The Secrets of an Authentic King~

Hey there champ, Welcome Back.

Today I [Hendrix] would like to touch on some of the main concepts and mindsets of a true Authentic King~



You may remember my quote I left you with last time. “You are the man you envision yourself as being” ~ Hendrix [AK], Hopefully you contemplated that.. Because it is an extremely important concept.

Attracting women is all about YOU and your frame of mind (How you view yourself).

I’d like to introduce to you a great mind tool which I call YOUR PERSONAL BLUEPRINT. This is KEY to becoming the authentic man you want to be.
Basically it goes like this, think of ‘who you are’ as powerful computer software. You have a software editing program which you can use to edit your software however you like.
Want to be more confident? Imagine in your mind what the confident ‘you’ would look like.. How would he act? how would he see the world?, look through THIS set of eyes and see everything through THIS NEW FILTER. Nothings stopping you, you actually have a full software designer imbedded in your brain, people just don’t realize it. Imagine what you want to be, see him clearly and BECOME IT. Next time you see that smoking hottie ask yourself “how would the natural me respond?” AND DO IT!!

Just think, how would a complete natural like Mizu see the world?

What is your vision of the ultimate you – and what is stopping you from getting there?

A lot of people think they are their past and they don’t realize they can change their ‘default’ software. Or they have this image of ‘them’, this flase identity that other people have given them that they want to keep. Some people see a picture of a glorified version of themselves in the future and they wonder when they will become it. Just become it!!! take on the attitudes and actions the ‘master blueprint you’ has. Look out through HIS filter.

What do you see when you think of yourself? Do words flash into your mind like STRONG, CONFIDENT, POWERFUL? Because they should!! Keep developing how you see yourself in your mind and your WHOLE frame will change to how it is you WANT to be. Is your master blueprint FIT and HEALTHY? Tempted to go eat that McDonald’s across the road?, STOP. THINK. what would the HEALTHY YOU do? Yep. he wouldn’t even go near that shit.


How many times have you walked past a chick and ‘played it cool’, not even looking at her. like ‘I see chicks like this all the time, your nothing special’, MANNNNNN NoOOOOOO!!!

FUCKING CHODE. All a women wants is a high value guy who acts from his core to ENJOY HER that is all. When I walk round the place I am constantly OPEN to people talking to me, TOTALLY WELCOMING. I’m not closed off from everyone because I am ‘too cool’. Imagine walking from your house to the shop one morning, nice sunny day… Most people will have ‘tunnel vision’, dozens of chicks might walk past you and you ‘play it cool’ not paying any attention to them, because your “going somewhere”.


When I stride down to the shop, my awareness is wide and welcoming, I’m enjoying the journey, looking around at the trees, feeling the suns warmth, welcoming all people around me into my life. Enjoying myself. My awareness is WIDE rather than NARROW. If I see someone who I might like to enjoy a bit more, I TAKE ACTION, I go up n say something charming then take her home if she’s not busy. EASY.

This is what separates someone boring from someone exciting. The cherry on top. ENJOYING YOURSELF.
Who in the party is the most fun? He who is enjoying himself most. SIMPLE.

Always be enjoying yourself. ALWAYS. Guys will turn to spectator mode and chicks will LOVE YOU. Get on top of your environment, the world is your playground guys, GO PLAY. This is what humans are meant to be doing. You don’t see kids in ‘spectator mode’ at the playground, They go fucking play!!!

This is also ENJOYING this male/female energy in an interaction and staying with it, playing round with it, getting to know it, why the rush for sex guys? Enjoy the fun, this IS all part of the sex. While being firmly grounded in your masculine energy, where nothing gets to you. TOTALLY RELAXED.
Talk to her, actually be curious. Don’t be in such a hurry just to put you penis into her vagina. It doesn’t even fucking matter. You are already having sex.

Realize every moment with her is merging masculine and feminine energy (sex), and ENJOY it.

