Welcome everyone to the glorious land of the AK~, I am Hendrix, your newfound co-author for Authentic King, your guide to becoming the authentic man you were MEANT to be.

Today I would like to give you a general overview of, in my opinion – the most important things for attracting women and success in all areas of life. Once you fully understand these concepts you will be a ROCKSTAR with women, you will project a masculine aura that just enraptures near by babes and puts them into what I like to call ‘The Chode Trance’ a state of mind that usually effects guys NOT women when they are too nervous to even THINK of what they’re going to say because they want you to like them.

So without any further ado


YOUR CORE – The primal instincts you are forced to repress by social conditioning. Let me tell ya guys – They’re encoded in your DNA for a reason, it’s been built up over about 20,000 years, and imprinted into your genetic memory. Your ancestors passed down knowledge in the form of stories and your actual INSTINCTS in your DNA. Your ancestors weren’t just a bunch of caveman either they were the ALPHA MEN this is why you are here today, nature weeds out the weak and keeps the strong, you have the traits of a alpha man who pulls, you just may not realize or act it yet.

To get this ‘click’ you need a drive, and by that I mean a REAL RAGING FURY from within. You need to just SNAP and think fuck everything, EVERYTHING, I’m sick and tired of having to put up with this shit on a daily basis.. I’m gonna stop being societies little bitch and do whatever the fuck my true core wants and start taking responsibility for my life.

You see, when you get this click you realize one important thing:

The world is on your side

When you think like this you actually CANNOT GO WRONG, focus on the positive, the world is working with you NOT against you, once you actually see this everything changes, you stop being the victim and start being the hero in your life story, no one is responsible for you actions BUT YOU. make a conscious decision to FUCKING OWN your life, actually, make your life so fucking good someone could write a whole novel about you. Be the hero in your story HAVE THE GLORY!

So act from your core guys and more importantly be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN of your core, The more certain you are – the more safe she feels – the more the trusts you. The biggest fantasy of a woman is to be ‘Forcefully Ravished’, by a man OUT OF LOVE. Why is this? Because when you do this you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN of your core desires. Look beyond having boring sex in the missionary position, what you really want is to grab her and force her (out of love, of corse) into total surrender. ANIMALISTIC AMAZING HOT SEX.

Your hesitations will become her restraints, The more certain you are the more she will surrender

When you act from the core you have TOTAL CONGRUENCE and you are naturally your best self. LEAD, all women need a strong man to just cut through her emotions and show her the RIGHT WAY. Look at her like she’s a beautiful piece of art almost like ‘should I buy that?’, be inspired by her, when your with her try to focus on what SHE is doing rather than what YOU are doing.

Women can’t move throughout life alone, she needs to surrender to a man who knows the path to guide her using his core – this is her trust, this is her comfort, this is how she EVOLVES.

Men –> surrender to core intentions, primal instincts
Women –> surrender to a man with the most certainty of his core desires etc.

Many women say confidence is the #1 one trait they like in men, All confidence is, is TOTAL certainty of your core intentions.. When you know you trust your core enough to give her the BEST SEX SHE HAS EVER HAD (opening her to god), spiritually, emotionally, mentally AND physically.. You don’t even ‘feel’ nervous anymore.

Nothing builds confidence like sexual competence.

Once you ‘get this’ and really start acting from your core then instantly you just have this ineffable sexual ‘power’ over women. Your instantly feel like your worth a million bucks, girls have to PROVE they’re good enough to be with you.

But this is only a fraction of what i’m about to teach you..

…Onto the topic of surrender:

Strangely a lot of these topics are in many ancient Hindu and Buddhism practices e.g. surrendering to the ‘divine god’ or sitting down and fully appreciating a flower like Buddha did.

To surrender is to open and give your full self no matter how fucked up your full self may be

In life you should always be doing two things no matter what:

– Focusing on making yourself better, fixing up little ‘cracks’ in your self.

