Open, Honest, Uninhibited

So I just got done reading one of my all-time favorite books: Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton. (If you haven’t read that yet, I recommend you check it out ASAP.)

Too many newbies “walk on eggshells” with women, and they beat around the bush. They don’t get to the point. They’re not honest, upfront and direct about their desires as a Man. Here’s a newsflash guys: Women know what you’re thinking, and what’s liberating is: Women want you be direct! They want a Man to take them. They want to be ravaged. Feminine energy loves masculine.

I see so many boring ass dudes walking up talking about the weather. Do you think she is dressed like a s.lut because she wants to talk? Stop being pussys, get the fuck out, go up to her, and tell her how hot she is. Women may act offended on the surface [because of their social conditioning] but deep down, it’s what they instinctually desire.

The more you stifle your desires, or try and hide them [like she doesn’t know why you came up to speak to her – come on bro..] the creepier and more unattractive you look. The more honest you are, the more SHE gets turned on and appreciates your sincerity, *cough* balls!

At the end of the day, time is short. Stop wasting time guys. Walk up to a hottie, state your intent. If she tells you to fuck off and means it, walk. I promise you after going out nearly 1000 nights this: There is another girl, either 5 feet from her or in the next bar, who will f*ck your brains out and say yes not no.

Stop wasting time, quit being pussys, be a Real Man and show her what you want. You’ll find the more turned on and liberated you get by going out doing this, the more SHE feels turned on and wants to be hot for you. Stifling your desires and sex energy will fuck you up out there more than anything else. Stop hiding, come out into the open light, and tell these girls what you’re really thinking.

You’ll find the attraction is way more. Real Men have BALLS, they DON’T WASTE TIME, and they get right to the point with women they’re talking to. Rejection means you did good, you didn’t go on 100 dates like those other poor saps with no play.



4 thoughts on “Open, Honest, Uninhibited

  1. Fuck I cant actually believe you guys are back. I thought you shut down for good. Is it just you Mizu or is Hendrix here with you too?

    Whats new in your world?

    Also you still with RSD?

  2. Thank you man. I always love reading your deeply penetrating, insightful posts. They always make me wanna destroy my mind in meditation and watch as it build itself back from the ground up with greater clarity and purpose. I’m excited to hear what you have in store.

    I’m wondering about Hendrix too though… What about his product/s? Are you guys still in collab/cahootz?

    I also really want to read your Question Everything 2.0 post and Seeing The Truth of Your Environment/Gaining Total Freedom posts. I’ll never forget those two articles and the immediate effect they had on me. I should have documented those for future reference. Fuck mercury amalgams… I wonder what happened… Server F-up or too powerful to be publicly available..?

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