Fucked 7 Girls in Two Weeks, MASSIVE CLICK.

This post is a compilation of my popular post exploding over on rsdnation.

Enjoy :), and hopefully you’ll get the ‘click’ as well.


Hey man, I just fucked two girls last night IN A ROW.

I am on fucking FIRE bro.

It all came down to this….

First off, read Wild Nights by David Deida. Immediately. Before you do anything. (And spread the good word.)

I swear dude, read it again and again and see the depth of the words. It is fucking ridiculous how scarily good I am with girls now. It all just clicked last night. I have them all over my facebook literally like ” your name keeps coming up! lets kick it or blaze sometime here’s my number. :)” or another new one left me a voicemail 10 minutes ago “Hey let’s go for a jog down to the beach, its sunset it’ll be fun!!!” like WTTFFFF?!?!?!

It’s a lot like Tyler from RSD says. when you are “at peace with ‘God’ or your concept thereof, the girls just start popping out from behind bushes and fire hydrants to meet you.” Each one I spend time with keeps calling me their “boyfriend” too. Yuck.

And they do pop out from everywhere. So much that it’s kind of scary. Like, this is TOO GOOD bro – this is almost too much to handle lol. I have chicks smiling at me everywhere I go. And literally just STARING in a fucking trance stopped dead in their tracks at me like at parties as I’m getting “the walk” from another girl. (When she grabs your hand all seductively and ‘takes’ you somewhere…in my case a room to hook up.)

Hot Girls. Hot Girls. Hot Girls. Hot Girls. Hot Girls. Hot Girls. Every day. Every night. Everywhere!!

TRUE Abundance Game. So many wheels are spinning right now with all these new girls flooding into my life that, why the hell would I place any emphasis on any one single interaction? The result? Naturally attractive behaviors ‘click’ and fall right into place. Such as expressing my true personality freely without caring if she approves of my actions or desires or not (including sexual, can you say cocky badboy?) Also I’m super relaxed and cool around these chicks and come across as authentically high value. I believe this all stems from abundance. As I go to FEARLESSLY approach a set at a party, it’s like, in my mind I’m thinking “If this goes awful I don’t give a fuck because I have 10 other hot girls in my life I can fuck with ease regularly who all want me to be their boyfriend..,) So I just roll up having fun NON outcome dependent, self-amused BLASTING them with positivity. Do you think these sets open up well or I get blown out? You be the judge ;).

….and the click will happen for you when you tell your doubt images (ego, get The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle for more info) to shut the fuck up and act on your desires as a Man. Its like jeffy says, NEVER BE ASHAMED OF YOUR DESIRES AS A MAN. Oh Heaven forbid a girl knows you want to fuck her! She WANTS you to fuck her and make her feel incredible.

picture it like this; its like you see a HOT sexy BEAUTIFUL seductive cute life-giving woman and you go OOOOOOOHHH FUCK she is SOOOO SEXXYYYYY AND CUTE!!MAN I’D LOVE TO FUCK HER.

…and then what? your mind goes ” oh but im nervous / shy weird not alpha / ” BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA it *sabotages* you with doubtful thoughts in the form of words and images.

FUCK your own self doubt. Your MIND is doubt. Go open up and light up a woman’s heart man, and she turns to puddy in your hands. Her bickering at you or blowing you out or acting disinterested becomes foreplay.

Women are like sweet flowers opening up for the morning light, and it is our job as MEN to be the shining light and fuck her proper to pleasure beyond anything she can even describe with words.

We call this OFFERING VALUE. What you feel she feels, fall in love with these girls, and then fall in love again on the next one 10 minutes later.

So what exactly is the value you offer her as a Man? Women want to get fucked with intense pleasure and experience incredible emotional highs. period, and since they are always reacting and responding to their external environment (ESPECIALLY Men) then only YOU can bring her to these amazing feelings and experiences.

Structure your whole life goals and activities around obtaining a high vibrational state of happiness and feeling good…. follow your bliss. your emotions are an indicator/guidance system of if your thoughts and actions are aligning with your SOUL ALPHA CORE MAN OF DESTINY…. For example when you eat junk food and watch T.V. all day a slight negative agitated buzz is in the background. You feel like shit and you don’t know why. Deep down you KNOW you can be eating healthier, doing more productive things with your time, and exercising better. Nathan says this is who you’re meant to be. So if you feel nervous or fearful etc you’re doing/thinking SOMETHING WRONG… no worries, just DO something else.  It’s like putting your hand on the stove, if you feel nervous go “OUCH! FUCK THAT HURT. not thinking that bullshit again!” Don’t believe every false negative ego thought that pops into your head.




