Procrastination *IS* Your Ego.

Sup rockstars. Had yet another gnarly weekend. More hot sex. Talked my way out of getting thrown into the drunk tank skillfully evading the police, fingerbanged a horny chick on the dancefloor within 15 seconds of seeing her, had two cute girls take me home, and had wild hot sex in some dude-I-dont-know’s bed where the girl proceeded to RAPE me without a fucking condom so the next morning I woke up and fucking cried stressing hard thinking about having a child with some dumb girl due to my SUPER ENERGIZED SPERM fertilized her egg lol(oh and its been 3 weeks since her last period when I fucked her…can you say PRIME OVULATION TIME?????) , thank GOD for Plan-B. I forced her to down that shit. Haha talk about a quality problem ehh… But nontheless, fuckin’ wiiiiickkkked weekend.

Alright Bootstraps Bill Turner, today we are going to discuss some pretty deep shit, so prepare yourselves once more. All I ask is that you remain open minded during the epic journey we are about to embark upon. I hope this will be the looks on your faces after I’m done blasting you with some truth hahaha…

The first thing you guys need to learn how to do is to IDENTIFY your ego AT ALL TIMES and to completely sever and eradicate it out of your lives, completely. That is the goal of this article, I hope I can help get you guys to SEE it and to dis-identify with it, so it loses power and DIES and its grip on you will LESSEN.

Remember now now = never right? RIGHT?!!? You better or I’m going to cockpunch you!!! Oh you remember now? Okay good.

I remember back in my chode days before I got “The Click” I would always find these BADASS articles and stuff online and I would read the first two sentences and then stop and would bookmark them and go “Wow this is awesome but, I’ll read this one later.” Or some other similar bullshit excuse. It wasn’t until I realized I had about 40 (literally.) tabs open full of unread articles in my internet browser that I became aware that something was very, very wrong. Why was I putting them off, even though I KNEW they would benefit me and help me? It was my EGO. My chode EGO didn’t feel worthy to read those articles, or to go deeper, to “be” them yet.

I’ll explain it further….btw this is a crucial KEY concept to understand Authenticity, so listen the fuck up. It’s kind of like the old saying “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” Think of the difference between a guy who works his entire life and learns and MASTERS building businesses and earns every fucking dime he has made with his own blood, sweat, tears and trial and errors VS a guy who has done nothing with his life and gets inheritance money from his dead rich parents. Statistics say that the people who win the lottery blow it all in a year and become poor again. Why is this? Because they literally by LAW OF THE UNIVERSE do not RESONATE at the Authentic “rich millionaire hard worker” level. They asked Bill Gates if he lost all his money and his business and the entire internet crashed what would he then do, he smiled and said “I would have all the money back in 1 year.” The dudes a fucking Authentic GENIUS. He would just find another way to make massive amounts of money. The rich stay rich, the poor stay poor. There is no luck in a universe governed by Law of Cause and Effect. The east call this Karma.

So your  chode false-self EGO doesn’t feel worthy right NOW to be Authentic as in to eat healthy yet, or to read that life-changing article or book, or to go to the gym and workout hard and be authentically super strong, or to walk over to that hot girl  and claim her being fun loud dominant expressive, or to hang out with those cool guys, or to start working on your dreams/passions/real goals TODAY etc. You’re not RESONATING at that Authentic King level yet, so you can’t even SEE what you need. That is why TAKING ACTION is so critical guys. Seriously. The easiest way to get started is to set goals in every area of your life and take small daily steps in each direction towards each one.


Key – DAILY.


So you want to be a rockstar? Well it would help if you actually played the guitar daily man. You want to write the next great American novel? Well it would help if you started reading, a lot. Why don’t you? Because your chode ego doesn’t believe it’s possible so you wont even try. It also doesn’t “see” yourself as that yet, so it tricks you into thinking you’re a chode and you believe it so you don’t even take action because it says “the chode that I am doesn’t approach hot girls or eat healthy or workout hard!!!!” so you don’t do it, and this is all on a deep subconscious level btw, you’re not even aware of it happening. Like remember me, it took me 40 tabs before I realized I was putting off my BEST SELF into some imaginary future that would never come… I would of NEVER read those articles!!!

