The Snowball Effect

Hey guys, I’m super stoked to bring you another AWESOME post that if taken seriously and adhered to, it will have a massive positive impact on your life almost immediately. You will feel authentically alpha, like an Authentic King, deserving of HOT sexy total 10 women WHEREVER you are, and the results being produced in your life in ALL AREAS as a Man will shock you. I’d like to introduce an incredible concept I have learned in regards to taking action and enjoying success, and that is…

The Snowball Effect.

So what exactly is this Snowball Effect? Another word for it is taking action, or Positive Momentum. I guarantee this one single thing will handle 95% of all your guys’ problems out there, not only with girls, but in LIFE.

So to begin, let’s go back to a recurring theme in this blog that I want all of you guys out there to internalize, and that is NOT NOW = NEVER.

Remember our sad old reflecting man from previous posts? This is going to be you oneday. Old, frail, weak, looking back reflecting on your entire life that has literally BLOWN BY.

Do you want to look back and be like “Man, my life was filled with eating shitty food, never approaching hot sexy girls and laughing at the hard blowouts I got with my buddies (or enjoying hot wet naughty wild sex with the successes), smoking pot like a loser all day and playing xbox durrrrrrrrring out, being a consumer who acted based on how society and that guy or girl and everyone else wanted me to act and to be like, never reading and expanding my mind aka going through life a dumbass, and barely making enough money to survive and retire just ‘getting by’ because I was too much of a pussy to take a massive alpha risk and go after my real dream and passion in life giving my deepest fulest gift to all of humanity that is my DESTINY and reason I was put on this fucking PLANET…..”


Are you gonna be all “I Woulda… Shoulda… Coulda…” or are you going to be like, “FUCK YEAH. What an adventure, holyyyyyy shit. Thanks for that God, I did it all!!! THANK YOU and Goodnight!!!!!!!!”

Look at this dude, he’s a CHAMP till the grave:

So realizing that NOT NOW = NEVER, let’s put this into real world application on a DAY-TO-DAY basis. Time will tick by whether you like it or not, your entire life will literally BLOW by. You’re either shrinking from stagnation, or growing by taking action – learning and evolving. So say you suck with girls right now, dude, NOTHING is going to magically fix that for you unless you go approach LOTS and LOTS of women and face the INEVITABLE beginning rejections that come with learning this stuff, like any other skill. The way a girl will reject you when first learning this stuff is the same way a bike will reject you when you fall the fuck off it, quit crying like a little bitch about it taking it personally and STEP UP and try again.

Now I want to jump right into a powerful concept of Momentum. What is momentum? Let’s define it…



1.force or speed of movement; as of a physical object or course of events: The car gained momentum going downhill.

An object that is in motion, STAYS IN MOTION.

So how will this help you bang hot chicks consistently? How will this help your success in other areas of your life such as intellectual pursuits, business ventures, dream actualization, eating strict and healthy, reading more, getting buffer leaner and stronger, taking more risks? etc etc etc.

It’s simple. There are two types of momentum. Positive Momentum and Negative Momentum. They are equally strong, and equally easy to get rolling or “moving”. Ever notice how alpha guys can just be so strong and cool SO EASILY around fucking everyone? And you’re like WHAT THE FUCK that dude is an idiot, how is it that he is so confident around hot girls and buff/successful in his life so easily, and happy all the time, he must be lucky or have good genes or something – I mean so much good shit just gravitates towards that guy!!!


Well it’s because over his lifetime he has generated a MASSIVE snowball of Positive Momentum and he’s just easily rolling downhill enjoying the ride that he has BUILT UP over his lifetime(don’t worry – you can get this going rolling strong in a month or less). No one born on planet Earth is cut from a different cloth, that dude was born a wet naked vulnerable crying scared baby just like you and me. A blank slate. The difference is over time he TOOK ACTION and you didn’t. He ACTED despite his fears, laziness, and other people’s opinions of him towards his goals and desires in life.

Negative Momentum, as you can tell is the opposite. Ever meet a suicidal, hopeless, skinny, drug-addicted bitter negative loser? His life is a massive NEGATIVE SNOWBALL OF MOMENTUM raging downhill and he’s riding the ride of Doom.