– Giving yourself as a whole, unrestrained, no matter how bad you think you are. Contributing the gift of you to the world and having a vision that will benefit the world in someway, even if it is just making people feel better, lighting up chicks hearts.

Don’t ask me why, it seems very illogical but even the most ‘fucked up’ person who gives himself fully is better than a perfect guy who is ‘closed off’ not giving his full gift to the universe. He is the selfish man.

Don’t be this DICK, give your love to the world. God places you in this world and says “Look around, everything the light touches is your land, you can see and experience everything I have created for you, look at my beautiful mountains and explore my rain-forests, swim in my ocean, fuck the women I have put in front of you” and all he wants is one thing in return; you to appreciate what he has given to you freely, he wants you to GIVE BACK to the world by benefiting it as best as you can, He wants you to look around, smile, and say “wow – thank you god” and fucking mean it. Many religions have gone to absolute shit because they forgot the fundamentals, people are going round worshipping god rather than appreciating what he has done for them.


When girls walk past all you need use to think is your primal brain, the thing is most men are fucking this up, they just don’t get it. Think of it this way; we have three parts of our brains: Emotional, logical and PRIMAL.

Most men SUCK with women because they are using their logical brain as their predominant brain, women are emotional and logic isn’t compatible with emotion.

You should always have your primal instincts tell your logical brain what it wants first, make your instincts and primal brain your PREDOMINANT BRAIN. Successful people do this and guys who pull do this and it is the core reason WHY they are successful. They know what they want and they go after it.

Primal brain – “mmmmm YES, this is for me! I wanna grab that chick, pull her into me, grab her hair and taste those nice kissable lips” or from a financial success perspective “YES, this is my passion i’m gonna go after this and persist, put in all the effort I can AND GET IT”

Logical brain – “Don’t do it, first I must….., You will never get her” or from the financial perspective: “It may not work, I’m afraid of being poor, I don’t want to put in all the effort because it may not pay off”.

Go after your core desires congruently and powerfully.

I learned today in my human biology class that there are three areas in the cerebral cortex: the sensory areas (picks up stimuli from senses e.g. Seeing, Hearing, Smelling), motor (controls your actions, muscle movement etc.) and Association areas (process the information), Good little analogy:

Women are primarily sensory (Emotional), Sitting round waiting for the man to act.

Men who pull women are primarily motor (Primal), Acting out of his core desires, faster than he can process.

Computer nerds are sitting on the side lines using their logical (processing) brain thinking things over before they act, and once they weigh up the odds and finally make a decision to act, POOF! opportunity gone.

Let’s break things down Hendrix style ~

You need three things to be attractive to a woman:


This is because there are only three things a woman needs:

Range of Emotions/Good feelings
and a Challenge/Socially High-Value guy

– By acting through your core intentions she feels safe with you. Surrender yourself to the world and your core desires.

– By being present you can share experiences and give her a full range of emotions as well as appreciate her and your surroundings, relax into any setting and just BECOME it.

– By being unattached you are socially high-value, because she knows you could walk away from her at any moment. (doing things like treating her like a 5 year old, talking nonsense to her just to amuse yourself, being playful, never taking shit too seriously, not giving a fuck what anyone thinks of you and HAVING FUN).

Also, don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve, meet her head on. Establish ground rules, your a man who cannot be controlled. Recognize that most problems and negativity is just surface level bullshit and don’t let it effect your core.

I project her more beautifully than she projects herself

– Contemplate that for a few seconds… I can enlighten THEM, I can bring them to the next level, All a woman wants is a high value man that can lead her into the light (best possible future), yet I’m not putting her on a pedestal and I am totally unattached to her.

Most ‘theories on attracting girls’ totally neglects this idea… and you know why? They’re afraid of it, this is where all these guys started – projecting women beautifully – and it put them into the ‘nice guy’ category BUT ONLY because they were too attached and not high value enough to begin with.

