The 1 Week Challenge

Today gentlemen I would like to discuss one of the most important practices I have ever done in my life to ensure massive success in all areas, ESPECIALLY when it comes to hot girls. It is also something noone ever talks about, for reasons we will discuss later. In previous posts I touched on the fact that there is a very real feminine energy, and a masculine energy. Eastern Chinese practitioners refer to this energy as the “jing” aka “Life Force” in males. It is quite literally the root of your health and energy. High energy levels, is the same as high sexual energy levels. Have you ever noticed naturals are like horny all the time and highly charismatic? They do WHAT they want WHEN they want. They’re so confident, unapologetic, AWESOME around girls. Why is this? You’re about to find out the “natural secret”.

They say when you engage in sex with a girl you exchange energy, usually the male absorbs the females, or the partner with “lesser” energy will balance out the other. I remember when my energy levels were low (like having sex when I was exhausted) the girls I fucked would be really horny at first, but then shortly after be out of breath and complain of being REALLY tired with dark circles under their eyes – and I felt GREAT hahaha. Think back to the last time you fucked a girl proper, afterwards (like the next day) you felt even MORE horny didn’t you? Thought so. Now you know why, from an energetic perspective.

Man = Fire(Hot. Raging. Yang.)

Woman = Water(Cooling. Healing. Yin.)


Now, what if there was a way to have that “I just got laid & am a horny shark with a boner, super confident and strong dominant alpha cool dude awesome with women” feeling 24/7 ? Well congratulations fellas, because there is. Let us now discuss an ancient Taoist practice that will practically turn you into a rockstar in the West – and that is, Semen Retention.

I’m sure you’ve been told stuff like “Yeah ejaculating whenever I want is normal, healthy and fine. It doesn’t matter. Everybody does it.” Ummm. Yeah it does matter. It matters A LOT. According to Chi Kung theory, energy from many pathways/meridians becomes diverted and transfers itself to the sexual organs during sexual excitement(and if you remember the previous post, it is important to keep all those channel open for hot wild long-lasting sex and arousal). The theory proposes that upon expelling of semen, certain energy from the man’s body is also being released. That’s why you feel weak, tired, and drained after releasing your sperm. You even become temporarily less intelligent – lacking in creative or advanced cognitive intellectual ability.

Eastern Taoists view the semen as Man’s most precious gem. Semen literally contains all the necessary nutrients enzymes & minerals, life energy, and other essential ingredients to CREATE A WHOLE NEW HUMAN BEING. From a biological perspective it’s only function is to continue the species, not for acts of meaningless self pleasure before you go to bed at night, wasting your seed. It is quite literally your bodies (from a survival and evolutionary perspective) MOST IMPORTANT SUBSTANCE. This means, the very SECOND that source is depleted your body immediately goes into a panic (survival is threatened) and begins rebuilding it. That means your body wont use its resources or energy finish repairing and building up that muscle as much, or heal that acne scar on your forehead, or use those minerals for building and restoring organ tissue etc etc etc. Amplify this by 1000’s of different bodily functions. Now let’s get into the benefits of holding on to your life-giving semen in the real world, or in other words, what effect does this have on real live women?

And how will this awesome secret practice (rarely heard about because it is a secret shared and attempted to be kept a secret by many Top-level CEO’s, World Leaders, and other ancient rulers (Alexander The Great anyone?) Not only will you have MORE energy to work out and build bigger muscles, accomplish way more quality productive work, focus better, be more healthy, horny, intelligent, etc. But you will also FEEL the difference. You get that ‘natural click’ around girls muccchhh easier. This is because you naturally feel super horny. When you’re around girls that fire male jing life energy that they draw out of you, the draw(your arousal/attraction to the divine feminine in EVERY WOMAN) becomes EVEN MORE INTENSE and these girls get super happy because again, their validation of being feminine is to attract the masculine. In other words, they feel GOOD when you think they look HOT for you, so naturally you’ll be like OHHHH FUCKKKKKKK that girl is SOOOOO CUTE and then she’ll smile / look down / blush. This feeling / draw / energetic PULL will naturally click all your subcommunications and “micro-behaviors” into place of being a badass alpha motherucker who bangs hot girls on a consistent basis. You’ll be shocked at how you will act around hot girls, like you literally don’t feel fear anymore – just really horny. Your “caveman” brain takes over. Thoughts become stronger and way more natural and sexually powerful. Instead of “Oh no what do I say to her I’m nervous what if she blows me out”, they become “HOLY FUCK look at that lacy bra she has on underneath. DUDE. I have GOT to talk to this girl. I will seriously fuck her RIGHT NOW with everyone watching I DONT GIVE A FUCK. Those chodes standing near her need to GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY. – “Hi I’m Ryan.” Think of Jeffy from RSD, the way he talks on the outside – that’s going to be your internal dialogue.

That’s why I said in another post that all you need to do is chit chat with a girl on the social level (it doesn’t matter WHAT THE FUCK YOU SAY), and before you know it the two of you are mutually being pulled BUZZING with hot inevitable sexual desire for eachother and your game concerns and anxiety now becomes “WHERE IS THE NEAREST BATHROOM STALL”  or “FUCK, I hope I don’t get a boner in public now.” these girls cling to you and don’t leave you alone, be warned this stuff is powerful.

