Question Everything.

Today I want to PISS YOU GUYS OFF and OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES. You have been fed BULLSHIT since you were a small innocent vulnerable open-minded little bright eyed naive child by powerful men that had THEIR OWN best interests and agendas in mind. They have used your entire generation of family and friends to fuel their rich lifestyle. Who are these powerful men? They’ve been known as the “secret societies” that have existed since ancient times such as during the times of the rich city of Babylon. These are men who basically control the world’s wealth and capitol(such as the production of food, oil, electricity and other natural resources… we’re talking BILLIONS OF DOLLARS here guys. They run the planet.) Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Illuminati, The Brotherhood to name a few. Today I would like to delve into one of the most life-changing concepts I think I could ever offer you. This post is the distillation of years of intensive study, conversations with bright brilliant successful strong leading men I have had the pleasure of having in my life to learn from, and overall first-hand critical thinking experience of being immersed in our world and current civilization and culture today.

So let’s begin. These powerful men are for the most part, evil. The top elite leaders of society want to keep you sick, poor, and stuck running in their constructed hamster wheel for you. They don’t want you to question their actions, or your day to day life, nor do they want you to be smart, healthy, intelligent and powerful or successful. They don’t want ANY competition. They flood your schools, magazines and TV with bullshit information and distractions (do you really fucking need an iPad? do kids really need to eat that shitty sugar-packed cereal that leads to a generation of A.D.D., dumb, lazy, fat sickly kids? Do mothers really need to be nurtruing the child in their womb with unhealthy diets and harmful chemicals and over-the-counter drugs used a band-aid over a larger underlying health problem[like putting piece of duct tape over your cars engine light.. fuck the symptom its the ENGINE that needs help not the light]? Shitty “news” stories and real world drama shows? Lady Gaga? What the fuck?!)


“Working jobs we hate, so we can buy shit we don’t need”

“We’re consumers man. War, crime, poverty. These things don’t concern us. What concerns us is some guy’s name on my underwear, or a T.V. with 500 channels, or, rogaine, elestra, viagra!”

-Tyler Durden

Today I asked my dad about this. He said “Son, I tried to raise you the best I could. Fuck I don’t know. I wasn’t given an instruction manual to live my life.” And then wow. It hit me. When I was younger all my life I gave up my authority and sense of reality to “authorities” such as my parents, teachers, doctors, society-deemed “experts” and professionals such as doctors, cops, etc etc etc. You guys need to adopt the mindset that NOONE KNOWS SHIT. Why are we alive? Where are we going? What’s this all mean? NOONE KNOWS!!! Think for yourself. Only you know what’s truly best for you! Start seeing the world through your OWN eyes and go off of your first-hand experience.

My dad is a typical modern society chode. Fat, overweight, married to a lesser quality woman(I love my mom to death, but let’s be real here.) whom he does not love, stuck at a chode boring 9-5 day job. Did you know 90% of the people in America DIE with less than $3000 dollars in their bank account with nearly ALL their desires unfulfilled? Read that again and WAKE THE FUCK UP, gentlemen. This is a very true valid statistic I read somewhere a while back taken from the death bed surveys or something of over like 10,000 people who had like 1 week to live. They were all FULL of regret.

(The “all-seeing” eye, the symbol of the elite class. Located on the back of every American dollar – a slap to the face to the blind ignorant little hamsters who carry this piece of paper around in their wallets on a day-to-day basis.)

