highest, Best King self that is constantly pulling you to greatness in every moment of everywhere you go.

All you need to do is allow him to BE.

Ahhhhhhh. So let’s begin shall we? 😀

We will begin with the basics.

What exactly is desire? Well put quote simply desire is the positive flow of energy.

Napoleon Hill talks about the #1 KEY to success is to “have a burning desire” for something you wish to have. Remember, this guy knows his shit. He used to chill with the RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD – Andrew Carnegie – who literally owned billions.

Think about that, billlioooonnsssssss.

Success is no coincidence, that was one seriously alpha powerful motherfucker, and N.H. claimed the most important key to his success was his constant burning desire. Coincidence? I think not.

Wise to apply this crucial principle in your own life on a day-to-day basis?


I remember back in my choden days I used to read this and believe it and deep down know desire to be a true ingredient for wicked sweet success in my life, but I would always find it hard to get a burning desire for ANYTHING in my life… yet when I did, oh my God my accomplishments and goals just came so fucking easily and life was like a smoooooth ride of enjoyment and pure exhilaration during those ultra-rare times and moments of sudden spikes of peak performance.

Inspired action is what I like to call it. Effortless creation of AWESOME stuff.

You work out the best when you’re stoked about getting stronger, more muscular, leaner, and healthier and focus on nothing else but this.

You fuck her best when you want her body the most.

You make the best piece of music when you can’t put the guitar down and playing every note is as good as cumming.

You absorb knowledge[learn] the best when you’re enthralled in the speaker’s words drinking up every single word, or when you stay up late at night and can’t put the book down.

You have the most fun when you never want whatever is happening to end.

“Love love love. THAT is the soul of genius.”

-Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart

It would be more accurate for Mozart to say, DESIRE is the soul of genius. Which people commonly refer to nowadays as “love” when what they really mean is desire.

Think about it.

What is truly “loving” a woman other than having a burning desire for her constantly?

And I’m not just talking about hot sex(although that’s so fun and superrrr addicting). A burning desire to just TALK to her and soak in her feminine radiance beauty and light, to get to know her, to playfully tease her and have fun with her, to joke around or mess with her, to go on adventures, to light up her heart, to smell her, taste her, feel her, FUCK HER TO BLISS.

Exactly. Now you’re starting to catch on.

And if you remember the Authentic Keys of What You Want Wants You, and She Gets Off On How Much You Get Off some really cool things will start to click for you.

“Wait wait wait whoa slow down Mizu!!! so if the feminine essence is the WORLD... and if I have a BURNING DESIRE constantly for things from the world in my own life, and Women get off on how much I get off; then that means the more I desire Women and awesome things in the world, the more Women desire me right back and incredible good awesome things I want come RUSHING IN and all I have to do is ALLOW THEM TO BE HERE so I can receive them and not stifle or repress the flow of wellbeing rushing towards me, never resisting it by allowing myself to enjoy them fully, and revel in them……”


Welcome to the next level, King.

So going back to my studies of ultra successful Men I happily learned that that a “peak performance” burning desire state is the FUNDAMENTAL NATURE OF MAN.

It’s how I, and yes YOU, should be feeling ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

No exceptions. It’s the spark of life in your eyes. Girls complain to me all the time there’s so many “soulless men” today that when they look into their eyes they see nothing. No passion. No sense of thrill or mystery or enticement or adventure or the hint at some naughty lusty fun. No charm. No style.

Figure 1. Mmmmmmmm.

It’s the consistently horny buzz naturals feel. It’s the spring in your step. It’s that natural born killer edge inside of you. It’s the adrenaline rush of having the balls to walk over to her and say whatever the fuck you want because she looks HOT and as the feminine world she is YOURS FOR THE TAKING – WHATEVER WAY YOU WANT TO TAKE HER IN.

(And she LOVES giving herself fully to you because that’s what the feminine naturally does and gets off on.)

Desire is EVERYTHING guys.

“If it’s not in your life, you didn’t want it fucking badly enough. Period.”

-Owen Cook

So back to basics. Desire = Energy.

Well, in the next segment of this badass series I will attempt to explain the fundamental nature of reality to you guys but to keep it simple for now – EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.

And the faster it flows, the faster your particles of your entire being flow, and the gooder and gooder you feel. The gooder you feel, the more ‘good’ your vibration rate is of every particle of your entire body the more ‘good particles’ or what Eckhart Tolle calls “forms” of the world are attracted to you. Whether this be Hot Horny Women moaning on your bed, Cash in your bank account, Friends calling you to have a blast, Fame, whatever… form.

It’s all form.

It’s all atoms. Particles. And Energy.

And the gooder it gets, the gooder it gets.

I may sound woo-woo as fuck right now, but I’m swimming in cash and pussy right now and if you want to be as well, then listen up with an open mind. Remember you don’t know what you dont know and if things arent going the way you want them to in your life right now than have the intelligence to change things in your life. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result .

Oh and these things I’m teaching you guys here are what the illuminati and other secret societies teach some of the highest members in their organizations. Do not underestimate the power of what you’re learning here.