Now that you have a firm grasp on what Positive Momentum is, you need to understand how to build up a positive snowball of momentum so in a month or so you will just be rolling downhill enjoying all the effortless success because you put in the TIME IN THE TRENCHES. Like, you’ll wake up and have money coming in, hot girls pouring into your life that you FULLY ENJOY (they’re FUN and you will WANT to go out with them and have hot sex, not scared or any shit like that), you’ll have awesome friends and adventures, your health and physical fitness will be at the best it’s ever been in your entire life ETC… And it just gets better and better. It’s hard to stop a 500 pound ball of MASSIVE snow roaring downhill the mountain that we call your Life.

Here’s the thing. Positive Momentum and Negative Momentum are built on a literal day-to-day MINUTE-by-MINUTE basis in EXACTLY the same way. This also ties into our super important Authentic King concept of NOT NOW = NEVER and you’ll see why in a second.

So say you wake up. You have decided to go to the gym. You wake up feeling like complete shit, tired, even a little sick. “I’ll go tomorrow” you say. “It’s only one workout. No big deal. I’ll just work extra hard in the gym tomorrow.” And you, like a chode who will never get any real massive success or results in his life, turn off your alarm clock and roll over and go back to sleep.

Uhoh. A little bit of snow has been added to your Negative Momentum Snowball.

Now, you sleep in, wake up late. “Eh… Well since I didn’t go to the gym today, might as well not eat a super healthy breakfast either, I mean what’s the point, I’m gonna enjoy a big tasty bowl of SUGAR TOOTHDECAY BELLYFAT O’s. I can eat healthy tomorrow and burn off the fat. No big deal.”

Yup. Your Negative Snowball just grew even larger.

Now you sit on the couch, and decide to turn on the xbox and waste your precious life time for 3 hours playing some mind-numbing shitty game that is going to get you NOWHERE IN LIFE. Next, you are out walking and you pass a cute girl. Something deep inside of you feels unworthy, so you shyly look away from her or feel anxiety. But it’s okay, you’ll do better on the next one – I mean afterall, being attractive around women, picking up a book and reading, or working hard on your life dreams and goals is pointless to do today, tomorrow is the day when you will wake up, BLAST out of bed, be a champion in the gym, eat healthy, fuck 10 hot sexy women, conquer your passions and bring them into the world, work extremely hard, make lots of money…. etc. Right? WRONG.


You see guys, it’s black or white. A or B. You are either a FULL ALPHA MAN roaring downhill on a massive Positive Snowball, or you’re a FULL CHODE riding the Negative Snowball of chode momentum. And you know what? It’s almost like girls have a sixth sense for this, they can sense your life’s “Positive Momentum” strength a mile away. It’s in the way you WALK, the way you TALK, the way you HOLD YOURSELF, the way you LOOK AT THEM, the way you WORKOUT, the way you EAT YOUR FUCKING SANDWICH.

I swear to God the SMALLEST tiniest actions that you feel are unimportant often produce MASSIVE changes and Positive Momentum in your life. For example, say you’re at the grocery store and you see a hottie, you feel kind of nervous or whatever ( you shouldn’t after reading this blog 😉 ) say you act on your fear and look away from her or pretend she isn’t there or flinch and retreat into your head(ego) or walk away quickly NOT ACTING THROUGH YOUR OWN INTENTIONS etc – you just added to the ball of Negative Momentum man… Instead, walk near her and pretend to inspect an item, getting a little closer to her FUCKING YOUR FEAR.

Cool. That’s a small bit of snow.

So now your Positive Momentum Snowball has began to form. Awesome dude!! That little tiny bit of taking action is all it took to get going. Now, you are checking out and the girl behind the counter is cute. You feel a little better from “taking action” before (even if it was so tiny) so you say hi to her with a big smile, enjoying her and lighting up her heart. She smiles back. Whoa! Now you feel like engaging her in a playful conversation instead of standing there choding around waiting for her to hurry up and ring you up like you always do. “Do you ever get any freaks in line?” you ask. She laughs. “Haha yeah onetime there was this crazy old man who would talk to himself.” bla bla cool chat ensues… where the words are coming from you have NO IDEA! Before you leave you make eye contact and say “have a rad day! :)” and take your bags, she smiles at you and you feel a twinge of sexual attraction. It’s mutual. This chick is cute AND horny. AWESOME.

