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Ello’ mates. Today is going to be short and sweet, I’m super busy with my latest business Domination… buuuuuut had such a rad weekend and learned some things in field so I figured I’d pour out some lessons pro bono.

When you spend time with a woman you must desire DEEPER than sex.

A guy who only responds to hot girls on the surface level and is instantly  “sold” on her is the equivalent of a fatty or Skeletor  interested in you.

It’s like a fat girl who teases you or flirts with you, you KNOW you “have” her since she is throwing herself at you, so in your mind you put her in the category of “Game Over. I got you. Now get the fuck away from me. I can now do with you what I choose to.”

This is the reality of a hot girl for guys who are SOLELY interested in her based on sex/physical attraction/superficial looks only. Most dudes drool over a set of tits instantly and become attracted only for that reason. Bad bad bad.

Your new attitude: “Yeah she can give me amazing hot sex… but what else does she have going for her?”

This is Qualification 101 guys.

Most chodey guys see a “hot” girl and INSTANTLY are sold. Guess what, she knows!!! The self is always coming through. You can’t hide. Truth can never be threatened.

When you immediately become super interested and sold on her solely because of her hot body you become INSTANTLY another “sausage in the bucket” with all the other guys who gawk at her and aren’t a fun challenge or interesting/interested.

Think of the reality of a super chill successful smooth player who fucks HOT women on a daily basis. For him, he gets it so much he is SICK of hot sex practically. Like the feeling after you bust your nut all over some hottie, it’s like… Oh wow… that’s sex? Cool. uhhhh big deal…..

Cool guys want MORE from hot women other than hot sex.  Deeper.  Muchhhh deeper.  This literally puts you 99.9% Ahead of ALL the other guys because most of those chodes are focused on pure sex. Their whole interactions with women are based from this foundation. The guy who doesn’t drool all over her and actually LISTENS and wants to GET TO KNOW HER on a deep level to make sure she is prime quality in his life is like a 10 for girls on the “attraction” scale of a “hot” guy.

It’s like a hottie laying seductively in front of you spreading her legs slowly sliding her panties down her smooth long legs and saying “fuck me right now.”  THAT is the gut-level attraction  women feel when guys are a “Challenge” for them not being sold on her looks or hot body right away.

What’s REALLY “hot” to women is when a guy can compliment her on her hot body, but she knows that’s not the ONLY reason he wants to be with her. When you can talk about her unique energy, or her cool fresh outlook on life that “no other girls share” etc and THEN tell her how fucking hot her body is… wow dude. She is like puddy in your hands. But don’t go overboard with the qualifying, keep it subtle and remember PUSHPULL. Keep her confused. Compliment her one second on how funny she is, then a few minutes later tell her she’s a little weirdo and you’re embarrassed to be seen out with her in public. Keep it LIGHT and FUNNY. These hot chicks have self esteem issues guys, most of them are never approached enough by hot guys like the 7’s are so they feel ugly. It’s fucking crazy I know, but sooo funny when you find out how easy it is to fuck 10’s. 7’s are the challenge because EVERY guy has the balls to open them.

Ahhhh the abundance of 10’s[more than looks] – tis the Authentic King way. Women become so much more attractive when you see their depth of femininity. Just look at her:

Damn I’d like to meet her. Maybe she’ll turn out to be interesting…

Figure 1. Mmmm. Yoga girls.

As you guys start to get laid more and more, you’ll soon realize how shallow sex is. And how are stupid chode society likes to value to so much. One of the COOLEST chicks I know was just like “Yeah, I haven’t been laid in a while… just not getting laid right now haha.”  It’s NOT a big deal. Society has us brainwashed to believe we gotta be banging all these superficially pretty “hot”  girls 24/7… fuck that shit dude. I don’t care how “hot” she is on the surface, if she doesn’t take care of herself and is a cool positive fun smart chick to be around with a good energy – I aint fucking her. Period.

A true Alpha guy does not sleep with “low quality” women just because he “found a girl that likes him! but she does drugs… and is unhealthy… and kind of weird… and doesn’t take care of herself….”

…. abundance mentality guys. Cut that shit out of your life and establish some real boundaries. Drop her.

(If you want to learn more about boundaries, read Pulling Your Own Strings for boundary control.

Fucking incredible. That book DEFINES Alpha Boundaries. It was recommended to me by some strong motherfuckers =].)


Authentic King Attitude: “Yeah sweety you’re hot as fuck, but what about your SOUL? What’re your passions? Health? Do you take care of yourself? Are you intelligent? Fun to be around? Interesting? Cool? Not needy? Not a psycho? Emotionally healthy? Does she read?”

This is all SUBCOMMUNICATED by the following Authentic King principle; to simplify this entire post so you guys don’t have to “think” so much around hotties (yuck… be in the now, yo) is this:


Figure 2. Poison Ivy – Hot yes; but she’ll kill your dumb ass.

That’s it. Women tempt you sexually, but you’re not sold on physical attraction or looks alone or you become the “attracted flirting fatty” in her eyes.

“Never give your power away to a woman.”

-David Deangelo

This one single alpha habit will literally throw you LIGHT YEARS ahead of all the other chodes out there. Guaranteed.

The funny thing about this mindset is your results with chicks will EXPLODE. It’s just the way you look at them, talk to them, act around them, be around them…. It all comes down to just being “TEMPTED” by her.

Her little feminine game is to try and get you “sold” on her.

Allow her to play it.

When I walk in a room and a hottie with full cleavage exposed comes near me flicking her hair or whatever I just have a deep inner knowing “Yeah she’s hot… but is she cool?”  And this is a GREAT conversation to have with hot girls. Hahaha the chicks I talk about this with; “Yeah there’s a lot of HOT girls around here, but there’s not a lot of cool girls…” and then they both look at me with their jaws-dropped and eyes open wide “DUDE… WHO ARE YOU????” They actually said that lol. 😀

As I said, you guys want to be at a “total 10” attraction level with girls, then this is your foundational piece. Be tempted. If she gets to sleep with you(because you have studied up on getting her squirting, oral skillz, sexual dominance/ejaculation control/other tantric techniques) you will BLOW HER MIND in bed, and that is only reserved for the reallllyyyy worthy one’s.

Learn to fuck girls to die in bliss(fucking them to GOD [from Wild Nights, required reading]) – and when you can do this and leave them in a warm cuddled up ball of love goo, smiling softly, weak and breathing heavy on your bed after…. with bruises the next day and filled with a newfound sense of PASSION for her life and “in love”… THAT is when you offer some amazing value to women, and it’s a gift only to be given to the worthy ones… who can go deeper than sex.

Want more from women. Get temped.


P.S. I’m in the middle of a gnarly product launch right now guys, posts might be few and far in between for the next two weeks or so.


Hint hint: New post [hopefully] soon… Financial Freedom, The Secrets of Real Authentic King Wealth.  (this masterpiece is going to take a long time to fully put together, I promise it’ll be worth it – you’ll all be little millionaires when I’m done with ya hahaha…. I’m gonna make an A – Z guide about how to really bring in the cash online, if you guys remember the old RSD thread, multiply that by 10x – Authentic King Blog Exclusive~)

I’m talking living a real rockstar lifestyle. No shit. Financial FREEDOM.

My gift to the world.


Catch ya.

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