Quick Update

Yo guys,


Ahhhhh my favorite time of year. There’s something special about cute girls in bikinis isn’t there? I know there hasn’t been any new posts lately, and I wanted to let you all know that me and Hendrix are currently working on some BADASS potent posts behind-the-scenes. Like, MASTERPIECES.

They’re in the works right now, so stay tuned.

During my summer I do two things. 1. I work hard. In EVERY area of my life. and 2. I PLAY hard. I’m going on some pretty fun adventures pretty soon (next weekend me & one of my girls are going to lay out a blanket on the football field of my old highschool and drink White Russians under the stars).

I’m also cracking down, waking up at 8 A.M. every morning BUSTING MY ass digesting new materials in regards to exercise, nutrition, girls, financial dominance, psychology, productivity, ETC. All the kickass really potent concepts and lessons I’m learning that are tremendously impacting my life immediately I plan to post up here for you guys to boost your success.

Remember, “how early you get up in the morning determines how high you go up in life.” Famous quote.

Anyways, stay tuned and watch out for some seriously awesome upcoming blog posts.

This summer is gonna be the best one I’ve ever had, I just know it. And it better be for you guys too.

“To know, and not to do, is not to know.”

~Mizu (AK)

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