Not now = never.

Fear is what’s stopping you. I had this SUPER symbolic dream (more on dreams in a moment, they’re literally GOD/ANGELS/HIGHER POWERS/NATURE WHISPERING YOU GUIDANCE IN YOUR SLEEP in the form of unique symbols to further help your evolution) there was this door and I was SO SCARED like I wanted to run away from it, I was TERRIFIED of this door, something deep inside said “open it and see” so then shaking with fear and negative emotions I grasped the handle and opened it. suddenly I was surrounded in light, there was my smiling friends, beautiful happy girls, a bright white light.. it felt SO GOOD. somehow, on a DEEP INSTINCTUAL level I understood this very symbolic dream. Fear is putting off pleasure. Open the door. Go talk to her. Girls are waaaay fun.

Fuck she’s hot. Almost got tempted ;). hehehe back on track… You guys need to realize this deeply; ALL fear/pain is an illusion.

Every human being’s essential nature is perfect and faultless, but after years of immersion in the world, we easily forget our roots and take on a counterfeit nature-Lao Tzu


The BIGGEST trick of the ego is fear. What’s your greatest fear in life? Ultimately it’s the fear of your own death probably right? Well guess what guys, I don’t even fear that anymore. My Grandpa’s friend recently had a heart attack and was “dead” for like 5 minutes. He said that while he was “dead”  he felt a deep incredible bliss. Everything was a bright white warm light. He said he was like a warm spirit floating and soaring and soaring and soaring flying and ascending… he was still consciousness… he was still “him” the “I” the “watching presence” underneath it ALL(eckhart tolle) but he was like, light…a new “form”… he said everything was bright and felt amazing, he was flying, he felt so free… greater than an orgasm or anything he can express using words.

He didn’t want to go back to his pain-filled human body laying in that cold hospital room. Then he felt RIPPED  back into the room back into his body as they shocked his system and he said he was almost sad to be “back” here in his old frail weak human body. My grandpa says he’s “one tough motherfucker that refuses to die” hahaha.

I don’t care if you believe in reincarnation or immortality or what…I’m just illustrating a point and getting you guys thinking here. I learned in my psychology class that scientists did these studies with babies where they exposed them to tarantulas, snakes, creepy masks and horrific images etc and the babies eyes just sparkled as they laughed and curiously reached out to playfully touch these things (yes, the tarantula). The scientists were trying to get the babies to feel fear. After literally hundreds upon hundreds of these tests they distilled it all it down and found out that a human baby is born with ONLY two innate survival fears, the fear of loud noises, and the fear of falling off of something/falling down. That’s it.

Now my question to you is this, why can’t your ENTIRE LIFE STILL BE LIKE THAT UNTIL THE DAY YOU DIE(or not even then……)? Imagine, a world without fear. I remember the STRONGEST, most ALPHA, POPULAR dudes who fucked all the hottest girls on campus at my school would always wear these “No Fear” brand shirts. Get it?


No fear.

Life is recess. Your playground. Going to the club is your favorite playground with your favorite toys. ZERO fear. Even of death, maybe death is the road to incredible divine pleasure and evolution to the next form of LIFE that we will take on. Ask anyone who has a near death experience and they will report nearly the same thing or similiar experience. Some even talk of angels/higher beings putting their hand up stopping them and saying “It’s not your time to join us yet.”

My friend Bryan told me of this guy who meditated in a room so much that he “died” (left his body). At my Grandma’s funeral I felt cold, alone, sad, isolated… then all of a sudden a warm friendly playful loving energy “presence” starts buzzing all around me… it was her, I know it. Another one of my friends had an uncle who was doing some drug and he was mumbling and smiling  “The white lady has my hand… I’m following her” and he was smiling in ecstacy and then he died…medically they say his heart stopped. A heart attack. I think something else happened. A higher consciousness. An evolution of his immortal being. He’s in a better place, yo.

A deep part of you resonates with this and KNOWS it to be true. This is called your gut guys, your intuition. Your natural cellular dna-level intelligence that is brilliant (do you have any idea how complicated and complex the processes are of every cell in your body? wwaaaaayyy smarter than you or those chodey thoughts you’re having!) That’s why you feel so fucking good right now, some deeper part of you knows it’s true. I mean fuck, maybe it’s not. Who knows, who cares. Point is, FUCK. FEAR.