Getting sick? Good. It gets worse. Time to open your fucking eyes – you guys are fucking SLAVES to the Hamster Wheel set up by a powerful elite class that loves to keep you blindly following THEIR agenda, and it’s time for change. The sickest thing is they want you to believe you have power in a “capitalist” society, which you do to a certain degree, but due to other factors which we will delve into shortly you are quite frankly kept stupid, weak, unhealthy, and powerless.  What is the hamster wheel? Picture this. Your parents grow up just like you and me, & kids… they’re taught stuff in school like “STAY IN THE SYSTEM. GET A JOB. GET A WIFE. RETIRE. EAT HEALTHY GRAINS(a prime example of this is the food pyramid teachers pass around that was created by our oh so loving elite class controlled government leaders. The biggest part, bottom of it, recommends we eat mostly grains. As you will learn later grains are the most unhealthy sickening disease inflammation fat causing substance that keeps you SICK TIRED AND WEAK plaguing society today, it was NOWHERE in a caveman’s diet that our body adapted to over virtually MILLIONS of years evolution… more on that later.) Also, the secret societies are attempting to keep kids reading abilities and interest hindered & stifled throughout schools today, and as you will learn later reading is one of the most eye-opening, power building daily habits you could ever engage in. I have learned that some of the secret societies elite libraries contain books that are thousands of years old from Roman emperors and other great world leaders, some of the pages are yellow!

Okay cool. So back to our typical chode parents and family… so they grow up sick, chodey, lazy, marry to some person because they drank too much chode alcohol(poison) one night, didn’t use a condom so they accidentally impregnanted Susie so now they have to be forced to work for some shitty cubicle office job FUELING THEIR BOSSES’ VISION AND DREAM OF LIFE to support the 18-year STD known as a child (lol) all the while his alpha boss gets to lay in a beautiful tropical beach resort, purely enjoy the beautiful ladies there, and laugh his way to the bank making all his money off of the chodes’ hourly slave labor aka his inability to man the fuck up and control his own dreams and financial destiny and MAKE SHIT HAPPEN.

Then what. They have kids. Well guess what. The kids go to school and are taught all the same chodey BULLSHIT beliefs about wealth, health, etc etc etc and the cycle continues.  Generation after fucking generation of poor people running in their little day-to-day grind hamster wheels thinking they’re going somewhere in life, or “one day I will actualize my dreams!!”


The wheel runs and runs and the big secret society guys at the top are laughing their asses off all the way to the bank while they sit in their private jets on the way to jet ski in Mexico for the day as they sip on their $100 cocktail and laugh with their supermodel harems.

One of the worst beliefs they attempt to instill in you is to keep you thinking you have no power. The east LAUGHS at this – they truly realize the power of every single human being. The human’s potential is incredible. Your body has a divine innate intelligence in it to heal itself and regulate complex internal bodily functions, as well as learn extremely fast etc. Scientists haven’t even begun to SCRATCH the surface of the incredible human body and it’s functions / raw potential. Every single one of you has a divine blueprint of fucking pure GENIUS and POWER and this “elite class” wants to keep you thinking you are POWERLESS.

I don’t know if you guys have ever heard the story about the MASSIVE full grown elephant at the circus who has a little tiny chain attached to a pole and his leg. The elephant sits there all day and doesn’t move. A man asks the elephant trainer, “That animal is HUGE! Can’t he just move his leg and break the chain and run free?” The trainer says “Well yes but since he was a tiny little baby elephant I put his leg in the chain and after struggling for years to escape it when he was weaker he eventually gave up and stopped trying, now that he is older he still believes he can’t break it ha – ha – ha !” Quit being a bitch elephant. The trainer in this metaphor is modern society.

A great eastern monk once said…

You seek knowledge from books. What a shame!… You are an ocean of knowledge hidden in a dew drop… -Rumi

Guys, it’s time for you to take a SERIOUS look at ALL your current beliefs and actions about EVERYTHING in your life, diet, women, success. Is it truly working? Question everything. So let’s say you woke up at 12pm from sleeping in late. Why? “Because more sleep is better” you say. Oh is it really? Is that why you felt like shit waking up this morning? Where did you originally get this belief? Hmmm. What if I told you waking up earlier would INCREASE your energy levels and mental clarity/focus and OVERSLEEPING was actually harmful to your health and metabolism / hormonal systems and energy levels?

