Hendrix time ~ Part II

MEN, I changed my mind about the series…

Guys, i’m gonna give you MORE value. Instead of a II part series i’m gonna give you a whole III part series.

And the theme that this all covers is….. CHARISMA. not some pussy version you see in the movies either, TRUE CORE MASCULINE CHARISMA that magnetically draws women towards you.


cha-ris-ma |kəˈrizmə|

: compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others :

he enchanted guests with his charisma.


Now – Part I, I gave you the frames you should be giving others, this is the first step of charisma. Essential.

In Part III, I will explain the importance of SEXUAL ENERGY in charisma and unlocking MAGNETISM. Crucial.

But today.. I will talk probably the most important of the three: YOUR ROCKSTAR FRAME!

ok let’s embark:

Your attitude or frame of mind is incredibly important. Fix attitude, you fix outer game PERIOD. From there all you need is (maybe) a few directions as to what you should be doing.

I think a lot of you guys forget that true alpha men like George Clooney don’t even know what ‘Qualification’ is, even if you explained it to him, BECAUSE HE DOES IT NATURALLY, he has the natural mindset and attitude that he can sleep with any woman, therefore, he doesn’t want someone average, he naturally screens for a good one. He doesn’t even screen for the ones ‘Down to fuck’, just the hottest, most cheerful, sexual girl that best fits his ‘ideal woman’, his outter game is just the result of his inner mindset.

I’m just gonna give this shit to ya straight –

You don’t need to get any better at ‘game’ for chicks to like you. They already like ‘the real you’. You just have to act out of who you really are. Keep uncovering your inner rockstar.

You can’t become Natural, you can only uncover him.

How do you do this? you plead… ok ok

Strip away all these layers until you get back to your RAW WARRIOR, who isn’t afraid to claim whats his, get his hands dirty, go through hell and incredible amounts of pain to complete his VISION. THIS IS FUNDAMENTALLY ALL THAT MATTERS.

Because you are a man there is nothing you can’t have.

ALL WOMEN ARE CHODES. All men are dominant over women. some just don’t believe it. But in the end, you have a cock and she doesn’t. And because of this she lays submissive to any man. The only thing that holds any man back is not being congruent with the MAN HE WAS MEANT TO BE.

I don’t know what mental images that sets off in your mind. But every time I think of THE MAN I am MEANT TO BE, these images of a powerful, raw, strong, brave, sexy, ripped, awesome guy absolutely OWNING his life in every way pop up in my mind. This is the natural you. Only you can define who he is. Every time you act in congruence with this man, this ‘natural you’ on turbo – not giving a fuck what anyone thinks, you start becoming more and more genuine –

“REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE” – Mufasa (lion king)

This is the kind of place your mentality should be coming from:

– I am the lead singer for one of the most awesome bands in the world that everyone likes.

– Every girl on this planet is my groupie. – (This is massive, you need to know this)

– When I talk to a girl I am instantly giving her a massive gift. ME. You could be off having fun jamming with your mates. but your not. your with her – she better feel fuckin lucky.

– You are still enjoying her she is the energy that fuels the creativity of the music you make.


So, this pure natural to the core, he doesn’t have to even be real.. just envision the perfect natural MAN. What thoughts come to mind? .. Brave, charming, assertive, charismatic, cunning, powerful, present, fun, sexual. You know EVERYTHING. THE IDEAL MAN THAT WOMEN DREAM OF.

This is different for everyone, but they will all have THE SAME QUALITIES, just varied amounts of each. No ‘one combination’ is better than the other.

Few of my role model alpha males: George Clooney, Tim, Hypnotica, Anthony Kiedis, Jimi Hendrix.

These guys all attract amazing amounts of women, but they are not the same. They have the same ALPHA CHARACTERISTICS, just varying amounts of each.

So, what characteristics does your IDEAL MAN have? This glorified version of you MUST BE coming from what YOU think is cool only, because all these different personalities attract DIFFERENT WOMEN, you will find as you act out of your CORE MAN you will attract the EXACT GIRL YOU WANT. Like Mizu said, someones ‘ideal 10’ is going to be totally different to someone else’s, regardless of how alpha they are.

Find your idols and incorporate your favorite bits about them into your IDEAL MAN

For instance a few traits I admire from guys that are great with women:

Hypnotica’s direct certainty and confidence,

Tim’s leading and influencing,

-The healthy lifestyle and the good morals that Anthony Kiedis has,

Jimi Hendrix’s passion and chill vibe

George Clooney’s charm

Of corse, Your Idols are going to be completely different to mine. Also add things that YOU like, for instance, I enjoy being playful with women – so I just add that in.

I am constantly acting out of WHO I AM MEANT TO BE, and because of this I feel happy, fulfilled and alpha. AND ATTRACT WOMEN.