And please don’t ask how I obtained this information. Let’s just say I’ve had some really rare and special people come into my life to teach me things and I’m forever greatful that sometimes thinking of these incredible master’s personally sharing their wisdom and closely-guarded secrets with me literally brings me to tears.

So these secret societies control the world. They’re ranked higher than the presidents and leaders of countries. They own the oil, the food, and all the other major resources that literally controls the entire planet.

They’ve figured out how the laws of the Universe works and they “hack life” so to speak to enjoy all the best life has to offer.

I’m giving you the cheat codes right now in this Authentic King Exclusive Series.

For real. All you have to do is apply some of this stuff and you’ll start to see AWESOME stuff come pouring into your life.

Let’s continue.

Scientists are now discovering when a human being feels depressed his CELLS become depressed, slow, and sluggish. The immune system will literally function in a “depressed” state when YOU become depressed.

It’s no coincidence the hottest slimmest sexiest girls are the one’s bouncing around the gym filled full of life energy with a big happy smile on their face like they’re on friggin’ Crack; and in direct contrast its the fatties wh0 walk around with a slow sluggish slump filled with depression and longing despair.

Works both ways with us dudes too. Notice the ’emo’ depressed negative downer guys are the skinny one’s who find it hard to gain muscle or are fat miserable bastards who find it difficult to lose it who complain about negative depressing bullshit all the time that is being attracted to them in their life.

Or why some guys can eat and eat and eat and still stay skinny and how others can eat a salad and turn into a lard blimp. Or how some dudes can look at a weight and gain muscle while other guys can barely gain an ounce.

It’s all about your vibration, yo.

More desire = more energy = your particles flow faster = your metabolism skyrockets as well as your potential strength exertion increases, muscle tissue recovery, health, sex drive zooms, happiness, energy…  and so so so much more.

Don’t believe me? Try it and see for yourself.

The entire Universe is on your side and shit that will BLOW YOU AWAY will start to happen “behind the scenes” to guarantee you have a lot of wicked cool stuff be given and attracted to you in your life.

I’ve had so many amazing things happen in my life because of doing what I’m about to teach you guys. I was shocked when I applied this to my business and made $12,000 in 4 days… I started crying tears of joy for like 10 minutes straight laughing. I like had a deep universal “knowing” and realized I held within my own hands (and you do too) the key to getting ANYTHING in my life.

It was wild. The power is indescribable. It was like a surge of ecstacy. I awoke to my power that each of us holds in every moment of everyday without even realizing it. Even if you feel you have no power that is a creation too and the Universe bows to your call and makes that statement true for you.

“We’re all Gods walking around like goddam fools” -Lester Levenstien

I’ll explain that whole story in the financial mastery post for a modern day Authentic King and how I did it but for now let’s lay the foundation and stop getting off track.

When this TRUTH that has been preached in many religious texts like the bible and by teachers like buddha and jesus and thousands of other Masters of humanities past have tried to pass this wisdom on to finally CLICKS for you … life gets really fun.

No, that’s an understatement.

Think of every area of your life at version 2.0.

Think of total abundance.

Your ultimate life dream.

It becomes your bona fide reality.

When your burning desire flows, your inspired awesome thoughts begin to pour into your head out of nowhere, you get stoked and excited – truly aligned to your Higher Self, and your energy flows which means your ACTIONS soon must follow.

You WANT to get off your ass and go knock the fuck out 10 reps at the gym.

You WANT to go talk to that cute girl just so you can get close enough to see how fucking good she smells.

You WANT to read that entire book cover to cover and SOAK it all in – ever single fucking word.

You’ll WANT to shop for the healthiest of food and eat your Sacred Fuel with PRIDE.

You’ll WANT to avoid cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and all those chode shit that just makes you feel ill and weak and supresses your desires.

You’ll WANT to type up a passionate eBook and put up a juicy salesletter and make $10,000+ each month in online sales, or DOMINATE whatever financial pursuit you have going for you or potentially can.

“But Mizu… I hardly ever feel like this. I can’t even force myself. Now that I understand BURNING HOT DESIRE is the key to getting everything awesome in my life, I feel like I can’t get it to that level. How do I do it?”

Good news brothers. It’s easy.

It’s as easy as breathing. 🙂 It’s the most natural thing to a human being because it is the BASIS of all life on our planet.

Sex = Pure Desire. It’s no coincidence the horniest natural happy guys are the guys who seem to have the most abundance and ‘wealth’ in their life.

You just stifle it. It’s like right now you have the ability to take a DEEP full and satisfying breath, but you’re only taking little shallow breaths of life. Even though right now there’s a rich abundance of fresh oxygen ALL AROUND YOU, you only choose to take little sips of air.

Try this now. Take little stifled sips. Then take a FULL ONE. Which feels better? More natural?

Exactly. 🙂

This is metaphorically EXACTLY what you’re doing with all your desires that surround you day-to-day in your life.

It’s like a little kid sitting next to a cookie and crying about how he can’t have it or take it because he believes he can’t. Even though all he needs to do is reach over take and enjoy it.

I’m about to reveal to you the secret formula for developing a consistent burning desire that as you will soon see with your own two eyes, is the KEY to the attainment all that you wish to have in your day-to-day life. Health, wealth, girls, passion, purpose, life’s work… it all boils down to your desire level and Authentic King Principle #1 (shown below).