Now you go make breakfast. STOP. What are you putting on your plate, AND WHY? Oatmeal you say. Why? “For sustained energy and it’s healthy for me!” Really? Where’d you read that? What if I told you “healthy”, “whole” grains that are recommended by the FDA and other society “experts” controlled government organizations (designed to keep you SICK and popping pills, fueling their BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR healthcare industry[you can’t make a profit off of fresh air, lots of sunshine, the bodies divine internal health self-healing mechanism and other natural free health cures that work BEST as Mother Nature(or God or w/e) intended.])

“Free to all.”

-Tyler Durden

…grains(such as cereals, rice, toasts, pastries, bagels breads etc etc) were NOWHERE in a caveman’s diet – one in which our bodies have evolved over virtually MILLIONS OF YEARS vs like what, 5000 years in current “civilized” farming agricultural ‘technologically advanced’ society? In fact, they actually HARM and HURT your body.

What if I told you 90% of ALL your exercise and health habits that you currently think are keeping you healthy(Even lots of cardio!) are WRONG. They’re making you SICK and WEAK. Don’t believe me? Look in the fucking mirror. You have a flab of belly fat? Feel lethargic. Drained? Tired all the time? Lazy? Sick? Weak and skinny? Yup. Wow, you’re a genius – your current beliefs and daily actions about what is “healthy” and proper to exercise, be healthy, and build muscle are REALLY WORKING good job bro! Keep it up!

Okay being a dick aside, honestly guys it isn’t your fault. These secret “elite class” leaders have dedicated their ENTIRE LIVES to keeping you a fat sick chode so your petty existence can fuel their billions of dollars and they’re life is a carnival of abundance. My friend Bryan is a GENIUS, he’s so ALPHA and good with girls and he’s rich. I’m very fortunate to have such a great man in my life who can be a great friend and mentor. I asked him if he could distill ALL his wisdom down into one concept that makes him so successful and he said; “Totally. Society keeps the common man smart enough and strong enough JUST to operate the machines to keep the big guys agendas going, but not smart enough to question WHY they’re running the machines or strong enough to overthrow the big guys forcing them to run them.”

Society is a big fucking hampster wheel rat race of sick, poor, lazy chodes. Look at America, our kids have the lowest test scores. in schools. Our kids are being taught Algebra 2 in like 10th grade, Japanese kids learn that in 5th grade!!!! They’re keeping them dumb, blind, and ignorant.

Did you know the #1 way (and another concept actually taught to apprentices in these “world leading secret societies”) is to READ daily. I bet you don’t read right now, or barely at all. Congratulations, you’re officially brainwashed by media, doctors and society-deemed “experts” who have their best interest in mind ($$$$$) and your sickness in mind ($$$$ for them).Don’t believe me? LISTEN TO YOUR OWN BODILY INTELLIGENCE MAN!!!! You guys need to THINK FOR YOURSELF and see the world THROUGH YOUR OWN FRESH SET OF EYES. Question EVERYTHING you’re doing right now and WHY. Is it REALLY working? Be CRITICALLY honest with yourself and your results. If you don’t have the results you want in your life, YOU’RE DOING SOMETHING WRONG AND YOUR BELIEFS ARE WRONG!!!!

“Keep doing what you’ve always done and you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.”

“If you want to change things in your life then you must CHANGE things in your life”

-Brain Tracy

I remember one of my first trip to the doctor’s office when I was a kid… I had an acne ridden face and had no idea that that was my BODIES OWN DIVINE INTELLIGENCE(check this site… I healed my eyesight using it. Don’t believe me? I don’t give a fuck.) purifying and detoxifying mechanism of expelling the poisonous toxins I consumed daily out through my skin pores.  So instead of holistically assessing my exercise regimen, diet, and overall health the doctor takes ONE GLANCE up at me and goes “Okay I’m putting you on the pill Acutane.” …. A fucking pill(that has a host of ill side effects and does massive harm the body)?

Yeah dude, even more wear and tear on my liver(the bodies primary detoxifying organ) that’s just what I need THANKS DOC!