When girls feel this subconscious MASSIVE sexual attraction for you, they instantly rationalize in their head “Wow, I’m getting wet and horny for this dude,  he MUST be HOT/COOL/ALPHA/FUNNY/SMART/GOOD LOOKING etc etc etc….” she rationalizes her massive attraction for you and FILLS in the traits whatever you logically as a man think she wants in an ideal man. This means all your shortcomings and little chodey behaviors DONT MATTER. They become cute little quirks. Oh you were nervous for a second? DOESN’T MATTER. Oh you said something dorky? DOESN’T MATTER. These girls will be all over you. Don’t take my word for it, exercise 3x a week, stretch daily, eat super healthy life-giving organic foods, get plenty of sun and fresh air daily, and CONSERVE YOUR SPERM, then go sit around cute girls and just WATCH what happens.

Uhoh…you guys look like trouble. What’s your names?

In my opinion this is another reason ‘jerks’ get the hot women, because those motherfuckers are OOZING with masculine jing energy. I know what you’re thinking “Well they probably blow their load all the time! They don’t know any of this stuff!” Well cool your jets, Hot Rod. Remember earlier what I said? Everytime you have sex with a girl you are absorbing her sexual energy and adding it to your own. Ancient leaders used to have concubines for this purpose, they would have sex, make them climax, NEVER ejaculate, and then pull out…totally abosrbing their sexual energy feeling refreshed, energized, and incredibly strong & clear minded(not to mention HORNY AS FUCK). Gandhi used to sleep beside two virgin girls in order to absorb their life force energy as well. It’s an ancient secret among world leaders.

The cool thing too is after semen sits unused for a while it can transform itself into another substance, ojas. Ojas is the most subtle of all “substances.” It gives a person their glow and good qualities like good health, bodily luster, stamina, inner strength, and a strong immune system. Your tissues of your body will repair and heal faster, your testosterone levels will SHOOT through the fucking roof, you will feel strong and powerful around other people, you will lift more in the gym, and you will have a powerful alpha “presence” most men who blow their load multiple times a week lack. Women can just SENSE this once you build up that jing, dudes they seriously respond to it sooooo hardcore… like, I’ll be walking to class and nearly every fucking chick just looks at me like WHO IS THIS MAN?, then shyly looks down. And if you’re a newbie, this is an obvious sign of female submission to the alpha male in all primates. Like, they all see me as the alpha Man haha. Anytime a chick cutely looks down at you, she’s basically saying, “here’s my pussy!” 🙂

So here it is…

The 1 Week Challenge.

Gentleman, your mission is to not ejaculate, or even masturbate (because don’t lie to yourself, we all know where that leads…) for 1 solid week. Now here’s the cool thing. You know the three day smokers hump? If a person can not smoke for 3 days in a row and make it over the 3 day hump, once he/she makes it over that hump and fights off the withdrawal symptoms, suddenly, the desire to smoke went from a 10 to a 1. This is what will happen to you after 1 week. You wont even miss jacking off and blowing it. I don’t even think about it anymore, I’m in the golden zone. If you can make it 2 weeks[should be a breeze after 1], if you are exercising regularly and talking to cute chicks, you will feel horny and super alive, but that energy will be put into CONSTRUCTIVE tasks like intellectual pursuits (books become fucking ALIVE), going out and socializing, working out, eating healthier, meeting and pleasuring HOT WOMEN, working on your LIFE’S PASSION AND PURPOSE, etc etc etc. Napoleon Hill in his classic book Think and Grow Rich mentions this and calls it Sexual Transmutation. It is a secret of many strong powerful accomplished men, and congratulations guys. Now you have it. It’s almost hilarious after doing this for a while (it’s been 3 weeks since I blew my last load) you will literally become a fucking ANIMAL around girls hahaha and they love it. Like your confidence will SKYROCKET. I literally walk up to chicks and say the craziest shit now and get them giggling. And you will be so ADDICTED to hot girls it’s scary. Like I’ll see some little hottie walk by me and I just LEER in my head like “OOOHHMMYYYGODDDDDDD LOOK AT HER BODY” hahahaha and they look down etc. If I see cleavage I go crazy. It’s awesome. And the girls love it more and more. When you are near a total 10 you’ll get giggles, nervous hair flicks, gorgeous bright smiles, chicks looking down for you, nervous laughter, the STARES, chicks sitting SUPER NEAR in proximity to you like begging for you to talk to them etc etc. Quick side story I was laying out on the beach chilling out soaking up some sun listening to rad tunes, and this hottie comes running by me, I had my eyes open for that moment and just looked at her appreciated her without wanting anything from her and she instantly stood up a little straighter smiling, lighting up her heart, and then MID-JOG she just comes and sits a little ways away from me, like begging for me to come talk to her, which I did :D.

