Wake Up Call: A Kick In The ASS!

Sup brahs.

In today’s society, you can’t get far unless you participate in economics.

Let’s face it: You NEED money.

Unless, of course, you want to end up like this guy:

Since TONS of you guys have been asking for my help on how to build their financial freedom business, and make some REAL cash, I decided to give you guys some valuable information from the AK Vault [under construction] for free today!

What follows is a letter I sent to one of my business partners earlier this month.

It’s a kick in the ass. It’s a STEP-UP call for how to earn it, big. We’re not talking 7’s and 8’s here, or even 9’s – I’m showing you guys how to get the 10’s in life, financially and otherwise. Spending 5 minutes reading this letter will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

[Btw Authentic King is is my fifth “business”, if you could even call it that, and all my profit here is being dumped into advertising cost, just so I can spread the message and transform shit.]

And for all the Ak.com members and AAS Alumni; I bought my first 200k$ house at 20 years old, and I’m currently on my third. In other words, I know what the fuck I’m talking about. I know what it takes. So listen up.


So without further ado, let’s rock shit boys:


TRAINING SHEET PROMPT 1 – Mizu’s Letter To A Business Ally

Mizu Mentoring


Note: First let me say this; NONE of this is to bully you into anything. I gave birth to this business. They are my intellectual property rights, and as you will soon see, a simple idea is worth gold [sometimes much more]. I have a vision, a dream, and I’m telling you what it takes to be unusually successful. The train is moving, with or without you, and if you want onboard, you’re going to have to adhere to some basic rules of success.

If this is all too much hard work for you (like the pauper lazy masses who never see this kind of money), no hard feelings. Be honest with me, and get the fuck off the train.

If you want to make a lot of money with me, you need to get serious. If you want things in your life to change, you need to change things in your life. You can’t go at this half-ass, or you will get a half-ass petty result. If you want to play with the top dogs, the big boys making all the cash, then you need to adapt & learn a few rules, and incorporate some seemingly painful daily, essential new habits.

Please cherish this document. This crucial prompt took me around 16 hours to put together, including editing, so I don’t have time to translate to you $10,000+ in products and seminars and over 4000+ hours of my own personal research, training, and time to TRAIN YOU. There is NO WAY I can translate to you literally THOUSANDS OF HOURS of valuable marketing & business material from some of the most genius minds / millionaires on the planet I’ve personally met. You’ve no idea the great extents and far reaches I have gone to learn/do what I did, or where I am going now. How many kids do you know my age who have accomplished what I did (a near $16,000/mo salary WITHOUT WORKING each day self-sustaining it) – exactly. What? None?? You know no one except me????

Exactly. That’s not a fluke!!!!! Frank Kern and Gary Bencivenga and Eben Pagan estimates us passive income-goers, the way I specifically designed my business (and soon to be next) in the top 2-3% of the population.

It is NOT luck. It’s NOT intelligence. It’s NOT genetics or any other excuse lazy, stagnant people use.

There is a mathematical equation to my success, as surefooted as science, and I’m about to dictate to you it labeled: “Rules” in the following section of this prompt. You need only follow these.

I’m not saying this is going to be easy to make something happen – but it IS going to be worth it.

Just because I can’t correlate to you the incredible DEPTH and years and years of trial, research, effort, and study that I’ve discovered what makes and keeps a man in the top 2-3 percentile of the populous, financially, – I can, however, give you general overviews – and then discuss your action strategy hereon out that will be labeled as “Rules” following this prompt.

PLEASE READ EVERY WORD. If I don’t see you implementing these success habits, or at least taking a substantial effort immediately, on a daily consistent basis, then this is over. Congratulations – you’ve just become a Dead Weight. (more on this later.) You’ve become a liability to this company, and like a crashing and burning ROI or a wounded soldier in battle you now have to carry, you’ve gotta move on with your physical/intellectual property rights or else YOU WILL LOSE THIS WAR.

Or a lot of money and time, or both.

Now for the brutal truth.

