There Is No Failure; Only FEEDBACK.

Yo yo yo whaaaaaad upppp Kings!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh….. feels so good to be back.

So Good.

Today’s Theme: There Is No Right or Wrong; Only


Sorry for the long ass wait – Hendrix & I have been waaaaaay busy lately, but the good news is we got some seriosuly siiiick articles planned for you cats… packed with pure awesome value and lots more reality-melting Authentic King Classics.

I know Hendrix has got some mesmerizing stuff up his sleeve, & here’s a sneak preview of some of the main one’s I’m working on for all you guys:

The World’s Secrets to Godlike Health for an Authentic King.

This isn’t some magic pill bullshit you see marketed everywhere today – I’m talking ACTUAL secrets that have taken me years and years of studying, research, personal testing and searching to discover.  I’ve been studying health, nutrition, my body, exercise, energy levels, forbidden knowledge, and everything in between since I was about 10 years old. I’m kind of a health freak.

One of the main reasons I feel health is such a critical aspect to master is mainly due in part to energy levels. Ever feel tired like you can barely get through the day? When you feel sluggish you end up in the grey zone… that area where everything in your life is just a dull subtle negative buzz in the background. Your thoughts cloudy and dull, your actions shitty, your concentration barely there. When you have low energy levels and sub-par health do you feel like going to the gym and getting a full bodyweight workout done so she gets wet by the mere glimpse of your rock hard six pack strong thick core RIPPED ABS fantasizing about touching it? Or how about having the mental clarity and focus to concentrate and soak up some awesome knowledge with your energetic stimulated highly efficient functioning neuro system brain? Etc. Massive results in life requires massive action, which requires an abundant flow of energy to fuel strength and passion. Daily.

The cool thing is, when you get your health right, your energy levels and default emotional states soar, brain chemistry clicks into place and you have a sweet natural sexual vibe to you that just radiates life, success, charisma, and sexual attractiveness & magnetism. Our species is hardwired to find and search for the healthiest of mates. If I’d have to break it down simply I’d say 50% of my game is just getting that super stoked fresh good feeling in my body consistently through the awesome secret world’s best health practices I’ve discovered. You guys have no idea (or hopefully you will when I’m done with this post) what TRULY being turned on by a woman feels like when all your energy reserves are overflowing. It’s one of the best feelings ever… my whole BODY tingles with desire and I get really really excited, almost like a mild euphoric adrenaline RUSH every single time a hottie gets near me. It’s like I’m so stoked and almost ‘in love’ with all these girls – I have these words pour in my head like “duuuuudddeee ohhhh man can you imagine her in high heels? Fuckkk man I can’t look away, oh GOD I don’t WANT to look away. Look at her. She’s so cute. Man I just want to see her sexy little smile. This chick smells so good, wtf is she doing to me this isn’t fair”

In other words, you become a Total Natural.

Meeting Women becomes a fucking addiction. It’s a THRILL. Excitement. A fun rushhhh. Pure Pleasure. And as you recall from reading previous posts, a Woman reacts hardcore to a man’s reality. When you’re STOKED for no reason at all but the mere fact that you’re ALIVE and get a chance at this wicked adventure to make something great of yourself, she just finds herself feeling super good around you for no reason too and hot sex naturally ensues soon thereafter, as your supercharged man DNA vibrating in every cell of your body comes to LIFE and you just KNOW what to do to her hot little body.

When you get your health to that divine GODLIKE level, increddibbleee things start happening in your life. I literally accomplish in one single day of focused concentrated hard work what would normally  have taken me 1 full week before I had my health totally HANDLED. Like literally guys I’m going to be giving you the stuff I have found to be the best top health secrets on the entire planet… It’s REALLY potent stuff, I know you’ll love it and see amazing results quick.

Oh and I literally mean secrets for some of it, like one of the things is this super easy to do powerful meditation that rejuvenates your internals and gives you soaring energy, vitality, mental clarity and focus, strength groundedness and centering – it has done incredible things like turned one old man’s hair from white to black etc[rejuvenating the endocrine system]. This one particular technique has been held secret in Monasteries and Temples for thousands of years reserved for only certain lucky people. I’m making it available completely free to you guys here[I know it sounds unreal – but you’ll find out for yourself its totally true], OH & also there’s another rare technique I stumbled on that people were literally being thrown in jail in certain cultures for doing in the past because it was only reserved for the priests and ‘elite’ class that attempted to control the world with their bullshit religious jargon and attempted superiority and greedy scarcity-mindsets of petty dominance.

It basically supercharges your body with energy, dispels negative emotions, supercharges your Master gland (the Pineal…) which leads to biological endocrine glandular regeneration,  superior health and mental clarity efficient and focus, possible 3rd-eye opening, all this wild awesome shit (to name just a FEW of these amazing benefits from this daily practice). By doing it also drastically ups the melatonin and seratonin production levels in your brain – so you constantly are secreting good-feeling chemicals, I feel like I’m on a mild orgasmic chill buzz nearly all the time its wicked, and soon you will be too MUAHAAHAHAHAA.


Oh and you’ll also begin to see how fucked up the government is and how its keeping everyone sick to fuel the $14,000,000.00 spent every single MINUTE on health-care [in the USA]. Didja know that 90% of all people in the U.S.A spend all of their life’s savings in the last 3-5 days of ‘life’ (if you can even call it that – most elite health practitioners and nutritionists I study talk about how at age 40+ onwards people are already dead, their corpses just walk around for a couple more years…)  in hospital medical bills? Yessssirrr tis’ true. Not to mention most people die with nearly all of their dreams unfullfilled. DON’T LET THIS BE YOU. And I won’t fuckin’ let it happen. I know you guys are some of the strongest, smartest men who will ever live. The mere fact you keep coming back to this blog means you resonate at a damn-near identical wavelength & mind intent frequency, I truly believe you cats are destined to do some seriously potent awesome shit in this world and I’m going to help you the best I can with everything I’ve got.

The funny stuff is most of these powerful techniques are free :). Mother nature knows best, and when she(and the Universe) is on your side and you go with the flow of Life and Nature it’s like every girl wants to fuck you because of the sheer masculine attractive life force and drive you radiate out. Awesome. I’m really excited to share this stuff with you guys and know you’re gonna get some awesome results!!

Muscle Building – Cut The Shit, Time To Gain.

Built from a guy who went from a skinny ass 160 lb weakling to 215 lb solid  ~10% BF frame. This complementary piece will be covering all aspects of true muscle building. Everything will be covered from the best anabolic exercises, proper breathing and mental visualization techniques to enhance strength levels (some old ladies can pick up cars in time of emergencies…how to REALLY push yourself), proper nutrition, why most supplements suck etc. I’ll also touch on how supplement companies are for the most part – total shit, and how ALL of their products come from ‘source products’ … example, whey protein… comes from whey, which is derivative ‘throwaway’ waste material from Cow’s Milk [p.s. homogonoization and pasteurization are the Evils of mankind… more on that in the post].

…. so why the fuck would you spend $40 on a tub of junk when you can just go DIRECTLY to the Source – the cow’s milk, and drink your quality protein that way? Oh, I know! Because there’s no PROFIT to be made. Did you know there was a guy recently who built a magnetic device the size of a shoebox (you guys know those desk toys that swing back and forth indefinitely? Think something like this) that could generate electricity to power an entire house, indeifintely and would only cost about ~$200. Guess what happened? A major electric company offered the guy something like millions of dollars for the rights to completely own it [including the Blueprint and all related materials for how to create it] and then they DESTROYED it. Another guy created  wireless power and presented it to Edison, they then asked “well where’s the meter?” when he said it didn’t have one they scrapped the project. We live in a sickening world guys, it’s currently ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. If you ever have a question about something, just follow the paper trail.

I want change. That’s why Hendrix and I strive to keep this blog totally FREE for you guys. I know for a fact this blog BLOWS AWAY the material in 90% of those “pickup ebooks” out there, I could *easily* package it up in a fancy-looking book and put a price on it with a mouth-watering salesletter. But I don’t and I won’t. True gifts and value in Life are free.

“Free to all.”

-Tyler Durden

Remember (and don’t ever forget) to Question Everything. I’m going to expose a lot of bullshit and truths, some of the stuff you think you may “need” right now to build muscle may just be actually hard on your liver and making things even harder for you and your body, taking you further away from your goals – NOT closer. Time to change that ;).

Remember guys; if you want to change things in your life you must CHANGE THINGS IN YOUR LIFE… look down, are you lean, buff, ripped, healthy? Yes? Good then keep up whatever you’re doing. If not, then open your mind, and get RESULTS-ORIENTED ONLY. Focus only on what WORKS and never beat your head constantly against the wall. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

A failure is only a man who has blundered

but is not capable of cashing in on the experience.

– Elbert Hubbard.

So let’s get back to our quick discussion in regards to muscle building. Check out MUSCLE MAX 5000 Only 49.95!!!!!! But act now – and you’ll get TWO BOTTLES for only 69.95!!!! How about suck my dick dude and fuck off with your shitty muscle products that only serve one purpose – to DRAIN MY WALLET.

If these companies could bottle up free Air and produce biased scientific marketing-intended studies claiming their Air Muscle Max 2000 Bottls  Products will ‘pack on 20lb of muscle’ and then sell it to you, they would.

You know what’s funny? 99.9 % of all the greatest muscle building strongmen on Earth (who didn’t use roids) have NEVER used that shit in traditional training. They bulked up on got strong off of what works, but isn’t quality deep marketable … lots of rest, eggs, chicken, plenty fruits and vegetables (all organic and free-range btw for 8x nutrient density and absence of poisons/chemicals + healthy soil and microorganism life that produces vigorous growth and nutrient uptake in all plant life, completely absent in chemically doused and dusted pesticide-packed modern day commercial farms who have one goal in mind – PROFIT – *NOT* your health. It’s fucking scary what goes on in these farms guys… you have noooo idea. Use your head, for them longer shelf life  = more profit. They don’t give a FUCK what actually happens when these toxic foods enter your body, as long as they get their little profit margin increase at the end of the month in relation to Total Net Sales.

Let’s talk truth. Does this ad sell; “Want to build muscle? You can pant hard until you see stars, sweat so much until you see blood, feel pain all over for 3 days sore and barely able to move after, feel like you can’t go on and that you’re dying with during every single rep, and have the hardest most EXTREME intense  gut-breaking workout ever. Only 19.99.” Hahaha no. What WORKS is usually free (or very, very, VERY cheap) and doesn’t market well  (lol, if at at all.)

The masses want instant gratification, their magic pill – easy, and FAST shiny results. They’re focused on the climactic moment, the top of the moment, but not the journey it takes to get there(or the deep self confidence and masculine self-esteem that comes with Real Goal Accomplishment.).

…without hardly any real effort on their part. The Greats in the iron game have consistently built massive amounts of solid, permanent, strong muscle on  BASICS, that traditionally have, and still do, work BEST for building tons of lean muscle and raw primal strength. It takes plenty of hard ass work, blood sweat tears and lusty intimacy with The Iron. Man I can’t wait for that post, it’s gonna put so much muscle on your guys’ frames. I’m stoked to present to you what REALLY works, and what you’ll find is its pretty freaking awesome *and cheap! 😉

Also, guess where GNC gets over 90+ % of their supplement materials from? Extracted Sea Salt and chemically grown produce that’s deficient in nutrients from the get-go. Also, the vitamins you buy that are synthetic and made in a laboratory are extremely difficult for your liver to handle, so they’re poison. When you piss yellow… ello’ wakeup. TOXINS. The Sea is literally the primordial source of all life on our planet, sea salt and sea vegetation contains literally almost every single trace mineral and vitmain known to Man. All they do is extract it, sell the refined table salt to restaurants, package up the fucked-with destroyed chemically altered nutrients, and resell it to you.