Uhhhhh. I’m trying to articulate it. It’s just like, once you understand girls want you to OPEN THEM UP with LOVE (lol) you feel like a real MAN and they just can sense that you’re going to fuck them more passionately than any guy ever has / brighten up their day… so how the hell could you feel nervous AT ALL if you’re gonna be the best thing that hapened to her all day, possibly all year.. or even just making her smile….WITHOUT WANTING ANYTHING FROM HER. If she can’t open up and accept your gift, you’re with the wrong girl. fortunately the HOTTEST girls are the one’s who know a real Man who’s going to make them feel good because they’re super open to that… like they say the hot ones are the easiest to fuck.

Look at women, they make themselves so pretty all day for hours in the mirror… why?

they CRAVE a man’s adoration / affection /  praise (They wont admit to this, but the part in between their legs feels differently.)
KEY: as long as its NON needy. Like if you just go HI 🙂 *wave* to a chick, and walk away without wanting ANYTHING she’s like OMG who is that guy! They wont admit to this, but the part in between their legs feels differently.

This is fucking retarded. I’m seriously getting like a boner and cant stop smiling next to every girl I sit next to in class or at a bustop etc hahahahaha lol and you can just see them LIGHT UP.

Tyler said (saw him live last month.. really cool dude.) its just like see a hot girl and think its funny what she is doing to. like LOL omg this chick is turning me on so much SHE IS SO MEAN!!! 😀

Going deeper….

I’m not religious at all but I believe “God” is life energy. what brings LIFE to people’s bodies.

Like, have you ever woke up and looked at your hand… WTF… I am in a body holy fuck what the hell….

I think these things are just vessels… but what we ARE is a life energy… I dont know maybe I’m crazy but what jeffy says is the Best are usually delusional and insane. But, girls are the SAME thing as us… just ‘consciousness’ inside a body vessel. at the end of the day she is laying in her bed alone, lonely… waiting for that guy to walk buy and smile at her and make her melt inside. its so goddam simple. fuck game. forget everything you know. just FEEL GOOD (by going after your life goals and being a man of action) and then share that joy you created in your life with her., without wanting anything from her. thats SO KEY.

but anyways, the chinese have a philosophy… men are fire, women are water. they literally draw out the life energy and come together to make steam… LIFE FORCE. aka hot sticky sweaty climactic SEX.

if you just ALLOW the girls to be feminine your masculine primal drives will take over.

there. I tred. I’ll have an FR up this weekend. let’s go for 3. 🙂

and for god sakes, go read fucking wild nights… NOW. trust me.





number 3 last night guys, she was SO HOT.

she basically sat there pleasuring herself and told me “DO NOT TOUCH OR KISS ME…can you handle it? *naughty grin*”

…fucking best sex / head of my life. thse girls are so horny around me now its ridiculous guys, seriously read that book…

I asked this one chick [the one I fucked… or made sweet tender love to rather 😉 ] what color panties she was wearing and she looks at me and goes “I’m not wearing any.”

…. pause.

this chick went out without ANY PANTIES ON? you guys know when you’re going out to get laid and you think “man I cant wait to fuck a hot girl tonight” well (big fucking surprise) but THEY ARE THINKING THE EXACT SAME THING………


and this really goes to show it wasnt some lucky strike or mystical bullshit. SUCCESS IS NOT THE RESULT OF LUCK. EVER.

even being a rockstar, that fucker slaved away at his guitar for hours all day and exercised his mind in right thinking and relentlessy beat on the doors of record label companies (right thinking = if you believe in the law of attraction stuff)

oh and if you’re on this forum, you are one cool guy. you know more than 95% of the guys out there. ego bullshit aside, it is what it is… doesnt make you better, its just the path you decided to take.

NEVER GIVE UP GUYS. GIVE THE GIFT OF YOUR BEST SELF TO THE HOT GIRLS, they need a real Man in their life. they need YOU.





OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD> guys….

had a fucking THREESOME last night.

I know this is almost unbelievable but it was hillarious…

STRAIGHT UP was like THE MAN around town. I run up to this hottie and go “look. here’s the dillema. you’re really fucking cute, but so is that girl over there, I dont know what to do”

and she goes ” Well I give amazing heaD” haahahahahahah WTF…. (sorry I’m still a little drunk from the evenings pleasures…) but ends up we both go home together to their apartment and she goes “I’ve seriously never been so horny in my entire fucking life… WILL SOME GUY PLEASE FUCK ME. YOU better fuck me tonight”

can you say….



this shit is ridiculous. its like, life is just a smorgasboard of hot women to enjoy and pleasure and open them the fuck up and lead them to hot sex. quit being pussies and go smash that girl up with the GIFT OF YOUR COCK.

hahahahah fucking love all of you. okay. my drunken ramblings are done… but one last question remains bretherens…

like attracts like.

if you feel horny, she feels horny.

if you feel confident and strong and walk up to her, she will feel comfortable and seductive ETC… the natural male/female dynamic takes place. and again, her shit testing you or ballbusting you is simply FOREPLAY, the girls want us as men to step the fuck up to them, BLAST them with positivity and then horniness and wild hot melting sex naturally takes off.

fuck your mind, your mind is DOUBT. see the DEPTH in these words. FEEL THEM WITH YOUR SOUL, and that’s all you need for MASTERY of being a bona fide player.

so as long as you can vibe SUPERRR well with girls about what-fucking-ever (my friend eats lemons whole!) and just FEEL GOOD  and STRONG and CONFIDENT, you NATURALLY get suppeeerr horny and sex is just a way to blow off HOT BUILDING steam, its nearly inevitable. as long as you feel good about sex and CLEARLY communicate you are NON JUDGMENTAL

fuck all this game and rsd shit and even what I’m telling you. see the world through your own eyes, if something works .. DUH DUMBASS KEEP DOING THAT.

keep this in mind, game = both of you pumping EACHOTHERS’ STATES… she goes “dude you are cute.”  you go, ” *I’M* cute? look at you HOLY FUCK lets have sex RIGHT NOW -smile-“




feel the vibe. the words. ~BE THE MUSIC.

bring THAT to the clubs gentlemen. your goal is simply to be in this vibrational state 24/7. structure your whole life around obtaining that state… as CONSTANTLY AS YO U CAN FEEL IT / VIBRATE AT IT, and hot sex with nearly every girl that comes within 10 feet of you is INEVITABLE.

feel ON FUCKING FIRE. welcome to the realm of HOT BLOOD. we bite. we’re animals afterall.

now go HOT VIBE with cute girls and welcome to the realm of total sexual abundance. if you hit the state 1% of the time, and the other 99% of the time you walk around like a fearful chode, DONT STOP FOCUSING ON THAT 1% REFERENCE EXPERIENCE UNTIL YOU HIT 2% THEN 5% OF THE TIME THEN 25% ….. until you hit ~95% and getting laid for you will be a joke. a fucking joke.






Women CRAVE and WANT to be desired [again going back to who spends 4 hours in the mirror], as long as you’re cool, having fun, and NON NEEDY… like your attitude should be ” I am going to fuck you so hard and amazing right now because I want you to badly, oh what’s that? No? I’m creepy and weird? hahaha okay wow you can’t accept my gift, would of been a fun hot wild ride for you girl… NEXT.”

Like think a cool rad dude crusing through the club with a big ass smile on his face, and he walks by a girl and goes DAMN YOU ARE CUTE AS FUCK! 😉 and he keeps on walking….

The girl is like, OHMYGOD why didnt he stop and talk to me…

subconsciously this communicates the guy DOESNT NEED HER because he has an ABUNDANCE of women in his life already so he just appreciates her cuteness / sexinesss / HOTNESS , WITHOUT wanting anything from her because he is already fulfilled in his life…. this communicates to the girls subconscious brain that he is the ‘fulfilled boss alpha caveman who is having sex on a daily basis’  or whatever from caveman days.

That’s why I fucked 5 girls in the past week, because I’m non NEEDY with every single ‘new’ one… my behaviors just aligned naturally where its like ” Lol you dont want me to kiss you? bummer you’re still hot, I’ll just go kiss / fuck the other 5 girls in my life… NEXT “


Fake it till you make it guys. Hope this is helping.