Something puzzles me every time I go out to social gatherings. Guys just can’t enjoy themselves. They need stimulation from other things like watching people who CAN enjoy themselves. ULTRA CHODE.

HAVE THE GLORY. Enjoy everything, get involved, have fun.


Now let me ask you a question… Where does nearly all the unhappiness in our world stem from?

People trying to control what they cannot control.

Guys this is massive. Who here has ever ‘burnt’ energy on getting frustrated over things like waiting in a long line in starbucks, or trying to ‘make’ a woman love you? YOU CANNOT CONTROL ANYTHING EXCEPT YOURSELF. Trying to do otherwise is a waste. It literally burns your energy. Some people even spend ages regreting the past or fearing the future, BURNING tonnes of energy.

Every passing minute is a another chance to turn it all around – Vanilla Sky

You are not your past! You cannot control anything but yourself IN THE NOW. You can only INFLUENCE. Don’t make a specific woman you ‘goal’, Sure you can have a general outline of what kind of women you want to attract into your life. But not for one specific girl.

Also you need self-control, If you have a project you need to do and she’s pestering you for sex. Don’t do it until your project is finished!!! Your purpose always comes first – Then the girl.


Massive concept.

You and her are made up of the same life force as the universe. You ARE the universe. YOU HAVE ALREADY FUCKED HER in another space and time. Even if you don’t truly believe in this metaphysics crap, WHO CARES??? It is undeniably the best possible mentality to have regarding attachment.

When you have this mentality just try to have attachments. It is physically impossible.

Why do you want her so much? You already have her, you are her.


Do this one exercise it will AMAZE you. I call this one the CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE


Close your eyes. Imagine everything you truly deserve floating into your body as ENERGY.
Think of you core as ONE GIANT MAGNET. Attracting tonnes of cash, chicks, if you want to be happier imagine happiness energy coming into you. If you want to be more confident feel the energy of your confident self in the future give this energy to you. Even feel you master blueprint in the future give you HIS energy. You can feel it, you just need to TRUST.
As you do this do some deep breathing. As you inhale feel this energy FLOOD through your body filling you wayyy up. Let it get more intense each time. do this for about a minute. NOW. take one massive deep breathe in and hold. Feel it buzzing through your entire body and then EXHALE and as you do RELAX INTO IT AND RESONATE. Resonate this energy through you. BECOME IT. Project it outward and as you do you will BECOME ABUNDANT. I actually feel so amazingly good doing this. Great


PAY ATTENTION. This is fucking KEY.

There are two little guys in your mind and they are the most powerful thing in your whole psyche.

There is a negative voice and a positive voice and they can do two things, depending on what one you listen to:

– Become a massive negative force holding you back
– Become a massive driving force pushing you forward

You can only advance once you literally tell the negative voice to SHUT THE FUCK UP, and say “I do what I want, when I want”.

The positive voice will always focus on the positive of the situation
The negative voice will always focus on the negative of the situation

Imagine you wake up, open your blind and look out into your backyard, two possible thought processes could take place:

Negative – “what a mess, the lawn needs mowing, the weeds need to be pulled out”

Positive – “wow what a lovely day, I might go out and do something outside”

This works for everything. Also these fucking control YOU, most people are not even aware. After you do a speech in front of everyone he could either say to you “Wow fucking good speech, you absolutely NAILED THAT” or he could say “Awww man you screwed that up, you should have talked about ….. more” realize that the second one DOES NOT HELP YOU IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. DISCARD IT.

Whenever you do something good like eat a healthy breakfast, smile and say in your brain “good job, keep up the great work” and mean it.

What is depression? It is your brain telling you these negative things and taking control of you. The more you believe what it tells you, the more you try to get evidence to justify it, the more depressed you become. Instead get into positive momentum and your mind will naturally find more and more reasons why YOU ARE THE SHIT!!

