Highly Recommended Reading For An Authentic King


Whaaad up Kings??? As they say “Knowledge is power,” and it’s very true.


Here are some of the most life-changing books I’ve ever read. DO NOT take that statement lightly.


Enjoy & Dominate. Oh, and actually read them cover-to-cover. (only 10% of the population ever does.)


These hand-picked classics will change your life. Seriously.

0 thoughts on “Highly Recommended Reading For An Authentic King

  1. Holy shit, I was just thinking about how much I’d appreciate some recommended books and there you go!

    Questions for you:

    When you read a book how do you accomplish it that you don’t just read it once and forget about it again?
    What are your study tips? How do you make notes? And how do you integrate the knowledge into your life?

    Also do you know how to speed read? How did you learn, which method?


  2. Get a fuckton of highlighter pens (the one’s with the flags on them..) then I just highlight the KEY impacting stuff that I can take action on in my life *immediately* (otherwise it’s useless knowledge in your head that you forget about), then I just set them in the review stack. Each morning I try and take anywhere from 30-60 minutes to just skim through and review the important highlighted sections of each book. this is super important, keep hammering the positivity drilling it deep into your subconscious otherwise you’ll forget about it and move on..
    And I’m not very good at speed reading. I’m not super slow @ abosrbing knowledge but not fast either, I tried going with brian tracy’s stuff for that but my WPM didn’t increase too dramatically..

  3. oh almost forgot.. MAKE SURE you re-read the best books (in YOUR opinion – each persons’ life path / challenges are different) often because with each *new* reading you are coming at it from a whole new level. You are literally a new person with a new perspective so the information will hit you on a whole ‘nother level.
    Good luck!

  4. Yeah, I can’t see any books either. I think it might be a browser issue, I’m on Firefox and there’s a script on the site saying something about chrome.

    I’m sure the books are good though.

  5. Good list! I read some of the books and I got a lot out of them. I noticed you recommended “the eye of relvelation”. I actually started readings this book and started doing the exercises. But i was wondering, is there a point in doing these exercises when you are young (I’m 23) ?
    I mean the benefits the author talks about are meant for older people no?
    What’s your take on this book? What kind of health benefits do you think they provide? Do you do the exercises consistently?

  6. Figured out the problem with the invisible widget, guys.

    Make sure you have the latest flash player plugin and make sure you have no flashblock or adblock or similar activated.

    Wow Mizu that’s a lot of books. I thought the first page was the whole list haha.

  7. dudeee amazing list.. the richest man in Babylon was a great book cant wait to read more of the books.. great work man… lifes so much better knowing what you REALLY want out of life… cant thank you enough… Hope to read more posts

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