Again I’ve been OBSESSED with weight lifting and True Health since I was a little lad; I’ve had my nose buried in every book I can get on proper lifting technique, diet, muscle gain… all that good stuff. In combination with the World’s Greatest Health Secrets for an Authentic King, your body is going to look and operate like it’s from fucking Sparta.

Movinnngggg righhhttt along… introducing the next behind-the-scenes masterpiece!!!!!

True Authentic King Wealth for the 21st Century –

How To Make Money Online, The Real Way.

Economists are now estimating as the global monetary system goes to shit more and more people are going to be trying to ‘live the dream’ and turn to attempts at making money online. Which means lots more MAKE MONEY ONLINE NOW products are going to be popping up. How do you sift through the bullshit?? Where to you go to learn properly without some dude trying to sell you his ‘latest ebook’ or ‘proven foolproof method’?

I’ve been at this for nearly 4 years now(I quit my dayjob a long time ago :P) and I can tell you from experience and lots of wasted cash (Well over $8000+) what you need, what you don’t need, what to do, and what NOT to do. I’m going to make a complete guide from A – Z that will virtually serve as a backbone for making real cash while you sleep… for the rest of your life. I’m compiling the complete guide for all you guys exclusively available here on I can’t promise it’s going to encompass EVERYTHING but I’m certain it’s all you’re gonna need to start seeing some serious results. Soon.

Also, when you don’t have to slave to some chode boss[fueling HIS dream] and make sandwiches, type at a lame ass computer, or clean up other people’s bullshit anymore… your success with girls goes through the fucking roof. You become a free-spirited rebel to the world Badboy Authentic King. While most chodes are flipping burgers, playing videogames, and then sleeping in all day, you my friends will be waking up early a FREE MAN stoked for life, time to do whatever the fuck you want, WHEN you want… learning, creating, enjoying cute girls w/e you wanna do… when you hit this level you just resonate at such a chill positive lovin life vibe that all girls just WANT to be apart of your purely awesome world of adventure.A true Natural. Stoked for your life, starry-eyed, and fully dominant masculine and normal around HOT sexy cute women – just the way you came into this world before society and social conditioning fucked you up and stifled you.

Why am I working so fucking hard to bring this gift to you guys without charging you a single penny? I mean fuck, I’m living the dream… why waste my time on a computer spending months slaving away compiling these perfections for all of you to deeply benefit from?


Two reasons.

One, I feel in life looking back the best times I’ve had in my life and most memorable experiences were when I was GIVING value. Like pouring out my heart and soul to some greater good. And that’s not some pussy feelgood shit, I’m talking like making a girl have the best fucking climax of her entire life… or getting your buddy laid who hasn’t fucked a girl in over a year because of his bullshit limited self-fulfilling belief of “girls don’t fuck guys in wheelchairs”.

… stuff that brings tears to my eyes knowing how much of an impact I’ve had on others men’s lives… truly awesome.

Two, I want to liberate you guys to truly start living. There were secret meditation techniques the Egyptian priests and pharaohs would engage in to drastically alter their energy and intelligence levels (I read the Pyramid Texts… awesome shit.), and “lower class” citizen that didn’t get the privilege of this secret information was labeled a “walking mummy”, or an “unawakened man”.

I see SO MANY fucking guys like that today and it sickens me. Humans aren’t meant to live like this… A real man should live in total passion, have a hot harem of women effortlessly and easily to enjoy on a REGULAR basis, be fit, strong, extremely healthy and full of energy… why? So he can give his DEEPEST GIFTS to humanity and inspire others to greatness. I feel that every single one of us has chosen to be on this mud ball to do something awesome and unique… our deepest gift, our greatest contribution to humanity. Modern society STIFLES, CHOKES and KILLS these dreams of Men(and girlies) today… if you had all the money you needed on auto-income for the rest of your life what would you do? Ex-ac-tly – you would do AWESOME shit all day. Probably doing what you want, which is your purpose and mission in life(hell, maybe you haven’t discovered it, all that free time that is your BIRTH RIGHT will allow you to try out a bunch of stuff you never had the money or time for before and figure it out – fast). So yeah, there ya go :). I want to change the world, and if this blog is my outlet to make some kickass leaders and impact the lives of as many Men as I can, than my job is done.

So stay tuned for some awesome upcoming articles. With my last semester at Uni stuff is getting hectic, posts might take a while to drop but I promise you guys when they do jaws will drop and excitement levels will hit the roof.

And of course watch out for mucccchhh more wicked new material on the toys we love to play with the most, the ladies. 8)

Now, on to the questions!!!!!!

Before we get started(I know I know… “get to the fucking questions already!!!” Slow your wheels Turbo, this is important) we need to discuss something crucial to your success in all areas. You see in life there is no such thing as “failure”, there are only results. If you’re keeping a mini-notebook for when thoughts of divine awesome gold suddenly come to you at random times throughout the day(like you should be – one of my fav quotes; “the longest memory is never more reliable than the shortest pencil”), jot this down in there front and center….

“I cannot fail in life, I can only learn and grow.”

It’s all just feedback. Learn equally as much from your successes as you do from your failures. The most successful people in life fail the MOST. In fact, I like my failures. My successes are grat sure, but I’m not learning much. I learn best when I do stuff wrong.Gloating in your success just makes you dumb and stagnant. It’s a great indicator of success, but failure works just as good. Edison tried 1000 times to make the light bulb. When they asked him about his “failure” just just replied, ” ‘Failure’?! What are you talking about, I successfully found 1000 ways NOT to make a lightbulb!”

(dude’s a pure Authentic Genius.)

If you have persistence and NEVER entertain the thought of giving up your dream for even a second, you are fersure guaranteed massive delicious success my friend. The Chinese have a saying and it’s one of my favorites of all time; “When running up a hill, you can give up as many times as you like as long as your feet keep moving forward.”

So remember, ANY time you fail in life remember that it is only ever a failure if you didn’t extract the key lesson out of the experience.

One of my entrepreneur buddies just recently blew $1000 cold on a failed pay per click campaign (he didn’t make a single sale lol!), and I’m like “fuck bro that’s brutal, sucks you wasted all that money…” and he just smirked and went, “Nah man, I didn’t ‘waste’ anything. It was just a $1000 lesson.”

KEY: lesson.

And lastly, there is no right or wrong, there are only questions and answers. Feedback. Results. Your world and the clubs are your Social Laboratory.

“Nothing is either good or bad, thinking makes it so.”

-William Shakespeare

So without further ado let’s rock!

Nice. Thanks guys. You’ve both have written some awesome articles that have helped me out greatly and has changed my mindset like crazy.

I’m interested in your financial freedom article, Mizu, that would teach us clearly how to earn money online. That would be freakin awesome. There’s so much junk out there; so this would be a great help!

Hendrix, I’m interested in your totally effortless sexual magnetism article, the third part of your series) haha that would be freakin sweet.

Thanks guys!



H: Effortless Sexual Magnetism post coming up soon, everytime I think i’m done I learn something new and need to restructure the whole thing in my brain, Aarghh  .. Could make this a whole ‘nother series. This will also be one of my more ‘skeptical’ posts, going into some pretty ‘out-there’ things on energy and the actual VIBE of an interaction. I’ll be teaching a lot of ‘non-verbal’ tools in this article.

M: Yeah man, there’s a boat load of bullshit out there. Fuck I really feel for the new guys trying to learn. I mean the industry was saturated when I was totally new and had no idea where to begin – now it’s fucking ridiculous.

One of the brilliant marketers I’ve studied talks about how 99.9% of the products on how to make money online DON’T WORK and literally all sales and figures made from those products (in the “proof”) are from the product itself, not the system being marketed. Get it?

Dude’s just a marketer… He markets ebooks and CD courses on ‘how to make money online’, but the actual material is utter garbage… he sells a sizzle, not a steak. How do I know this first-hand? I personally wasted tons of cash, time, and effort on lots and lots of bullshit products and methods until I discovered what really works. It’s not easy. I’m gonna lay out how to do it but no shit – it’ll probably take you a solid month or two of information assimilating and practice until you see your first dime(maybe more depending on how fast you can read, learn, and implement). But in the end it is soo sooo worth it. & the rad thing is once you make your first dime it’s like the dam is released and cash will just come pouring in. Once you understand the whole ‘process’ you’re Golden. It’s sick and there’s no greater feeling. (well… maybe. ;))

is cory skyy stuff good ?

how to be present without this spiritual deida things ?


H: Never heard of Cory Skyy, Being present without deida? Trust your instincts more than your brain at any time (Allows you to stop thinking about shit that doesn’t matter), My take on presence (For pickup) is being right there with her. No uncertainty, not all ‘fluttery’ going into your head, being aware of what she wants in that moment and going INTO that.

When you have sex with a woman, you can have the generic ‘boring sex’ or you can compleatly open her. The key destinction being how PRESENT you both are, but it starts with YOU (she’s present if your present to what she wants), when you just surrender and let your raw primal instincts take over you can naturally just ‘feel’ what to do, most guys just CAN’T let go of there mind and do this though. This is the same for talking and being present just TRUST THE INSTINCTS. Don’t plan ahead, have WIDE warm genuine awareness, see every emotional fluctuation in her being and ENJOY IT, be aware of those primal feeling of claiming her that arise in your body and also the ‘glow’ of appreciation for her and everything around you.

I seriously recommend getting into deida though he really helped all these pieces gel together for me.

M: Never heard of Cory Skyy either, but the vodka is aiiittee ;). JK Mizu isn’t drinking anymore. I’m serious! Jello shot Monday with monica was the last time haha. Oh, Women. Trying to take us off our path with their booze and boobies. 😉

Hey man, here’s a wicked video I suggest everyone watch on being present. When you’re in the moment your skills go up tenfold, like, hyper calibration. In field, your natural masculine DNA hard-wired primal drives kick the fuck in and you just go full pimp. See when you can just calm your chatter mind, sloowwww down, and just take her in and ENJOY her, magic happens. On the surface it seems so simple to just chill out and enjoy a woman, but it’s extremely hard to do it if you come from the wrong frame (sort of hard, I’ll explain…) Like, take my ‘game’ if you could call it that. I just see some hottie, zoom up to her and go up smile and goes ‘heeeeeey gurl!!’ and she’s all into me, the words just come… I just FLOW. Gold comes from my mouth. It’s so natural. I’m being so cool. She’s loving it, totally into me. Other dudes see this and don’t get how I do it so easily. Don’t let simplicity fool you. Watch this video, the Zen Circle is one of the most difficult shapes to make (try it sometime), but on the surface it looks so easy and so simple, I mean it’s just a simple circle!!!

When I first watched this with a closed mind I was like ‘that’s so stupid that circle looks really easy’ (hint: remember teachability from previous post, you don’t know what you don’t know! Always remember that when engaging with new material and have an open mind to soak in and absorb the knowledge) but turns out to make a perfect Zen Circle one must be TOTALLY present, focused, and extremely vigilant executing every single little move PERFECTLY – the ENTIRE time.This is kind of like when I’m pulling chicks. It’s a mental discipline and a skill to remain completely present and feeling good with all the girls I interact with… once you get ‘in the now’ your words become silk and she just becomes hornier and hornier and you just get so… naturally dominant. Like your just KNOW what to say or how to act or when to pull or what to say at the exact time in the exact way to turn her on like crazy. Everything just flows.


Now, more on presence. Take the following and directly translate everything he is saying to picking up girls. There is A LOT of depth here. Watch this awesome awesome video with a totally open mind:

See how he talks about the final product is the result of many things… this is also the fundamental staple of my game. Since I’m living in alignment with my deepest values as a Man and honoring my highest virtues on a consistent moment-to-moment basis(more on this in a later post, hint: you can’t be lazy about creating the best Authentic King YOU – it’s in every breath, every thought, every movement, every moment, every second. You put off holding yourself with good bodylanguage just for now as ‘you’ll do it in the future’ ? Remember Not Now – NEVER. You’ll always have poor BL.), I’m literally so grounded and centered and filled with unshakable self esteem and confidence / a general good feeling nearly all the time that whenever I talk to a chick honestly it doesn’t matter what the fuck I say to her.