Here I was, a 12 year old kid and I KNEW MORE ABOUT MY OWN HEALTH THAN A GUY WITH A FUCKING PHD DEGREE!!! Oh and my acne TOTALLY DISAPPEARED 100% when I began to exercise and eat healthier. Again, don’t believe me? Dudes, go take a fucking walk into your local mall or grocery store. Look around. 98% of EVERYONE in “modern society” is fat, sick, skinny, lethargic. If our health care system and sound nutrition principles we were being taught in our schools as children were working, why the fuck is everyone SO SICK AND FAT? Where do you see some strong tall buff energetic dude walking with primal STRENGTH POWER HEALTH VITALITY AND DOMINANCE? You just don’t. Rarely. If Ever. God, I used to think I was just being LAZY… I used to work out for HOURS and eat so much “healthy” food, but I just was sick and weak and fat all the time and had ZERO ENERGY. I could never understand why. After I read this life-changing book on the caveman diet / exercise style (listed below) and applied HALF the stuff in it, even though I thought the material was fucking ABSURD and would make me sick I was willing to try new things (I’m working on a post about this – teachability index 0-10, quick example… if you go “nah that’s stupid it wont work” your teachability is at 0. I remember when I first read about fasting I thought it would make me skinny and weak – 0, and holy fuck, I tried it once – 10 – and was blown away at the energy level surge and muscle mass gains. Keep your teachability at a 10 CONSTANTLY (willingness and flexibility to change things in your life and try new things to get to what WORKS if you’re not getting optimal results now) So after trying all these “wacky” new weird shit that I thought would make me unhealthy I was BLOWN away dudes. Like my energy levels SKYROCKETED, I had so much energy people at parties would tell me I was literally “glowing all night” hahaha. My strength levels went through the fucking roof, I think my bench went up by like 40 pounds in  about 2 weeks it was insane, my fat melted off with EASE, my testosterone was raging, I looked so much healthier and attractive, and dudes I had so much sexual energy built up I had like a wet dream literally once a week. I had so much sexual testosterone male dominance energy like when I fucked a girl and busted my nut I WAS STILL HARD AND HORNY even after a powerful long explosive orgasm…Not even sensitive at all or anything, like I just wanted to pound her for hours, even AFTER cumming – it’s fucking crazy.

Our genes are TRULY survival of the fittest. Health is a huge raw sexual attractor factor and helps tremendously with psychological ills you guys currently may be carrying around and identifying with.

The greatest tragedy that comes to man is emotional depression,the dulling of the intellect and the loss of initiative that comes from nutritive failure.– Dr. James McLester, Former A.M.A. President

Strong, healthy body makes a strong mind. – Thomas Jefferson, 3rd U.S. President

I promise if you guys get this raw, primal health thing HANDLED your success with the girlies will TAKE CARE OF ITSELF.  It’s a fucking joke to me what modern society “game” is.

….Stifling BURNING, RAW, primal, evolutionary human DESIRES is what modern socially acceptable “dating” should be called.


The whole time she is thinking “Just take me to your car and fuck fuck fucking FUCK me already!”

It’s SOOoOoOOo EASY to fuck HOT girls guys, it’s literally ENCODED into your DNA from virtually MILLIONS<—Read that again… MILLIONS of years of genetic perfection and evolution. Say your great descendant Grok was an idiot and he liked to jump off cliffs, well guess what, Grok didn’t survive long enough to procreate and pass on his dumbass genes. You are the result of millions of variables that have been honed and perfected through the process of natural selection. You’re awesome. Truly. Quit acting like what you’re biologically NOT – a chode. You are truly one smart powerful dude, you just haven’t been liberated yet.

A caveman wanted to get laid so he basically just snapped his fingers and, boom, got laid. It’s THAT SIMPLE. You’re focusing on petty little psychological issues(you need to get to the ROOT – the PRIMAL RAW POWER that makes you a fucking MAN that is being LEECHED AND STIFLED by the sickening, poisoning diet you’re currently stuffing into your mouth thinking it is “healthy” for you as well as all the chodey ass societal constructed and widely accepted social beliefs that are designed to make you a weak little bitch SLAVE to fuel the alpha male leaders of your workplace, and your NATION.