From here this begins to spiral up. Positive momentum.

How much value do you hold for yourself? Do you put value on everyday things you do? Do you expect others to treat you with the same value? Let me tell you something:

~ “Your the director in this wonderful game of life, and YOU are the star of the show.” – Hypnotica

Everytime you act in accord to this man you give yourself more value. Every time you avoid talking to that 10, eat that greasy bag of chips, spectatoring, following, wussing out, not putting in hard work to your life your basically selling yourself short. Your devine unique vision of yourself is suffering – Soul frown haha. So what I mean when I say STAY ON YOUR PATH, is keep resonating from this vision of your CORE MAN.

Think about things like:

How many women would this guy have?
Would this guy be too nervous to approach?
Would this guy work out in the gym everyday?
What career would this ‘ideal’ you have?
How would this guy benefit women and the human race?
How would he see this situation?

So you got this idea of this fucking awesome guy, now start acting how this guy would act, become him!! This isn’t fake, because it’s WHAT YOU WANT, change is totally natural. When you act from this guy you actually DON’T give a fuck what anyone thinks because you know in your core it’s the most awesome (for you) place to act from. So who gives a shit what others even think. You can have this guy sitting in your mind at all times and you can modify him as you please.

Just make sure you don’t have NEGATIVE role models (this is what many people have), e.g. Kurt Cobain, Paris Hilton (lol). Your idols should be guys who are absolutely OWNING their lives.

Admit it, she is pretty hot.

It’s not called a natural for nothing, all men are meant to act this way. YOU ARE MENT TO ACT THIS WAY. What’s stopping you?…………………What’s stopping you?……..keep trying.. you can’t think of any excuse. Wait…. what IS stopping me? If it’s an external identity that your friends, mum, dad, brother, teacher or even one of your enemies created IT’S NOT THE REAL YOU. Snap out of it. This is what all those crazy drawing were about in the WHOLENESS post were intended to say (haha).

This is your path, your future, your DREAM. Have this vision of you, now become it and ASSERT it with CONFIDENCE. The more confident you assert the man your meant to be, and the more value you put put on yourself, the more people look up to you and the more value your actions hold.

Confidence is gold, you cannot be ‘TOO CONFIDENT’.

The truth is OTHER PEOPLE WANT YOU TO CHANGE. They won’t think your weird, they will actually embrace it.



Whenever your stuck for a decision, a problem arises ANYTHING – Ask yourself… “What would the strong, alpha REAL man who I was meant to be do??” what then?? UH DUH.. GO.. DO… THAT. That simple guys!!!

Trust your core. What I mean by this is trust that everything will be ok. When you walk up to her you should have NOTHING ON YOUR MIND. Guys can’t stand this, they always need to have something ‘back up’ just in case NO. Trust yourself, show your core sum muthafukin respect!! Trust that pure gold will just flow out of your mouth in the moment. whatever comes to mind. but keep the goal in sight, Keep that deep, raw, natural hunger for her at all times.

She cannot do anything to you when you are acting out of your core because you are more certain, you know the path and your guiding her and you.

When you act out of your core man, it will automatically justify everything you do, JUST BECAUSE. She cannot shut you down, simply because you are doing what you want to do, and you have a dick so she will comply with that. If she doesn’t comply she must be a freak of nature.

Mizu says Man = Woman

But no joke it’s more like Man > Woman.

But heres the thing, you still gotta love women, women are special in other ways, you are of equal value, but when it comes to leading/dominance THIS IS YOUR JOB.

It’s like all women were put on earth to serve men. I know that sounds incredibly sexist. BUT IT’S TRUE. And they secretly love it, it’s in there instincts, even if they don’t say they do. But they don’t want to serve just any man, they will only want to serve a man who treats her as another human being, while being totally strong and dominant. Any man can own a woman but few men can own a woman, while bringing her up to his level and letting her shine and blossom in his presence. Want whats best for YOU AND HER and she will comply.

FOR FUCK SAKE – She knows all you want to do is fuck her anyway???? DUUHHHHH
When you automatically justify everyone of your actions on the base of ‘because I want to’ and it’s congruent with your true alpha self alpha EVERYTHING WILL WORK.

And NO, I don’t mean become a psychopath, hahaha don’t go round forcing women to do shit. you need a BASIC UNDERSTANDING OF THE SOCIAL MATRIX first, empathy etc.

But still, it IS amazing how much you can ‘bend’ these rules, ever notice that all the ‘cool’ guys have a habit of bending social norms?

I can go up to a girl and say anything, grab her cheeks and play with them for about a min – totally transfixed. It’s totally normal for me, and thats why she’s cool with it, even if I have never met her before. This isn’t socially normal behavior!! Me and my buddy (total natural) go round town singing OUTKAST because we enjoy it, people look at us and either:

-(if there guys) say “ohhaha look at those retards”, or get irritated because they are living out there chode lives and JUSTIFY why they aren’t having that much fun. (Read that again, everyone justifies there chode lives, and it’s why they don’t ever change).