Another KEY KEY example is that dude from the breakfast club… the cocky bully who constantly acts through his own intentions…

She’s like ” What’re you having for lunch” and he smiles and goes ” You’re wearing it.”  and then she acts all disgusted… SHIT TEST. remember shit test = foreplay, if he’s like ” oh im sorry im sorry… ” hahahaha GET IT?  he just shrugs and in his mind is thinking ” poor girl is probably VERY sexually frustrated. (And isn’t accepting my masculine gift, poor thing – she’s missing out on a hot wild fun time)”

woo + intent. be having fun, see a hot girl, go right up to her and say ”

DAMN. ” and just stare at her smiling (you gotta feel it though) … trust me she’ll start giggling and light up, that’s giving your MASCULINE GIFT. try it. you’ll like it. 🙂

…and yeah, of course it would work in daytime but remember this…dont do it around other people or her friends. a womans NUMBER ONE FEAR is that she’ll be ‘percieved as a slut’ one of my best standard routines is to be like ” dude I hate how girls and guys around here are so judgemental… like my friend hooked up with this cute girl and her friend was calling her a slut.. I’m like WTF that girl and him had an AMAZING fun wild night, that other girl was just jealous, I think when a woman can be sexually expressive and not some cold dead church boring girl, that’s fucking awesome.” or something similiar…

once you drop that line the girl will start going MAD SEXUAL on you. like ” I give AMAZING head.”   “Look at my tits. Don’t I have nice tits?”     I’m serious. Try this shit yo, but I warn you… you’re going to UNLEASH THE BEAST.




Yeah/ Hell yeah. The cool thing is not only does every girl within a 10 foot radius of you LIGHT THE FUCK UP and nervously flick her hair etc HARDCORE reacting to you, but it also KILLS neediness. And dude, you gotta FEEL the words. See the DEPTH of them. Once you “get it”   this whole pickup “game” becomes laughable. AMOGs are like my BEST friends now, you rearely ever get needy because you realize the baseline of all human existence is simply LOVE or FUCK or whatever how the author describes it. Keep reading it, over and over, and go light up some girls’ hearts boys.

By the way, I now oddly enough last as long as I want to and each girl I’ve been fucking has came REALLYYYY hard on my dick. This is too weird. I have some sort of strange power over women now hahahaha.

Again, this KILLS neediness and you can STEAL away like every other dudes girl its retarded. This chick goes “THINKS FOR COCKBLOCKING ME ASSHOLE, now  you HAVE to fuck me.”

And I did, last night 😉 She also punched me in the face and I ended up fucking her later that night… seriously guys, would you consider me being punched in the fucking face by a girl a blowout? Give up at that point? I didn’t, I saw it as foreplay and ended up fucking her with AMAZING HOT SEX later that night… its actually quite hillarious I’ll post an FR later. But yeah, before this book my game fucking SUCKED. Like, 3 girls a YEAR… I just fucked 6 in the last 2 WEEKS. This is nuts.

I also now have this deep compassionate love for humanity, because we are all the same atomic matter. I FALL IN LOVE with every girl I talk to at a party, like I’m about to cry or someshit.. its beautiful and they get really horny for me like its RIDICULOUS, the whole time I talk to them they just give me The Look, as if to say “Take me right fucking now if you have the balls to – I’m yours.”

Oh, and I also noticed girls SHINE their feminine radiance more aka they actually become MORE SEXY and MORE ATTRACTIVE around when I have this mindset of ‘lighting them up’ because you literally do.

Oh and this mindset, since this stuff is SOOOOOO far outside of 99.9% of other guys’ realities out there, also makes you super naturally screening. Like, you become a walking GIFT TO WOMEN because they feel so fucking good around you, that you only want to find the hottest, most intelligent, coolest girls who are WORTHY OF YOUR MASCULINE GIFT.

You’ll see. You’ll get it.

And I’d like to mention I’m one of the top promotors / DJs in my town, so I’m a cool fucking guy. I’m not some new-age weirdo starry eyed freakshow hahahaha so dudes, this is REAL. I’m djng actually soon in a hot hollywood nightclub.

