Man = Woman.

Wow. I’m excited to bring this to you guys. This post is intended to fry your reality and melt your face off when it comes to interacting with cute hot girls. After reading this, applying it and fully understanding and internalizing it literally ALL your fear & nervousness around girls will be gone, you should be brought closer to having that sweet ~natural ‘click’, and quite frankly – your success will shoot through the fucking roof.

Get ready because this is kind of going to be like taking the Red Pill in the Matrix. There’s no going back after reading this guys. I warn you, a lot is going to change when you see women everywhere. You may feel like you’re walking around in the Matrix a little at first, don’t worry that’s completely normal. Good ol’ Mizu is going to attempt to grab your shoulders and jerk you out of your chodey belief structures and negative social conditioning(conscious or otherwise…) in regards to getting hot chicks yo.

So you wanna take the red pill? Cool. Good choice. So let’s begin. Do you guys ever feel like when you’re speaking with a girl that she is some sort of object, or some sort of concept you have created that relates to all women you see? Like you’ll be walking down the street and then uhoh! you see a “HOT GIRL”.

It’s such a foreign thing for some guys. And the funny thing is, they tend to act the same way around all these foreign “objects” of desire. They feel as though they must ‘game’ them and ‘do’ something in order to get them, so they enter the pickup community and start using all these weird ass tactics and techniques that don’t work. Why don’t community lines/techniques work? Think of it like this. You can only fool a woman for so long. You MUST become an Authentically cool alpha guy(KING). Sure you can “push her buttons” for a few minutes, but 10 minutes later she sees the current REAL you.

Imagine a fatty ugly smelly unhealthy chode girl walks up to you. She opens her rancid mouth exposing yellow teeth; “Hey who lies more Men or Women?”

Do you honestly give a fuck? Wait wait wait! What if she uses cocky funny on you, or another “community tactic”?? What if she starts teasing you? That’ll work wont it?! Oooh I know – What if she uses push/pull? Oh, you’re STILL not attracted to her? But wait!! Now she is going to shift into rapport with you and escalate while doing a takeaway…



This is why you need to KILL the “fantasy dream” you may or may not have of not having to bust your ass on a day to day basis to become the Authentic King that women WANT to be around. You can’t get girls when you’re a skinny weak nervous weird boring chode no matter WHAT tactic you use. You’re the fat girl running pickup lines, no matter how subtle. You need to become the hot, cool, sexy, fun, intelligent, healthy happy cheerleader who gets to bang the head captain of the football team. Well, reverse that. You know what I mean ;).

The cool thing is that as men we respond to women’sLOOKS and base their attractiveness on that for the most part (superficiality), women on the other hand value and are attracted to men’s BEHAVIORAL CUES / traits such as the man’s comfort in his environment(being relaxed around her and others), dominance, leadership, positive enthused outlook on life, certainty, decisiveness, willingness to GO AFTER WHAT HE WANTS UNAPOLOGETICALLY (including her body), strength, influence on younger/less evolved men, how others react to you, playfulness and comfort with her to use fun humor/teasing etc.

It’s so awesome to hit a level where you stop DOING things around girls and just relax and BE cool and attractive because it is who you are now, so women become a source of pure natural FUN and ENJOYMENT for you and naturally flow into your life regularly. Once your internals become validated, the externals follow. Everywhere you go they are naturally attracted to you. Going to the club gets you EXCITED to meet some cool girls and have a fucking BLAST, not a source of worry or overcoming some great obstacle of the night… This post/blog will help open your eyes and bring you closer to this natural level.

This is the biggest single sticking point I see with guys out there in field who haven’t gotten this natural cliiiiiiiick yet. They walk up to chicks, and start “doing” all this weird shit that their pickup guru said they need to do to get girls and guess what, the girls STILL aren’t attracted to them so they recognize a failed “set”, go home and say “I need to work on my A1 Attraction Phase Model and shift into rapport while using cockyfunny and then I will go read 1000 more ebooks a day.”


