Unleashing Your Deep Masculine Power

Hey there gents, Hendrix here!

Look at this girl – right now – in the eyes..

Now before you do anything, WHERE WAS THE ATTENTION IN YOUR BODY?

If it was just in your eyes and face, you need to unlock something I call your DEEP MASCULINE POWER.

When you see a chick, you should instantly feel this song arise from your core.

This song sums up this feeling of appreciation, enjoyment and deep masculine intent perfectly.

Oh and Jimi was a MASSIVE chick magnet also. Absolute authentic natural~

As I walk round anywhere, I am actively feeling my deep core: who I am as a man, what my deepest purpose is and what I stand for. I feel it resonate within me, like a deep furnace of fire, and I project my core out, with no blockages at all, almost as if I am penetrating everyone else and the world with my being (they secretly love it, all people want to be led by someone who truly surrenders to their core). I slow down and feel everything, being incredibly aware and centered.

As I do this i’m just loving everything all around me, enjoying everything. This is like BLISS. And I call it…


As you can imagine something like this is extremely hard to articulate, but it’s like you can feel right into your deepest depths of your true core man.

Masculine power is a deep rage. Your deep determination to have the best fucking life you can. You are so grounded in your sense of self and who you are as a strong masculine man that someone could come up behind you and push you and you won’t budge, FULLY GROUNDED.

Just imagine you had Tyler Durden’s rage in fight club, he embraced his core beliefs about materialism. And he was so certain in these beliefs that he wasn’t even afraid to die for them, he eventually built up an army of followers WITH EASE.

Ever met a guy who was totally nice to everyone, yet for some reason you NEVER crossed his boundaries?, you hadn’t even seen him get cross before, but you can SENSE he is totally inside his own reality and you wouldn’t wanna fuck with him. THAT IS MASCULINE POWER.
Close your eyes, feel your awareness in your lower stomach, feel your body as a whole, feel your core. This deep masculine fire. Who you REALLY are as a man behind all this superficial bullshit. This is meditation. When you focus on your masculine energy there should be nothing but DEPTH.

This is the you who says, don’t fuck with my purpose or I will fuck you up. Once you get rooted into your core self, people will naturally gravitate towards you. because you are certain of who you are and what you want to achieve.

Imagine someone called you a faggot and was tryna out-alpha you or some bullshit in your own home…
NOW, your superficial bullshit self will try to laugh it off or whatever, it’s like what is said in fight club, people are not willing to fight for what they believe in, they will do whatever they can to avoid conflict.

But your core. WOH totally different story

Now imagine that same guy calling you faggot or some bullshit in your OWN FUCKING HOUSE and you instantly had this DEEP RAGE WITHIN…

“OI!!!……, get tha FUCK outta my house” Yell this right now and FEEL the rage, THIS IS YOUR CORE, WHAT YOU STAND FOR, feels good doesn’t it? To have REAL masculine power. Keep feeling this feeling in your belly, this is EVERYTHING, your reality.

One thing I can’t tolerate is bullying, of any kind, even if the guy who is doing it is bigger than me and will kick my head in, I don’t care. Because I know my values. I’m far from a violent person and I have never been bullied, but if I see someone do that a little switch flips in me and BAM, OVERSTEPPED MY BOUNDARIES MUTHERFUKER. DEEP RAGE TIME.

Now imagine actually saying that, standing up for yourself like that, YOU MUST ALWAYS have this sense of danger about you ON FULLY, this is masculine presence. Chicks dig this. Why? because when you have this, you cannot ever be controlled, she is now coming into YOUR life trying to match YOUR standards. Playing by your rules. She wants a man who can take what he wants WHEN he wants it. Not ‘pinging’ off other peoples reactions, because HE gets permission from HIM and only HIM.

Anything you do that is congruent with your core, will make you feel more masculine and therefore more attractive to babes. Weather it’s eating healthy, standing up for what you believe in, being sexually unapologetic.

Why do chicks turn ‘chode’ around me? It’s because she can see I am a man of deep integrity, that I have RULES, when she first meets me she doesn’t yet know what these rules are, but she can SENSE that they are there. Yet I am totally laid back and welcoming to all while having these. Effortless power.

