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Basically guys, this WHOLE BLOG is exploding with popularity, not any one single post. You see, we pour our HEART and SOUL into each and every post to ensure maximum quality…buuuuut we wanted to organize our posts here so it’s easier to navigate the site, under the correct author respectively.



BURNING DESIRE – Your Key to Everything

Her Greatest Aphrodisiac: Your Most Powerful Weapon

How To Be An Authentic King

World’s Secrets to GODLIKE Health For An Authentic King

Your Canvas.

All Important Basic Keys To Raging Health, Energy, And Vitality

Question Everything.

Man = Woman.

2011, Your bitch.

Your Cup.

The Snowball Effect.

How to be LIGHT YEARS ahead of all the other guys.

The 1 Week Challenge.

Being Honest & Unapologetic about your Core Desires.


Go Towards What You Want in Life, No Matter What.

Procrastinating *IS* your Ego

Fucked 7 Girls in Two Weeks – Massive Click


Part I: Always Keep The Keys to Her Heart in Your Back Pocket.

Part II: Releasing the Inner Rockstar

Unleashing your Deep Masculine Energy.

Surrendering to your Core Desires.

Secrets of an Authentic King.

WHOLENESS: When everything just CLICKS.

A Conversation(must-read!)