Some call it Love. Some call it dedication. Some call it persistence, or perseverance. What it really is is the fundamental nature of the entire universe, which is contrast in every moment and the newborn desire.

“The definition of life is the environment does things to us, and we do things back to it.” -Dr. Paul

You’re always either presented with shit you either want or you don’t. Like talking to the fatty at the party standing by the keg or the hottie in miniskirt in the kitchen. Every moment the universe presents you with a door of glory or a door of suffering and deprivation and it is ALWAYS your choice which door you decide to open up. It’s just as easy to walk through the door of pleasure and abundance as it is the door of emptiness and suffering. You just have to practice allowing yourself to receive the good things you want and come in alignment with them.

Focusing on what you WANT and what you DO NOT WANT are the two choices you have in EVERY MOMENT of your life and are either the doors/roads to your own personal Heaven On Earth or to your own damnation of self-imposed suffering and depressed self-deprived lack and stifling of your TRUE FUNDAMENTAL NATURE – that is of a happy, powerful, desiring vital and loving human being powerful creator and robbing yourself of AWESOME FUN LIFE EXPERIENCE.

Your choice.

It really is your choice in every moment. Remember what you focus on expands and grows?

Whatever you REALLY want and believe you can have(or rather, allow yourself to have and stop resisting it) you’ll get it.

You always have a choice. It’s in every thought. Every second. Every breath. Every movement. Every action.

Two roads.

But as a warning, desire is a POWERFUL creation tool and can be misapplied. Not only the things you focus on that you purely want with a burning desire you will for sure get – but the things you focus on that you really really REALLY DON’T WANT … you’ll get those equally as powerfully.

So enough chit-chat – what’s the KEY to getting a consistent Burning Desire?

I’m about to give you guys the powerful tool. It may seem simple, but I swear it’s one of the most incredible potent weapons you’ll have in your arsenal on the planet for aligning with your Higher Self and amping up your Burning Desire. Try it.


Authentic King Principle #1 – Feel Good NOW.

It’s #1 for a reason. I want you guys to write this down somewhere where you will see it every day and NEVER forget it as your constant moment-to-moment MISSION.… Your number one goal, for reasons I will explain later, is to FEEL GOOD RIGHT NOW, and always be trying to feel BETTER.

Note, I said NOW.

*NOT* when you “get the money”, or “when you get laid”, or “when you lose 30 pounds”, or when you “finally get over this insecurity.”


No matter what the “facts” are in your current plastic clay “reality” in front of you, be FEELING GOOD and everything in your life will become like a divine flow.

Will you get hot girls this way? Haha yeah, plenty.

Money? Yup.

A strong healthy energetic anabolic ripped body? Fuck yeah – WITH EASE AND PLEASURE.

The reason is, when you feel good you literally open up the Gate Of Life, or what the Chinese refer to as the ‘mingmen’.

Feeling good is the fundamental nature of man, and when all your cells tingle with feelings of joy and prosperity – NO MATTER WHAT IS HAPPENING IN YOUR LIFE – your health and success soars… and eventually your entire WORLD AROUND YOU tingles with good things. It is the Law of Attraction.

When you feel good now, which can be as easy as focusing on the things you like… just appreciate stuff in your environment or imagine the things you want are ALREADY HERE than you begin to feel better. All you need is a flicker of hope that things WILL get better for you, and keep that little flame alive and soon it becomes a raging brushfire.

Your emotions are SO SO SO key to let you know if you’re “on track” to the divine flow of your intended amazing life experience and in alignment and on track with the manifestation and realization of your desires and close to being you Best Self.

The better you feel RIGHT NOW, the more like-minded good things and thoughts you attract like a magnet. The more often you think these amazing good thoughts, they then become a belief, and when it’s a belief it becomes your REALITY.

In other words, once it becomes a belief – IT IS.

A belief is simply a thought you think over and over.

Whether that be “I’m a chode” or “I’m a King” they equally become true to the degree of which you think them.

I’ll say that again because it is fucking CRUCIAL you guys get this. A belief is just a thought you choose to think OVER AND OVER. That’s it. You just keep opening up the wrong door by focusing upon what you don’t want so much that you continually think it, and then it becomes a belief, which then becomes your current reality.

This is true creation. Your innate Divine Power.

I know this may seem kind of hard to apply and use in everyday life, so I’ll make it super easy for you guys.

Real-World Practical Example: Here’s a thought you have; “I get laid all the time.” Imagine if this was true for you. Imagine fully that you just got done fucking like 4 super hot sexy girls earlier who couldn’t get enough of you today and you literally had to FORCE them to go home because they wanted to keep fucking you so much and tear your clothes off and suck your dick and ride you all day with their hot tight dripping wet pussies OVER and OVER again that it got to the point of ANNOYING.

“I get laid all the time.”

But wait, “This didn’t actually happen!” you think. And INSTANTLY you stop feeling good and begin to feel bad and your burning desire goes out.

Uhoh. You just opened the wrong door.

The following will fuck with you a little bit… in a good way :).

You know that chill guy who DOES actually get laid all the time who probably DID fuck like 3 girls earlier that day?