It’s time to be a REBEL. Fuck listening to other “authority” people’s bullshit rules and following the ways they want you to act and behave, FOLLOW YOUR OWN RULES AND DO WHAT YOU WANT. It’s time to unleash the primal, ALPHA, badass rebel deep down inside of you that has been burning to escape.

STOP being another brick in the societal wall fueling the secret elite class society architects who are USING YOUR MEANINGLESS PETTY LITTLE EXISTENCE to fuel their lifestyle. They even send our fucking fellow troops and friends to IRAQ to DIE for their oil capital capturing conquest agenda, just so the big guys sitting in their mansions get a little richer. It’s sickening. It FUELS me with rage.

Many rockstars, if looked at closely, all have this rebel mindset of “fuck society and school, I know what’s best for me and do WHAT I WANT all day” attitude and sing about it. Are you guys going to be another brick in the wall?

Are you going to be another brick in the wall?

“I do WHAT I want, WHEN I want.” -Alex from RSD

Alex from Real Social Dynamics (their products are pure GOLD) is truly a dude who is LIVING HIS OWN DREAM. I’m gonna tour the world for a year through Europe pretty soon like he does, I can’t wait it’s gonna be the siiiickest adventure of my life, I’ve been preparing for it for the last year. Anyways, he’s an authentic alpha natural~ who lives his life by his OWN design. You think you’d see that guy sitting in some office cubicle taking shit from some boss being a slave to some other man’s life vision? Fuck no. He stepped the fuck up and MADE HIS LIFE HAPPEN ACCORDING TO HIS OWN UNIQUE DESIGN.

As promised above, this book (look at the above pic.. that’s the author.. he’s fucking 55!!! does your grandpa look like that!?!?!?? Imagine if you implemented this when you are 25… holy fuck.)

Reprogram Your Genes for Effortless Weight Loss

is hands down the most INCREDIBLE source of information I have EVER READ on this primal diet / exercise subject. It is based on literally 20 years of research and study and quite frankly, it’s fucking POTENT. If you implement this immediately you will become the strongest alpha most ripped energetic dominant horny badass powerful motherfucker in a 50 mile radius – guaranteed. Check out the reviews from the link above to see the effect its having on people. I hope you guys are excited!! I literally read that book in one sitting – IT BLEW MY MIND. Now like I said, let’s make this summer the best fucking summer EVER.

Once you guys internalize this ~AK concept of being an authentic rebel and thinking for yourself, oh man it’s fucking SCARY how naturally powerful you become and how girls just GIVE & submit themselves to you and your every whim everywhere you go. Guys you literally can have like any girl you want with EASE. Like, I walk up to the keg at this party last night and I see an old classmate from highschool with his girlfriend and he’s really drunk, this dude is cool as hell. Really alpha one of the pupular dudes on my campus back in the day bla bla bla I even thought he was stronger/cooler than me back in highschool etc. Anyways we greet and loudly banter like men or whatever, and he introduces me to his girlfriend. BONAFIDE 10. HOTTEST FUCKING CHICK THERE. I’m dazzled, this chick is intoxicatingly beautiful and sexy. So we introduce, I put out my hand to shake hers & greet her with a warm strong positive dominant playful eye contact and hand shake…..and dudes, she like squeezes my hand all sexually and immediately goes INSTA-NERVOUSCHODETTE and looks down all shyly and cutely/feminely…ALL IN FRONT OF HER BOYFRIEND.And she just keeps STARING at me grinning and wouldn’t stop.

It’s like her raw sexual primal instinctive drives were just hardcore responding and she was totally out of control hahaha.

