Making Your Own Fun Priority Number One

It rhymes huh?

Party & Party &.. Yeah!!

You get it.

No, but seriously guys!

Every single night that I go out I see the same damn thing: Guys value scanning the room. Guys out trying to look cool, to impress others, or desperate for a girl’s attention and approval, or at the very least, CARING about it. The coolest guys all have this one simple thing in common: They don’t care.
They don’t give a fuck!


They don’t “go out to get laid”, or “approach girls from the lair” they go out to have a KILLER TIME!!

They go out to let loose, party and relax.

They’re not up inside their heads thinking bout how others perceive them, or about how badly they need a hot woman in their life. They’re not up all night scheming and worrying with anxiety about what magic routine they’re going to use.

They’re constantly in a self-amusing mind state of FUN! FUN! FUN!

The party boys all get laid the most. This is because they know how to powerfully spike a woman’s emotions, because they are in a constant flux state of social fun momentum.

Their life is one constant party, and they’re bringing girls into it wherever they go.

[Or at least they try to.]

When they approach girls, it’s like they’re getting hit by a WRECKING BALL of positivity!


And since girls are wired to receive masculine energy, they OPEN UP when this happens. It’s the guys who are out there trying to leech and take from everyone else’s positivity, and chill fresh vibe that get the worst success. It is a downward spiral. A self-defeating loop of negativity that makes them resent going out, insecure and paranoid around girls, and not able to let go and have a good time.

For the next month, totally forget about women. Focus on ONE priority in your life: Having fun! That’s it. For the sake of your own enjoyment! For upgrading your life experience. THAT’S IT. That’s your only goal. Totally stop thinking about any women, every one. Each time you go out, constantly be asking yourself “How can I make this fun?”, “What’s cool about this?”, “How can I make this experience better for everyone here at this party or event?”, “What can I do to get excited, social, happy and carefree right now?” ALWAYS be pumping your own state in self-amusement! ALWAYS be finding fun, totally awesome stuff to do.

You’ll find the better you get at this, girls naturally come flooding into your life!

It creates an upward positivity spiral of momentum in your life experience, and hey, you might actually having some fun out there, too. 😉

More than you thought.


Stay Kings,


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