How does he know that was “real” for him when he’s out later that night at the bar chattin up more girls… because he “sees” it happening in his mind earlier that day and so then he believes it happened. But all he is basing that on is a mind image. He’s basically “pretending” it happened because in his current state out at the bar it is NOT HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.

Is this not the same exact thing, but you’re doing the reverse that he’s doing? You’re seeing something happened too in your mind and getting the same confident feelings from it? You’re just projecting that ‘mind image’ into the future instead of bringing it up from the past.

So what you need to do is ‘convince’ yourself in your mind that you just did fuck 3 hot girls today and you live in total pussy abundance until it starts feeling really good and feels  true.

Then guess what, when you get to that level where you don’t even need it in reality anymore because you’re getting so good at imagining it happening in your mind constantly, it BECOMES reality so fucking fast it’s scarily awesome.

“I get laid all the time.”

If you keep thinking it, It can’t not happen.

It’s the law of the creation of the Universe and is the basis of everything that is in existence.

This may sound crazy to walk around smiling like a fool pretending you’re rich and fucking all these girls and shit when you’re not but in all honesty you do it all the time but probably in a negative way like you imagine yourself being nervous in the future and shit even though that NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED and you eventually believe it and then end up acting nervous making that a reality because you created it in your mind first.

We’re going to use this same power you misuse on a day-to-day basis and turn it around for the better. The mucchhh better.

To keep this super simple so I don’t lose you, when you walk around and act like and BELIEVE you get laid all the time in your mind… pretty soon you GET LAID ALL THE TIME IN REALITY.

“Fake it till you make it, and before you know it, you’re a full bona fide player.”


“But Mizu, I didn’t have a 3some today! I’m NOT getting laid all the time! I’m not confident around girls! I’ll never get girls! Girls don’t like me!”

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – either way you’re right. It’s the thinking that makes it so.”

-Henry Ford

You think you’re confident around girls? You’re right.

You think you’re nervous around hot girls? You’re right.

And they’re both equally as easy to believe and “be”. Remember, a belief is a thought that you continue to think over and over.

Feeling good consistently which leads to a constant delicious BURNING DESIRE is so easy dudes. Just follow your bliss in every moment and focus on the things you WANT only. This is the art of Clean Focus. Pure pleasure. Pure enjoyment.

Everything becomes like a divine flow when you take the higher second road in every contrasting moment of your experience.

So it all comes down to this; follow your bliss.

Key: YOUR bliss. Noone else’s. Some dude’s love hip-hop, some dudes hate it. Some guys like wearing green t-shirts, some guys like white. Honor your personal Values and Preferences as they are the key to your bliss and fulfillment, and the form the basis of your LIFE and PURPOSE here.

You came here to be born to do some awesome shit that is crucial for colorful variety and inspiration on our planet. Your deepest held treasure and desire and vision of your life’s path is your GIFT to the world and is the ONLY thing that will make you happy here in this world. Being aligned and as close to that happy joyful Higher Self  and purpose is the ONLY source of joy and deep never ending thrill and satisfaction you will ever feel.


When you feel good IN THE MOMENT, NO MATTER WHAT THE FACTS ARE IN YOUR CURRENT SITUATION (yes, be the smiling pretending idiot and MEAN it even when she blows you off, or you lose your job, or your girlfriend fucks some other dude… NEVER violate Authentic King Principle #1. Ever.) your BURNING DESIRE for all sorts of amazing awesome things you want comes so easily and SO consistently once you open the mingmen and then like-minded and feeling good “forms” come rushing into your life, no matter what the current state of reality you are in is.

This is hard to put in words, but easy to demonstrate.

I want you to remember one VERY crucial key fact…

*ANY* time you feel bad in your life at *ANY* moment is when you are focused on something that you do not want or the lack of it.

I will repeat myself, ANY and EVERY single time you feel bad in your life you are focused on what you DO NOT WANT OR THE LACK OF IT.

For example… “OOOOh look at that sexy hot girl *good feeling*, damn she looks so cute in that skirt *increased good feeling*, I wonder if she’s wearing any panties *increased good feeling / energy / burning desire* (now you’re doing it), oh man.. but wait.. I’m nervous and a skinny chode, she’ll never like me *decreased feeling – feeling BAD*, yeah remember last week when I was so nervous at the bus stop with that blonde girl *lowered state BAD FEELING*, damnit why am I always such a chode like this I need to get out of my head and be an authentic king!!!! *even more bad feeling/resistance to wellbeing*,  oh my god she just bent over to pick something up.. fucckkkkkk look at those smooth sexy long soft legs I want to taste her hot pussy so bad *increased good feeling*, oh man, but I’ll blow it too soon and will never please her in bed im such a chode *lowered state BAD FEELING*

See how this works?

*ANY* time you feel bad in your life at *ANY* moment is when you are focused on something that you do not want OR the lack of it.

And remember the power of any desire you hold and the Law of Attraction… what you REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT … you’ll get.

What you REALLY REALLY REALLY DON’T WANT … you’ll get.

Desire is the summoning of POWERFUL energy into your life. The very MOMENT you begin to desire something, good or bad, the entire universe at once begins aligning itself to you through situations people circumstances and events to give you EXACTLY what your burning desire is focused on.

