Hey there blokes, Hendrix here!

How have you all been? I trust your past few weeks as an Authentic Natural have gone swimmingly, yes? mine have been B-E-A-UTIFUL, Just finished exams, ACES all round (hopefully), Threw a massive party over at my natural buddies house, hunnys everywhere – absolutely fantastic. It’s safe to say that I have chicks HANDLED at the moment, because I never have to worry about ever having a lack of women around me, a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can think clearer and get on with other aspects of my life.

Right now I’m in the middle of making an awesome instrumental album which will be a mixture of analog synth classic sounds and layered electric guitar work, really excited for it – one of my deep passions in life. My funky, reggae, psychedelic rock band is also playing gigs regularly getting well known locally, on a solid path – AWESOME!


I’m very excited to give you this information in these next few posts, YOU GUYS DESERVE all the beautiful women you want 100%. So these next few posts are going to help you move a little closer to being that true masculine MAN who you were meant to be, taking a peek into some of the little attitudes I have about this whole ‘meeting women’ thing.

I have always had a love for meeting new people, especially women. Women are fun. There just like guy friends – except you have the primal urge to fuck them (lol). But in all seriousness, if you have a completely unserious and fun view of women and the world you can’t NOT fail at this. Seriously guys, attracting women is TOO EASY.

In these next few posts, I want to make you aware of the different frames and identities we unconsciously give to the people round us and, more importantly, the place your frame is COMING FROM.

I’v only noticed just recently that I naturally put all the people I meet into glorious frames. I reckon it’s probably one of the KEY reasons I get along with so many people. I reckon this single concept will skyrocket your social life.

We know the truth is most people, (especially women) don’t have a strong identity. Most people aren’t even conscious of it, they are just in that “Walking Daze” that Tyler describes in the blueprint.
Women get so caught up in emotions and are desperately trying to be loved and shown that they are a goddess by a man with INTEGRITY. remember – envision her as more beautiful than she envisions herself.

Because I have developed a very strong sense of self, just by acting in accord to who i’m meant to be as a man, what I do naturally is GIVE THEM an Identity, and not just any old identity, a GLORIFIED identity of how I see them, and if they’re girls – How I WANT them to behave. THIS IS KEY.

How receptive they are to act out of this identity I give them, is basically a measure and reflection of the certainty I have of myself.

As a side note: Women are our mirrors, they will adjust accordingly to how we are at the time. e.g. the more relaxed you are the more she feels you are in control, the more direct you are, the more she trusts you. Totally IN THE MOMENT, this is why women can love you one day and hate you the next etc. it all comes down to YOU.

So If it’s a chicky babe I like the look of, I instinctively give them an this awesome identity which will usually be all the traits I admire in a women, (Remember: women draw state externally):

– Adventurous/Fun (Showing her that nothing is serious yet, this is just a bit of fun)
– Cute/Adorable (Absolutely eliminates bitchyness)
– Cool/Chill, up for anything (Awesome for same night lays, puts her in that frame of mind)
– Stalker, as in she really needs me. (Assuming attraction)
– I have something she really wants

Every time she acts in accord with this I unconsciously reward her and every time she stays from these boundaries I have created I unconsciously get turned off and she senses this. No matter how cute she is, if she’s not chill or is a bitch, I don’t wanna fuck her – simple as that. My way or the highway.

So I give her these awesome little attributes… But then I give them one silly little negative one.

e.g. – Being too nice for me etc.

NOW, Don’t take this lightly, there is some very clever shit going on here:

– Im naturally screening, i like what i see, showing intent, but i’m not entirely convinced… yet… (Still remaining the prize)

– Causes her to work, yes PUT EFFORT IN, to convince me that she is NOT that one quality. (“No no no!! i’m a BAD girl!”) BINGO 😉

– Makes me the prize. Makes me preselected. Chick keeps investing, I keep tension until bedroom/car/wherever we wanna go.

– Gives us something to have fun with, I can be playful and tease her a little.


Keep in mind that you won’t even need to vocalize this, at all. Frames are vibe based, the frame you are giving her is naturally projected in your sub communications. Your body is a representation of your attitude and the frames you give people. Tonality etc. automatically adjust.

It’s just the knowing little look in your eye, your inner glow that KNOWS you could absolutely open her, lead her into complete surrender, Her giving herself fully to you in every way. Because you know this, She knows this.

You have the keys to her heart in your pocket.

When I talk to a woman, I have the KEYS to her heart, to open her up, I know exactly what she wants and how i’d give it to her. She can sense that your ‘teasing’ her with these keys, rattling them round in your pocket, as you have eye sex. “I’v got the keys, but your not gettin em yet!”
I can look at her like ‘Yes… girl, you wouldn’t believe how good I am in bed, I hope you turn out to be a good girl, so I can take this further’, I already know I would give her the best time of her life, but I let her work just a little bit before I do this. But I am still being very direct and natural.

Woman can only be shown their identity by a man. And the more integrity the man has the more deep she can know herself.
She wants to be OPENED by you, but deep down she NEVER wants you to give the keys away. Giving these keys away = Giving your power away. You have amazing sex with that hottie – open her heart – then close it again. SO MANY CHICKS ARE BEGGING ME FOR MORE SEX – crazzy 😉

Hey, ever met anyone who ‘expected’ you to act a certain way, or thought you were something else and you actually acted that way around them? This is probably why it works.

My chemistry teacher teaches us like any normal teacher, yet, no one likes him because the ‘frame’ he puts the class into is ‘a bunch of idiots who he has to teach, when he could be off doing quantum theory becoming the next Einstein’. People can ‘PICKUP’ on little things in his tonality, body language, VIBE – that screams “I don’t want to be here”. And the weird thing is, because he is so CERTAIN of this identity he is giving us, most of the kids start to believe they’re stupid/will never be good at chemistry.