-If there girls they think “Wow, those two have balls” – Get all curious n shit.

But if you are 100% certain, not even the guys will think we’re retards they will laugh WITH us PURE SELF AMUSING.. But if we were 99% certain, care what people thought people would pick up on it and label us chode. (not that it even matters)

Fuck what everyone else thinks, honestly. This is your fucking life. Do whatever the fuck you want.

Me and him go A-capella busking, dude – fuck street game, do this. Chicks approach you from all angles, and if they don’t – keep singing and walk right up next to them (dramatically) lol.
Oh, and you make money (haha fuck yeah, paid for pickup).


hang on, hang on… wait a min wait a min.. what was that? Do whatever you feel… This is coming from some of the hottest women in the world.

Everyone on this website is a natural. Wether they realize it or not is the defining factor.

A MAN – The most powerful living thing on this earth. A natural man sees what he wants, and it’s just natural for him to get it. Now look at those old chody behaviors… WTF was that useless shit!!! hahahaha


Another little key attitude: My total natural friend (who I have learnt soooo much from) Acts as if he is always in the dominant position.

E.g. He’s driving a car full of friends
He will take the glory, Feel masculine because he is driving

E.g. He’s in the passenger seat
He will take the glory of people taking him places while he just chills

No matter what position he is in, in his mind it is the coolest position to be in, in that moment. Whatever he is doing is where the value is at. This ties into accepting the moment – however it unfolds.

I remember when I was younger, When I went camping up in the mountains and stuff with a few friends, or sometimes down at the beach for a week. I realized all my friends at the time thought it was ‘weak’ to be the guy that was doing stuff. “Who’s gonna carry the bag?” “Dib’s not” Then one day I said “don’t worry man, I’ll do it!” Instantly I could feel it become the more High Value thing to do simply because I BELIEVED it was, and framed it as a strong alpha thing to do – Left them all thinking “uh shit”. These things are subtle as hell, but they defiantly separate the high value dudes from the rest.

When I walk into any social gathering, I feel like charlie brown at the chocolate factory. I can have anything around me. These girls WANT to be taken, they are dying for it. Trust your primal instincts – they’re there for a reason.

When I talk to women I’m not ‘thinking about what to say’ I just open my mouth with 100% trust that absolute money will come out. When you are in a state of just trusting yourself on autopilot like that just having a good time, You CAN’T NOT say something gold.

IT’S NOT EVEN ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY ANYWAY! what you say is like 2% In my opinion. So who gives a fuck? As long as your being who your meant to be, with these power attitudes like ‘all women are my groupies’, you will rock her world.

By the way, ever noticed how a girl is A ZILLION times more attractive if she is willingly giving herself to you? Saying “Do whatever you want with me”. How do you know this, she hasn’t vocalized it. It’s all in the ENERGY DYNAMIC – So don’t take this stuff lightly, very powerful. Women respond the same way to a powerful man. They are there for you to claim them. Make them ‘yours’, without being needy (btw needy is not even in my reality anymore, keep forgetting to explain this to you guys, it’s totally impossible to be needy if you are being ‘who your meant to be’). In reality every girl is already yours, some people just ‘cock-block’ themselves, give power away, or aren’t acting from who they are meant to be.

Trust that the vibe will just form. Both pumping each others states. rich energy dynamic of masculine and feminine. Mizu’s gotta killer article coming up on this shit so I won’t go in depth.

Imagine walking up to that girl. Yes. hahaha You know the one!! That beautiful blonde or brunette…. Your perfect 10! c’mon, we all have our own version of the women we most want… Ahhhh refreshing isn’t it? You effortlessly stride over to her her with precision and confidence smooth natural magnetism, your radiating this inner glow, she feels you, turns her head and looks right at you, YES!. Glide over to her with nothing but pure GLOW, inner knowing smile, YOU KNOW THE SCORE. Not even thinking about game, you start up a conversation, your just radiating charm and charisma, your in that state where it’s just YOU AND HER in the club, all time stops, pure expression in the moment, conversation just happens with effortless ease, your not judging at all, your simply appreciating her being and acting from your core.


(Crank this song fullscreen for desired effect)

OK AWESOME, Next up (Part III) effortless SEXUAL MAGNETISM. Get pumped!!!

haha peace out ~~~ HENDRIXX


  1. hahahahaha my bad. Never even watched that shit. When I was a kid it was BEAST WARS!!

    Part III, tapping into your sexual energy that MAGNETICALLY attracts women, coming up soon. No lines. No bullshit. RAW FUCKING NATURAL VIBE that just radiates outward and entrances nearby hunnys 🙂

    ~ Hendrix

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