This has happened to me so much it’s scary. Like I’ll constantly think(belief) and feel good about me “pretend”  having $20,000.00 USD in my PayPal account feeling good RIGHT NOW, and suddenly like 1 day later I get an email ofrom this dude RAVING about my site wanting ot promote it on his site with 20,000 unique DAILY visitors sponsoring my product on his front page… I laughed because I half-expected it. It was like the next logical step, afterall I DO have $20,000.00 USD in my PayPal account remember?

Guess how much is sitting in there right now?


Or I’ll walk around thinking/pretending about how I just fucked some hot girl in my bed… totally feeling horny and stuff. Later that night I’ll go out and see some CUTIE keep staring at me. I silently go “thank you universe” in my head for aligning that reality for me in the easiest fastest way, the next step is to just smoothly ALLOW her to float all the way to my bedroom :).

What you continually focus on, you get.

What you continually think, you believe.

What you believe, becomes your current reality.

Every time. No matter what the thought. No exceptions.

Oh and the great thing is, this is a POWERFUL Masculine gift we can give Women. When you can desire and imagine a “form” of her more than she can for herself and create it for her – you liberate her. Example being seeing her clawing your bedhseets with earth-shattering pleasure in bliss. YOU can make that happen both TO and FOR her if you BELIEVE it will, or closer, it “is” happening.

Wanna fuck one of the hottest coolest Women in the world? Why not? What’s stopping you? Quit focusing on the lack or bad shit.

The desire to see your friends cooler than they really are. To see the BEST in everyone you come into contact with. Then YOU become the source of their inspiration. Hendrix calls this “positive framing” people and it’s one of the keys to a rich awesome social life.

Hope you guys are getting this. I know it sounds really far out there but I’ve been having massive success in my life. Everything is getting so good it’s scary and after careful consideration I’ve decided to just, regardless of anyone judging me, reveal to you all what I believe to be the real reason to my current awesome life success.

From going from chode to effortless Authentic King, it’s all in the mind.

Let me know what you think, feedback is always welcome. I can help clear stuff up for you guys but I really want you to apply this immediately and see the results for yourself.If you felt GOOD during any point of reading this than that is your emotional guidance “gut level” intuition telling you that’s universal truth.

Remember the final formula, FEEL GOOD NOW and always be trying to feel better + have a CONSISTENT, BURNING DESIRE.

And remember ANY time you feel bad, you’re thinking about the LACK of not having it or some other weird chodey bullshit thought reality creation/”belief”, which is just a thought you keep thinking.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”


Go kick ass. Mold your reality. Guard your powerful thoughts.

Think only of powerful one’s constantly until they become beliefs, and then by LAW – your reality.

Recreate your badass reality canvas.



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  1. @howtostop: … dude this is beautiful!!!! GO SURROUND YOUR HORNY SELF WITH HOT WOMEN AND WATCH HOW THEY RESPOND TO YOU! 🙂

    @Chinaboy: hell yeah. let me know how that workout goes. I’m currently running the advanced program in John Mcallum’s The Complete Keys To Progress….. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0926888013?ie=UTF8&tag=eyesiimpronat-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=0926888013

    SUCH AN AMAZING BOOK. That + Super Squats is like GOD for getting some serious size and strength on you. It’s all CLASSIC bodybuilding, aka the shit that really works and always will. Good luck brother.

    oh and guys if you can reread this post multiple times… there is great hidden power in it to those who recognize it. you’ll start seeing some wicked results in your life FAST if you apply half of what I just taught you.

  2. @OliveR: Yeah dude. It’s like the law of the universe… soooo sick when you “wake up” and start using it to your advantage. I have SO MANY crazy stories… like one time when I was a little boy I was staying at this huge 30 story hotel with my family and I had got this plastic toy spider I got from a gumball machine… I ended up losing it and my parents were like “time to go out to dinner!” so the WHOLE time I was pouting and thinking of playing with the black spider… touching the black spider… holding the black spider… my thoughts were literally like; “black spider black spider black spider black spider black spider black spider”

    so we get in the elevator and go up to our room, like 30 stories in the air, and I run to the hotel room door… I notice this black thing sitting smack dab in the middle of the door, I go to reach it and it CRAWLS AWAY… a black fucking spider. EXACTLY like the one I pictured, it was a gnarly male black widow…

    now how the fuck was that put in my path at PRECISELY that location 30 stories up in a HOTEL? no fucking coincidence. I even got chills, and every ‘key’ realization moment I’ve ever gotten in my life has left my entire body in chills… it’s like my spiritual guides or higher self acknowledging universal truth or something – even at that young age I understood I was the deliberate creator of my reality.

    @EdjeNoh: Yup. another key example. The problem is people go watch “The Secret” (which is lame and based on the classics such as RoberT collier’s secret of the ages or neville goddard’s the Law And the promise [hiint: go fucking read those.]… she stole the raw material and they cut out Abraham, which is the “real” secret) and they go OMG I OWN MY OWN REALITY so they start thinking of shit they want and get all excited and then they go “wtf this crap doesn’t work its not coming” and then guess what, THEY’RE RIGHT. They INSTANTLY switch to the lack of it, and the Universe provides accordingly. one of my FAVORITE quotes by neville goddard is “deferred occupancy is the common fault of man”

    if you ‘exist’ in a mind image for only a short amount of time, nothing happens, but when you OBSESS in it, it becomes reality so fucking fast its scarily cool.