Ever had mates who used to come out and party, be fuckin fun blokes etc.
BUT THEN… They got the girlfriend.. Oh yes.. and she pretty much took over his life.. telling him he can’t go out etc. etc. BULLSHIT!!! This is bad news, he is not being certain and doing what he wants no matter what. The girl ends up loosing attraction and dumping him. If he only had that ‘willingness to walk away’ she would have been even MORE attracted. Strange huh?

Your masculine presence isn’t just these aggressive aspects either, it is everything about you. I’m not saying go out and start a fight, just always have this ‘undercurrent’ that you are a man of integrity and power. Chicks want a man who Takes what he wants unapologetically, this is very attractive.


Some of you still aren’t doing this right, sounds crazy but it is NOT just appreciating her looks. You need to appreciate her as a whole, love her whole being, the energy that she exchanges with you. Love everything in front of you behind you, all space around you. But don’t look at her like HOLY FUCK!!!! SHE IS THE HOTTEST CHICK!!!!, just chill man, check her personality first.

Some believe that this is giving your power away, but it’s not IF YOU ARE ROOTED IN YOUR MASCULINE ENERGY. Think of it this way… You are GAINING power, you are GETTING energy, like fuel or inspiration, and she is willingly giving it to you.

Imagine loving everywhere around you, the space in front of you, the space behind you as much as you love the most loved person in your life, for example I try to feel love for everything like I would have love for my mother. Do this. Fully appreciate all colors and welcome everything as if you are singing a warm  ‘happy birthday’ to someone. Enjoying everything positively. Feel this in your heart area, warm, buzzing energy.


Look at her – as you do don’t leer with a needy pin pointed look, instead breathe her in, expand your view, feel EVERYTHING that is around you. Be completely open with expanding warm radiant energy resonating from your heart, which is also deeply connected to your purpose. Enjoy her energy, and be totally in control, yet not trying to control her.


When you love a woman rather than desire her, it’s more unattached.

Do this while having the subtle undercurrent of your masculine polarity.


If you show her you are a man who takes what he wants she knows that you will be good in all other aspects of life.

Going sexual – once you are enjoying her energy and appreciating her as a whole go from a ‘i’m looking at a beautiful piece of art’ look to ‘i’m gonna fucking devour her’ while still loving her. FEEL this in your core.

It’s all in the eyes, I can walk up to a girl and literally FUCK HER with my eyes, the eyes are a gateway to the core.

A girl looks at you – You feel her inside you and you know what you want!!!, you wanna just take her then and there, be very aware of your OWN feelings that arise as well as the girls, be incredibly aware of everything around you (Wide view rather than narrow) your feelings should be going straight out your eyes, while remaining very calm and easygoing, appreciating her deeply.

I could walk upto a chick like this and she will literally start ‘squirming’ trying to contain herself, I acknowlage this and enjoy it, keep smiling calmly at her, I ‘own’ her.

Don’t think about anything just be totally aware of WHAT YOUR FEELING INSIDE (deep love, lust, disire) show her this openly, no walls while also being aware of her (you can see all her ‘microexpressions’, you know exactly what she’s feeling, and you know where she wants to be led) and aware of everything around you. THIS IS PRESENCE. This is what makes her feel safe, she doesn’t need to worry about ANYTHING, because your in control and she can freely OPEN to you in the moment.

When you are so in the moment with a girl you can see where she wants to take the interaction, she will test you on how much you ‘feel into her’, how present you are by changing the dynamic, flow with it, she is the waves and you are the surfer, enjoy riding these everchanging waves and don’t try to change them, you should always be appreciating her fully and wanting to devour her, this is the ‘unchanging’ of the masculine.

ITS A FUCKING GAME!!!, she doesn’t care about where it goes!! all she want is to know that you are ‘with her’, you shouldn’t care about where it goes either. Let it flow.

The best connections with a girl arn’t when your fully prepared, know exactly what game to use on her, it’s when you are both just staring into each others eyes not even finishing sentences, all the biggest chick magnets do this. Think George Cloony, he will be listening to a girl talk and then he will just SNAP and start seeing beyond her words, fully recognizing her as a person ‘She is saying this, but what is she REALLY trying to get across?’, when you do this, she starts getting turned onto how present you are and then you see that ‘what she is really trying to get across?’ is how much she wants you to accept and love her.