Go read that book, over and over and over and over and over, KEEP GOING OUT until it clicks. and read the book over, again. and again.




Lol yeah, don’t whip your dick out in public and start pleasuring yourself… but yeah, you get the message.

Ummm, just fucked ANOTHER last night. Oddly enough it wasn;t that hot of a fuck, she was really hot but pretty bad in bed. And I’m still human (gasp) since she was pretty hot I got performance anxiety a little bit and had a hard time getting it up [at first] but I reframed it and said “dude, this just means you’re less aroused… AWESOME you’ll last longer” and boom, I did!! it got hard, and bla bla long hot useless fuck…

its funny, I like hit full natural. I dont even TRY at all with these girls. Blueprint + flawless natural + deida wild nights is like all you need for pickup. ever. That’s the closest thing to a magic pill humanely possible, you just have to ask yourself how willing are you to accept MASSIVE IDENTITY LEVEL CHANGE???? like, you’ll get super good with chicks REALLY fast where your old ‘ego’ bullshit chode self MUST die.

but yeah continuing key points from last night, I noticed my criterion for success is now my DEEP sexual enjoyment aka ‘fucking girls to God’, like before it would be “dont be nervous dude! okay man just approach! okay man just be cool, vibe well with her… okay man try to escalata a little bit”

but that’s all foreplay under the plane of HOT CRAZY ORGASMIC SEX FUCKING HER TO “GOD”  [asdescribed in the book]

so now when I see a cute chick, ALLLLLLLLL that ‘game’ shit I worried about before just NATURALLY falls into place. like CLICK. I’m just chill, smooth, etc… and its like the way I carry myself and look at the girls, they just KNOW I can give them incredddibbblleee sex… offering value.

Kills nervousness. anyways guys, I’m glad you’re digging the book. you’ll also find yourself wanting more because some girls can’t ‘open up to god’ and when you fuck them you’re like “dude, COME ON BE MORE FEMININE AND SEXY.. you SUCK IN BED”





aahahahaahahaha OHHHMYYGOD. just fucked another HOT one. guys, I’m gonna try to articulate this the best I can with the human language system but words can only go so deep….


so my friend brings up his cute friend and her other hot friend from San Diego
was feeling WEIRD as FUCK on the beach. like suppeeerr inside my head, frozen up facial expression when people talked to me, that ” YUCK. DO NOT LOOK AT ME OR ACKNOWLEDGE MY EXISTENCE  I AM A CHODE LADIES feeling” aka BAD STATE, NOT BEING IN STATE etc.

so this cutie (my friends’ hot friends’ friend) is laying next to me on the beach and I kind of ‘hide’ from her and go sit and talk to my guy friends cuz I feel so nervous and weird (again, I’m human.) so anyways ends up we’re all walking back, I kinda chit-chatted with this girl during the daytime.. standard stuff just expand their mind (teach them something cool… offering value etc) and take them on journeys with your words (you gotta feel it first though) we call this vibing, and the words and thoughts come from the state you’re in…. PERIOD. like Jim Rohn says, if you’re gonna say something, have something worth saying.

anyways…. so if you feel like shit the only thing you’re gonna be thinking about is “explaining” to everyone around you why you feel like shit… or even feeling apologetic for your existence when talking to the girl or other people…aka NOT OFFERING VALUE.. a social LEECH.


okay I’m all over the place here my mind is RACING  but listen, so, we’re all walking back, and the chick starts walking next to me and talking to me. I feel kind of weird as hell and the funny thing is, she starts MATCHING that weirdness…. like women TRULY fully react to us men, that’s why it is so important to LEAD them to good feelings and hot sex.


so then and there it just CLICKED. I heard myokonos’ words. “fuck her to GOD. lead her to that orgasmic ecstacy hot ALIVE sex feeling ROOM”

but I STILL felt like shit.

and weird.

but then something super weird starts happening, like, I just “feel” this subtle energy buzzing on my left arm[she was walking on my left] it kind of felt good. and I swear to god I hear this voice in my head like a soft soothing female say “let me heal you.”