Alright guys, go accomplish your 1 Week Challenge MISSION. And YOU MUST WORKOUT in combination with this practice. That is 100% essential. Stagnate energy is a NO NO. Working out and stretching on a regular basis keeps your energy channels open, healthy and flowing as well as builds up even MORE chi in you. Go light up those girls hearts and make the girlies feel great about themselves. I’m off to hit up a rock concert.

“Girls just wanna be taken.”


0 thoughts on “The 1 Week Challenge

  1. yeah dude, I dont cum when I fuck them. I just fuck them till I make them cum. and then they pass out. it sucks because with all the built up energy I usually lay awake for hours. and it doesnt make you needy if you dont give a fuck and have a cool solid identity. think of the difference between a horny feminine fatty and a horny feminine hot 10. that’s the difference between a chode and a cool alpha guy.

  2. Yeah dude, it’s fucking RIDICULOUS. Like I’ll just be in line getting groceries and the cute teller girl INSTANTLY goes sexual. Like ” Wow you eat really healthy. ” I go “Yup, my roommates think I’m a freak but I don’t care eating healthy cures depression etc” and she looks at me like HARDCORE SEXUAL EYES in BROAD DAYLIGHT PUBLIC with like 5 other people in line behind us, and she goes, “Yeah, it also cures impotence.” and she’s just fucking looking at me like she wants to fuck me ON THE SPOT hahaha. I just smile and go “mhm :).” I hear so many dating gurus go ” don’t break the sexual tension ” dudes, you wont WANT to break the sexual tension it is fucking AWESOME.

    anyways your male sexual energy MAN aura (lol) becomes like a fucking pussy magnet that PULLS HARD… literally. OH and I TOTALLY forgot to mention one of the key ways to circulate, build up, and maintain strong energy levels is by DEEP BELLY BREATHING. try consciously breathing by pushing your belly button out slightly (you’ll get a feel for it) try to do it for like an hour if you can and it eventually becomes a habit, you will feel so much fucking better. it also purifies your emotions and deeply relaxes you so you become even MORE relaxed and natural around the hotties.

    keep it up guys!!

  3. Oh oh and no, I don’t cum in them. I’m taking this stuff EXTREME HARCORE. your body naturally regulates the semen levels so like it’s a return to wet dreams. It’s kind of weird some chinese dudes say that the ‘feminine spirit’ succubuses try to take your energy in your sleep. I’ve had dreams where HOT girls are like sucking my cock saying “CUM IN MY MOUTH” and I’m like “No.” and then they suck HARDER and get really horny and sexual and I start to peak to climax, then go “No. You may NOT have my life seed.” and then we fuck and bla bla and I wake up and don’t cum.. I wake up SUPER energized like ready to TAKE THE DAY BY THE HORNS… other times I end up accidentally busting and losing it to some hottie in my dreams and you FEEL the difference when you wake up, like drained, empty, weaker…

    gnarly. from what I’ve experienced that’s a part of what female sexual arousal is, her deep unconscious desire to arouse you and have you impregnate her… her feminine gift to turn you on, your masculine gift to make her feel fucking GREAT by BEING turned on and planting your seed in her, but when you hold back that seed/energy and it BUILDS up inside you.. holllyy fuck it’s like every hottie in a 30 ft radius of you WANTS IT BAD.. like they start getting wet immediately.. almost… 😉

  4. Hahahaha yeah dude it gets REALLY intense. Like, one KEY thing I must tell you, when you see a hot girl your sexual energy will begin to build up, in most males it either goes to their head (mind… instantly fantasize about her hot body etc) or their genitals (you can actually feel it buzzing there, then bam, erection, and later if stimulated or built up enough.. ejaculation) the Superior Man as Deida calls it circulates the energy THROUGHOUT his entire body, achieved by deeply breathing it an circulating it. Now this sounds woo-woo as fuck but dudes, it puts you in such a gooood warm strong natural consistently horny state.. it’s fucking awesome. try it.

  5. Yea bro i’m still on it, after awhile you stop being attached to the idea of masturbating and a raw natural awesome feeling replaces it. Like before it was like mmm boobs mmm ass, and in a way it was a kind of ‘horny’ feeling. Now it’s like mmmm boobs, ass, legs, lips, face, belly, mmm sexy personality.. more relaxed like I wanna fully enjoy every little bit of her (not just blow my load in her), more sexual. It’s like including EVERYTHING and BOII they can feel it. Either that or i’m just fucking hotter and hotter women 😉

    As for continuing over 10 days, I did this thing where every time I would even THINK about doing it and that It was all right, I’d force myself to get down and do 25 pushups then and there. – Gets sexual energy moving again, makes ya fit, says a big FUCK YOU to the ego tryna stop you from doing what you want to do.

    ALSO REFRAME IT = “tossing is for losers, masturbating isn’t even that good, the more energy I save the more a chick will want to fuck my brains out”.

    If your serious about this you will go out and buy a large sheet that has everyday of the year on one page, hang it on your wall. Every day you don’t have a toss – color in the box for the day, soon you will have a chain and you won’t wanna break it because you will feel rewarded for each square. – this may sound silly but do this for a only a month and you will be set, masturbating won’t even be in your reality anymore. Then use the calendar for something else you want to implement the next month, like eating 100% raw food – Like a primal warrior!!!


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