Now you’re walking towards your car, healthy food in hand. Feeling great. Body language = TALL and ALPHA. ANOTHER cutie in a miniskirt walks by. At this point you are feeling so good you look over at her confidently and playfully like an alpha male does and just smile enjoying and taking in her sexy feminine radiance. That’s it. Then look away – you want nothing more from her but to make her feel good about her hot self and light up her heart, and DAMN, she is sexy! She smiles back and nervously flicks her hair, obviously attracted and submissive to you.

Flashforward next morning. Alarm clock goes off. Fuck. You feel like shit again, and tired, and the air is cold. “No fucking way I’m getting up today to exercise” your mind says to you. But something growing deep inside of you at your CORE doesn’t want to die. It’s your Positive Snowball of Momentum that began its’ glorious buildup yesterday at the grocery store. So you wake the fuck up, take RIGHT ACTION despite your emotions and mind’s convincing rationalizations, and you HIT THE GYM HARD. Well, let’s be real. You get there. And you feel like shit and tired (afterall you haven’t worked out very hard or consistently in months…perhaps years.) After the first rep you feel like quitting. “This is too hard. I can’t do this. I’m too weak.” I’ve been there. My first couple workouts (and I swear that’s all it takes to get the ball rolling) were TORTURE. I felt like an anorexic cancer patient with AIDS who went through chemotherapy for a year who was then told to do an olympic athlete mid training season workout routine.

The key guys, is CONSISTENCY, never perfection. “Consistency is the key to uncommon results, not perfection.” – John Berardi.

Your only goal(at first) is to just get THROUGH the entire workout routine 3x a week or whatever goal you set for yourself beforehand. Even if you end up doing 1 rep on the last set or something, or have to CRAWL through your last exercises, just MAKE IT THROUGH ALL THE EXERCISES to the best of your ability and if you set yourself up to workout 3x a week such as Monday Wednesday and Friday, then BE THERE NO MATTER WHAT AT THOSE TIMES. Even if you are sick, tired, hungover, whatever…then just lightly jog and stretch or something. It keeps the habit up and the positive snowball rolling.

This is why it is absolutely CRITICAL to eat a super healthy first meal – it sets you up for the day and your LIFE. For me it is a incredibly healthy easy to make super healthy smoothie consisting of Almond Milk, Blueberries(extremely healthy berry – tons of antioxidants + nutrients), Greens+(a 100% natural blend of 29 nutrient-rich Superfoods, Sea Vegetables and High-Energy Herbal Extracts. One serving of delivers more essential vitamins, trace minerals, live enzymes and high-ORAC antioxidants than 5 full servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, and provides every vibrant color in the dietary food spectrum), Casein Protein Powder(syntrax matrix 5.0 is a great one!!!), Organic Yogurt w/ live active cultures[for digestion], Hempseeds, and Olive Oil.

This smoothie is so fucking delicious it’s not even funny. It not only SUPERCHARGES me with energy and clear focus for the day, but it also puts me in a “pure”, “clean” state of Positive Momentum. Do you think I will even TOUCH a bag of greasy potato chips at lunch that day? Think after that super healthy breakfast meal I’m gonna NOT take action and go sit on the couch and watch cartoons and smoke pot and play xbox or jack off like an idiot draining my life energy?


I’m going to KEEP THE POSITIVE BALL ROLLING and go hit the gym, or work on my financial goals, or read a life changing book, or work hard at my dreams and goals. Then later, that night when I hit the club / bar / party / whatever,  your Positive Momentum Snowball is going so strong, you feel WORTHY, CONFIDENT, DOMINANT, ON YOUR PATH and ALPHA so that when you see some dumb giggling “10” hottie in a sparkling dress, all she has to do is stand there and look pretty(she has achieved absolutely NOTHING in her life but having men drool over her and give all their power away. hard worker? healthy? intelligent? pshh we’ll find out..)… walking up to her and starting a convo is a fucking BREEZE. An absolute JOKE. In fact, it’s FUN for you. You qualify her HARD. What does she like to do for a living? What are her dreams in life? Is she healthy? Can she keep up with my fitness level and awesome hot sex in bed? Does she do nasty drugs? Is she cool? She’s pretty and hot I get it, but I want more than hot sex and giggling silly girlies in my life, I’m onto something much bigger and more deeply rewarding(my path / MISSION / higher purpose / my greatest gift to Humanity as a Man). Don’t get me wrong, girlies are fun as fuck and a source of enjoyment and relaxation / soothing vibes at the bar / party for me after a long day at work, but THEY AREN’T THAT IMPORTANT IN MY LIFE. MY MISSION IS.