all of a sudden (I know this is really fucking weird but trust me it gets amazing) I feel the energy moving up my arm like I ‘m not a woo-woo new agey spirtual wimp like I straight up throw up IRON in the gym HARD… anyways 😛 … but yeah so I just kind of smile and go okay let’s watch this it kind of feels good… and dudes I kid you not, as we’re walking.. all of a sudden EVERYTHING JUST FEELS RIGHT. NORMAL. I feel suppeeerrr masculine, confident, strong, dominant, a leader, etc etc etc the feeling us guys fuckin’ LIVE for. My voice EVEN GOT DEEPER… like all of a sudden I felt REALLY SEXY, and I look over and this chick is just BEAMING… like I LIT HER UP;  and she is being realllllllly seductive, and playful, and cute :). like she HEALED me out of that weird emotional state and brought the MAN out of me. again, japanese philosophy…. men = fire, women = water… women DRAW it out of us and we come together to make HOT STEAM.

so anyways, dudes I just am pulled from forces beyond me (call it GOD) but I just want to GRAB AND FUCK this HOT NAUGHTY GIRL on the spot, like as we’re walking with all my friends. in BROAD daylight. I dont take ANY credit for it, it just happened. I look over at her and she’s walking and feeling the EXACT SAME THING, I see it in her eyes. she is breathing heavy as she’s talking, this is hillarious, and the way she is talking her voice sounds sooooo sexy and wayyyy more attractive than it did before… she even looked prettier, she was fucking GLOWING (masculine GIFT, we make females hotter more alive and sexier… I’m like a fucking SEXUAL HEALER for these girls.. they NEED me.) anyywayysss then I just start getting a BONER like as we’re all walking.. hahaha I thought of that anchorman scene… but dudes… I’m like OH MY GOD I CANT EVEN WALK NEXT TO THIS GIRL THIS IS RIDICULOUS WHAT IS SHE DOING TO ME… that’s a GREAT line too by the way!

“I cant even be in the same room with you girl OH MY GOD!” and walk off. get it? that’s the attitude.

I know what you’re all thinking…. “well Jesus man, what the fuck were you actually SAYING to this girl the whole time?”

and here’s another MASSIVE click. it doesnt fucking matter, the attitude is like this…

TWO LEVELS. social (fluff talk) and MASCULINE HOT DESIRE INTENT right under it.. you must “get it” about sexuality [no sexual hangups] and be able to vibe and be ~cool with these girls on a social level, with the undertone being that you are going to fuck eachothers brains out REALLY SOON, and thats cool. if not, no big deal. it doesnt even matter what you talk about at this point. like it was funny we’re both just throwing out random facts and shit to make it not seem awkward in front of our friends… but WE KNEW THE DEAL.

anyways, I just started distancing myself a little bit from the chick till the boner went down hahaahahaahah but I felt like the fucking MAN… a KING. SOOOO good.

anywayyyyy… so we get back to the house with all our friends and we’re all huddled around chodebox watching some chode movie and this chick is straight up just STARING at me across the room. I can read her mind ” please just fucking TAKE me right now. please!!!! I NEED your cock… I’m so horny and dripping wet”

and I feel myself again getting a boner, like this is ridiculous I feel the exact same horniness level…. MAN = WOMAN….  WHAT YOU FEEL SHE FEELS.

so then I get up, adrenaline coursing through my veins, and say “Hey come upstairs and help me find my keys, you can be my search buddy”

she snaps up boltright from her chair smiling “OKAY!”

as if the words even fucking mattered.

then, I simply grab her hand, lead her to the bathroom HOT HARDCORE HEAVY BREATHING STEAMY MAKEOUT ENSUES. OH MY FUCKING GOD. I THROW her up on the bathroom counter, she’s fucking CLAWING at my back, I’m biting her, being SUPEERRR dominant, dude she is DRIPPING WET, like, I’ve never seen a girl so fucking wet before. I put a condom on faster than lightning and rail her over and over and over and surprisingly lasted a long amount of time, my WHOLE BODY felt horny for this girl, not just my dick.. like a whole body perpetual orgasm arousal state…almost…. anyways, it was so fucking hot because I’m literally covering her mouth the entire time whispering hot things into her ear like “I know you want to fucking SCREAM right now but you can’t because our friends might hear us. *naughty grin* ” then I covered her mouth and fucked her hard while pulling her hair and this chick is seriouslty BITING my hand off. literally drew blood. band-aids on right now 🙂


THAT is the gift we as Men give to women, gentlemen. that was one of the HOTTEST most incredible sexual experiences of my entire life, and hands down probably hers too… I dont think she will ever forget it.

key points, you can be in TERROR OF GIRLS… the straight up WORST SHITTY NERD WEIRD STATE EVER and SNAP right out of it by talking to a cute chick who “heals” you, as you do the same for her. you need her energy, she needs yours. MAN = WOMAN. welcome to life, and its amazing.

now go light up some women guys, its your duty.