It’s the DEPTH in me. It’s my VIBE. It comes through in my subcommunication of self-assuredness and raw badboy nature and STRENGTH… the way I simply and confidently look at and own her hot little body. The glisten in my eye that hints at possible excitement and passion I can include her in on (this is coming up in a future Sexual Escalation Mastery post.. hint: when you escalate on a woman it’s giving her a gift of ‘The Rush’ … you can make a woman’s fucking YEAR with a properly timed sexual ‘almost’ tease then take it away, hot hot hot stuff). The way I stand up tall indicating I wont take shit from ANYBODY who tries to disrespect me or cross my personal boundaries (or my loyal friend’s). It’s not even tryhard at all, it’s just effortless – it’s WHO I AM. Being, not doing.

It comes through in my 100% certain deep vocal tonality projection, and resonance. It’s evident in the feel good inner calm of knowing I’m totally capable to stand on my own two feet in this world – physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, spiritually.. whatever… I can take care of myself, I don’t need anyone. These subcommunicaiton come naturally and effortlessly & authentically out constantly by the way I live my life on a day-to-day basis… ie the way I lift my weights, strictly eat, or wake up early at sunrise to go jog and never miss a day, or work on my mission and purpose and dreams DAILY etc. I’m a passionate dude. An attractive guy. A prize. I really feel like my sheer presence offers women tremendous value (not to mention the incredible sexual skills in my arsenal).

When I’m with a hot woman, I *instantly* snap into full Zen mode. I slow down. Concentrate. I become extremely aware.

I erase myself. Nothing matters but her body. All my focus is on her. Everything gets quiet – ESPECIALLY my Mind. Why would I go anywhere else mentally, everything I want is right in front of my face. I’ll think about my chode problems later. Later… muchhh. After this. My eyes start to trail from her soft hands up her arm to her sexy breasts and then her pretty eager blank canvas (face). I hear her soft sexy resonance of her seductive feminine voice. I pay attention to the little hairs on her chest as they stand up from my hot breath on her soft neck. Kissing her warm wet lips feels divine. Our tongues dance. Fuck I want her…BAD. Nothing else matters. I’m buzzing with pure insatiable desire.

Oh my GOD I love Women. Woops, I almost forgot, ZERO thoughts. I’m hyper focused in the NOW on her hot body only. By now we’re practically ripping off eachothers clothes. I can’t even talk anymore, I can only use my hands, mouth, and life-giving DICK.

Presence is soooo KEY guys. All the masculine needs to do to deeply excite, arouse, and entice the feminine is just watch. That’s it. No mind + Unwavering presence is an irresistible aphrodisiac to the hottest of the hot. No chode thoughts. Why would I dwell on any bullshit that distracts me from this gorgeous creature in front of my two eyes? For right now, she is all that matters. When you’re in the moment, all your true skills and abilities come out. Here is another awesome video on presence. Do yourself a favor and watch the entire vid, oh and get the movie too. You wont be disapointed it’s seriously on my Top Ten fav movies of all time list. Truly awesome life-changing film. Look inside and find your path. Presence is the greatest tool you can ever use to become truly elite, in ANY undertaking.

Watch these vidz with an open mind; from Dan Milman’s Way Of The Peaceful Warrior Movie:

Guys see me walk up and say a few words to her, watch her giggle and me pull her out of there back to Club Mizu like 2 minutes and then they ask for the ‘lines’ I’m using (“dude awesome! what did you say to her!?”) Dude, trust me it isn’t the lines or words. That’s why Tyler in Blueprint talks about how he goes up and just says jibberish, or stares, or walks up with creepy ass body language lol. Or how Jeffy says; YOU CAN SAY FUCKIN ANYTHING’!

Remember: The self is ALWAYS coming through. You can’t hide.

Girls can instantaneously spot if you’re a man who is dedicated to his highest vision of himself and his world on a KEY; *DAILY*, basis or if he’s not. So just by being truly happy and having self-esteem (simply feeling good) you are already suppeeerr alpha and attractive in her eyes. Do not ever underestimate the virtue of simplicity. Just walking up to a girl feeling good sounds easy and simple, and it works like you wouldn’t believe for consistent pulls, but it takes A LOT of internal (and external) work to get to that level of effortless abundance. You can’t fake it. This is the most liberating and scary thing depending where you are at on your personal evolution – the world, and especially Women, are your mirror, and everyone can always see where you’re at on all levels, at all times.


First of all this is my favorite blog out there! You guys are the fucking shit! thanks for all the value.

In your last post you said not to be sold on her right away based soley on her looks. Too be only tempted by her.
I agree with this, but when I first read it, i was like okay well whats next? After youve spent time with her and determined she’s a cool girl. were does it go from there?


H: Thanks dude, The way I see game is like this..

1. See If shes good looking, (not sold on her)

2. Walk up with unexpected BOOM energy, Pumping her with amazing emotions (WHO IS THIS GUY!!), dominant, warm frame here is key. From the very start I establish the roles of me coming from a very high-value place, being dominant. Getting it physical. Yet there is a ‘glow’, a really warm CONNECTION i’m making with her.

3. See if shes got a fun/chill personality (Play with her, mess round), THE FRAME YOU WANT IS FOR HER TO BE ‘TEMPTING YOU’ TO SELECT HER.

3. After she’s worked and proven that she is a cool enough chick i will select her, AND BE 100% CERTAIN OF MY SELECTING. Yet still remaining ‘unattainable’ for her, still having control over yourself. not acting ‘disinterested’ or any shit like that, I prefer to see it as i’m a wild man who she is trying to tame. If you can have FULL DESIRE OF HER but have control over yourself, she will try to make you lose control. By the end of the night she NEEDS to prove to herself that she can get you to lose control and win you with her temptations. This is all done with an inner knowing that all girls are more sexual than guys, that she wants me sexually more than I want her. Eye fucking her is a MUST at this point for me.

4. Let instincts do the rest, go for it. Even if I blow my load she still hasn’t ‘got’ me, she knows she could always be replaced and she could lose me I am not ‘caged’ by her.

There is a trend amongst guys who arn’t that good with girls and that is they don’t SURRENDER to their instincts. DON’T SUPPRESS THEM!!!

M: Hey man, stoked your loving our blog bro. Hendrix and I pour our fucking SOULS into this thing hahaha. We got some major upgrades planned to end the year with a BANG and start off  ’11 as the illest year EVER. Super excited so stay tuned.

Basically, you never let her have you. Ever. Even when you’re fucking her, her EXCITEMENT is getting you to come… to deplete you masculine life force deep into her – her ultimate biological goal. But what happens when you instantly ‘give in’ to her temptation and blow your load, both literally and metaphorically? She loses interest, you become deflated… tired… drowsy… impotent.

Attractive? A chase? Fun? Desirable? Filled with energy and Life Force? A turn-on?


And LOL don’t go getting dogmatic or paranoid on me here guys – I bust my nut on chicks all the time, it’s how I have my fun, but I’m saying it’s soooo much more enjoyable for you AND her to let the masculine female attraction dynamic little ‘game’ run and go on for as long as possible…. it’s foreplay FROM THE GET-GO. The more sexual tension you can build by not giving into her fully[even if its as subtle as not paying attention to her for a second or two], the hotter and hotter it gets… the more you’re like “OMG I LOVE YOU… naaaaaah just kiddin’.” the wetter and wetter she gets.

hahah one of my favorite games for rapid pulls is to whisper into her ear how horny I am for her hot soft little sexy body and then pull away and go “too bad I’m gay.” Or like put my finger down her shorts for a second and say with a smirk “no wait, I can’t do that, that’d be bad!” *TAKEAWAY* lol dude, caution with this one, you’ll have her tearing your fucking clothes off. I ended up having some chick literally DRAG me 2 miles(longest. walk. ever.) away to her dorm where I proceeded to fuck both her AND her roommate hahahahaahah wild stuff. That’s a very potent technique. Go apply it in field immediately.

The trick with any hot girl is to keep her on a teeter totter. On one end you have total validation; “I want you.”   “You’re sexy.”    “I love you.”     “I’m taking you home tonight.”

and then we have on the other end we have the “Not interested” frames… examples include; “You know Sarah you’re the coolest girl in the world… which doesn’t say much for the rest of the population.”     “It’s too bad you’re not my type or I’d be all over you.”      “I don’t have sex anymore, it’s against my beliefs.”   “You’re such a freak!”  “I’m embarrassed to be seen with you in public you nerd” etc etc etc.   Oh and major note: all this stuff is said with a light smile. Don’t hurt these girls lol jesus.

Key: When all else fails – Have FUN! Be playful. Chicks are the feminine LIGHT of the world, enjoy them guys!!! They’re so full of life and radiance, awesome and deeply inspiring.

So back to the club. When girts feel too validated they *POOF!*.


When girls get zero validation and pushed away they get hurt and/or REALLY PISSED.

Keep it swinging between both.

This is push/pull 101, simplified as Temptation (I don’t like having to think about all this shit in the field. I see her, I take her. Period. )

Don’t go getting all frustrated, just remember; tempted, never sold. Hope that clears stuff up man.

It’s that “Maybe I’m sold on you… we’ll see.” attitude that comes across in your body language, the way you look at her, tease her, talk to her, even FUCK her man. And girls LOVE this. It keeps them on their toes because they are always confused “does he think I’m hot? how can I turn him on??? how can I GET him to notice me or want to have sex with me???”  Most guys are totally on the one end of the teeter totter “You’re so hot! Oh my god I’m drooling. You’re so pretty!” It’s the guy who guys “Eh, she’s alright ;).”  that gets all the attention. Then she is like “WHAT? How come HE doesn’t think I’m hot??!! I’ll MAKE HIM think I’m hot when I’m back at his place fucking him.. he will KNOW how hot I am!!!!”

This is such a sick mindset to deeply internalize, being a challenge for a girl is so rare and when women get a guy who knows how to do this to her well – it’s like a GUARANTEED PULL that same night[that is, if your other skills are developed] – you literally become a rare guy, a Brad Pitt. Girls get so hot and bothered with this stuff its fucking awesome ;D.

And remember, most of these fun attraction games you play with girls is pretty much in the early stages before sex. The feminine LOVES attention and adoration from men. On her core deepest feminine she wants to be SEEN to be KNOWN – fully.

From a purely physical standpoint taking your 5 senses into account, what else is there? She wants to be felt, to be experienced – in every way shape and form you possibly can in the most loving and ravaging ways.

So when I’m fucking a girl, the ONLY thing I’m holding back is my cum. I’m telling her how fucking hot her little sexy body is and she is going WILD. I’m telling her to do all these nasty things that turn me on and she LOVES it. Dudes, when you don’t give it up and say stuff like “nah, I’m not gonna let you taste my cum…. maybe you’ll get it out of me….i dunno ;)” as she is giving me head, omgggg you’ll seriously get the BEST HEAD EVER. I had this one girl gagging and spitting and double fisting all of a sudden… it’s wild how horny they get.

Unleash her inner animal and fuck her raw. Liberate her. Set her free in ecstatic bliss. This is our Masculine Gift. Most women are walking around soooo sexually frustrated because guys give away the whole fucking steak… sell her a sizzle man and keep her mouth watering. (or most chodes just see a girl and value take take take take…. LAME.)

Now compare acting challenging (even in the bedroom where most chodes go pump pump, blow, roll over and then pass out), to the way other guys behave. It’s sad hahaha; “Ummm hi gorgeous umm can I please buy you a drink? Please excuse me for being in your presence, please like me!!! I’m sorry I looked at you!!!!!!”   OMG that chode example reminds me of when I was at the club I remember this one dude goes up to to these two hotties and says, “Excuuuuuse me ladies – I have a Yacht.”