The next concept that you need to have a complete understanding of is your SURVIVAL INSTINCT, aka HOMEOSTASIS. Your brain, using your mind, body, and emotions(most powerful), will literally DEFY and SABOTAGE any efforts to make drastic positive change in your life. Even though you logically KNOW as a Man that exercising regularly, eating healthy, and constantly approaching / interacting with the hotties / reading daily / etc will deeply benefit you and your life, your mind wants to keep you ALIVE and the SAME. Why expend all that energy to learn a new skill? Your caveman brain thinks, “As long as I have food in my belly and am safe there is NO NEED to take on a new potentially DANGEROUS behavior of working out, reading more, approaching girls, etc etc.” This powerful survival-based instinct literally will try to FORCE you to remain a chode. You will start that workout and feel like shit. “Why am I doing this? This is stupid I’ll do it tomorrow. I’m too weak I’ll rest first. I need to STOP doing this. This isn’t necessary for my survival.” Your mind will say. Or you will get depressed and feel like you’re weak, or you will just feel sick… ETC. This is your brain trying to KEEP YOU ALIVE. Same goes for approaching new women (only at first) your brain will make you feel FEAR to keep you from doing it.

But here’s the AWESOME good news, once you start acting IN SPITE of all that bullshit your brain will throw at you as obstacles to your goals, and you build up a MASSIVE POSITIVE MOMENTUM SNOWBALL of taking RIGHT ACTION in your life – this survival instinct doesn’t disappear, it GROWS STRONGER AND REINFORCES YOUR POSITIVE SNOWBALL, thinking you will not survive if you start being chode again!!

Guys, my positive ball is so strongly rolling at this point that if I miss I workout I get depressed IMMEDIATELY my mind goes “WHAT THE FUCK DUDE, YOU NEED TO WORKOUT TODAY OR WE ARE GOING TO DIE” like I literally feel FORCED and I feel COMPELLED to snap right back onto my path, then I’m feeling fucking awesome again. Or I’ll be at a party and I’m like COMPELLED to go approach that hot girl. If I don’t my mind screams at me ” HURRY BRO APPROACH HER OR ELSE WE MIGHT DIE, YOU MUST SURVIVE AND KEEP YOUR POSITIVE HABITS ALIVE – GO TALK TO HER!!! NOW!!!! GO!!! FUCKING GO!!!!!!!” Like, I literally feel WRONG if I don’t go be dominant, playful, fun and talk to and enjoy hot girls (I yell back “FINE BRAIN, I’ll go makeout with her JESUS just shut up!”), or go to the gym, or eat healthy food, or read every day, or work hard etc. Get it? Homeostasis is now working in my FAVOR. My brain thinks if I become lazy or chode out it’s such a DRASTIC change from my risk-taking, hard working, productive lifestyle of TAKING MASSIVE DAY-TO-DAY ACTION behavior now, that it wont let me chode around or I get BLASTED with negative emotions, anxiety, depression, worthlessness because my brain’s caveman survival instinct thinks I’m going to DIE so it attempts to keep me the same alpha guy.