This is only good if you don’t give up your passion, your life and if you don’t cut yourself off from your mission in life (purpose) for her, so you need to love her more than she loves herself (do this to every woman), while not giving her all your attention and being passionate about what you do in life and your mission. SIMPLE.

Fully appreciate girls, I mean.. just look at them!! they are absolutely GORGEOUS. hahahha when I walk round I actually sometimes have to bite my lip and shake my head because everything is sooo fucking beautiful.. just perfect… I just walk round smiling at one with everything with this ‘inner glow’ that chicks will just unconsciously ‘understand’ straight away… Instantly they surrender to me and want me just like that.. I don’t think they can even help it!!! lol poor little girlys…

Pissed off? I know I was.. just sitting down with my jaw open, when I found out actually HOW SIMPLE IT WAS.

Love her completely without wanting anything back. Your mentality should be: Wow your cute and if I like your personality I will fuck you and give you the best sex you have ever gotten, if we don’t happen to connect very well, step aside, there’s another 10000000 unbelievably hotter women that want my gift who I WILL connect with.

I am the sun. I radiate with such a warm masculine presence and direct sexual appreciation that woman like flowers will open up to me. I appreciate all these little flowers and if one is having trouble opening up I will still bathe her in my total presence I make her open up. If she doesn’t who the fuck cares i’m not gonna get attached and focus all my sunlight on her, if I did this she will get burnt and shrivle up. It is our job AS MEN to open her up, the more we open her, the more beautiful she becomes, much like a flower. Most men have clouds (thoughts) blocking the flowers from reciving their full radiating masculine presence and as a result the flowers will not open.


When you have a vision to better the world, even little things, woman will give you their energy willingly and also try to see how determined you are to complete your vision by tempting you to get off track. SHE SHOULD NEVER BE YOUR #1 PRIORITY IN LIFE. Use girls for inspiration. When I was writing a song a few days ago, for my band to play at this gig were doing, the girl I was with goes and waits on my bed for me to finish, she wants me to use her however I want, do whatever I want with her and use that for inspiration. Women love being things like groupies, why?, because they love helping guys with there vision, giving away there energy. Take it from them and use it like a laser to go after your goals. Use women like your sex slaves, this may sound sexist but all women are sex slaves of men. It isn’t sexist because they LOVE it when a man does with her what he wants. Think of a caveman, he hunts first, brings back a meal and THEN uses the girl, this is how the girl rewards him and how he rewards the girl for staying and picking berries or whatever. You can’t just go up and use a chick, you must be giving maximum contribution to the world first, the most you can give, no matter how much, having a vision and giving yourself fully to your passion.. then they will willingly give you their feminine energy to help you. Behind every great man there is a woman supporting him in anyway she can. She wants to be taken by a man who will use her energy the most efficiently to go after his main goals in life. When you use this feminine energy to benefit the world, light up hearts THIS IS YOU GIVING BACK. When you fully surrender to you core and to your divine purpose, girls are helpless.

A few days ago I had a chick over, I had some homework due so I went and did it, ABOUT A MINUTE LATER, she comes in, gets under my table and starts unziping my fly and continues to give me a blow job. Talk about temptation!! Women want to know your VISION comes before them, they don’t want to be the #1 thing in your life.

Woman (and some men) give away their energy to the alpha male in order to help him with his VISION – this is because in cave man days everyone gave their power to the leader who had a vision – it’s wired into us, biologically.

I would rather give a girl an orgasm than have one myself

You need to want to GIVE more than getting, If you get any one thing from this article, take this in, when you can feel into her so deeply that she surrenders to you fully you feel amazing.

This is one of the reasons I stopped ejaculating, You get too ‘possessed’ and selfish – Go beyond this guys – EVOLVE. Everything isn’t just about sex, stop being so obsessed with your definition of sex and realize that EVERYTHING is sex, you talking to her, cherishing her, loving her fully.. It’s all the same.