Be a challenge. Tempted. Hope this clears things up man. NEXT QUESTION!!!

1. Directed to Mizu. After your click, how many girls have you fucked since then?

I now it was about 2-3 months ago.

2. Also like to know about sexual escalation and how important it’s been for your success.

3. Maybe post some field reports, only a couple or so, to understand what you guys are really doing.

4. Talk about sub-communication.



M: #1. Alright man first off, being overly concerned with numbers are for chodes. Strive for consistent fuckbuddies > flaky notches in your ego belt. Lifestyle success of having an AWESOME girlfriend or a circle of really cool cute sexy fuckbuddies you love to enjoy again and again is waaaaaayyy more enjoyable in the long run than trying to fill that gaping hole in your self-esteem with another empty lay  number. One of my favorite awesome sex coaches, David Shade, talks about how “Men who base their sense of self worth in the number of Women they conquer have no power. They leave all the power in the hands of the Women!”

That being said hahaha oh man since that post around 30+. Funnnn times. I know there’s probably more I just can’t remember some blurry nights…I was pretty drunk some nights not gonna lie, but hey, when you go out 4 nights a week with alcoholic friends shit happens. I like sober pulls so much better because what the fuck is the point if you don’t even remember it… besides alcohol pretty much = luck.  Earlier this year I made a major shift and I’m all about consistency now, not dumb chode luck. I don’t like “crutches”.

Oh and, you don’t learn half as many lessons when you’re shitfaced.

Anyways dude, I was having threesome after threesome and it was all fun and games, don’t get me wrong I still LOVE that play, but it starts feeling really empty. Like I hit a weird phase in my personal growth, like one night where I’d just gotten done fucking this hottie blonde[hot body, annoying personality.] she is laying next to me snoring cuddling on me, and I’m just laying awake thinking… Another number. Another long, hot, useless fuck. What’s it all for? Momentary pleasure yeah, awesome… but dude, there’s gotta be more to this shit…I wanted something deeper

I kinda went through my whole Jeffy existential experience where chasing these lays didn’t bring me happiness. And dudes its crazy, the moment you fall in love with your LIFE and not all desperate and concerned about getting ‘another notch on your belt’… its like the notches you cared so much about just go up and up and UP. One of my total natural surfer buddy sums it up nicely; “It’s like the less I care about getting laid the MORE I get laid!”

And man, literally out of all most those girls I fucked – I barely stay in contact with any of them… but in my life, (and if you’re all about the numbers game man GO FOR IT), seriously if that fuels you than do it.. but I feel picking some really really cool chicks to be my fuckbuddies is so much better if you’re a sex-a-holic like me. I mean going out and gaming girls takes a lot of effort man depending if that’s your goal for the evening or not. It’s so much easier to just pick up the phone, call up one of my girls, and be fucking her in minutes. Plus, there’s so much more comfort built up with girls you’re already fucking and IMO the sex is 10x better – especially when you train them in the bedroom to be blowjob champs and your own personal horny naughty little slut :).

Now don’t get me wrong I’m still playin’ the field hard to keep my skills ultra tight and calibrated (and there’s nothing hotter or more exciting than peeling off a fresh new pair of panties exposing that hot new girl’s bare pussy) but having fuckbuddies just seems to make my lifestyle easier and I get way more enjoyment out of it in the long run & feel like I can be more focused on my goals more and these chicks support and fuel my lifestyle. Like, I use their feminine energy and radiance for inspiration to fuel my mission. Plus, these girls are totally cool and a lot like me at this point in my life – not looking for a deep serious committed relationship, just out to have fun and have a good time, no strings attached. Awesome, cuz’ clingers suck.

This is where I’m at now as I have a lot of stuff to focus on and dominate in my life, and it’s NOT women – they’re the least of my worries. They’re a source of fun and stress release for me – period.

Maybe I’ll be looking for a girlfriend someday who knows. Goals evolve and so do us Men.

Oh and as a bonus with a fuckbuddy – there’s not any chance of awkwardness of a first time fuck with a new girl. But it’s an advanced game to play man. Emotions MUST NOT be involved with these girls whatsoever. I’ve gone out many nights with these girls as my “wing girls”, and man it’s AWESOME. You guys have got to try this shit. Sets just blow the fuck open because you’re pre-selected. One of my wing girls helps me hook up with hotties by talking me up telling her how good I am in bed and how cool of a guy I am etc hahaha maaajjjoor rock star social proof, she does my gaming for me lol, then it’s just A – B; new girl is allll over me, so I just stfu, pull her back to club mizu – fade to black. Cool shit.

But there’s a catch. When you bring fuckbuddies into your lifestyle here’s the thing; THEY EXPECT THE SAME NON-NEEDINESS FROM YOU. Having your own personal Wing Girls are tough on your emotions dude, especially if you like them. I remember the first time I went out with one of mine when I was inexperienced and totally new with it, since I’d been fucking her passionately a few times prior and she’s been the serious BEST fuck I’ve ever had, I admit it – I grew attached to this one. Bad bad bad. Feelings became involved… so we’re out at some party and I’m talking to her thinking I want to take her home and fuck her that night, and then bam, some dude starts chattin her up… now logically I’m like “haha it’s allll good Mizu – look at all these hotties here to enjoy. And remember she’s just a fuckbuddy, I’m helping her find a dude and she’s helping me find another hottie to lay. Alright let’s peace it and go find one.”

But then dudes, emotionally for some reason just seeing her laughing, flirting, leaning into him and touching this dudes arm and shit all into him looking at him all sexual I’m like WTF inside… you *feel* it on a gut level. Call it instinct whatever.. I was just responding for no logical reason and I couldn’t help it. I felt like a total bitch chode – like I’d try to be in state and since you can’t fake it, the new sets I was opening they’d just totally see something was way off in me and my night SUCKED. Total off night. I ended up just cruising home, defeated and bummed out.

No worries –  after that key lesson I got, I sucked it the fuck up and got tougher skin to this whole new realm, (and I still have her on board as one of my regular fuckbuddies… I bailed outta there before she noticed I was chodin’ out LOL), and since then I’ve sucked it up with my Wing Girls and am totally non-needy/outcome independent now when that stuff goes down, but at the first time I was TOTALLY unprepared for that shit and it totally undercut me, hard.

Man Ive been rambling… Just letting you know how it is in field if you decide to dive down that route. You’ve been warned dude. Hope you pick a lifestyle that suits you. Lately I’ve been leaning towards the numbers game, not for ego massaging reasons but just because I LOVE THE GAME man… its like my hobby. I see a cutie at a party and I just light up inside.
I LOVE Women. Even if they blow me out, I STILL love them – and think its really really funny 🙂

#2. Man, got such a BADASS sexual escalation post coming up. If any of you guys ever feel like there’s a “Wall of Weirdness” between you and a girl when you know its time to escalate on her than you’re gonna be so stoked for the upcoming post; Sexual Escalation Mastery.

#3.Yeah mang, I’d love to write up some field reports. The only thing is they take SO LONG… core blog posts packed with massive value are my number one priority right now.

We’ll be sure to write some up though, I promise. Some of mine are ridiculously funny (like this one chicks annoying ass roommate locking the door with my clothes inside and me having to run all the way home in my boxers with people whistling at me and shit haha) or the time I passed out in chicks bed after a night of fun, wake up, get dressed(taking a peak at her sexy soft body one more time as she sleeps like a naughty little angel)  and decide to make the journey home…

So I’m walking home in the morning and everyone keeps looking at me and smiling… then a whole fuckin’ soriety of hotties walks by and they’re ALL looking and smiling at me, some giggling, and everyone and keeps looking at me and staring so I’m like “fuck yeah I’m such a pimp” inside… So then on the way back I’m starving so I stop by the local breakfast place, make my order with the dude smiling all awkwardly at me. Wtf is going on lol? I sit down to eat my delicious egg burrito… more people keep looking at me and grinning, I’m like “Damn. Mizu’s got some fresh vibes this morning – right on.” *chomp chomp chomp*

I get home, look in the mirror…and in big red ink Sharpie “PUSSY” is written across my entire face.


Lol, Whatever. That night was EPIC so I dgaf hahaha.

#4. Check out the above question about being in the moment. Subcommunication is YOU, on all levels naturally bleeding through. Who you truly are is ALWAYS coming through man. When you develop yourself into an Authentic King that’s why you start getting opened  randomly in bars or wherever you go to meet women and get all these weird stares of desire from girls and all this other shit… they just SEE a real Man they want to take home. Now.

But again, it works both ways. They might just see a chode coming from 2 miles away and have rejected him before he even opens his mouth…

Alright, next caller:

hi guys, love your posts!

i don’t quite understand what is meant by “opening up” and “lighting up a woman”. so please explain how to open up and live through god and all that which is explained in deida’s book.



H: YO DAAWWG!!!  When a girl opens up to you she completely surrenders herself and lets all guard down because she can TRUST that you will keep her safe. This is done alot through KNOWING WHO YOU ARE and KNOWING WHO SHE IS under all the bullshit. you = surrender to primal instincts, her = surrender to you. This I think is a very strong part of my attitude towards all this, I see sex and stuff as her OPENING to me, I’m doing this for her – yet it’s out of my intentions – My ultimate goal with a woman isn’t sex, it is opening, this breeds GENUINE CURIOSITY, she’s like a flower opening up to me and each new layer I see I notice a million other little things to be curious about, for me, women are FASCINATING, the way they move, the way they open, the way she is always experiencing every little fluctuation in her environment and reflecting ME as a person. When I first talk to a woman THE SEX HAS BEGUN, She begins to open upto me, she can trust me and is comfortable in my presence and general curiosoty because i’m not seeing sex as the ‘end result’. This doesn’t mean I don’t have sex either – I see sex as FULLY OPENING the woman.

It’s important to realise that women don’t just ‘open’ they slowly go deeper and then shallow then even deeper, this is why old school ‘two steps forward one step back’ works. You must LEAD this. Take her deep then show her that your not attached by playing with her a little before going deeper, be cool and take your time, it’s a beautiful dynamic, ENJOY it.

Lighting up a woman – I like to think of this as, ‘sweeping the girl off her feet’, giving her such a unique experience that no chode has ever given her, that leaves her thinking WOW WHO WAS THAT GUY!!!!! long after they go. I cover this in my KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR post.

M: Whaaad up budddddddy :). Alright man, wow I’ve got a perfect example that just happened. I was at the grocery store today dumping my change into the Coinstar(those bastards take a 10% cut!), so how it works is we get this little voucher and have to bring it to a cashier. So I grab my little ticket, get in line and its this CUTIE!!! Man she is sexy and I’m getting lovestruck. My type for sure. Anyways, I hand her my ticket and as she goes to take it I notice her hand is fucking shaking. Her breathing tense, her body tight, her heart closed down.

So I do my usual charming conversation, “Do people ever bring in tickets with like $1000 bucks on them hahaha” she nervously goes, “Yeah its like their life collection in change or something!!”

Man this chick is soOoOoOooo fine. But she’s acting really nervous, stifled and retarded. Like dudes, I feel bad for this girl she’s SO HOT(As you’ve learned the ‘total 10’s’ who are solely responding to superficial societal bullshit shallow looks are the MOST insecure because they are overly concerned with their plastic presentation to Men…who else would spend  2 hours in the mirror getting ready before going out to go to the supermarket???? That’s why fucking “10’s” is so goddam easy.)

So anyways dudes, in Mizu’s reality women DO NOT act like this shit. This chick is closed down, nervous, insecure, feeling anxiety, fear, and whatever bullshit negative painful emotions – for no reason, and I refuse to let her. She’s seriously a total stunner, and my type, and I will not let her act that way and feel so ugly and awkward. Remember, as Men we have the incredible Masculine Gift of perceiving her more beautiful than she perceives herself. Think about that one.