My mind just says positive stuff to me naturally now, i’d walk past a mirror and think “looking good hendrix” I’ll get back from a solid workout and say “great work Hendrix, you just keep getting stronger and stronger don’t you? :)” Inner glow TO THE MAX, little things like this. little neural pathways getting more and more deep.

These two frames control everything. say your eating a banana “I hate bananas, i’m sick of this diet already” OR “This banana is going to give me good nutrition and make me a better person in the long run. Well done keep eating this great healthy food”

See the negative isn’t actually of any use? it tries to make you avoid doing positive things, Try’s to keep you in your comfort zone. Where as your positive AUTHENTIC voice will motivate you to do GREAT things.

Success is 100% right attitude and positive action. No matter what field. Why settle for having anything less? HAVE the attitude, TAKE the positive action.

SOOOO Many people focus on the negative, they can’t help it. It’s on the news, magazines, EVERYWHERE. Tell your negativity to shut the fuck up and start thinking positive.

You know what? Your negative mind at the moment might even be saying to you “Yeah right, this is just bullshit” or making up excuses why any of this stuff doesn’t ‘apply’ to you. If your brains thinking “Wow this is actually some powerful shit!!” your on the right path my friend. The great thing about me and Mizu is that we are so OPEN to new ideas, take what we like and discard the rest, literally absorbing information like a sponge.

One other handy thing todo is once you listen to that positive inner voice all the time, LISTEN – how does it sound? Change it to be deeper, how YOU want YOU to sound, this has changed my tonality a whole lot. I dunno why but it works.


Something I realize I always do naturally – I have this inner knowing that everyone LOVES me, anything she will say, I see it as way that she is just expressing to me how much she likes me. Have you ever had that feeling when your talking or texting a girl and it’s going extremely good and you just think to yourself ‘wohoho she wants me bad ;)’? This is how I feel with EVERY GIRL I MEET. This is what separates the absolute players who live in abundance from the guys who have a couple of successes.
When she is doing this, I think it is soo cute! I’ll think to myself “Aww you don’t have to try to impress me.. c’mere”

When you believe you ‘Already have her’ you don’t try to impress at all, you are naturally just expressing yourself.

If you believe it’s on, IT CANT NOT BE ON!!! and then just smile at her and think “yea hehe she NEEDS me, I might give her some hot sex later, just to fill her desires”.

And also you need to believe she wants your sex! more than anything in the world. Some faggots ‘get off’ on having a girl do something she doesn’t like. She will love it wayyy more if you KNOW she will love it.


Find out your purpose. Ask yourself these questions:

– What would you do for the rest of your life if you had 100% guaranteed success in any job?
– A billionaire could give you any job you wanted, what would it be?
– You have six months to live, what gift do you want to give to the world in this time?

Make sure your purpose benefits society positively e.g. Not starting up a casino or fast food chain. Do something that will actually benefit man-kind positively.


Start a vision book like Mizu was talking about, I have mine on my laptop in keynote, I set the slides to rotate as my wallpaper every 10 seconds also. Fully energizes for the day everytime I look at it. Also just a little thing Mizu didn’t include, make sure you make your affirmations and whatnot say YOU instead of I, it helps greatly.

Realize that the path has been set. All you have to do now is TAKE THE STEPS and you will get there. Do whatever it takes, don’t die an average life.


What is confident body language? It is body language where you are totally open and vulnerable to getting hit. Alpha males in the tribe KNEW noone would fuck with them so they had such open body language almost saying ‘Hit me in the Stomach, go on, SEE what happens’. The alpha male would always be VULNERABLE, because he was strong enough to. The strongest men are the ones who aren’t afraid to put themselves out there, unprotected. This goes for conversations, actions, risks etc. Only the bravest can be strong while being vulnerable.