Women see sex as going through the abyss to find heaven

– now contemplate that, does she want you to love her fully but be 98% sure? HELL NO. Women need you to be fucking 100% certain and confident if your not she feels she might get lost in the abyss and never find heaven. She needs to trust you – you need to believe in your core cirtainty also be cool about sex, it’s just a fun adventure, have NO SHAME.

Your confidently curious, slightly amused, you go with the flow. See how much of your warmth she can take before she starts getting turned on and breathing heavily.

What is the energy behind sex? If you ask me it is the man willingly offering his core, penetrating her with it, loving her completely. The woman gives up her energy to live by this set of rules that the man puts down, because if she sees he is CERTAIN with these rules, she will know that he is leading her into the best possible direction and surrender to him. A man will enjoy being around her beautiful feminine energy and a woman will enjoy being around his certainty. This may sound strange but even though sex is physically the man inside the woman, the energy is in fact the woman inside the man. The man ‘takes her in’ and leads her into the light.

ALRIGHTYY, lets go through how these things define a man in typical hendrix fashion ~

No Love + No Masculine Energy = Creep (DONT BE THIS GUY!), this guy is the guy that sees women as objects and also has no sense of self. These are the guys who lurk round at school, get bullied, maybe get home and play alot of world of warcraft.

Love + No masculine Energy = Chode/Nice guy – These guys fall into friends category because they are nice, but they just don’t have that ‘tyler durden’ edge and deep masculine awareness to be anything more. These guys would also get bullied because they don’t know their values. They ‘willingly give there power away’ so to speak.

No love + Masculine energy = Jerk (girls may see these as being good for one night stands, nothing else), These guys objectify her rather than see her as a person. Most of the ‘pickup community’ are either jerks or chodes in disguise. Jerks annoy me because they are too headstrong and think they know best ‘I fucked a whore this weekend faggots’ – Don’t be this guy, these guys are usually the ones who DO the bullying, not enough love for everyone.

Love + Masculine Energy = AUTHENTIC KING – Knows exactly what he stands for, but also totally open. A man of great action, love and integrity. Enjoys the whole woman as a person, not an object (except sometimes during sex for fun hehe). This is the man who can direct the woman into the light, all women need direction. Think of a woman as a blind person, who gets lead purely by emotions. She NEEDS a man who is certain he knows the way to cut through the surface level bullshit and just lead her into the right direction, she doesn’t want some half blind guy thats not sure if he can even see or not, likewise she doesn’t want a man who ‘buys’ into her emotions and cries when she cries etc.

Love women completely and actually take her feelings into account, REMEMBER – harmony WIN/WIN.. you wouldn’t believe how many men DON’T have this simple combo. 20% of guys fuck the 80% of women and about 16% of that 20% are jerks. that leaves about 4% of true core enlightened alpha males.

In this video is the knowledge that I wish my father could tell me. What it means to be a man. Each time you watch it, it will resonate with you more and more.

Explore the dynamic, and have fun with it – all girls are different but still need the combo – just varied amounts of each.

A few days ago I was talking to a chick who was being super bitchy – OK – not enough strength – ZOOM – Turn on my core masculine to 11 and penetrate her with my being, I kid you not INSTA-CHODE reacting to me fully.

– If a chick is being bitchy – more masculine energy
– If a chick is offended/unsure – more heart warming resonation

but thats just a general outline, best to just FEEL the interaction and decide for yourself.

Most of the time try to have both these thing ON.

P.S when you start feeling you masculine energy more and more ALOT of guys will try to ‘compete’ with you. You need to ‘rise above’ this, Love everything, so many guys turn chode around me too like ‘i’m there leader’ or someshit, befriend these guys, love everything.

Lurkers stop lurking. Post up some comments! I wanna see how all you guys are doing with this stuff. If your getting stuff out of it, Let me know! It will even inspire me to write more.