Anyways he ends up getting super drunk and the chick is like ALL OVER me bringing me beer and snacks and water all night asking me if there was like anything I needed etc its SO FUNNY hahahaah like totally supplicating to me all night. She was like GIVING herself to me all night too to fuel my alpha intentions ;)!! The thing is, I think I’ve hit a point where my PRIMAL, RAW, alpha male Tribal Leader energy or w/e you wanna call it(by implementing the above concepts and health / diet practices) DNA structure has activated, it like FORCES the girls’ submissive super-feminine beta woman DNA structure to activate.

Biologically we are designed to be very very sexually attracted to HEALTHY fertile sexual partners. Well guess what dudes, chicks are designed to be attracted to STRONG HEALTHY DOMINANT ALPHA MALE LEADERS. Physical attractiveness and health are survival indicators (not EVERYTHING, but a big piece IMO). It has NOTHING to do with looks. Even if you are one ugly ass motherfucker, if you were buff and dominant and commanding, cool and a socially warm fun chill guy I would treat you with respect and honor as you deserve and girls would FLOCK to you everywhere you went. Fuck superficiality bullshit. Do you think cavemen worried about pimples or facial structure or even knew what they looked like????

Well brothers, after reading this I sincerely hope you’re pissed off.  You’ve been being physically and mentally poisoned all your life, literally. It’s time for change.

Above ALL ELSE guys I want you to master and implement these Authentic King concepts of…

#1. Experience the world through your own eyes aka THINK FOR YOURSELF. Stop giving up authority and your sense of reality to people who don’t fucking deserve it. Be an assertive rebel. Think for yourself. Speak your MIND.

#2. Question EVERYTHING. Every action you take daily, every single thing you put in your mouth, every single belief about everything you have and take action on. Always be asking: “Why? WHY? WHY??? Is this REALLY working and is this the best result-producing action I can be taking right now?”

#3. BE RESULT ORIENTED ONLY. Get to what is working. It is AMAZING to me how people keep beating their heads against the wall doing shit that DOESN’T WORK over and over and over. Dude’s, TRY NEW THINGS!!! Work SMART not HARD, force doesn’t always open the door, the correct KEY does.

#4. LEARN FROM THE RIGHT PEOPLE. THE “GURUS” and “MENTORS” and “EXPERTS” who are a LIVING, BREATHING EXAMPLE who have EXACTLY what you want. Would you take financial advice from a dirty bum? No. Would you listen to a fat lazy weak chode in the gym give you nutrition advice and weight lifting tips? Fuck no. Would you listen to your sickly skinny lazy chode society-appointed “expert” doctor just because he spent 6 or so years in a desk learning a bunch of bullshit that has been PLANTED for them by an elite class to believe their drugs keeps their patient’s healthy even though most of their medication and advice is making their patients EVEN MORE SICK to fuel a multi-billion dollar healthcare industry? NO!!!! I want to HAMMER this into your guys’ heads – ONLY TAKE ADVICE OR LEARN FROM PEOPLE WHO HAVE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT TO HAVE.

#5. Read DAILY. Everything you can fucking get your hands on. Pick a subject that interests you, like health or psychology, grab a book and GET CRACKIN’! I cannot stress this enough. This one single habit right here will separate you from 99.9% of the chodey guys and girls out there who depend on their education and intellect from chodey instructors who are IN THE HAMSTER WHEEL AS WELL (exception being PASSIONATE and dedicating professors who LOVE their work – awesome people and I have learned a LOT from them, just know the difference between a chode teacher who is there for the paycheck and a professor who is passionate ON THEIR PATH and LOVES TO TEACH.) …and this will give you such an advantage over other humans it is SCARY dudes. The secret societies teach their apprentices many principles of daily living to ensure they stay “leaders” and at the “elite” level of wealth, abundance of women, GOD-LIKE health etc. They say, “Leaders are ALWAYS readers.”

