Hey you!, Just stumbled across an awesome little inspiring Tim article,

“When I first started out I had a vision.

I saw myself the WAY I WANTED TO BE (smooth and natural) as opposed TO WHAT I WAS (chode) at that time.

Can you do this?
Can you see yourself gliding into a club SMOOTH, in a perfect FLOW state where inside every fibre of your being you feel a happy GLOW?

In this state nothing matters… all that matters is YOU. You are the centre of the universe.

You may even take a deep breath in and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…
Look around and enjoy.

Now talk to a girl – everything that comes out of your mouth is GOLD you don’t even know where it comes from but it’s LIQUID SILK. 
Just ENJOYING this girls presence excites you even more!

This makes you even more smooth! A bubble forms around you and the girl she is totally sucked into your world and in some sort of love-trance… 
Its crazy fun and feels blissful to you AND her at the same time.”

~ Tim (RSD)

View yourself as HOW YOU WANT TO BE (rich, successful, with an abundance of girls, ripped) and then just naturally start resonating at that frequency. You see; every little attitude you have resonates at a certain frequency which we can all tap into. By imagining what that frequency is (You being successful) and resonating (feeling it flow through you), you will naturally BECOME that person, you will naturally start having the same ATTITUDES that a successful person has.

BTW, if you haven’t got Flawless Natural yet it is well worth the money. This program and David Deida’s teachings are the solid foundation this site is built upon.

Enjoy! (Part II coming up soon, stay tuned!) ~ Hendrix


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