A business partnership isn’t the same as friendship. Business partners and friends simply don’t mix. I wouldn’t hire Mike to run [censored – business name], because he doesn’t know what the fuck he is doing. This is serious, and money talks – bullshit walks. If you’re not doing things right, I’m going to call you out on it. NOT in the same way I’d treat a friend, but when there is a lot of money and time on the table, and you, as a highly-valued business partner asset, are not executing a part of the business model in a way that I need to see it executed, then that’s when things are going to be problematic.

So, again, please read every word. I’m not going to outwardly imply it’s mandatory and a part of this agreement/partnership that you follow these rules I’ve laid out for you from years of research and study – but it’s mandatory and a part of this agreement/partnership that you absolutely follow this.

This may all seem harsh and like I’m making you walk through the mud of bootcamp, but when you come out on the other end of it and win the War, there will not be a more glorious day in your entire life. The feeling of freedom and true financial influence & power is indescribable.

It takes a special breed of physical, mental, and emotional learning, discipline & toughness [consistent, daily action] to become and truly BE in the top elite – but once you get there, the ride is exhilarating!


WARNING: This is going to be harsh.

Let me start off by saying I love you man. You’re a great friend. You’ve always been there for me, even through my toughest times, and I’ll always be there for you bro, no matter what.

But I am NOT approaching you right now as a friend – I am approaching you as not even a regular person would.

I am approaching you as a business partner.

Friends and business partners don’t mix. Just like friends don’t do much to help you on the battlefield if they don’t even know how to fire or reload a gun or what to do in basic combat. You need to approach the same mentality with the people you “hire” as prospects for helping out this company. I don’t care if it’s your best bud from highschool, if he can’t create us perfect shipping labels or customize the packaging, or make a PERFECT pallet shipment to fit our specifications, you cut him loose, cut off the dry weight, because he’s bringing us right into the ground. A Dead Weight, that MUST be cut loose!

And we WILL find someone who does better, and creates for us a cleaner, mass-marketable retail product. Period.

In business, it’s ALL about results.

Do you want to waste your fucking time and money? Do you want to be a broke bitter loser? No?

Then you’ve gotta become ruthless. No playing nice guy in this war. The following instructions may sound harsh, or like I’m bullying you into something, but it’s what it takes to WIN. You may not like your highschool basketball coach for making you sprint out in the hot sun for 4 hours everyday after school, but when you’re in the heat of the game on court, and you’re sprinting faster and more agile and can outperform ANY OTHER GUY on that court, flying, you’re going to thank him for what he put you through.

I approach business like a war. I approach business like a “do or die” approach. You either make a lot of money, or you make a little money – or you don’t make fucking anything at all, or lose money. (How many failed business-plans friends do you have!? Exactly. This is the pauper, lazy stagnant masses.)

I approach business partners not in the same way I would approach a friend, family, or even another general human being. I know, I’ve said this before, but it bears repetition, so it will sink in.

In business, and in getting what you want out of life, you need to be cutthroat and ruthless. It’s a war, and I need a good, strong, skilled & capable fighter on my side, not some wounded piece of slob that’s going to weigh me down who needs to be carried and is gonna get my ass killed out there on the battlefield.

Note: NOT saying this is where you are at, but I’m painting the nightmare picture for you from my perspective here, that’s literally lost me hours of sleep at night in stress bro. I do NOT expect you to “ride my tailcoat” to the glory here: THAT’S JUST NOT GONNA HAPPEN! I know you’re planning to pull your own weight, but I honestly don’t think you even vaguely know what it’s going to take. If you want to see a business hit the reality of MILLIONS in each of our bank accounts (I’ll show you the physical reality of this later, as I know a person with little moneymaking experience can’t see this as feasible, when it is), than you’re going to need to step up your game in a way you never even dreamed of possible before, or can probably even conceive of at this point.

Remember when I was up all day and night working on my first business while my roommates were out partying and drinking beer? I went out like 1 night a week back then to celebrate. That’s the kind of work ethic and mentality I’m going to need in a business partner to get to the top. I’m going to need you to put down the TV remote, and pick up a book. Or a phone and call prospects ALL DAY instead of going and eating a pizza or watching reruns of Family Guy.