#6. Oh man this is huge. This one principle right here will SKYROCKET your success virtually overnight. Get mentors in all the KEY areas of your life that you want to enhance and develop (success with hot women, health & nutrition, fitness, business, musical instrument playing etc etc etc ETC!!!!). Anything you want to learn. You see guys, in life we have two limited things…time and energy. There is no way humanly possible you could digest and learn ALL THERE IS TO LEARN. And the thing about learning is, it’s a tough process that requires lots of trial – & – error. Long story short, these mentors in their chosen areas of expertise have been on their chosen path for YEARS. They know what works EXACTLY and what doesn’t and what is a complete waste of fucking time. They have went through all the painful learning and shit SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO. They have gotten down to the core of WHAT WORKS in their chosen fields, and all you need to do is go pick up their book thati s the sum total of 20+ years of extensive trial-and-error research for $9.99. It BLOWS me away that people don’t read daily… wtf man!!!

If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants.
-Albert Einstein

Pissed off? Good you should be. Get the fuck up and stop being a lazy little bitch who turns a blind eye to your current lack of results and success in your life. Break the cycle. Let’s change the world. WAKE UP, REBEL!!!! And most importantly, shatter the glass wall between you and her.

Rock shit this summer boys, I know you will.

~Mizu (AK)

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  1. Yeah I wouldnt mind throwin up a few pics, I just dont have a camera crew following me around in night clubs hahaha, but I for sure wouldn’t mind putting up some “proof” for you cats.

  2. @ Jose: Oh totally man! Of course there are a lot of rich who offere tremendous value to others, look at David Deangelo!

    And I’ll be sure to check that out man 😀

  3. No ryan, basically fasting is NEVER not eating anything, that’s unhealthy starvation. It’s when you drink pure distilled water and go lay down and rest in bed without food until you naturally get hungry. keep your eyes closed for increased healing(one popular natural eyesight improvement technique has been known as “palming”, aka closing the eyes… he calls this ‘healing hands’ etc) And you dont even need to think. Like you dont have to “Think” about that cut healing on your finger do you? It just happens. Your cells know what to do. You’re already perfect. All “symptoms” of disease are your bodies innate divine intelligence trying to keep you healthy and in line with it’s GOD divine genetic blueprint of a perfect human being – its just modern supressive meds, shitty diet and stress / lifestyle habits that fuck us up. symptoms are good ie a fever to kill bacteria… or muccus in nose to swallow so the virus gets destroyed by stomach acid… or vomiting to expel poison … ETC.

    oh and no lol I didnt stare into the sun, I did do “Sunning” though, a fundamental natural vision improvement technique. not much though, personally it didnt really work that well for me. being in the sun for 1 hour a day is CRITICAL though for health, energy, and eyesight improvement (We evolved to be outdoors nearly all day)

    anyways yeah man, I basically set a side a whole day (Was only able to do it for like 8 hours) of like drinking distilled water (PURE H20. other marketing like HEALTHY ARROWHEAD SPRNG MINERAL VITAMIN SUPER WATER and shit it TOTALLY unnecessary and a fucking scam. just follow the $$$ trail.) and I just did that “Feeling” medititation thing giving my body complete physiological rest and dude I cant even describe it in words.. I like would go in and out of deep sleeping and naps and then I’d be super fucking bored and restless etc… but then the next day when I woke up ohmygod man everything was SO CLEAR, like it was ridiculous I was walking around smiling so much because I COULD ACTUALLY SEE… and my eyes felt reallllly good and flexible and dynamic etc words cannot describe.

    umm, I dont have time to go into it but check out Paul C Bragg his book called “The Miracle of Fasting”, google that. trust me it’s a wild read and it will help your energy and mental/physical processes tremendously. The only thing I dont agree with is he talks about eating ZERO food, I think the body needs food but the secret is to only eat when physically hungry NOT mentally hungry. takes discipline but the results are phenomenal.

    and @ the dude who started getting shattered reality clicks at the gym – FUCK. YES. I hope I’m articulating these concepts properly and yeah dude that book will blow your mind I guarantee it you will not regret reading it. I’m pissed I didn’t have it in my hands sooner. welcome to the Matrix.