That’s why as Man you must becomes Authentically cool, intelligent, strong, interesting, fun, sexual etc. You must live the lifestyle of being a badboy. You can’t sit on your ass playing World of Warcraft, eating greasy unhealthy shit and watch TV or play xbox stoned all day and expect to be an attractive guy women want to spend time with. Think of your DREAM woman. Do you want her to be a lazy, chubby, boring, lame, goalless/dreamless, uninteresting world of warcraft playing piece of shit dumbass with no friends or any interesting experiences/things to talk about? How about if she’s super nervous in bed and ashamed about her sexuality and desires to take her bra off for you sexily or finger herself in front of you??? If this is the dream girl for you then you got issues man. The criterion for my dream woman are HIGH. My list is personal, as should yours be, but to name a few MUST-HAVE characteristics… intelligence, emotionally healthy, sexually comfortable expressive / nymphomaniac ;), lean, tan, healthy aka TAKES CARE OF OF HERSELF, doesn’t do drugs or smoke, beauty(inside & out), has goals, is interesting, passionate…. my list is HUGE. I have yet to find this girl, but have fucked many along the way ;).

“You can become an amazing manipulator, or you can become an amazing Man.

-Jeffy Allen[jlaix from RSD]

So, back to our original post. Man = Woman. I warn you again, this may fuck with your guys realities a smidgen… in a good way though ;). So what I’m trying to hammer into your guys heads here is this… MAN = WOMAN.

If you have some sort of PUA notebook or field report text file or even a note on your phone with openers etc… PUT THIS AT THE TOP AND READ IT DAILY BEFORE YOU GO OUT:


So let’s break this down. We shall begin at the cellular level. The first thing I want you guys to think about is what you are. Energy. Period. Seriously. Look down at your hand. Do it. What the fuck are you? You’re a bunch of skin, bones, flesh etc…

What is that skin made up of? Cells. What’re your organs, eyes, brain, fingers, penis etc made up of? Cells. So your WHOLE BODY is made up of cells. Cool. Okay so what are cells made up of? Atoms. What are atoms made up of? Protons, electrons?

Okay and those consist of what….Scientists are now saying ENERGY, such as electrons which are essentially energy. So everything is energy, always fucking. “It’s all FUCK” says myokonos in Wild Nights(must-read). Maybe we were all stars once.. or light energy… burning burning burning… lol how the fuck should I know.

So cool. We’re a bunch of cells. Even our dick. Just a bunch of moving changing cells… atoms… energy….particles… LIFE. GOD. Whatever you wanna call it. Even the most hardest STEEL BEAM on planet Earth is just vibrating particles of atoms.

So it all starts for us in the womb. Oh the womb of life. That warm, nurturing womb of love that we all were in at some point. Now I have a question. So if girls (gasp! they’re humans too!) are made up of the same cellular organic matter that us men are, then what makes the difference between a pussy and a dick? Hahaha yeah that’s correct – nothing.

It’s all skin. The pleasure a girl feels when you lick her labia is the exact pleasure you feel when she licks your shaft. It’s all skin guys. All cells. There are a few key differences such as men having more testosterone so we’re more prone for muscle mass / strength / dominance & leadership / different drives and values / less emotional and we have semen whereas girls have eggs and more fat on their pecs with larger nipples for feeding babies(YAY boobies!!!!!), also girls have different psychological tendencies such as submission to “stronger realities”[letting a man naturally lead her], different physical feminine energy that attracts males / is attracted to masculine energy in males etc.

Annyywaayyysss… going back to the womb, did you know a fetus when it is developing has no male or female parts? That’s right, it’s a blank slate. It begins to form genitals early in the development and the clitoris in girls becomes the head of the penis in males.

I always laugh when I see dudes acting like women are so different than us and they start to “Game” them and act all weird and shit. DUDES. Think of your best guy friend. Do you have to “Game” him? Figure out ‘what to say’ ? No. You’re just natural, cool, fun. Just don’t feel arousal for this dude and we’re chillin’ ;). This is how I am around girls ALWAYS… what is there to fear LOL?

Ewwww @ the above pic. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t fuck that thing either hahaha.

But listen, so women have the SAME HUMAN BIOLOGICAL WIRING AND CELLS as us. They’re human. Guess what guys, they get insecure about sex and performing for you in the bedroom too. They feel ugly and depressed sometimes too. They take shits and fart. They get nervous. They feel fear and insecure to go approach that “hot guy” at the bar/club/party. They run out of things to say. They enjoy the same movies and TV shows /movies / art / music you do! They have goals, dreams, insecurities, fears, frustrations, laziness etc. They feel horny for dudes walking around too! If a chick you were REALLLLLY into said “hey lets go fuck in the bathroom right now I’m so fucking horny” You’d be like “uhhh… OKAY.” well dudes, they’re the exact same way!!!