I’m now going to introduce to you guys three AWESOME techniques that have literally helped me evolve and advance myself and my skills so much in the past 6 months that I feel like a completely different person. The first is the Mini Notebook. I want you guys to go out to the store and purchase a small mini-pen and a mini spiral notebook (approximately 2×3 inches). Have you ever been walking somewhere, sitting in the grocery store, pumping iron at the gym, laying in bed… and all of a sudden BAM! An AMAZING inspirational thought, business plan, or insight/breakthrough idea etc just hits you? Well if you’re like most guys you go “Oh wow that’s fucking sick!” and then bla bla the mind chatter continues and that amazing life-changing thought is lost. You think you’ll remember it. But you don’t, and you won’t. Instead, write it down in this book that you will now CARRY WITH YOU EVERYWHERE, and ONLY write down thoughts of GREATNESS. I call this my Positive Momentum Log. I literally will write down only GOLD. Like successes I achieve, kickass ideas and insights, insights and breakthroughs etc. Whenever I feel depressed or off my path, bang, I open it up and am instantly recharged and refocused. When you fill it up, just open up your computer and pour it all into a text document and save it, then start over with a new one. This will help you so much it’s scary. Remember, the key is to only fill the book with thoughts of GOLD. Trust me – you’ll know a Great Thought when you think one. Your emotions will be an obvious clue.

Next up is another AWESOME technique that will gravitate so many good things towards your guy’s life that it’s kind of FREAKY. Get ready for MASSIVE change, letting go of your old chode identity and behaviors is the only hard part of this exercise because massive changes will start to take place instantly. Go out to whatever chodestore is near you and pick up a 3 subject college ruled standard-sized spiral notebook and an expensive pen. EACH AND EVERY MORNING (whether you feel like it or not) open it up and write down 10 goals in the PRESENT-TENSE. This is CRITICAL. Write them down and fully believe them as if you have them already. The quality pen reminds you to write down quality goals. Example;

1. I am fucking lots of hot sexy women on a regular basis.

2. I have lots of money in my bank account right now.

3. I am buff, lean, healthy, happy and confident. I can bench 250lbs with EASE.

Etc, etc, so on and so forth. Now what this will do is profound. When you write down your goals your brain activates thousands of nerves and neural pathways forming muscle-memory and embedding deep into your subconscious the images in which you are writing. So if you write, I AM BUFF AND STRONG. Your subconscious mind will begin to form this image of you, and it’s SOLE PURPOSE is to make this image a reality. All day your RAS (Reticular Activation System) will be honed in on little details of strong dudes around you, other guys’ lifting techniques / protein shake brands in the gym, conversations about weight lifting technique and form other people are having around you ETC. Shit will just POP out at you. All these little details, books, pieces etc you wouldn’t even of been consciously aware of before. To dumb this down and put it simply, EVERY goal you write down your subconscious mind will be forced into ACTION TAKING mode to bring these things into reality. Also, as time goes on and you begin to achieve these goals (say you write down “I approach girls comfortably and easily wherever I go. I’m a total natural.” And you ACHIEVE this goal, next you will wake up and write each morning; “I have 5 fuckbuddies” etc – what I’m trying to say is that your goals REFINE and EVOLVE as you get clearer and clearer and more specific on exactly WHAT IT IS THAT YOU WANT…. which parlays into our next and final awesome daily habit;

The Dream Goalbook.

This is fucking AWESOME. Go out to your local arts store and buy a sketchbook with plain white pages. Next, select 10 (or more) major areas of success you want in your life. Example; health & fitness, women, money, friends, work, travel, skills, ETC. Now, for each catagory I want you to type a small essay of EXACTLY what it is that you want in EACH OF THESE AREAS. For example with women you would say ” I am confident and an Authentic Man around HOT SEXY women. I act through my own intentions and an unapologetic about my sexual desires as a man. I dominate female energy. I am strong and girls LOVE me and become massively sexually attracted to me wherever I go.” Etc. You get the point. Make it about a paragraph (to fill a single page if you’re really motivated) and make it in EXCRUCIATING DETAIL as if you have it RIGHT NOW in the positive tense. This is because if you write ” I will oneday be successful with girls ” your brain will work towards THAT goal of ONEDAY being successful, and you’ll never be successful, but your brain is  doing a good job because that was your SPECIFIC goal – ONEDAY being successful with girls. Get it? Once you have your essays written up paste them into the left hand pages (leave about 2 page turns between each Life Goal Area) So you should have your essay on the left, and then a blank page on the right and next pages. Next, go to Google Images and type in images of EXACTLY what you want. If it’s women, pick out your favorite TOTAL 10 HOT sexy women you want in your life that REALLLLYYY turn you on; and even pictures of the RSD crew or your favorite pickup artists / scenes in movies of alpha males picking up girls etc etc. Do this for each area and cut them out and arrange them in the blank pages next to the corresponding essay. Make this your MASTERPIECE. This book is literally going to be the pieces of the mosiac that is your LIFE. Each night right before before bed review this dream goalbook. Make it your treasure. Ideally read the essays with PASSION AND FEELING (while you sleep your subconscious will work hard and show you dreams and images to teach you lesson and insights to help you get these things into your life…believe it or not you actually LEARN and process information input from the day in your dreams.) This is also helpful if you feel lazy or offtrack and you’re thinking about skipping a workout, or not crackiing down and reading a book or working on your business ETC…You’ll be like WTF is the point of working this hard? Then just pop open that book and you’ll go OHHHH YEAAAH that’s why I’m working so hard, so I can get THIS kind of car or house, THIS kind of girlfriend, THIS kind of body…. It shows you WHY you’re busting your ass on a day-to-day basis. This single activity right here will IGNITE THE INNER FIRE.