If you’re just trying to “make a little pocket cash” and “ just get by” or “make a simple working product for Aaron, the shopowner down the street”, and not a perfected masterpiece tailored to the world’s finest class, like the lazy sloth of the masses who never accomplish anything more than average, then please tell me now.

I am planning on making this a damn-near Fortune 500 company, which has been my dream since I launched my first successful “automatic income-generating” business, and have been brainstorming ever since. When you get a taste of money, I admit, you just want more. If your aspirations don’t match mine, honestly, then please walk away. Stop reading. None of this is required of you – this is all for an elite business, mindset, skillset, elite results, and ultimately – what is required of an elite business partner. None of which is required of you if you plan to be “average”, working for the rest of your life like a slave and making barely enough to afford what you want and not being able to enjoy your free time. No hard feelings, but if that’s your goal, if you’re happy in being an “average joe” with an average business, to not smash this out of the ballpark and create for yourself a life of deep financial lasting abundance with more money than you know what to do with, than because this is business and NOT a friendship, I’ll need you to tell me, and I’ll need a new guy. (Which I DON’T want to do, but will if I have to. We’re on the battlefield right now, and the crippled, wounded teammates must be left behind if we are to cross the finish line.)]

Second I’m in this to WIN. I’m going to be investing THOUSANDS of my own hard-earned dollars every week, not to mention countless hours of the most precious resource we human beings have such a limited amount of here – my own time, and I certainly will not be putting in my genius/trained effort and skills if you do not adhere to these strict rules, otherwise you’ll become a dead-weight that’s bogging me down, and in business, and in war, ditch the wounded, cut the slack and drop the weight, or you’ll lose the battle, get wounded (financially/physically), or otherwise.

If you’re planning on being average here [comfortable in your sloth/laziness/mediocrity] I’d basically be the one in the boat doing all the rowing, and at that pace, we’d lose the race, and I’d be forced to cut slack.

I hope this doesn’t hurt you, because again, this relationship you are entering with me in terms of “talking shop”/business is a WHOLE ‘NOTHER BALLGAME! You’re dealing with an entirely different person. I’m here to win, not be your best bud. BUSINESS AND FRIENDS DON’T MIX!

You hire partners for their ability, their ability to perform and produce results.

NOT just because you like them. 🙂

Donald Trump is an asshole to practically everybody he meets, but the guy is fucking Rich for a reason.

If I had to seek financial investment advice, I would go to him for answers, I wouldn’t hire or go to my grandpa or my buddy from highschool who still lives with his parents working at Quiznos, poor and average, who knows fucking nothing, nodding wisely and speaking stupidly.

Think about it:

  • Would you hire a guy who has never even touched a computer to build your CRUCIAL company website design just because you’ve been best buddies with him since highschool?
  • Would you hire a guy who has spent only 5 minutes reading about the human anatomy of the brain to operate on your sister and remove her brain tumor located on her brainstem just because he’s been a close family friend for many years?
  • Would you enter into a serious business partnership taking HUGE risks with someone just because the fact he’s your cousin!?

NO – you select these people based on their PERFORMANCE. Their skill. The results they are producing in their own life. Their reliability. Their ability to succeed. “Money talks – bullshit walks.”

  • What is some bum on the street going to teach you about taking calculated risks & investments??
  • What is some fat person going to teach you about losing weight??
  • What is an alcoholic going to teach you about becoming sober?????
  • What is some poor person going to teach you about making money!?

I’ve invested personally THOUSANDS of hours of my own time, and TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars of my own hard-earned cash to learn from some of the greatest, smartest, wealthiest brilliant business men and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs who have ever lived. I know what it takes to WIN. And I mean Big. I have personally traveled extensively all over the planet to hone my own abilities, learning from true millionaires, and not only have I been scheming/brainstorming/doing market research in this niche for a while, I am perfectly capable of steering this ship in the right direction, that being said; The following rules are a golden required “list” from some of the wealthiest men I know of, and are MANDATORY!