    I have a buddy that complains all the time how he can never get laid… guess what? he’s still a virgin.

    I have another buddy who talks about how much girls love him and practically falls in his lap… guess what? He just had a threesome last night.

    Powerful shit. Conceive, Believe, Achieve.

    @Dodger: no worries man, I was in a similar weird situation. Every single day I was eating around 5000 calories of like salmon, whole milk, 4 eggs,tons of vegetables and fruit, 2 protein shakes, tuna and avocado and milk before bed etc… and lifting HEAVY and HARD, the MAJOR compound lifts like deep heavy squats , bench, cleans, deadlifts, presses…. and I was barely gaining any weight. in fact I was just getting a pot belly with skinny arms and all my lifts stalled in like a month at embarrassing low poundages and dudes… I was executing PERFECT form and didn’t rush my weight progression at all. I was taking creatine, glutamine, all this shit… I asked for advice from all the ‘top guys; in my gym and in forums and noone understood wtf was wrong and why I couldnt gain any weight. I was doing EVERYTHING scientifically “neccessary for making huge gains in both strength and size”.. yet I remained a scrawny, now increased bodyfat, weakling.

    So what was the deal? what changed for me? How did I go form a 165lb skin n bones to a near 220lb lean muscleman?

    I remember the day I fucking snapped. I went home, grabbed every single fucking book on muscle building available… literally. Vince delmonte, anthony bova, anthony ellis, tom venuto, arnold schwazzenager, stuart bull, john mcallum, mark sisson, .. you name it. I remember spending 2 weeks just reading all day book after book after book after book after book. and I noticed a pattern, these fucking guys were all saying different things!!!! yet they were all getting impressive gains doing totally different shit!!! one guy says lift in this rep range, another say don’t. another says starve yourself of protien so so your body craves it more when you “Rebuild the muscle” on your protien loading days. one said to do pyramid rep liftng, another said not to. one dude said compound lifts, another said isolation. another said I must eat tons of protien every 2 hours. another said latest research says it doesnt matter and the body remains anabolic for 24 hours after muscle stress… another says you only need 60g per day, another says 300…

    SO MUCH CONTRAST AND EXTREMELY CONFLICTING INFO, yet ALL these guys were gaining muscle. so I figured out that ALL these different methods worked… but WHY? it then clicked for me. and without breaking into too much detail here about what really works (I’ll save that for the real muscle gaining post) I remember around that time reading this metaphysical book about how our minds literally morph our bodies potential for health and how you can never surpass your body “image” that’s why when sick people go to doctors and they tell them their illness is incurable they go home despair and die… or how people that go “fuck you doc, I’m healing my own body.” end up having a “miracle” and end up in books like Joe Dispenza’s Evolve Your Brain for shrinking cancerous tumors to non-existence in like 3 days… oaor people who believe they cant heal their eyesight so they never do because their doctor said it wasnt possible. (I’m a living, breathing example that it IS possible.) so I was like, wait.. if our mind image controls our literal body cellular-function… (also how some people can eat TONS of food yet stay lean… “metabolism” my ass.) .. that must mean *MY* body image is setting up like a universal metaphysical physical bodily “Attraction Point” and no matter what ‘physical action’ I do in the gym or with food I will ALWAYS bounce back to this mind-made attraction point… I then noticed that every time I looked in the mirror I would feel skinny, weak, fat… etc… even in the gym during my lifts I would mentally complain how weak I Was and how heavy the weights were and how I Was struggling so much and would never gain

    little did I know I was literally giving my body CODED INSTRUCTIONS to carry out my commands at a CELLULAR LEVEL and it willingly obeyed by KEEPING ME SKINNY AND CHUBBY (really weird site… imagine skinny arms with a flab belly… fucking gross) and then again I got chills and was like HOLY SHIT, I need to change my “mind image” of myself and see past my current reality…

    If you guys ever read Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, and I suggest all of you do, it talks about the incredible power of the human mind and it’s effect on the body. The part I’m specifically mentioning is the guy who got lip surgery who thought his ex witchdoctor girlfriend cursed him with the voodoo African Life Draining Lip Bug or whatever who then got all skinny, old, and sickly and lost 30 pounds within like 1 WEEK and the doc went “no haha that’s just scar tissue!” and he like went right back to a shining beautiful strong healthy man and gained all his weight and vigor back within a very short amount of time..

    so long story short dudes, I would literally sit there and install a “new program” for my cells. I’d sit there and see a skinny arm and IMAGINE IT AS REALITY as this bulking beefy strong arm and see myself RIPPED and strong and all this shit.