So she hands me my cash. Normal guys would just say “thanks have a good day” and walk off right? Not me. I’m not gonna leave her closed down in this chode state of weirdness and suffering.

I stop. Decide to create a moment. A reality I want to see. Direct from my mind’s eye to my real experience. After taking my money I make eye contact with her, hold it a little longer than usual. People around me are looking and shit, it’s broad daylight – I don’t give a fuck. It’s just me and her. The whole world fades out. Man this girl is sooooo gorgeous. I take in her beauty and feminine essence… I seriously feel like I’m dreaming this chick is unreal. She’s like giving me the chills of inspiration and drive. I then just put on a warm smile and say, “You’re cute. :)”

Ohhhh man she MELTED. I finally get to see that beautiful bright smile of hers and she looks down and blushes and says “Thanks.” she couldn’t stop smiling and smiling – obviously suddenly VERY happy. I then just simply walked off, wanting nothing from her.

I lit up her heart.

Dudes, you should of seen the look on her face. I like made her YEAR. Someday in the future she’s going to be feeling all sad and depressed and then bam, think of that “day at work when that guy who told her how cute she was” and then uncontrollably smile.

That’s a memory she’ll have for the rest of her life that makes her feel really really good – and I created it for her.

My masculine gift.

But remember, it HAS to be non-needy… or you’re cheesy compliment guy. You really gotta feel it man. Little miss checkout hottie was *my* total 10, so I was super authentic about it and seriously in that moment wanting nothing more than to see her pretty smile. 🙂

We as Men hold the ability to mold reality in front of us at any given moment into whatever it is that we want, and feminine women react completely and relax into that reality. You hold in your hands incredible power over these girls to send them into pulsating ecstatic bliss – wave after wave of euphoric writhing bedsheet clawing orgasm, or you can simply put a smile on her face, or make her feel a rush of excitement during her boring day… or you can make her feel creeped out, full of fear, distant, undesired, unloved, and nervous. Your choice.

It’s Your Canvas.

physical escalation bro fasho


H: Trust instincts, do what you want as long as you frame it as ‘Giving her some of your nice vibe’ rather than ‘trying to get something from her’, keep it playful.

M: Again, wicked post coming up. But here’s a key element. ANY (even as much as a playful slap on the ass) will send an exciting rush of hot life adrenaline up her spine, exciting her.

Your sexual escalation, every kind(even the tiniest naughty ‘you’re mine’ look at her), is PURE VALUE you offer her. It’s pleasure. It brings a little passion to her boring chodey life. Women crave the badboy who takes her on a wild fun ride. Any physical escalation you do to her pleasure-receptive body is pure value for her – it’s like walking up and handing a girl a delicious enjoyable iecream cone.

I remember this girl in my art class, she was so openly sexual with me (a total stranger at the time) and it was AWESOME.

And you know what? I LOVED her for it. We’d sit at these big tables. While the teacher was talking she used to slide her hand up my thigh and look into my eyes all sexual then giggle and stop.

Oh man, she used to drive me crazzzzy. Such a fun chick. Can you imagine if she was all timid about it and ashamed to run her hand up my thigh or look at me sexual or FEEL sexual? Or if she didn’t do it because she was ‘scared of me rejecting’ her…. WTF?!?!? Where do guys get these chodey mindsets, women LOVE sex. You guys need to realize just how much fucking value you truly offer girls when you get sexual with them because so many guys today don’t.

Imagine a girl who is afraid or nervous to suck your dick or kiss you or show you her pussy.

Yuck, how lame/sad would that be? Fun? Hardly.

So back to that cutie in my clas who used to try and grab my dick in the middle of class making me feel really good.. (sure as hell beat boring ass chodeschool teacher’s lecture)

Remember, Man = Woman.

We have this SAME EXACT hot and exciting effect on any woman with any amount of sexual escalation we do – even the slightest glance – and here’s the thing, women enjoy sex 10x more than men. It’s ALL they talk about. It’s all they think about. So when you sexually escalate on a woman, (most guys don’t), you are offering her a massive pleasurable gift. If she doesn’t accept your gift – she’s retarded lol. (It’s like hey girl, here’s a million dollars! and she goes, ‘Wtf creep, I don’t want to take your money tonight.” uhhh what is she fucking stupid lol? You don’t want to feel really really good tonight? Ok NP I’ll just go give it to a thousand other hot girls who really know how to be vulnerable and feminine and open up her their heart, mind, and body.) – but no worries, the HOTTEST sexiest women out there are the one’s who can accept our masculine gifts the most because they know how to have a good time and are in tune with their hot pleasure-receptive bodies.  They’re the most eager and craving for your exciting hot blissful gifts you can offer them.

Again man, you hold in your hands the ability to tease her, make her wet, make her feel so fucking alive and hot with pleasure and excited like no other guy can. And to those dudes that can’t get over the fear of rejection, lock into the role of the Unapologetic Child-like Pursuer. For example, you’re making out, you slide your hand up her soft inner thigh to go to rub her pussy, but she grabs your hand and stops you… you smile with that sexual look in your eye and go “awwwwww…. :)” obviously playfully disappointed she wont let you make her feel really good (works too if you go to kiss her and she turns her head) TOTALLY UNAPOLOGETIC about what you were just trying to do.

You want her, and you’re unashamed of that fact. In fact, from now on, any time you think a girl is hot and you want her soft warm sexy little body – make it totally obvious. The cool thing is bro, she gets off and how much you get off. Women LOVE receiving sexual & sensual pleasure and they get turned on by seeing you excited by her. tis’ the feminine way.

Authentic King Principle #18: She gets off on how much you get off.

I like to make them work for my arousal – hard. I tell them to do all sorts of naughty stuff that turns me on, like ‘get on my fucking bed and slowly strip for me’ and they LOVE it.

It’s My Canvas. She’s just a guest in my Badass reality painting afterall.

Remember, be like a little kid… COOKIE. He just grabs it, without shame, without doubting himself. Pure pleasure. Pure enjoyment. Let your instincts take over, be in the moment, and get the fuck out of your head.


Oh and dude, I used to kick it and shred guitars with my buddy who lived with 3 hot girls(nailed the one with the ‘boyfriend’ haha) and when they were in front of the mirror getting ready in the bathroom I would always overhear them talk about “I hate how guys are such pussies. I mean what does it take for a girl to get a proper fuck around here?”  Yuppp. Doesn’t surprise me one bit, but this is how girls talk man. They’re horny little sluts. All of them. So by actually having a pair, stepping the fuck up and escalating like you should, you offer women MASSIVE value because sooo so so so many guys out there are all afraid to offend her or bruise their delicate little “never rejected” pimp egos and shit. Fuck walking on eggshells man… if you’re not getting rejected enough you’re not playing hard enough. Oh and  be sure to watch out for that post, it’s gonna be sick and blow away a ton of bullshit I see so many guys face when that time comes when its time to ‘pull the trigger’.

Having sex with a girl should be fun for both of you, not feel like solving a riddle. Now go give the girlies some pleasure. They’re frustrated because most boys out there are totally out of contact with their natural drives, instincts, and primal core desires.

I think psychical escalation for sure but ALSO how do you handle the other girl when the interaction is going SO good. Last night for example, I had this girl giggling and completely into me. Her friend says “Come sit on my lap.” So the girl does and the other girl locks her in. I try to do my best to talk to both girls but something usually ends up happening.


H: Awww man, I know how it feels hahhaha Catch em out, the other girl is seeing if you are worthy of her friend. If you seem like a cool dude her friends will want you to have her. I don’t give a fuck, usually end up attracting them both though I make it obvious which one i’m selecting.

M: Oh man. Classic case of a drag-away girl… lol, do you ever see guys doing this shit?

Imagine my buddy talking to a cutie:

Mizu: *grabs arm* “Tom, come on bro let’s GO. I wanna go home!”

Tom: “Sorry girls, I GOTTA GO!”

hahahaha never.

And one more thing…if you meet a girl but don’t take her home but you dance with her at the club. How do you react when you see her in the day time. Sometimes my mind is on a million different things and then I run into a girl that I had a good time with at the club and I cannot go back to the way I was AT the club. If that makes sense…


H: Shouldn’t have to, naturally you will be in a different head-space than at the club, as will she. React like it was a good night, you had fun together, should do it again. MAKE SURE IT’S NOT AWKWARD.

M: It’s okay to be normal man. Just say “Hey what’s up!” with a sincere smile. You don’t have to be super-charged with energy bouncing around like you’re in the club on a mellow street in the daytime, that’s uncalibrated and called weird. As long as you’ve got a mild cool buzz of satisfaction towards life (a resulting manifestation from being on your path) than it’s allll gooood. Day game is a totally different realm than state-pumping her at the club; you’ve gotta have your identity down solid and your inner demons DESTROYED.

That didnt work as planned :) . I second manny’s post.

I would personally like a list of books that either of you guys feel helped you in any aspect of life.


H: The usual






WAY OF THE SUPERIOR MAN etc. etc. Me and Mizu adore soaking up all this fruitful knowledge, make it a habit to REEADD. Every night.

M: Ohhhhhhh man. Ohhhhhh man. Books are wild bro. I love reading. A well written book can literally change you so hardcore and so much, it’s… awesome. I’m going to put up a post right after this with my top list of awesome ass-kicking books that have helped me (and tons of other Great Men) out a lot.  “A lot” being an extreme understatement.

I agree that it would be REALLY helpful to see some FR kind of story. There has been a lottt of stuff covered since your first blog article and while all of it makes sense it would be good to see how you guys implement all of it.


H: Might do an infield video aswel, we are gonna create some awesome new sections in AK, this will be one of them 🙂

M: Yeah I’m gonna buy a Flip Slide-HD in the future for my internet marketing businesses. Definitely plan to capture some wicked live in-field examples and blog posts in video form for Authentic King Blog 2011. We got a lot of surprises for you guys coming up… 8)

Then again, I suppose you guys are also having some experiences with night/club game. How is that looking from open till close? Important aspects that are a must to succeed in it?

Cool guys.


H: Hmm might do a post on this.

M: Club game? Oh man I’m specialized in this because I worked as a bouncer at a local hot venue… I saw set after set after set, chode after chode, and I saw dudes who pulled. (Being a bouncer in a bar is the only job where you can make out with hot chicks and the manager doesn’t care… haha fucking awesome. But getting home at 4:30 A.M. every night was definitely NOT chill for Mizu’s health.)

Basically bro it all comes down to this….


The guy in the club that is the most non-outcome dependent, and is just there to have a blast with his boys, is the guy who gets the girls. The guys who go in there to value take that “sarge” or “game” or “hunt” are the creepy needy dudes super low-energy and quiet stuck inside their heads sitting in the corner of the dancefloor by the speaker with drinks pressed up against their chest… CHODE!

The guys I’d see who pull HARD would just be having a good time… totally not giving a fuck about the girls and how their interactions go. Like this one guy would go up to a girl laughing and playfully push her, she’d get all pissed and he’d smile and laugh even harder and walk off to his buddies all laughing… the chick was looking over at him all night and they later ended up making out. I saw them both walking out later in the Twilight Zone (when the bar lights come on and everything is a hazy smoke of drunken blur and mystery…)

Man you’re digging up so many wild memories hahaha. Like sometimes I’d just walk around high fiving chicks (light up their hearts) the ones who were in chode mode all bored and low energy sitting in the back of the club and stuff… they’d get all happy and I even had this one drunk one dance on the bar counter for me… like a mini strip-tease thing, FULL eye contact, with everyone watching. It was cool. But I had to kick her drunk ass out unfortunately(company policy).