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed this post – I’m of to go for a jog. And remember, NOT NOW = NEVER. “oh I’ll be strong, buff, alpha, cool, successful with girls, rich TOMORROW.”


Now go take some fucking ACTION or I will beat your ass. 😉

Dedicate your life to give your fullest gift to the world,



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  1. Fuck yeah bro. Yeah dude, the mind is so funny. I woke up this morning and it goes “Nah dude we don’t have to get up earlier for working today, sleep in 1 hour more because it’s cold out.” I literally broke into a smile hahaha “It’s cold out?” big fucking deal! Most chodes out there listen to their minds and NEVER take right action.

    “Successful people in life do what unsuccessful people don’t feel like doing.”

    I’ve noticed handling a woman is the same way you HANDLE your work. It’s like “Come on over here baby, we’re gonna have hot sex.” and she’s like “No! I don’t wanna!” and you smile WITH LOVE and go “Hey! I said COME HERE. *playfully grab her*”

    the WORLD and women will bitch at you, give you resistance, pitfalls and setbacks, you must LOVE them deeply through it all and open them up in your deepest gift of love through selfless giving, expecting nothing in return… and the women and world will burst open in joy and abundance :).
    and @ aaa: THAT VIDEO WAS FUCKING AWESOME. CHILLS BRO. THANK YOU. but just remember,

    ” you can motivate an idiot, but then you’ll just have a motivated idiot.” – Jim Rohn

    and guys please keep up with the awesome feedback posts, me and hendrix wanna know this stuff isnt falling on deaf ears 😉 tell all your friends about our blog please!!! lets change the WORLD and ERADICATE CHODES EVERYWHERE MAKING THE GIRLIES FEEL GREAT!!

    alright I’m off.


  2. Yeah dude, and I read somewhere that after a while the semen starts literally getting absorbed by your body’s nervous system and brain to do something like make more tissues in your body or better brain tissues (myelin sheaths on nerves, brain cells, synaptic connections etc) I confirmed this because 1 month into doing it I ejaculated in a wet dream and it was ALL CLEAR. like, NO SEMEN wtf!!! it was like I ejaculated water. my muscle mass has been bigger and is being maintained, I’m horny as FUCK it is seriously scary dudes. I cant even be NEAR a girl or I go full caveman and since I am so non needy and cool, it’s a wicked combo that brings lays on easy…. keep it up and I SWTFG you wont even MISS IT after you feel the MASSIVE energy and health surge.

  3. You know man, I really don’t know. I mean the thing with all those health journal studies is the factors are so goddam variable. I’m sure MANY other factors in dudes’ lifestyle affected his cancer, not just beating off.

  4. It’s all about circulating the energy. Sexual energy is pretty much life force, If you don’t circulate it and store it properly you will start to get imbalenced and could possibly get cancer, this would be an extreamly rare case though. I’m working on an article at the moment to teach you guys all abount sexual energy and how to use it/circulate it etc.

    Peace ~ Hendrix

  5. I say i’m sorry for the thoughts however I feel your reasons are not that wonderful. Probably you could structure it a little more? Besides that I actually do take pleasure in the posting as well as your contribution 🙂

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