“It is easy to DO something, But it is easier NOT to do something. In the end it all comes down to you, Will you live an average or an astounding life?” ~ Hendrix [AK]

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  1. “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.”

    Love is my fucking powerful masculine GUN.

  2. wicked. the quote is from Pulp Fiction yo.

    GET READY FOR SOME AWESOME SHIT. I got some great posts in store for you guys. I’ve been discovering a lot of fucking awesome POTENT POTENT stuff lately.

    stay tuned.


  3. Love the comments guys, it’s a great feeling knowing that you guys are getting this much out of our work.

    Brian – Complement whenever, but ONLY if you genuinly feel it IN THE MOMENT, make sure you are also deeply rooted in your masculine (purpose before girl) Before you start complementing and whatnot.

    King Kong – It sounds like those purposes are byproducts of having a real purpose. To have a purpose is to GIVE the world your passion, to better the world, so by having a great purpose you can show people their greatness and stuff.

    As for changing it to 11, dude, I dunno what half those words mean but you can generally feel into the interaction and respond accordingly e.g. MORE MASCULINE ENERGY vs. MORE LOVE

    ~ Hendrix

  4. ck – Hey there, I’m an Aussie!
    yea definitely aloof and bitchy is NOT the way to go, be true to the core. I’m a breath of fresh air to these chicks, a real man living how he wants to live. City girls are actually much easier IMO

    Akro_bat – Yes, it’s called deep circular meditation, except rather than going up the spine to your chest, go up the spine and shoot it out your head. Inhale love and appreciation energy into the tummy, let it slightly caress you genitals, Exhale – shoot it up your spine and ‘Give it away’ totally surrender it, don’t hold onto it and willingly let this feeling die, only to be reborn again as you inhale. David Deida stuff is very ‘woo-woo’, but totally effective.

    SnugglyBear – hahaha that shit is funny, maybe someone else on WordPress uses your email, thats why it’s best to use ur real 1. Yea I totally get what you mean, it’s like chicks just gravitate towards me when all im doing is just enjoying their presence.. It’s amazing how complicated guys make attracting girls by listening to their brain not their core, while the girl is just staring at him like ‘what the fuck is he doing?, why doesn’t he just take me?’ then they think it’s THEM NOT YOU, so they go buy make-up and spend hours a day to look all pretty.

    And Jerrell, thats your answer; WordPress brotha

    ~ Hendrix

  5. Hey Rob, when I say depth i’m refering to depth of presence, it is how deep your awarness is of both you and everything around you. So basically how well you can feel your core (Identity and purpose) and how aware you are of everything around you (appreciation).

    Masculine energy is how well you guard your core (integrety). This is also how certain you are of your core, aswel as your values & boundrys, how well you surrender to your core and your personal blueprint (How you see yourself). If a chick is being bitchy she is testing your integrety as a man.

    ryan – I use condoms and I only fuck really clean women. You are not being an asshole, you are giving them the gift of YOU. For me it’s not really ‘playing’ because I don’t do them and then drop them, I always leave the relationship we create open to possiblilitys (hooking up again, relationships), I don’t ‘cut them off’. But then again, nearly all the girls I fuck are good relationship material, who I wouldn’t mind seeing again.

    Rick – Yo dude, I haven’t actually looked very far into those four archetypes, but as far as cultivating goes, It’s mostly all in the actions you do.

    ~ Hendrix

  6. I have been checking around #hostname and really am amazed by the great content here. I work the nightshift at my job and it really gets boring. I’ve been coming here for the past couple nights and reading. I just needed to let you know that I’ve been enjoying what I’ve seen and I look ahead to reading more.

  7. How Everybody see it is similar to what you may have said, but you might have noted some things i always could possibly have overlooked. We appreciate penning this write-up. My goal is to share this with a few of my close friends.

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  10. THIS IS GREAT MAN. I seriously absorbed the information here about being a man. I’ve felt so disconnected from my masculine energy for my whole life. This has awakened me to start recovering that energy within me and unleashing it (with love) on some hot girls that need some lovin. I look forward to studying the rest of all these posts!

  11. Where excactly on the body should you be able to feel this masculine fire. Is it below your belly button. Im not quite sure where this center is can someone clarify please

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