Bars are fucking NUTS man… I suggest every guy try to land a job at one(and none of that application chode shit, go in and talk face-to-face with the manager to make a solid impression, and be persistent.)  for at least a month just to build up total immunity to a chaotic club environment and learn how to handle the drunken feminine ;).

It’s awesome. I felt like I was being paid to pick up girls. I mean you’re limited to what you can do on the job, but you can for sure flirt with some honies. And I had plenty of afterwork adventures for sure..

So remember mang, bring the party, and bring the girls in on it  – most girls lead pretty boring ass lives and are always looking for that exciting fun guy to come along. The sad part is, women can’t generate their state from internally… it’s the feminine way, they ALWAYS get their good emotions and state from their environment (AKA YOU – The Man) so just by knowing this will put you in the fucking matrix as you’ll see women just walking around in a chode daze all the time totally reacting to everything. Poor women hahahaha.

Hey guys,

Awesome posts overall. This stuff is really genuine and even better than some seduction books that are out there. It’s sort of like direct but not so desperate, which is usually what all the super alpha guys do.

Question: I, like some others that read this, have epiphanies where everything just flows naturally and when I know I could get any girl. These moments are amazing and last a couple days. However, if I don’t reread things or go out, it loses its magic. I guess success breeds confidence and confidence breeds success. How can one keep this amazing mindset and flow with his life forever?


H: Good question, keep the certainty and keep reaffirming the mindset. Add it to your morning ritual. VISION BOOK EVERY NIGHT AND MORNING. It’s an upward spiral of positive momentum, EVOLVE the mindset, this is flow. If you keep adding more momentum your mindset will keep becoming more and more strengthened. keep it up bro, this is awesome!

M: Thanks bro. Yeah I think Hendrix and I are just uncovering what Natural Game truly is. It’s ridiculous how much modern society disconnects us Men from our primal instincts that make girls super wet effortlessly – or rather, how the game should be played.

You gotta keep the material fresh in your mind man. Also repetition is super important to permanently hammer it and BURN it into your subconscious mind so you deeply internalize it and it becomes a PART OF YOU. BEING NOT DOING. Keep rereading it over and over, and yeah hell yeah like Hendrix said add it to your vision that you read ideally every morning you arise and every night. Remember man, one of my favorite Zen sayings; “If you’re going to shoot an arrow it would help to have a target.” A ship without a rudder is just floating aimlessly on the sea of life. Or “To a sailboat with no destination, any wind will do.” If you discipline your mind to be totally immersed in whatever state you want (by reading your vision essay over and over and over each and every day until it becomes deeply engrained in every neuropathway and fibre of your entire BEING) your cells will tingle with it and soon so will the world.

Seriously dude, you should read it and rehearse yourself in that state so fucking much that it becomes BORING. Did you know these Russian olympic athletes did for 2 years straight every single day for 2 hours mental rehearsal of every vibrant detail of beating The America Team, and finally 2 years later after never skipping a day of this tedious rehearsing winning the match against them, they went “Fuck – not these guys AGAIN!”   and guess what? they SMASHED THEM.

This is kind of a sneak peak preview at one of my upcoming reality melting posts, but, remember this… reality and your mind are no different. What you see in your mind in the future, in the now, and in the past are ALL the same.   So when you focus your mind on future states that promise well and STAY IN THESE IMAGES, they start to become your permanent reality.  A quote by one of my favorite Mystics, Neville Goddard; “The world truly belongs to the dreamer’s of mind, and the true master is the man who lay awake in his dream.” <– When FANTASY becomes your REALITY.

…then again, what is “reality”? 😉

You never ‘lose’ that state, you just fail to create it. And hell yeah, you CAN get any girl you. Just the fact you’re alive right now, your genes are the genes of CHAMPIONS bro. You’ve literally outperformed billions of other chode sperm and men in the course of human evolution. You’re the King, you’ve got that winner built into you from the get-go.

How many sperm were in your moms vagina going for that egg competing with you, a million? 100 million? a BILLION? And which one made it in?

That’s right. Only you.

You’ve got the natural alpha male King built into you from the get-go man. You just need to awaken it and quit telling yourself lies about who you think you are and seeing yourself as a chode in your mind — because your mind is very powerful.

For example, whenever I think of Jimi Hendrix, I think of the coolest, smoothest king that got the hottest women with no effort and I can see that part in me. I can ususally feel the “tao” after flirting with and making some girls laugh, but how does one keep this high every day of his life to really be an Authentic King? Also, like the one PDF you guys posted, do you recommend no porn/mastrubation for 1 month?


H: Hell yeah! God prays to Jimi Hendrix. I recommend no porn/masturbation at all. Although I do occasionally watch HQ lesbian girl-on-girl actionand do occasionally masturbate 😉 ALWAYS for purpose of exploration than a ‘quick release’, I won’t ejaculate unless I accidentally do. Dude you will notice the change if you discipline yourself, this stuff is KEY.

You get that ‘high’ from giving value and opening up a woman. To keep this high open up all women, be really appreciative of everything around you, just soak it all in, enjoy everything, POSITIVE MOMENTUM. I know what you mean dude, there is NO BETTER FEELING than having this glow, girls love it to.. Effortless connection…

M: Press play.

Life is good, and man I’ve had my highs, but realistically you’re probably not going to be in that state 100% of the time. Hate to break it to you man but we’re all human here. The good news is you can access it a lot. How? The best most counter-intuitive advice I can give you is monitor your inner self-dialogue and have no attachment to form. Make your internal mind images and words ONLY positive & powerful and refuse to believe any shit you may have created about yourself in the past.

I also have some seriously wicked health tips to put your serotonin/testosterone levels on overdrive naturally so you’re energetic, masculine, happy, and healthy nearly all the time. That’ll be posted in the upcoming EPIC Real Authentic King Health Secrets blog post.

But the most effective way is to let the form become formless – non-attachment to form is sooooo KEY. What do I mean? Don’t cling to an imaginary future mental states, mind images, womens bodies, material possessions, highs – lows – whatever… form! It’s all form.

Be content with what you have;
rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking,
the whole world belongs to you.

~Lao Tzu

What this does it keep you in impenetrable state, you just enjoy everything but feel no sense of loss when it leaves you. You become immune to the opinions of others, to women blowing you off (or blowing you in the bathroom) – it all just doesn’t matter as you’re already whole and complete, you just need look within for the awesome divine creative power you have. Like Eckhart Tolle in the intro to Power of Now talks about the beggar asking for help and the stranger on the street just points to the box he was sitting on the entire time, filled with gold. At the end of your life all you hold on to is your experiences. Life is just a dream… so have fun with it, have a pair, and take some risk.


As far as porn and masturbation go… THE HAND IS BANNED. Seriously man,  it’s chode shit. Save your male sperm energy for kicking ass in life, attracting girls. Your balls should feel heavy and full – not weak, depleted and empty.

Natural testosterone boosts and positive female dominance ensues hardcore when you build up your internal life force.

Transmute it into your workouts, life goals, and only bust when you fuck girls. Know that “this is easy *grab  lube*  *Type in URL* ”  feeling you get when you’re about to jack off and enoy some porn? Almost like a slight adrenal rush and a FULL SENSE OF CERTAINTY you’re about to ‘get laid’ [even if it’s just your hand]? Condition your mind and body to do that with WOMEN IN THE REAL WORLD and I swear to GOD man it will pay off so hardcore for you. This is one of the quickest ways to becoming a natural. But you gotta be working out regularly and eating healthy to ensure the energy actually builds up. It’s all holistic. These little pieces are like a phone number… If you miss ONE DIGIT it doesn’t work, but when you add up all the numbers… BANG. The sum is greater than the parts.

Plus, when we jack off to women on screen then any time you talk to a girl in the real world you may have trouble ‘staring’ at her because you think she thinks you are looking at her like a sex object drooling or something, and you may get less excited to enjoy the adventure of slowly taking your time exploring a woman’s body – even with your eyes.

You also lose sensitivity to Real women who don’t look like ‘perfect 10’s’ … this is also evident in dudes who never get liad always complaining “ah man she wasn’t hot enough” see, most those pornstars are fucking shallow plastic ‘model’ barbies who look like ready for a camera with tits and pussies – but that’s it. They have no inner substance and you don’t train yourself to look for the DPETH in a WOman’s heart, mind, body, and Soul.

Abusing porn instills some fucked up beliefs, ie, you begin to see women as just fuckdolls… it gets really creepy. They’re people too with dreams, desires, goals, fears, inseucrities, talents, weaknesses, etc… Pornstars aren’t people. Lol just kiddin’… but really though.

Porn makes us numb to real-world women, and remember Authentic King Principle #18: She gets off on how much you get off.

So the more passionate and stoked you become for a cute girl’s body – the more happy she becomes and sexy she feels and hot sex ensues. This is easy, natural game. Since If haven’t jacked off in like forever to porn man whenever I’m with a woman in my proximity I’m like FLOODED with good emotions and elating thrills(no room for chodey fear or sickly unhealthy thoughts).

I get so goddam excited to see half a boobie in a tanktop… or her soft belly… or the sides of her neck, or the way she smells… or OH MY GOD the rush of seeing her hot little pussy – finally getting to see it for the first time on a fresh new girl – best feeling ever.

Women become so incredible to explore and enjoy when you drop the chode porn man.Everywhere you go they seriously COME ALIVE – it’s fucking gnarly lol. Try it. You’ll also feel way more stoked and exhilarated  for not only cute women but for  your LIFE and become really really passionate about your goals and purpose. Not durrrrring around all day like a chode because you drain your inner masculine fire and potential every night in your little comfort cushion.

Oh and if you guys struggle with getting really horny and fighting it late at night on your PC or whatever, I have a wickkeeedd sexual transmutation energy exercise body posture thing you can do anywhere that takes like 30 seconds to do and it REALLY WORKS. It draws all the energy out of your lower energy centers and stores it in your heart / head area so you can be more productive and have clearer stronger thoughts. That’s going to be a part of the upcoming health secrets post.

How do you internalize concepts? That’s been a huge sticking point for me. It’s one thing to think about something (say any of the things in the blog posts). But how do you get to the point where you don’t have to consciously think about anything but rather it just happens subconsciously?


H: Same as above, Also Hypnotica was a big use in ‘cementing’ the mindsets I wanted in my head. Also just get rid of all this pick-up stuff, go over it occasionally but take a MASSIVE break from your computer, you know deep down what you have to do, you just need to trust that and let the chips fall where they may.

M: Knowledge is useless unless applied. Take a small concept, think about it, immerse yourself in it, and go have some field experience with it. For example lighting up a woman’s heart – go try it and do nothing BUT that for one weekend you go out. Eventually it just becomes the norm and that’s just how you interact – it’s who you are on every fibre of your being. You’ll just wake up one day with mad success with the girls because you put the time in the trenches hammering away at in-field work internalizing these little pieces.

Unconscious Competence is the ultimate goal in wisdom. Its just like tying your shoe man, you do it, you fuck it up a few times, but then you get it. Snap your fingers right now – go on, do it. See? Easy right? Remember waaay back when you were younger and couldn’t do it and it took you like 50 or so tries to finally “get it” – that magical moment when everything just clicked for you and now its deeply internalized FOR LIFE? That’s how it becomes with women when you practice on them… A LOT.

It’s like playing an instrument and learning a new song. Can you imagine if you just FLIPPED-OUT and started beating yourself up getting all self hating and depressed and shit every single time if you messed up a note? It would take you a whole year(or longer) to learn that song!!! Or imagine if you based your self esteem on how well you could play… you’d be a wreck!!! Just because someone is more wise than you in ANY area doesn’t make them better than you, they just decided to take a different Tao.

Live by these words man, again, this truth can’t be stated enough how truly awesome every human is;

Be content with what you have;
rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking,
the whole world belongs to you.

~Lao Tzu


What to do on “bad” nights if you feel shit and don’t feel like approaching and mind creeps in even tho you see the girl/s who you wanna talk/have fun?

