Undying Persistence

Part of a man is never backing down. It’s never accepting defeat, rising above to face that same challenge and go at that same endeavor with the newfound lessons learned only from failure.

Failure is a beautiful thing. If you get hurt when you fall on your ass, you’re not learning the valuable lessons why you slipped in the first place!

Every time I get rejected, I smile.

I realize that girl just showed me a hole in my personality, something I need to go in, work on and fix.

The one thing experience has taught me is this: Women LOVE a man with cocky persistence!

A woman will always test you by saying “no” first, just to see how strong you are. It secretly turns her on when you’re unaffected. If you stumble, and let her “no” become real to you, she loses interest, faster than you possibly can imagine.

But there is a fine line between a playful, challenging inviting “No” and a “NO.”

One is based in flirting, the other in rape and creepiness. It’s important to know which one you’re getting. If you’re new at this, a lot of NO’s are going to be the real type. No problem, just acknowledge you have more to learn and work on.

I’m talking to the intermediate guys. Who get “No’s” from girls that don’t really mean it. They’re testing him.

We’ve all seen that cocky guy with persistence, who keeps lifting up her skirt even though she keeps telling him “Nooo-stop!”, all the while she gets a funny feeling in-between her thighs.

A guy that isn’t affected by her opinion of him, is a hot pick for any woman. She secretly wants to know her validation doesn’t affect him, whatsoever.

The more a girl says no, the more playful I get. Example:

Say you go in for a kiss. She turns the cheek.

I smile. “Aww… Anyways, hey did you ever hear about that crazy woman who used to sell lemonade outside on the corner laced with LSD? Lol, my friend got one from her and…” CONTINUE. It’s not a big deal. It’s the guys who get butthurt about her not being attracted right away (or playing hard-to-get as women commonly do), who are the ones who get left behind at the bar!

You guys need to start seeing this as a skillset, nothing more, and nothing less.

Stop taking women’s responses so personally. See it all as a big game, and an opportunity to improve.

If you were trying to learn how to play baseball, and you were holding the bat incorrectly, would you cry and feel all bad about yourself, not have a good time at practice and go home to wallow in depression?


Why not?!

Because it’s a SKILL that you learn. You don’t take it personal.

The coach just shows you how to tweak the way you’re holding the bat to get a better result: HOME-RUN!

It’s the same thing with women you go and meet out at nightclubs!

Quit using the external world to tell you who the fuck you are.

It’s the same with girls. They don’t know you. They never will.

You just need to learn to communicate better with girls, and part of that is learning how to deal with rejection; by not caring and pushing through it. You don’t want to blindly trudge through it if you’re getting a REALLY BIG NO, be smart, but don’t walk away when she says “you’re lame, go away” either. It’s called having a pair, and being a fucking challenge!

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