So what’s the click exactly?

I guess it was just like all pain is an illusion…. whether it be nervous to approach, or feeling bored or tired, scared, anxious, doubtful…cant get it up.. cum too fast.. being tense.. not being relaxed.. cant make eye contact ETC….

ALL of the above is simply STIFLING your and her life force, aka “god”

so just ALLOW yourself to get turned on by the feminine and you OPEN UP TO GOD and COME ALIVE and women literally smother you because they want that good feeling masculine life energy you RADIATE OUT…. aka attraction. I know this is newagey and sounds fucking weird but, hey, I’m fucking 9’s consistently….. I might be on to something here 😉

and yeah dude, that’s exactly it, the state doesnt FLUCTUATE, like when a woman runs off you’re like aww :)!! she would of been fun :P, but theres NO LOSS/NO NEEDINESS… the only loss is simply no sexual arousal is felt, but you still feel GOOD. that’s the baseline. the NEXT LEVEL is AROUSAL.

get it? so rsd is aimed at generating the “GOOD” feeling inside yourself and walking up, aka full cup, so then by LAW (like gravity) the girls will react to you and FEEL GOOD too, they;d be STUPID to run off because then they STOP feeling good… and sex, the hot naughty fun sweaty sticky fucking and sucking comes NATURALLY. like, its almost INEVITABLE lol.

and 99.5% of guys ARENT LIKE THIS. they;re FULL FUCKING CHODE. once you reach this level girls will want to TEAR YOUR FUCKING CLOTHES OFF because all the pussy chodes out there make them SO FRUSTRATED and the girls have NEVER MET A MAN LIKE YOU BEFORE. bathroom pulls are an UNDERSTATEMENT of whats going to happen to you hahaha.

go get em’ boys.

EDIT: and guys, it’s not  just the book that’ll make it click for you.. I mean fuck, it might, the thing is I’ve studied so much fucking pickup that its like EVERYTHING I studied leading up to that point when I read the book went CLIIIIIIIIIICKKKKKK cuz it’s all saying the same thing… the takeaways, the push pull, the cockyfunny, the escalating, the teasing, the cavemanning, getting aroused…. its like all a mountain trail, and I just got the view from the top looking down to the beggining of the trail, most of these “Game” concepts finally CLICKED.

hope this helps. I seriously am getting my friends all laid like rockstars right now too when we go out, one of my friends hasnt had sex in over a year and I got him laid by this hot little blonde girl… he called me the next morning SO HAPPY saying ”  BRO I LOVE YOU. I FUCKING LOVE YOU MAN! THANK YOU SO MUCH” and I started crying when I hung up the phone.. I felt so much compassionate love for having the ability to do that, to bring joy to other Men’s lives where they once had lack…. I touched that kids SOUL you know?

so I’ve decided dudes… I’m gonna write an ebook, myokonos at times can be pretty far out and I think what most guys need is this stuff put in REAL WORLD PERSPECTIVE. aka coffee shops, malls, bars, clubs, college campuses, etc… anywhere the girlies are.  I dont think Deida’s Wild Nights is the only thing that’s gonna give you the CLIIIIICKK. Ithis information is literally BURNING A HOLE IN MY BRAIN, like, I HAVE TO GET THIS STUFF OUT. I havent been able to sleep. I fucked another different girl friday night and literally after fucking her I laid awake till sunrise……. I couldnt sleep… my reality has just been ROCKED SO HARD, and its so easy and enjoyable. like I literally went from premature ejaculating / not having fun going out / walking around with social anxiety / cant get it up nervous CHODE to like full alpha pimp. lol I wanna share this so badly with THIS community because I HAVE ARRIVED. you guys helped bring me to this point.

but yeah, stay tuned and watch my sig/this thread for more info on it, if you guys want me to put anything in the book ask your questions here and I’ll try my best to answer them.