H: Push my self to get into a good state, like Tim’s ‘woo’ I have positive anchors in my mind. The trick is to BURST in at high energy and have FUN right from the start. Nothing matters, do what you want.

M: Oooh good question.

The Short Version: Approach anyway. You’ll learn a lesson I guarantee it. I just be totally honest, go up and say

“hey.” …. “that’s all I got.”   🙂   she’ll probably run off but then you can laugh about it and you’ll end up not taking yourself (or the girls) so seriously and then your state will start to soar.

The Long Version: What you focus on expands and grows. I’ll say it again. What you focus on EXPANDS and GROWS. If you focus on all the negative fearful chodey bullshit of the night, you’re gonna make it a bad night. If you focus on positivity, fun, sexiness of the ladies etc – you’re going to have a blast.

I usually like logically deconstructing my nights.Why, EXACTLY, do you feel so bad on this particular night out? What triggered it? Remember, our ultimate goal is Core Confidence so nothing external affects you in this way.  becuse your internal value > the world; so nothing or noone can ever affect you. You can sit there and do little instant-gratification games like jump up and down or patty-cake your friend (and believe me this shit works lol) but in the long run you need to face your inner demons if you don’t want this shit to come up for you again.

Proactively work on these things so this shit hardly ever will come up for you anymore. For example… say some girl blows you off, and up until that point you were a Rock Star in the club.. but suddenly now since a girl said you’re ugly fuck off you’re hurt and lose state and the rest of your night turns to shit? Well dude, you need to focus on doing some inner-work to have an identity that is NEVER dependent on women. Whether you just fucked 10 super models and they all told you how hot and sexy you are as they massage you and feed you grapes in the VIP, or you just got blown off and told how fucking weird and repulsive you are by all the cute girls you approached that night – you are equally UNAFFECTED in each situation. Your identity is internally validated, NEVER externally. This is Core Confidence. The girls at the club don’t know you man, you’ve had massive value before you even walked in the room.The mere fact that you are one of the fortunate few powerful Men on here reading this blog demonstrates that you have a willingness to lead an AWESOME life and you truly are focused on studying to have deeper more meaningful awesome fun experiences with the opposite sex. You’re like already ahead of 99.9% of all the other guys out there I guarantee it, most dudes dont give a fuck about this shit and live out boring unfullfiling lives working at some chode job all day, never fucking girls right, and being a bitch to society. Women out there are CRAVING guys like us to come along and sweep them up.  She has no idea how much pleasure you could bring her, she just rejected your little 10 second cruddy opener.. big deal..

So figure out what’s pulling you out of state, and get to work on those core inner hidden demons. Maybe it’s a poor identity? Maybe it’s your childish need for Women’s approval of you? Maybe it’s your lack of stamina in the bedroom that’s undermining all your sexual interactions subconsciously… whatever it is, get that shit HANDLED. I usually rarely have bad nights out man mostly because I’m so self-entertained and I just don’t give a fuck what happens. At the end of the day it’s all going to be taken from you, your friends, your family, your wife, your kids, every little piece of shit you ever owned. So why cling to it[form] or need it to be happy? Even if I’m alone I’m happy just to be ALIVE and that’s it. It’s pretty potent when it comes to the ladies because girls usually tend to think “oh a guy that’s happy without my validating him? wow he must have a harem at home to fuck that’s why he doesn’t care about this interaction with me…ugh I want him!” <– all on a subconscious level. In caveman days the guys that were the most happiest were the most resourceful (Friends, food, sex, protection, leadership, choice, etc). wtf did they have to feel bad about? Massive survival indicator, and it hits that internal deep attraction switch in women that makes them throbbing with desire.

Paul Braggs says there are two things in this world no one can EVER take away from you, and those are your Love, and your Wisdom.

1. What products do you recommend?

2. How you can have multiple girlfriends who are loyal to you and share you, but you don’t share them (except with each other). For example I want 7 girlfriends, who I can have sex with, orgies, threesomes etc.. but they won’t cheat on me with some other guy.

3. Great story telling! Something I want to learn and master. I can easily listen to women talk, and keep the conversation off me, and not bore them to death with me me me. But I want to be one of these people who when he does talk, can paint a picture for them, where they hang on to my every word because their so engrossed in the story, or the idea I’m trying to project. Recommend any products, articles, websites for this?

4. When they do something you don’t like, for example shit test you. What do you do, just ignore it, agree with them and make it worse, smile and think how cute then carry on the conversation, what exactly?

5. Are you still writing your book, when will you release it?

6. Getting girls to pay for your lifestyle. From what I understand once you’re at the level you’re at, and you know how to make girls badly fall in love with you; you can say to them something like “If you want to be with me, you’ll have to pay me £30 a week”, and only give them that choice. When you don’t budge from your proposition, then they’ll have to accept it, because they’re madly in love with you (the same with them having to share you). Get 20 beautiful girls to do this, and you’re getting £600 a week just to be there boyfriend! So have you done anything like this, or know what I’m talking about?



1. Answered above

2. Not gonna happen, unless it’s some crazy relationship like Jeffy’s in Nine Ball. It’s either open or closed for both of you, play fair. If you offer amazing sex she won’t really care about other guys.

3. Story telling isn’t a massive part of my game, talk to Mizu he is great at this.

4. I like shit-testing, keeps me on track, if your coming from the right frame (Her tempting you) you can naturally know how to respond to anything. Also not actually caring about what she thinks I should think.

5. Only Mizu knows 🙂

6. Lol, funny concept. wouldn’t reccommend doing it. Although I do make them do favours for me, buy me gifts etc.

M: Products? Oh man, got a lot pf really kickass one’s. Remember though in the end it’s all just INFORMATION, so for every hour you spend reading, spend 2 hours DOING.

1. Stay tuned for a seriously BADASS product listing of the best shit out there.

2. Pretty much answered above about lifestyle issues with multiple girlies. You gotta be honest up front man, if they pester you to try to tame you then you must tell them The Line. what’s”The Line”  you ask?! It’s simple. Whenever she asks about the status of your relationship just say “Look, I don’t feel like I know you well enough yet to become fully committed to you just yet – but when I decide you will be the first to know ;).”

3. Nah dude, you don’t really need it. I encapsulate & deeply move a lot of people I talk to. It’s really easy… two things. First, you must FEEL everything you say. It’s that whole GO FIRST principle. If you’re not stoked about what you’re telling others… noone else is going to be either. Next, have something good to say. I don’t make up bullshit stories, I tell about AWESOME experiences in my life that’re hilarious and keep people on the edge of their seats. If you don’t have any of these than you need to live your lifestyle a little more ballsy. As Jim Rohn puts it best, “If you’re going to speak – have something good to say.”

4. You nailed it bro – speaking from Your Core right there haha. I do one of three things… (all coming from the frame of me being Higher Value than her, always. Period.)

#1 ) Agree and exaggerate. One time on the way to my music class this hottie who kept looking at me [obviously attracted] goes “OOoooOooh look everybody a guitar. Are you gonna play me a song?”

So I look at her all serious and say; “I’m going to play you a THOUSAND songs.”  lol she just started cracking up. The key is to go WITH the flow. Just go with it, play a long. Ever take an improv class? Mannnn fun times. The whole philosophy of improv is “YES, AND….”  For example, ‘What a lovely beach’  … ‘Oooh watch out, a tidal wave!’  instead of “what a lovely beach!”   “WTF?! We’re not on a beach, we’re in MR. Forester’s class…”

Another one… “You’re gay.”     “Yeah but my Boyfriend says I give really bad blowjobs.”

This sub communicates that you value yourself because you don’t take her opinions of you very seriously.

#2) Ignore it. Move on by BLASTING her with something else. If you don’t let it into your reality – IT NEVER HAPPENED.  For Example If I’m being cool with a ‘bitchy’ chick and she throws something HAAARRSSHHH at me, I just look at her kind of funny like ‘wtf people don’t act like that people LOVE me… what’s wrong with you?’ type look, and then continue BLASTING her with positivity pretending like it never even happened. Remember, we as Men have the dominant reality here and Women submit to it.

The key is to NEVER argue back or fight back all pissed… that’s really really low value and shows how weak you are. The masculine destroyer must meet the feminine destructress HEAD-ON. Always. And calmly. 😉

#3) Call her out on it, but in a playful way. Depending on the type of chick (and this calibration will inevitably come with lots of in-field work) I’ll use this one. Basically, you assume over-exaggerated High Value and put her into the frame of trying to impress you. So say she starts making fun of your shirt, you go “You know Jessica, if you keep up this sass you’re not getting any tonight.”

If it’s a chick that’s truly stepping on your boundaries, call her out on it a calm, powerful, dominant, IN TOTAL CONTROL OF YOUR EMOTIONS way. This is sooo sexy & a massive turn-on for girls if you can do it properly. I ended up pulling this girl because she got in a fight with my friend. So I walked over to her. Calmly said, “Look, I don’t know who you know around here but these are MY friends. If you don’t respect them and keep acting like a bratty little girl then I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

The reason Women test us in the first place is not because they’re mean guys… they want to test and feel  your masculine STRENGTH[ability and CERTAINTY to open them up into Love/GOD/BLISS] and to see if you honor high virtues and respect yourself as a Man.

A guy that lets her walk all over him just because he’s ‘trying to get pussy’ is a MAJORRRRR turn-off and no-no.

And if you really don’t want to remember any of this shit, just remember, as long as she doesn’t put a ding in your STATE – you’re Golden. A Woman that can be wild in her ravishing feminine and scream, yell, punch, kick and freak out at a Man while he stands there looking her in the eyes calmly and still loving her through it allows her to relax, feel his deep masculine, and get REALLY HORNY. Try it. Women will LOVE you.

It’s only the chodes who get all pissy and fight back. Like my friend Kurt puts it, “Was she a bitch, or were you just being a pussy?”

5. Yeah, but it’s totally turning into a Tyler “Blueprint” situation… where as I continually go out to get even better with the ho’z I find my old theories need work… and before you know it, Ive rewritten a whole chapter, and then I find out some new realization, so end up adding a new chapter… and this proccess keeps happening over and over again hahaha. I want this thing to be PERFECT. I also plan on going on a world tour[next year or the one after] with taking a bootcamp each month in all the major cities meeting a ton of awesome friends along the way to really hammer in some elite skills with women, and each month I will be focused on one chapter… Can you imagine the book at the end of that after being literally immersed in the greatest minds all over the planet when it comes to attracting the world’s hottest women? Stay tuned bros :), gonna post up vidz and shit of my crazy travels too…

6. Sort of a victim of this. One of my girls very lovingly paid for my $250 Sector-9 Longboard. 0=)

Women love standing behind and supporting their Men. Allow her that gift ;).

What have been the most valuable insights you have learnt from the last 12 months about yourself, your future and what is means to be a man that has shaped you the most significantly?


H: Wow hmmm where to start…

M: Blog Post. Thanks for the awesome idea.

I would to to learn more about internalising Mindset that is self amusing


H:Do what you think is fun, many guys who are bad with this have trouble with being offensive. Now i’m not saying go out and offend, but no risk no reward, do what you think is awesome reardless of other people. Be socially calibrated first lol

M: Listen to your CORE. What do YOU think is funny? What do YOU think is cool about your environment? What do YOU like to do when you party?

Could you guys share your workout plans as well as groceries store to-buy-list?


H: Hahahaha serious?

Alright – 1 – I avoid the junk food isles so i dont get tempted, Avoiding: chips, msg, any ‘sweet’ food, etc.

To be honest after a while you don’t know why you had it to start off with it, it’s all just shit.

I will always have at home:


Massive bag of mixed nuts: Walnuts, almonds, cashews etc.

Fruit bowl full of: Kewi fruits, oranges, apples, bananas.