I’m at the point now when i’m on my path to success so deeply that women just seem like distractive temptations… so much so that i think to myself when she’s round ‘you little brat hehe stop trying to turn me on’, chicks can see this and they try to be even more tempting to the point where i say ‘alright, your in for it!!!’ and go give her the best sex of her entire life, fuck her like a crazy animal. Even when i’m fucking though I have been practicing seamen retention and I DON’T cum. WOW. Chicks go fucking psycho over this, they will do the most dirty things, absolutely surrendering to me, she wants my cum, when I don’t give her it she wants it even more. Orgasms and ejaculation are two different things, so I get even more pleasure than I used to while NOT blowing my load. Ancient Tantra secrets 😉


I call this one the snowball effect, when you get into the habit of doing good things for yourself. Like Mizu said, Wake up early as the sun rises make an extremely healthy breakfast, Go outside in the sun and eat it, then maybe go to the gym or something else that benefits you positively – I have a sign on my door saying ‘POSITIVE MOMENTUM’ an idea I got from Mizu, one good thing you do leads to other good things, this is how you REALLY start feeling good about yourself.

Do you feel like your being the best you can be to yourself? are you excersizing, are you eating healthy, you are already taking the time to learn about women

It makes perfect sense – Who’s gonna feel better themselves more and feel like they deserve all these girls, A guy who sits down eats some coco-pops for breakfast while watching the depressing morning news indoors or a guy who spends a little extra time adding natural yoghurt and fruit to his extremely nutritious muesli and goes out and eats it in the sun on the grass just ‘soaking’ in the world and enjoying every spoonful? It’s these little things.. always choose the most high value action, IT’S EASY, but it’s EASIER not to.. Choice is up to you… in the long run it is totally worth it. Whenever you find yourself making excuses, say to yourself “SHUT THE FUCK UP & JUST DO IT”. For it is right action which separates the successful MEN from the BOYS.

One more thing when having these goals you should only use them as reference points. ENJOY the journey more than the destination, when you are doing things focus on the present and put 100% effort into them. I remember something said on RSDNation that REALLY resonated with me which went something like “If i’m gonna make a sandwich, i’m gonna make the BEST GODDAMN SANDWICH I HAVE EVER MADE!!!”,
in doing little things like this it contributes to the whole and you feel MUCH better than if you didn’t give it your best shot.

I’m just relaxing as the centre of the universe, I can feel feminine energy coming into me from everywhere, all angles. I’m in bliss.

Remember – We all have the necessary skills/traits to attract women ALREADY inside each of us, me and Mizu are just awakening this Authentic King from deep within your core.

Stay tuned guys, “You are the man you envision yourself as being” ~ Hendrix [AK]


  1. “This is really good, could you write something/exercises on how to find my real life’s purpose and core desires?”

    If money didn’t matter, or talent, or time, what would you do with your time all day and what deep gift would you give humanity?

    That’s it.

    “SO, how do you guys manage these types of situations??”

    I know man, it’s like breaking a kittens legs. (NoOoOOoo whyyyy :'(!?!?!?) haha but, Honesty is the best. Just be like “I’m a player, if you can’t handle that, sorry.” She’s a big girl man, she can get over it. Just make sure you don’t fuck any stalkers or psychos, or you might end up getting a car smashing bunny boiler.

  2. Dude, I usually tell them up front, before we start hooking up. This shows she is living in your world and your making the rules – she might not like it at first but she will still respect you for having rules.
    It all depends on how late you left it, If you wait after 2 years and then came out with “2 others besides you” she would be heatbroken. I set the frame early on in the interaction, which at that stage would build attraction more than anything

    You will find that alot of chicks will test you on how willing you are to leave her. The more unphased you are, the more likley she will stay with you – Abundance mentality – These are my rules, if you don’t like it stop seeing me.

    Peace ~ Hendrix

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