its been about 3 weeks now, this reality has pretty much been cemented. definitely not operating from hype anymore, this is pure REAL AUTHENTICITY… a way of BEING now. like, THIS IS ME NOW. and I want it to be ALL OF YOU GUYS TOO.

going out is so fun, I’m like ADDICTED to girls lol before I used to be shit scared…. I’m gonna start a blog soon, I HAVE to this stuff is too hot, and I can tell some wild adventures are gonna be taking place so you guys can read and learn about them from my blog. alright guys, im out for now, PEACE and go light up a woman’s heart ;).

bring a smile to her face and want nothing more from her 🙂

“”Don’t hold back, don’t be an asshole. Express yourself spontaneously and freely.”

EXACTLY. it’s such a SIIICK reframe dude. like you walk by a hottie and start feeling nervous or whatever, I go ” Fuck man, stop being such an asshole… you can light that girl up better than that”

And the thing is, women LOVE the attention from men. Again they spend hours in the mirror prettying themselves up for men each day, they NEED our attention its funny. That’s what push pull is… like.. I can fuck you to God and give you wild hot sex so I know you want and need me, but naaaaaaahh you’re kind of weird or not cool enough for me *smile*


Like I said, ALL the fucking “Game” concepts will click. and yeah your dreams will be scarily AWESOME after understanding thart book hahahaha

I had this one where it was my EGO straight up looking at me.. it was me with white hair and he was handing me this white pill, trying to get me ‘hooked’ on his drug. “Come on man. try it it tastes good, trust me you’ll like it. trust me man.”  and I was like ” no dude, I don’t want it”  all weakly and shy… and then his smile got fierce and demonic, almost like I OWN YOU, and he goes ” here man take it. trust me take the pill it’s good you’ll really like it.”   then I’m just FILLED with primal rage and fury and I scream at the top of my lungs I KNOW WHATS FUCKING BEST FOR ME FUCK OFF and I PUNCH the fucker out and he explodes and is gone….

suchhhhh a symbolic dream.

onetime I heard this girl talking (when I used to work in a bar.. awesome got to watch live pickups all night hahaha)
she goes “Fuck off”   and the guy goes “Why are you being such a bitch to me!!!!” (chode. good job lighting her up bro.) and she goes, “If you can’t stand UP to me, how can I expect you to stand up FOR me?!”

🙂 stay tuned I’m making a blog its gonna be rad as hell.




CHERISH Wrote:but I think it was his GF she just STARED for ages I mean really long and my GF was uncomfortable.  I was FREAKED OUT the girl stood facing me directly drinking her drink and I just stare back at her like what the fuck?  I don’t know if she was interested/intrigued or wanted something but it was really bizarre the length of time we were looking at each other.

LOL dude. yeah you’re getting the stares. hahahahaahaha. yeah man, its so fucking funny, go read my FRs in this thread… they happen to me everywhere I go its fucking scary, like I’ll literally walk through the aerobics area in my gym and I kid you not EVERY fucking girl looks up at me smiling and flicks their hair.. like HARDCORE reactivity…its like leave me alone women, jesus!!!!

its really scary, this stuff is powerful. don’t fuck with it if you’re not ready.

at parties I literally will say WHAD UP! to a chick and walk off and she just fucking STARES at me in a DAZE /TRANCE from across the room all night .its like WTF.

you’re seriously going to have women wanting to molest you everywhere you go and you might get boners in public and smile when a cutie sits next to you… a lot… and you can see them getting turned on its ridiculous. like, I honestly wish I can turn this shit off… I’m like running away not talking to girls at parties bot because I’m afraid but because I’m afraid they’ll fall in love with me lol. they text me scary shit like
” You have the best insight of any guy I know ,I just want to talk and talk for hours.”

this is like… too much. I dont know how to turn it off lol. once you have the click theres no going back. you’ve been warned.

oh and its worth mentioning a cool thing too is that once it clicks for you and you understand that your masculie GIFT of “fucking girls to GOD” (haahaha sounds so weird) you become naturally screening. Like you’ll be talking to some HOT girl and in your mind you’re thinking ” dude this chick is really dumb and kind of into weird shit…she’s not worthy of the value I can offer her, uhhh, OOoOoOh that one over there looks pretty cool. im gonna go talk to her. nice meeting you sarah!!”

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