    the next day was a workout day and I did the same thing with a burning desire in the mirror 5 minutes before my workout and during my workouts. now usually my workouts left me crawling to my car exhausted and feeling dissapointed with my failing towards the end of every set of reps weak and shaking but NOT THIS TIME… holy fuck I’ll never forget it, I literally BURNED through my workouts like I was from fucking sparta.. it was SO EASY and I remember almost feeling like it was wayyy too easy and light and at the end I was like skipping out of the gym pumped full of energy ready to seriously go back in there and do the whole workout again… the feeling was incredible.

    your cells literally respond to the “feeling” you have when you look in the mirror. if you keep focusing on your body image ad being skinny and chubby or weak or whatever.. ITS TRUE. if you focus on it being strong, powerful, ripped, full of energy.. IT BECOMES TRUE TOO. the more you can believe it, the sooner it becomes reality. and a belief is simply a thought you keep thinking.

    guys, the mind is EVERYTHING…

    this guy lives off of ONLY SUNLIGHT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LQ0KxyKpfs&feature=related

    this guy lives off of ONLY AIR: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QgFds9Ngd8&feature=related


    if you SEE AND BELIEVE your body can BE whatever you want it to BE or DO… it can. no matter what. it all depends on your belief.

    you guys need to seriously STOP putting limits on yourself on creating negative bullshit. when you see yourself as skinny or whatveer it BY LAW becomes TRUE. you’re a divine being… look at the stars and get a glimpse at your own awesome power. you’re a part of this incredible universe, and a GOD in human form.

    I’m not even kidding lol.

    “reality” is such a joke to me right now, I’m owning it.

    now dont go getting all dogmatic on me here guys… I’m not saying dont eat food and use your mind to build muscle, maybe its true sure but I doubt a single one of you can create that belief so much where it becomes a reality… I’d estimate when it comes to building muscle and keeping it on you (from personal experience) that 30% is the physical actions ie exercise & diet, and 70% is the mind.

    @realmetalhead: bro, the basis of life is FREEDOM. fuck those monetary system chodes. I’ll never sell out this blog, I promise. This leading edge information STAYS free.

    @so_answer_this: Hey man, you got the wrong attitude from the get-go. You’re extremely reaction seeking. The key is desire WITHOUT attachment. Don’t give a shit about this girl yet simultaneously love her with all your being. It’s hard to describe but you’ll know it once you get it. You’re currently pouring out vibes of desperation, loneliness, and scarcity. That’s all youll ever get if you don’t change that shit – soon. and about this one-titis bullshit; if you turned into the man of her dreams (by being the best you) she’d be STUPID not to want you back… and if she still doesn’t, who gives a shit. go fuck her sister.

    @Danile: GOOD QUESTION. “I just have a question though, how does the whole notion of abundance mentality fit in with this idea of having a burning desire and staying hungry? They seem to be contradictory of each other, but i was wondering if theres an underlying thing that ties them together??”

    Is not your best meal eaten when you are most hungry? Is not the most refreshing glass of ice cold water drank after you have ran a mile under the hot sun and are parched?

    Desire is NOT neediness. The most alpha chillest dudes I know living in total abundance DEEPLY CRAVE AND DESIRE WOMEN. that is the key to their success. They don’t NEED women, but they WANT women. huuuuge difference.

    and as far as the ‘mind images’ go, I ALWAYS oicture my burning desire as HAVING it…. like look back at your bed right now if you’re in your room on your computer. imagine the hottest, sexiest woman you can in lingerie slowly undressing bare naked for you and giving you the “come here” notion with her sexy slender finger. now imagine going over to her and doing all the hottest wildest things you want treating her like your fucking piece of property. feel *THAT* burning desire for her?

    that’s what we’re talking about here. You’ve ALREADY GOT IT AND ARE ENJOYING IT. that’s the key. I even have burning desire for girls even as I’m fucking them man.

    so remember, NEVER from lack, NEVER from ‘needing’ them.. its from HAVING THEM.

    hollyy fuckkk i typed so much, this is ap ost in and of itself hahahahaha.. alright kings Im going to bed now.

    mizu OUT!

    peace ~


    oh my god this thing is turning out fucking incredible.

    not to toot my own horn but it is seriously some of my best work ever.

    stay tuned Kings

  4. @ryan: question #1) not really man, unless you wanna catch something. I was with this one chick onetime and we were joking around with that whole thing “how many sexual partners have you had??” she’s like you first! you first! I told her to go first and she did, she blushed and said 38….


    Dude, this chick was the sweetest most innocent-looking girl you could ever lay eyes on, and was in COLLEGE! Imagine grown Women! omfg… the only thing I could think about was “fuck I’m so glad I wrapped my tool”

    remember, when you sleep with one partner you’re sleeping with all their partners and before you know it its this massive fucking exponential wave of potentialities for herpes HIV and other nasty shit.

    stick with clean girls, and ALWAYS wear a condom. or get a clean girlfriend. I can’t even trust my fuckbuddies man… Women lie, it’s their nature. They don’t really “lie” read Deida on this – they just flow with the moment.

    question #2) yes. ever heard of siddhis? google them. legend has it that all humans had these abilities back when civilizations peaked such as Egypt and Atlantis / Lumaria. Christian biblical texts say human beings used to live to an average age of 300 until the world was “washed by sin” or what I personally believe to mean our own ignorance of our own innate divine power. Some claim to have met “immortals” walking around in Tibet today who exist solely to teach humanity to evolve… which makes sense from a scientific perspective because if you take a human cell and replace its environment (cleaning out wastes) and give it the proper high quality nutrients, they can literally keep it alive FOREVER.

    awesome shit.

    btw. health secrets post almost done. This thing is seriously draining so much out of me but its incredible guys, im literally distilling like so many years of trial and effort and awesome potent wisdom.