In my fridge I have: Mixed bags of berries, strawberrys, pineapple. Lots of vegetables.

For meals I have stir-frys (Just go nuts add tonnes of vegges, herbs and spices, meat etc.), Sandwitches full of meat, veges (anything I can find), Musile with yogurt (natural berry stuff) and banana, but as you could probably tell I have lots of little meals throughout the day rather than 3 main ones.

Snacks: Celory with penut butter mmmmmmmm

Milkshake with eggs, banana, protein powder, whatever else I want.

Supplements: Fish Oil, Ginseng, Ginko, Horny Goat Weed.

Teas – Chai Tea, ginseng and ginko combo tea, english breakfast mmmmm Real men drink tea.

Not too strict, I like alot of variation, My body doesn’t really gain excessive amounts of weight with grains – I still limit them though. No Muck, No Junk, No Shitty processed sweets.

M: Got a maaajoorrr treat for you guys. My grocery list and workout routine have taken me years to put together and quite frankly – they’re fucking easy and awesome. Stay tuned for those posts.

I’d love to see some article on something like “starting out”.Simply put how the hell do you get your first experiences:your first kiss,your first fuck,etc and how to deal with the consequences.


H: consequences?

M: Consequences?

Question: Do you guys smoke weed?

Weed, especially combined with alcohol, puts me in a mindset to which girls respond verrrry well. Other drugs can have this effect also. It makes me unafraid to express my affection and interest in the girls which I’m ACTUALLY interested in. No more hitting on the average girls cuz they look easy… It makes me go after only the ones I really want in my life, and then, I screen them hard. At the same time, I give affection to the other girls, but I’m not pretending there’s anything there that isn’t there.


H: Personally weed has given me some VERY interesting insights into game, I don’t really ‘game’ while on weed but I have done. Sex is amazing on weed. Helped me with inner game. While on weed I am also hyper-observent I can read the most subtle things with ease which can be either a blessing or a curse.

M: Life’s a buffet. Really though bro, if it works for you then use it, don’t abuse it. Personally weed makes me super funny but reaallllyyy mis-calibrated and sometimes in my head, which can be either really really cool with insights and new angles of reality and life, or really weird haha. Ive seen dudes trip out on weed and go from Party King to weird dude in the corner… it happens. If it works for you, do it but don’t abuse it. Everything in moderation… even moderation ;).

Oh and, I’m sooo hardcore about this Core Confidence ideal. If you have to depend on weed to get into state than you have some work to do. I also don’t like drugs because I don’t like being the ‘user’ in my life, I like being the ‘dealer’, so to speak. If you guys want to make some serious cash then learn how to grow your own. Homegrown marijuana is 10000x better than that shit you buy now that only serves the purpose of ‘looking’ pretty for the clinics and buyers, but the actual potency and high quality sucks. Btw, I don’t smoke weed anymore as I find it distracts me from my goals. If you’re looking for a siiick extremely lucrative hobby than learn how to grow weed via the best resource available on the net today at that website.

Short version: If you love it, and you’re not abusing it, GO FOR IT. I’ve smoked with a lot of girls man (and took acid too… wild times.) if it’s a girl you’re already fucking(really comfortable with) stoned sex is increddddibbllleeeee…. sooo addicting, but since you’re both so fucking open to eachother exploring eachother’s bodies you definitely can pull a MAJOR clinger that way. Be careful. When you open a girl up to GOD and fuck her to BLISS and back,

oh man… you become like Girl Crack.

The question no one would dare ask, but are all thinking.

How important is penis size?

Do you think girls care about it if you’re slightly below average, when you’re on your level of seduction?


H: Penis size: doesn’t really matter as long as its not a pin dick or a monster. Girls just want an average size dick that won’t hurt em, If you do have a pin dick make sure you are good with your hands and you’ll be fine. Girls WILL NOT CARE as long as you can bring them to orgasm.

M: Alright man. Size doesn’t matter. As long as your dick is bigger than 4.5″ (enough to hit all the deep spots) then you’re totally chillin’. If you guys want to learn how to do REAL penis enlargement (FUCK all that marketing bullshit like pills that don’t work…) than go here and check out the free DLD newbie routine.  Yeah, it takes like months of DAILY, CONSISTENT practice and requires a lot of privacy … but holy fuck it WORKS and is so so soooo worth it. I went from 5.5 – 6.75″ and increased girth, permanently. I stopped like 3 years ago and never lost a single cm. It really works it’s awesome, but I warn you… it takes hard work, focus, and time.

You honestly don’t need any of the shit he markets. The newbie routine is all you’ll ever need.

I did that shit cuz I felt like it. Dick size really doesn’t matter though bro, as long as you’re dominant with girls and fuck them riight it’s alllll good. Women HATE big dicks because they hurt them (rams their cervix… ouch!)  I’ve had chicks complain, and dude’s complain it’s like a curse because they have to go slow and gentle and most girls are tight and wince easily so they have to go all slow and have lame sex.. so even if they wanted too they still couldn’t go wild, let go, and be DOMINANT with her.Unless your a porn star and your vagina is numb anyways from all the nerve endings being rubbed off from the daily dose of 1000 cocks… lol jk.

Oh, and be more open-minded and increase the depth of your sexuality. There’s more to fucking a girl than using your dick. Blow gently into her ear with your hot breath and watch the little hairs stand up on her neck and soft open chest. Stroke her hair. Talk dirty to her. Eat her out and build tension. Finger her right. Explore her feminine body with all it’s sexy curves and sweet spots. … all that kind of stuff. If you’re insecure about dick size than put some more pleasure-giving tools in your arsenal to expand your mind to the different realms of sexuality.

It’s funny Mizu some of the stuff you said in your previous posts reminds me of me and the stuff I’ve learnt throughout the years. Stuff you said like multiple personality disorders which can change their vision, and other things (can’t think of them now, will have to look again), makes me think you’ve read similar books to me and come up with the same conclusions.

Have you ever read the book The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot?

Whatever the case, it makes me think this guy knows his shit, someone who looks for proper knowledge, indepth, not just on the surface, and see’s with clarity. Someone who doesn’t take things at face value, doesn’t accept the norm or cult mentality, doesn’t get his strings pulled by the elite of this world who manipulate everyone, and has an intuition that seems to guide him to the right literature and material most people don’t look into.

Anyway I do have a question, but it does fascinate me that we have similar beliefs and opinions.

So my question is can you explain more about your vision improving after loosing the ego, and embracing the world for what it is? Did you get back 20/20 vision?


M: You nailed me. That’s my KEY Life Philosophy. I’ve always lived like this but I never had words for it until Tyler said it in the blueprint as “see the world through your OWN fresh set of eyes.” – You just become so fucking powerful, successful, and self-assured. Most people only believe what the TV and their parents tell them. It’s really sad.

And as far as eyesight goes I’m going to put up a post about this if you guys want… it was a long hard battle man as well as one of my greatest blessings in disguise.It’s holistic. You literally have to change every fibre of your being, including your diet, thoughts, attitude, emotional triggers, behavior, posture, health & energy levels, reactions, self-image… everything. It’s a beautiful symptom – it shows you a lot of things you’re “not looking at” in your life so that you may change them.

and I’ll defff check out that book… it sounds weird and trippy and waaaaay out there…. just the kinda shit I like ;).

I’d like to hear about multiple long-term relationships, how to handle non-exclusivity, etc.

I’m feeling a lot of pressure from this girl from my social circle that I’ve been fucking for about a year–like even though this girl banged another dude a few months ago (total asshole, disrespectful, has that constant say-anything-to-save-my-own-ass weasel thing going on), I am SO TORN between knowing logically in my head that I don’t owe her anything and shouldn’t feel bad at all hooking up w/ other chicks in front of her, and an emotional feeling that I don’t want to break her heart.

It’s fucked up & I would like you guys to take time out of your blog to help set my head on straight.


H: It won’t break her heart, if it does she shouldn’t be playing ‘friends with benefits’, keeps her realising how lucky she is to have you there.

M: Hahahah that dude sounds like a fag. She probably enjoys fucking you way more man. Look, you gotta be honest with her man. Just tell her The Line.

And go ahead and hookup with other hotties in front of her. She’s a big girl – she’ll get over it (really really quickly you’ll find).

Great Blog!
All of your stuff is helping greatly on my path. The results are also there (:
I would love to read more about Charisma.
Thank you guys


H: Coming up soon my man.

M: Be real. I used to fret over being cool back in high-school calculating every move, every word, the stuff I would wear(is this band cool???), even talk about… I came across as really tryhard and didn’t like my ‘fake’ popular friends I was attracting[like attracts like.. want true friends? you must be true yourself.]. So I just one day got all pissed and said “fuck it” and just relaxed and didn’t give a fuck about impressing others anymore and just was ME and REAL with people… and you know what? Suddenly everyone wants to be my friend, waves to me everywhere I go, girls flirting with me whom I’ve never even met before… all this wild shit. My social life EXPLODED. I seriously would walk from class to class and say hi to atleast 30 people who’d be all super excited to see me… the less you try to impress and “Act cool” the cooler you look.

Just Be The Real You.

Authenticity is a virtue. Charisma is a natural by-product of looking to your self first and foremost, and reacting to your OWN standard, values, and opinions.

Key Lesson: You already HAVE charisma at your core man. Psychologists say each and every single baby is born with a distinct and different personality. EMBRACE your inner-uniqueness. You just need to uncover your Real Self – stop stifling it, then your natural charisma will fucking explode and that’s truly valuable to others because each human being desires a core connection with another person, authentically.True self-expression is valuable, rare, and highly attractive to Women because it shows you have enough confidence to believe in yourself.

“Be who you are and let the

chips fall where they may.”

how to open up please

H: You or her? If it’s you you have to be willing to get yourself out there, expressing yourself to the point where your borderline offensive then you can centre yourself somewhere in the middle of those two extremes (Shy and offensive).  Ohhhhhh opening…. lol it doesn’t matter as long as you have: Genuine curiosoty and Warm vibe.

M: Damn. I can’t believe I’m about to share this. Straight from Mizu’s personal elite Top Secret opener list:  *tap tap*

So there you have it.

Oh and @ the dude that posted up the real world jail texts…. man fucking badass and really eye-opening, thanks for that bro. I love the community of like-minded guys we got going here.

Stay tuned for more cool articles, a million dollars, the location of Jesus’ real tomb, 12 hot strippers delivered to your doorstep instantly, and more!

Remember brothers, keep it light. Have fun with these hotties! If you’re not having fun, she isn’t either.

I leave you guys with the brilliant words of mr Owen Cook, (whom without this blog would be nothing)



“RSD doesn’t really have a lot of “techniques” — pretty much every technique is a JOKE TECHNIQUE.

In other words we call getting amped up “the NIMBUS” (or more recently “BEASTING”) or grabbing a girl over “the CLAW”. They’re meant to be jokes, poking fun at the pickup community’s mentality that there’s these “secret tricks” to swindling girls into liking you who you normally couldn’t get.

This is ultimately one of the keys to the game — viewing EVERYTHING AS A JOKE. It’s ALL funny.

Getting blow out is funny. Getting laid is funny. Getting told to FUCK OFF is funny. Getting a girl moaning while you finger her in the corner is funny. Getting knocked out of state is funny (“Hello there my name is Owen and I FUCKEN SUCK!!”). Getting all crazy and going “beast mode” is funny. Again — whatever you’re doing, and whatever the outcome, it’s ALL FUNNY. 🙂  “

WTF are you still doing sitting at this chodebox for??? Now go and tear shit up!!!!!!

Hahahaha You don’t even need to read this!!! Chuck your natural core instincts on turbo and fuck shit up. TURST YOUR INSTINCTS, they know what to do. Go forth and dominate PRIMAL WARRIORS!!!!!

xoxoxoxox love Hendrix and Mizu 4evs

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