  4. oh and guys keep up the comments, it shows me hendrix and I’s hard work isnt falling on deaf ears – we wanna hear about your guys’ successes!!!!!!

  5. hahah yeah Seb, awesome yeah? the chicks staring at me and bending over in front of me in their seats in class all seductively twirling their hair in effect giving me a massive hardon gets kind of freaky though hahaha.

    as far as alcohol goes, nah dude dont get me wrong its fun and I love it. but realistically on a chemical biological level it is nothing but poison for your body, and as far as it being “chode” it is only chode when you use it to get chicks / as a band-aid. I only drink when I want to and half the time I go out im generally sober. nothin wrong with a few beers and you’re more calibrated when it comes to the girls. A Man that can approach a “4-set” sober and be cool and fun / authentic and transparent says A LOT. that’ll solve 99.9% of your game problems for you. most dudes in the bar approach stupidly drunk and say really weird creepy shit.

    get your shit together, nothing wrong with takin’ the edge off having a loud hard laugh with good buddies over a few rounds of the good ol’ lager 🙂

  6. A JOB?!?!?! hahahaah I don’t have one. “Real money is made from ideas, not by the hour” – I forget who said that, I think Andrew Carnegie or someone. Honestly fuck hourly wages, reread this post about how you’re just fueling your BOSSES VISION AND DREAM by working like a little bitch slave for him. I work for myself and noone else. I’m currently pulling in around ~$10,000.00 USD a month a la That’s why I keep all this value free for you guys, honestly I LOVE helping other people. I could give a fuck and care less someday when I die how much dirty paper I carried with me into my grave, my true deepest fulfillment and joy comes from the tremendous value and help I can offer other men during my lifetime.

    “”””” Also, what do you eat on a regular basis and do you support protein powder? (I’m going to check out that book). “””””

    I’ve been working on a chapter in my upcoming Authentic King Manual (the long-anticipated book release) that details my ENTIRE nutrition plan, including the best protein powder brands / foods / supplements etc. Its gonna contain the secrets(foods, daily crucial habits, exercises, tricks etc) of GODLIKE health that have discovered that has taken me over ~10 years of study/research to find out and correct. I’m also gonna put up pics of my body 4 years ago and my body now. pretty freaking dramatic.

    And yeah bro, get primal blueprint you will fucking die in bliss its so awesome I guarantee it ;). I literally read it straight for like 3 days lol I couldnt put it down.

    “”””””Also, did that exercise really improve your eyesight? My eyesight is poor at best and can’t see very long distances so I’m very interested in that if it really helped you. “””””

    Yeah bro, I’ll write up a post on it. Eyesight is HOLISTIC. your eyes are not some “separate organ” they reflect the health of the ENTIRE BODY. Once I got my health(through correct nutrition habits and exercise / daily sunlight etc, daily habits and action (emotional / physical renewal and strengthening / learning) HANDLED my eyesight cleared up. you know those little black floating specks in your vision when you look at a blue sky? yeah, they go away too once your liver and kidneys purifiy. the chinese call this “life water cleansing” of the eyes.

    oh and as far as that secret society thing goes, it’s a mix of both IMO. I’ve read SOOOO much stuff on it. in regards to health check out KEvin Trudeaus natural cures “They” dont want you to know about book. it pretty much reveals a lot of truth that I have confirmed from my personal research.

    okay fuck that was a long response hahaha im off to go work out PEACE.

  7. YO brad, began health educating at 13 actually.

    uhhh and get your shit straight bro, my thread was about “Kissing girls to make them MELT” aka MAKING OUT ADVANCED TIPS… not ‘going for a kiss’ LOL what the fuck.

    Andddddd it all clicked for me earlier this year, as noted during the EXPLOSION over at rsdnation and massive success that follows me to this day… including eyewitness reports in that thread of me PULLING ASS ;).

    & no worries mang, I’m gonna throw up some SICK posts on how to make REAL money.


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