Once you start really listening to your core and forget everyone else, you take a step back from reality. You see people going to the cinema to watch a horror movie, where they ‘punish’ some guy and see him go through the most gruesome torture ever. WTF wake up people, this is fucking twisted sick shit. You don’t ‘get’ anything from it, people confuse suspense with excitement and then they keep feeding that negative neural pathway and their emotions get fucked.
One of my friends listens to lamb of god, who are a death metal band. Even if they may be ‘cool’ to listen to, this music is feeding your brain negative emotions and lyrics “Destroy yourself, see who gives a fuck” – And you wonder why there are growing suicide and depression rates…. I’v told my friend this and he just won’t accept that it is doing him harm, he is on medication to calm him down/stop him from getting angry, But medication is just COVERING UP the problem, not GETTING TO THE ROOT AND FIXING IT.
Stop watching the news, it’s all fucking bullshit. Stop eating shit food, it’s just muck. Love yourself and treat yourself with some respect.

Take a step back from all the emotional bullshit from a woman, just see she just needs to be directed into the right direction and she is frustrated. When you find yourself getting angry or annoyed – take a step back. It will work wonders.


Get some books on tantra, LEARN about this stuff, you can’t just not ejaculate for a week, and think you will turn into some amazing CHAMP in reality you will turn into a needy horny guy. Instead you must learn to circulate the energy and store the sexual energy in your solar plexus if you feel ‘needy’, remember to excersize regularly to be sexual rather than horny. learn to have full body orgasms, learn to make a woman squirt. It’s not that hard just be actively learning with an open mind.

Chicks just come up to me now, word eventually gets around that you give unapologetic, amazing sex – Girls come up and ask “Hey, are you hendrix?” or I’d get random texts from girls saying how they fantasize about a man like me when I haven’t even met them before!!! THIS IS CRAZY, Absolutely awesome!

Circulating Sexual Energy Basics –

Inhale – let all the air go slowly to the bottom of your stomach and fill your penis.
Exhale – release the energy up your spine, back down the frount to solar plexus, keep your
tongue touching the roof of your mouth (This connects the energy circuit).

You can also do excersizes called kegals, google it, it strengthens your PC muscle so you can have more control over your ejaculation.

These are some products I found very useful:


Presence is FEELING your body and your surroundings, relaxing into them, rather than thinking and getting inside you head. You cannot FEEL into the future or the past, you cannot taste or smell the future or past. FEELING IS THE NOW.

Here is a techneque you can try out, to get a feel for presence.. Hold your arms straight out, either side of you body, so you can only just see them. Focus on them, while doing this find an object right in front of you and look at that too. Now look at something BEHIND that object in front of you, while still focusing on the first object and your hands. BAM! PRESENCE! WIDE AWARENESS OF EVERYTHING AROUND YOU, not focused in on any ONE object. Congratulations!

Things will naturally take care of themselves when you just TRUST PRESENCE and surrender to the moment. Alwayys. It is the natural thing to do.

You can show everything about you as a man just by looking at her

From doing this she can see and feel:

-How relaxed you are, by seeing how wide or intense your focus is
-If you are a jerk or not, believe me she can SENSE when you look at her like an object and when you look at her and appreciate her as a whole
-How active you are, she can see whether your looking at her like you are gonna go home after and masturbate or weather your gonna TAKE ACTION and go home WITH her
-How confident/Good in bed you are by the certainty of your whole body
-Weather or not she is going to surrender to you by feeling inside yourself and ‘Taking her in’.
-How attached you are, by seeing how much value you place on the interaction

And don’t complain and think ‘why are they so picky’ n shit like that. EMBRACE it, I fucking love it, because she is like my mirror. If i’m not acting out of my deepest purpose and love, I see her respond negatively and instantly I adjust. She keeps me on track, while looking pretty and inspiring me.. what a great gal 🙂

Love the comments guys!! Remember: The more comments I get, the more I know this is ACTUALLY helping people, the more determined I will be to write you guys cool stuff!!

Once again STAY TUNED, Me and Mizu have WAYYY more in store, this is only the begining….

Alright, love you guys ~ Hendrix [AK]

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  1. Fucking CHILLS hendrix. Totally Awesome post bro.