Welp, I hope this helps guys. Life is supposed to be fun!

Remember; divine beings, God, mother nature, your subconscious mind, whatever you want to call it are HELPING YOU TO EVOLVE AND MATURE at all times. Not only in dreams but in LIFE. Remember the birth of all this that got me “The Click” in the first place? That book. It happened in some random bathroom. I was at a hotel and had some weird feeling inside to go exploring so I wandered around and then felt like going into the bathroom to wash my face for some reason, I didn’t even have to piss. Some dude was in there washing his hands too talking about Deida with his friend talking about this “incredible book that changed his life with women and he has wild sex at nightclubs in alleyways behind dumpsters” I told him I love Deida’s work and read The Way of the superior Man and he laughed and went “Bro, read Wild Nights BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE. It BLOWS TWOTSM out of the fucking water.”


Coincidence? I think not.


See this father in this video, this is what these beings do for you. The universe is HELPING YOU with divine intelligence and guidance. Another siiick example of this phenomon: during my chode days I had this dream where I cried to my mom asking her to help me be strong and a man and she cried too saying I DID EVERYTHING I COULD, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! And then I felt completely hopeless, stuck, sick, empty, weak, trapped forever doomed to be a weak boyish chode then I woke up eyes wide open snapped bolt upright in my bed and it hit me like a fucking ton of bricks –  my mother no matter HOW MUCH SHE LOVED ME could not give me what I wanted(self esteem and confidence as a Man). I needed a FATHER or male mentor in my life to teach me how to reclaim my self-esteem as a Man. Feminine energy was NOT what I needed. A mature, strong, masculine male role model(my dad was a terrible father). Something BEYOND me gave me this incredible gift of awareness and guidance so I started studying what it means to be a man and lo-and-behold, exactly what I needed – success and self-esteem then poured into my life.

Keep a dream book. Wake up and sketch down what you learned (the lessons come in the morning before waking up). You might not grasp the lesson your dreams present to you right away, that’s okay – they’ll come to you in different forms / dreams / symbols. If you’re having a recurring dream it really means something and you need to analyze the fuck out of it, the Gods are trying to tell you something. Some are stupidly obvious. My alcoholic mother had a recurring dream of her dead body in a coffin surrounded by empty wine bottles. “Keep drinking and this will be you.” the dream was saying…

These beings are real, one man meditated and saw this angelic man appear with a spear and said “DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE OR I WILL TAKE IT FROM YOU” This is talked about in Iron John.

Fuck cancer, Fuck society, Fuck fear, change the system, and FUCK religion.

Rock shit boys,

~Mizu(AK). 🙂

(P.S. for those of us with pussy fathers growing up who never raised us right, if you’re looking for some GREAT resources of what it means to be a real Man, check out Iron John, David Deangelo’s Man Transformation and On Being a Man programs, sam keen’s Fire in The Belly, and King, Warrior, Magician, Lover.) These are the best I’ve found, if you guys can recommend anymore really good one’s let me know in a comment!!

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  1. Siick man glad you’re getting a lot out of it. Yeah, I don’t really know if I’d call that my “belief” I mean, it’s just food-for-thought. And I think you’re misunderstanding my concept of every human being having a perfect nature.. it just means like all these fears, anxieties, hate etc are totally unneccessary.

  2. No hahaah I feel fear sometimes, its natural. But I don’t let myself feel it for long, and ESPECIALLY around women… EVER.

    Yeah and I used to have that irrational fear. Its either based on your future ego projection of “What if….” or its based off of some insecurity you havent come to terms with yet. atleast thats how it works for me. fear is GREAT man, it’ll stop you from jumping off a cliff or doing stupid shit, but when it comes to achieiving goals in life or banging hot girls its completely fucking useless.

  3. Try turn fear into excitement, the two feelings are VERY closley linked and for me all I gotta do if i’m scared about doing something is think “fuck yea a new fear to overcome” and I get excited about it, the more ‘fears’ you overcome the less you will have = the more confident you will become in all areas of life. Fear holds you back, Excitement and action pushes you forward.

    ~ Hendrix

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