It’s what makes the best the best. Elite. At the top. Making MILLIONS effortlessly sipping Mai Thais all day in Hawaii while our Paupers run the dirt in the factory and make 8.00/hr minimum wage and WE get to make $60,000/week/DAY and fly into exotic cities In Private Jets!! Think about it.

Do you want to be the guy making 12.50/hr working ALL FUCKING DAY getting up at 4 A.M. To commute, or do you want to be the guy who heads to his office in sweats who owns the factory making sure his worker drones are doing a good little job, and then goes back to his second mansion property to fuck his hot wife and play golf with his buddies all day? 🙂

Do you want this?

To be “not-average” you need to behave in a way that’s “not-average”.

I know it sounds simple. But there’s a lot of depth in that statement.

Please, read it again.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but again, THIS IS WAR. This isn’t friendship. This isn’t brocialization time.

This isn’t a cool hobby or a little project in your garage on the weekend, nor any other normal form of human interaction, THIS-IS-FUCKING-ALL-OUT-WAR, if YOU WANT TO WIN.

My definition of “winning” is a multi-million dollar per year automatic revenue income stream.

Frank Kern, my mentor who makes a 7-digit figure income annually [read: multi-millions yearly, he’s even made 1.7 million dollar DAYS!!] and I spent $5000 for a seat in his seminar to get the opportunity to see him live in Vegas last year just to pick his mind and answer questions, has said that his closest business partners he literally makes them cry. Not on purpose, he’s actually a really nice guy, it’s just like, when you enter WAR, honesty is like surgery – it hurts but it heals.

If you want to WIN, there is no room for bullshit or being nice or covering things up to protect an ego or someone’s self-esteem.

That won’t serve you.

A good coach will assess where his player is at, honestly describe to him his weaknesses and push him go further. Only, and I mean only then can there be any progress. Telling the kid he’s the best ever and being nice and not calling out his bullshit isn’t going to help him, he’s still going to lose Saturday night’s big game and be humiliated in front of his girlfriend, all of his friends, and family watching under those bright shiny lights on the field.

I’ve created myself a passive income, and bought my first house at 20 years old. I can afford almost anything I want, I make a ton of dough every month on average, where most my friends make around $8.00 a day. I’m not what you would call average. In order to get to this level of elite performance, real lasting results, and competency – it requires you to do some pretty “not-so-average” things that I’ve learned along the trail. I wish to share these with you. The list that follows are some of those daily habits.

The sad thing is, an ideal elite business partner would already be doing these things, and no training would be necessary. But I am willing to offer some of my time and wisdom in order to see you gain success, because I want to see you succeed here bro, all I ask is you make a diligent, honest and persistent effort and LISTEN TO WHAT I SAY!!!!


NOTE: These Rules are MANDATORY! If you can’t handle these simple things in your day-to-day life, you CAN’T handle being a co-owner of a Fortune 500 company. It’s just that simple. Period.



1. Keep Quiet.

It’s a jungle out there. You’re a great guy, friendly and social. That’s great!! But, if you excitedly tell your plans to the wrong ears, congratulations, you just got robbed via intellectual property rights. Ever hear of Facebook? Guy goes for lunch with a close buddy, shoots a few emails describing his ideas / talks about them, next thing you know, his idea is being stolen, and some other guys are profiting off all your hard work, YEARS of brainstorming, and research. Ideas are money. Ideas are money. Ideas are money. I cannot stress this enough. I want you to start seeing and realizing that money is ideas. By “sharing” with someone an idea about a business, because you were excited, you are literally handing them THOUSANDS (in our case, millions.) of dollars!! It may seem harmless to you, but it’s like telling someone where your hidden treasure cave is. A thought precedes a physical manifestation. “I want to go get a sandwich.” and you walk and GO AND GET THE SANDWICH and hold it in your hand. ANY other guy can take an idea and run with it, and leave you in the dust. Just like I wouldn’t want a business partner taking our money and leaving it out on the sidewalk, I CAN’T have you blabbing to EVEN friends (yes, friends – remember this is a BUSINESS.) about what we do, or our ideas. You would never imagine who would stab you in the back. The only force on the planet that drives another man to kill another man is Money. It’s powerful stuff, you need to protect your intellectual property rights, ideas, as much as possible, and trust no one. I can’t have YOU blabbing all MY hard work and $$$ ideas that have taken me YEARS to come up with and refine to strangers, or even people you “trust”, like close friends. Capiche? Capiche.