This negative identity is very hard to break-free from. If you gave someone an awesome positive Identity, they would be drawn to you, almost magnetically, because MOST PEOPLE want a very certain, strong man like your self to show them that they are, in fact, important. They LOVE IT.

Ever met someone who just left you saying “wow, what a great person”, chances are they had a very positive identity of you, they made you feel important. Where as now, you could have a perpetual state of feeling important/ great/ whatever, When you give yourself permission to feel that way. Not letting anyone else define you.


I could even go so far as to say that one of the most important things about socializing, making friends and fucking tones of women. Is the way I see them. Just remember…

“Always envision them better than they envision themselves”

This isn’t just with women, I do this to guys – I see every guy as a cool dude that i’ll protect and look after – Leaders make people feel SECURE. I look out for my tribe.


If you look around at one of those guys who are incredibly natural with women, you will find that he is NON JUDGMENTAL.


Your EGO is basically comparing and judging in it’s simplest form. Ego is known in society as thinking your really awesome – this is not it at all, your allowed to be confident in yourself, for sure, and this is where many dudes get confused. Ego is actually COMPARING other people to you or other people, putting them down, getting caught up in competion etc. This is arrogance not confidence.

See yourself and everyone around you as AWESOME cool people.

Never judge anyone and never seek to impress people. All impressing is is judging in reverse, is it not? people are assuming that they are going to judge them so they seek to impress. When you aren’t comparing people to other people and simply accepting who she is inside, magical things start to happen – and she feels like she can open up to you more without being harshly judged or compared etc.

Some guys even HATE WOMEN! like actually hate them, they like them just for there looks, ‘objectifying them’, ever noticed that all these guys are SHIT with women? Remember your deep love for the world and women and let you instincts do the rest!!

The best place to be in any conversation for me, is a place where there is an ENERGY DYNAMIC – by this I mean you are both expressing yourselves fully (not just you) and something magical happens…. everything starts to just flow… with effortless ease.

You are not judging so she is extreamly comfortable with expressing herself,  your just boosting each others states, enjoying each other fully and compleatly.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY SHE WON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT BEING LABELED A SLUT. If you are totally non-judgmental SHE WILL be up for going and fucking that same night.

So, giving people identities to live up to, envisioning them greater than they envision themselves.


Practice this one thing while being totally certain of who YOU are and your social skills will go through the roof. I will cover ‘Who you are’ in Part II.

Guys this game is soooo easy, once you just get to the point where you don’t give a fuck, and just be who your meant to be pure magic will happen, keep stepping up – Keep your eyes peeled for part II, about the Rockstar frame YOU should be coming from – THIS IS WHERE THE FUN BEGINS!!  – This post was just the basic foundation you need in order to act from your CORE MAN. and don’t get all analytical on this, it’s just to point you guys in the right direction – KEEP GETTING OUT THERE!!!

Alright guys – Make sure you post up some comments!! Questions, queries, successes, or just anything you have been wanting to tell me.

Cheers for now  ~ Hendrix


  1. Hard to explain but basically all you should be feeling during sex is CORE PRESENCE. Fully there with the girl, doing whatever you want with her, whatever you think is BEST. In turn the woman trusts this and ‘Gives herself’ to you completely in every way. And it is the best feeling in the world for a girl to loose all responsibility and just give herself to a man of integrity (provides her with security by CLAIMING HER/Making her feel safe when he has her) who she trusts will treat her with respect (love). Many men try to either: Please the girl, YUK. Or they are self centred and don’t give a fuck about the girl. I can make girls squirt and stack orgasms but I’m doing them because *I want to see her have pleasure* as opposed to ‘trying to please her’, also I am very good in bed because I know these things (Which makes her open up to me even more) and honestly… to have a girl just completelyb giving herself to you like that in everyway is just such a powerful rush of energy for a man. Absolutely inspiring! So she needs to feel secure and loved, therefore you need to be a man of integrity and love/positive and dominance/woo and intent – whatever you want to call it.

    Quick little overview – This is all covered in one of my next articles: HER KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR.

    yeeaaj is definitely on the right track: Sexual energy is basically the energy of wanting to CLAIM/LOVE her fully. When you enter any room it needs to be like BOOOOM just pure masculine energy immediately claiming/protecting everything in the room, YOU OWN THAT ROOM. Actually feel this and practise this. If you don’t ‘OWN’ the girl, she won’t let you be sexual. (P.S – You already own every girl, you just may not know it yet)

    Peace bro, good to still see some of our old followers on here! ~ Hendrix

  2. yo mizu here. thanks a lot hendrix you dick… I havent been able to sleep in two days because of all the sexual energy you poured into my being after this fucking igniting post. pure glory. hats tipped to this masterpiece.

    Oh and stay tuned cats, I got some wicked wild posts coming up. Like, seriously… chill-inducing, awe inspiring… women MELTING from club to your bed and …BEYOND.

    and that guitar midi controller is fucking ridiculous that is exactly what I have been looking for and couldnt articulate… I didnt even know something like that EXISTED.

    can you say shredding to acoustic piano VST a la Wolfgang Amadeus? ohhh my god my music is going to be taken to the next level.

  3. Dude, Ryan – That is AWESOME, I know exactly what you mean. Pure deep love for humanity.

    LOL @ Mizu, yea dude that Moog Guitar is FKN SHAWEEET

    Uh ‘myIPisyourmomandmysocialismycock’,nice name – Yea the more people not acting like chodes the better, I want guys to get value from this blog. Thy alpha man shalt RISE.

    YES, I have experienced MIZU’s latest post not even half finished and it blew my mind – Excellent content as always.


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