    That center of the universe exercise, no fuck that “exercise” word – it’s a WAY OF BEING for me. dude that’s so wicked.

    So my weekend synopsis… I had a girl RAPE me without a condom and I had to get the morning after pill… talk about a quality fucking problem lol. Like she was a fucking ANIMAL dudes… CRAZY SEXUAL on my ass. I’ve never had a chick want me that badly before wtf. again guys, BE CAREFUL this woo woo shit is powerful. 😉

    but before that a totally different girl: I just walk up to this party, totally alone on the dancefloor in the middle of it(lost friends), normally guys feel chode and feeze up or start “looking around” for a girl to make them happy, or as eckhart tolle says “LETS GET TO THE FUTURE”… I didn’t. I’m IMMUNE to social pressure at this point. I look around, smiling, happy to be alive, this is fucking rad. this music ROCKS. I can FEEL the bass. I AM the bass. FUCK this is too good. wow look at these HOT cute girlies. OUT OF NOWHERE a hot chick suddenly grabs me and starts dancing and gridning on me hahah. I just smile and grab her like a man and start posing her how I see fit leading this DANCE OF LOVE. WITHIN 10 SECONDS this chick grabs my hand and puts hers over mine and slides it up her warm smooth inner-thigh under her sexy dress and into her panties FORCING me to rub her pussy… ahahahahaha I’m looking around like WTF!!! and this chick is SMOKING hot.

    end thought –

    all girls are dirty little sluts, they just act chode when you act chode.

    every MOMENT of my life I SAVOUR it. Even typing on this keyboard feels so fucking good. 🙂

  2. Yo Seb, thanks bro, I believe it has something to do with the link between the conscious and unconcious mind – When saying ‘I’ your intelectual brain takes in the command, but when saying ‘you’ your unconscious takes it on, almost like your intellectual brain is ‘telling’ your unconscious what to think, this kinda ties in with your inner voice. Not 100% sure why it works but It helped me implement this stuff a ZILLION times better.

    ~ H

  3. Love the awesome comments guys, Sweet work Nomad.

    Yo Dick, for me it’s a combination of PC muscle training, Masturbating without ejaculating and kind of ‘relaxing’ like Mizu said. Each time you feel yourself about to ejaculate – ease off, actually explore around a bit in seeing how far you can go WITHOUT ejaculating, when your with a girl have fun with it and EXPLORE, If your going to ejaculate change positions. I’m working on a post now called ‘Cultivating your Sexual Energy’ it will cover most of this stuff in detail. A man who has control over his sexual energy, has control over his life. Trends in successful people show that they all were very sexual men etc. etc. So doing this is KEY.

    Ryan, If you want to make it in the music industry you have to COMMIT and put in tonnes of effort, ‘It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll’ Practise until your fingers bleed, learn multiple genres – not just one (be versatile), KNOW EVERYONE, know lots of other guitarists, drummers, bassists, singers (this is more important than actually BEING good). Get a band together, aim for multiple gigs a week, your not gonna get known EVER unless you go out. BUSK lots, join your local ‘blues clubs’ even if you don’t like the blues. I play guitar as well and i know that if you wanna get good you HAVE to listen and play other kinds of music, so many people are ‘stuck’ of one genre such as punk or metal. Good luck man

    I like the suggestions: Videos, Audio, one-on-one could all be a possibility for the future, as me and Mizu expand the Authentic Kingdom. If anyone thinks these articles are worth anything go buy Mizu a beer!! , even if it’s just donating a few dollars. It will help us greatly.

    ~ H

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  5. Simply, admirable what you have done here. It is pleasing to look you express from the heart and your clarity on this significant content can be easily looked. Remarkable post and will look forward to your future update.

  6. Hey guyas, sometimes thaht little bastard of my negative voice take place, but when I read your blog makes me rethink things over and put myself on place. Much love and kkep those articles coming, I love just love them.

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