Exciting News – Introducing Hendrix

Today I would like to introduce Authentic King blogs new co-author; Hendrix.

Hendrix is one of the guys who really ‘gets it’ when it comes to being a Full Effortless Natural with HOT women. He is currently fucking a lot of amazing beautiful girls effortlessly and easily. He’s one of those dudes who can teach really well, and has deeply internalized the mindset of what it is to “game” girls properly, in other words how Men should interact with women.

Him and I will be adding both of our perspectives on upcoming KICKASS posts, including extracting the crucial key elements of the recent EXPLOSION over on RSDNATION that we both fueled and compiling a series of rad posts here to get you guys the “click”. And to further articulate what that “click” even is.

Watch out for some amazing shit here guys, we got some awesome stuff in the works for you. Post topics will be more than just success with women too, we are opting for total success in LIFE.

Keep checking back!

-Mizu [AK]

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