  5. @ Nathaniel: Taken from pg. 58 The Way of The Superior Man by David Deida (a must-read);


    Women Are Not Liars

    “Keeping your word” is a masculine trait, in men or women. A person with a feminine essence may not keep her word, yet it is not exactly “lying.” In the feminine reality, words and facts take a second place to emotions and the shifting of moods of relationship. When she says, “I hate you,” or “I’ll never move to Texas,” or “I don’t want to go to the movies,” it is often more a reflection of a transient feeling-wave than a well considered stance with respect to events and experience. On the other hand, the masculine means what it says. A man’s word is his honor. The feminine says what it feels. A woman’s word is her true expression in the moment.


    So women tend to “lie” but it can’t really be called a lie because they live in the flow of the moment [the feminine – movement, the dance of love]. This confuses the hell out of newer guys who don’t know how to handle the feminine because they always go “I don’t fucking understand it! Stacy said she wanted to be with only me forever! Why is she such a liar now and cheating on me!” it’s like DUH chode, she wanted to be with you forever IN THAT MOMENT and that was her truth at the time, but as events changed, and her mood changed her feminine essence seeked fulfillment elsewhere and her “new truth” became she didn’t want to to be with you because the new dude pumped her full of good emotions.

    @ Berzinji: Yeah man, we live in an incredible time. The most amazing recent discovery from metaphysicists was actually finding light receptors on the pineal gland, the same found inside the backs of human eyes… for those of you who never studied anatomy, the pineal gland is known as the “master gland” or the “third eye” located in the center of the brain, like an inch above the bridge of your nose and 2.5″ inwards.

    So what do these receptors do? (This is now scientific fact:) They receive energy. Plain and simple. Like our eyes receive light energy[particles out there] the third eye receives light energy too, but a more refined kind. It “sees” things like chi, auras, etc.

    I used to think all this chakra and aura talk was all New Agey B.S. with those weirdo psychic ladies walking around all starry eyed “You’re looking quite green today Helen” but now all these things these Taoist and clairvoyants and stuff have known for years and everyone called them crazy is coming out as pure scientific fact. It’s amazing what computers have brought to our planet… the communication is astounding and now more than ever before are people smarter than any other time in history.

    Think of your parents… they had to go to a library to learn stuff, and books were hard to publish. Nowadays every goddam scientific experiment is instantly slapped up on Google. You can find some pretty amazing shit.

    Oh man I could go on forever about this stuff… the military is now utilizing clairvoyants to spy on enemies with their distant seeing siddhi(“super-human” ability) and to find crashed and missing fighter planes. If you guys have ever read Lester Levenson’s autobiography (Creator or the Sedona Method) he talks about how when he had his ‘click’ lol he was able to remotely view any area on Earth. He would like call up his friends in California from New York and tell them who was in the room and what color t-shirt they were wearing and stuff.

    As far as siddhis go, I had two experiences in my life of minor ones… the first was seeing into the future / remote viewing. I remember one day in high school I was half-asleep half-awake before my alarm clock went off in the morning and all of a sudden I see my buddy mike yell and swerve in his car and then got in a car crash. It was so life-like and it was like I was right in the car observing it with him.. I then woke up my heart racing and was like “HOLY FUCK WHAT A DREAM!!”

    … I get to school and Alan runs up to me, “DUDE did you hear?!?! Mike got in a wreck this morning!!”


    it actually happened, and I saw it.

    The second was reallly freaky. I was able to read this chicks mind. I know this is far out but I swear up and down it really happened and I don’t give a shit if anyone believes me or not.. basically it was around Christmas time and I’m buying gifts and stuff for fam & friends, I have all my stuff and I go up to the cashier. It’s this cute girl looking intently at the register and so I say “Hey are you ready for Christmas?!” and then still looking down at the register I hear (not with my ears.. it was almost like a mind-to-mind transfer type of thing)

    “Oh my God, I KNEW he was going to say that!”

    ..but her lips WERENT MOVING.

    I was looking right at her face and her lips didn’t move at all.. yet I heard her voice loud and clear.

    and then I’m like “uhhh what?” and she suddenly looks up and *snaps* into cashier-lady mode and puts on that superficial store clerk personality with a smile. “Yeah I can’t wait! Hi! Welcome to bla bla bla did you find everything all right today?”


    gnarly. & no dude, I’ll definitely check into that david campbell book. it sounds rad.

    SO STOKED for the Health Secrets post. You guys are gonna seriously love it. It’s like my best work yet, I’m just flowing out gold and wisdom into it. I kinda wish I had it like 10 years ago when I began my exhaustive health journey, but its cool I’m glad you all can benefit. I just really really want it to be a complete masterpiece. its like the more I write the more I realize there’s even more I want to say and expose to you guys etc so it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

    soon though. I promise.



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