Women are like my BEST FRIENDS – that I can fuck. We talk about all sorts of cool stuff, we go on all kinds of fun adventures together, we can both make eachother feel bodily pleasure and laugh and playfully build up sexual life energy arousal and desire until we each cant take it anymore going mad crazy with hot insatiable desire and end up inevitably fucking eachothers brains out to blow off all that life force steam, we can smack eachothers asses in the club laughing about it, we can pretend to be a divorced couple who fight all the time – WE CAN HAVE FUN TOGETHER!!!! ETC…we can joke about weird dudes that tried to “pick her up” and left her 1000 creepy voicemails or talk about the War Pig Fatty that tried to run push pull on me LOL.

STOP thinking of these “hot girls” as ‘the other’ or some weird ass concept/object guys. They’re HUMAN BEINGS. Made up of the same cellular energetic decaying organic matter stuff you are dudes. MAN = WOMAN. The illusion as buddha or eckhart tolle would say IS separation. The definition of UNIVERSE = One Song.

Now dudes, I realize this mindset, although true, is kind of hard when it comes to real world application. You know I wouldn’t leave you hanging… how does this impact your life, school campus, party social scene, night clubs, bars, coffee shops etc? It’s simple. Realizing the fundamental nature of reality about how women are the same as us cellularly-speaking will virtually ELIMINATE your fears of ‘approach anxiety’ and all sorts of other weird shitty mindsets/nervous ticks/chodey behaviors around HOT Women. After I realized this I am just so natural and relaxed and myself around HOT “TOTAL 10” girls. Last night I literally had 4 different chicks texting me wanting to hook up, because I treat them like … well… myself. Most guys act like they’re so different and put them on a weird-ass pedestal acting all nervous and supplicating (KEY: EVEN SUBTLY!! like.. “I need to be dominant have good eye contact be playful have fun etc” dude that’s STILL supplicating, you must truly not give a fuck about impressing these girls) the key is to NOT TRY and to ultimately HAVE FUN. That’s it. Be natural. ANY time you feel like you “don’t know” what to do / say when with an attractive woman, remember.. she is the same as you .. just lighten up STOP ‘trying’ to get her, you already have her on an energetic level (one universe…time is an illusion, we’re all in coexistence for eternity…) and HAVE FUN!!!!! 🙂


You’ll find you’ll be much more relaxed around women and in the moment, which gives rise to your natural witty cocky calibrated humor abilities / you go into state easier / become more aroused naturally, have more interesting cool things to talk about / you become hornier/dominant/sexual playful easier ETC :). To put quite simply, this realization fucking rocks and will unlock your DNA ALPHA MAN.

The last thing I want to touch on before I go kick it with the guys is this… as far as getting sexual with a girl, NEVER force it. it JUST HAPPENS. The BEST attitude when dealing with attractive babes is this… “LOL omg what is she doing to me!” I just think it’s kind of funny how I’ll be talking to a chick and suddenly I take notice of her cleavage or the softness of her skin or the way her hot wet lips move as she seductively talks and my dick starts getting hard and I’m gripped with forces beyond my control to fuck her to bliss, and the funny thing is, these chicks start feeling the SAME way because WHAT YOU FEEL SHE FEELS.



So your guys mission this summer is to shatter the glass wall between this so called Man and Woman. We’re the same. Go out and have fun with these girls, they’re so pretty and cute and you can make eachother feel REALLLLYYYY good sexually in ways you could not do alone :). And quit “trying”. Your cellular-level intelligence that virtually runs your ENTIRE body including your sexual functions is 1000x smarter than your mind / chodey thoughts. That’s why when you quiet your mind and just “be in the moment” with a girl OH MAN its SO EASY!!! Your millions of years of DNA and evolution wiring TAKE OVER and you’re turned into like FULL PIMP. You guys need to get out of your own fucking way. Get your mind / thoughts OUT of the way and go FEEL like a child grabbing a cookie around these girls!

Have fun!!!! Get the fuck out of the house ITS SUMMERTIME!!!! Go talk to your sisters ;).

I’m going on an Alaskan Cruise for 7 days… can you say ILL? Catchya guys later, tear it up this weekend.

“A single conversation with a wise man is worth more than 10 years of study.”

a Chinese Proverb


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  1. Fuck Mizu! You are awesome, I owe you so much! and hope yuo are keeping up with your blog! Love from another king!

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