2. Eliminate Negative Energy And Negative Beliefs That Limit You.

Avoid the naysayers, and don’t become one yourself. I will absolutely not work with someone who is not positive. It was once said “If people actually listened to all the objections in history, nothing would ever get done.” They told Thomas Edison he would never create an invention worth anyone’s time or money. They told the guy who wanted to pick up a phone, press a button, and call his friend on the other side of the planet that he was crazy, delusional, insane, and “in Star Trek” la-la land. Luckily Mr. Bell, now the owner of AT&T didn’t think so. They told the Wright brothers bending a piece of steel and flying it over 10,000 miles over the ocean was impossible and out of a science fiction novel. Amazon.com’s owner was literally LAUGHED at from friends and so-called family. I had a similar experience. Friends would literally spit out their beer laughing saying I need to get me head out of the clouds when I told them I was going to buy my first house at 20. Look at me now. I’m on my third. My point is, you need to stop accepting lack & limitation, negativity, limiting beliefs, petty excuses & bullshit as your standard.

You need to NOT accept failure, not even from YOUR OWN MIND.

You need to realize you ARE infinite potential, a brilliant child of God, wonder of the Universe, worthy of every particle in it, and you need to start acting like one. Quit thinking of all the reasons why something can’t work, and start brainstorming to how it CAN get done and how we can make it happen!!!!!

3. Get Healthy.

Passion, enthusiasm, and excitement are the core of any business. Without excitement, the ability to sustain concentration (which you horribly lack right now – being honest bro), you will not get very far. Did you know Alzhiemers is directly related to diet? It’s because the saturated animal/dairy fat begins build up plaque, much like it does in the arteries, inside the human neuronetworks and tubular channels and blood vessels [tiny veins] that run throughout the human brain. What then happens over time is a process where certain areas of the brain lose oxygenation, vital nutrients, and nerve flow. Translation: You get dumb, cloudy thinking, and can even eventually go insane and not even be able to answer to your own name. Like in sports, diet is CRUCIAL. Diet IS passion, intelligence, performance, creativity, ENERGY. In ALL arenas of life. Your “erection” in the world goes flat when your “erection” with your woman does, too. You NEED the energy, passion, creative focus, and drive that is a DIRECT RESULT of eating a life-sustaining diet. If you can’t say NO to a shiny glistening sweet or cheesy greasy meal when it tempts you, how the fuck will you ever be able to say ‘NO’ to a million-dollars worth of temptations in spending money when you NEED to put it where it counts – business investment plans.

Or how the fuck will you ever be able to say ‘NO’ to an act of laziness (like sitting on the couch when you need to get the fuck up and go read that book)?

4. Give Up Instant Gratification.

This is basically, giving in to the desires in the moment to the detriment of your long-term life experience. For example, for a kid it’s not very fun to not spend his $5 on that icecream, than it is to put it in his piggy bank and invest it, but in a couple weeks when the kid has made $7 in interest and can now buy a G.I. Joe with it (just an example) that he can take out of his closet and play with every day for months, or YEARS of enjoyment, that is a WHOLE lot better than that 5-Minute icecream. Likewise with a food decision, it may taste good on your lips and gums for a few moments of fleeting pleasure, but in a few hours, weeks, years, how is your body / mind going to look/feel/perform? Champions hate waking up to fucking oats for breakfast, broccoli salmon for lunch, and asparagus brown rice with spinach leaves for dinner, [and NOT pizza, cigarettes, icecream, coca cola cake or beer] but they have energy all day, look great, can see their six-pack, feel a sense of lasting confidence self-esteem and pride, have EXCITEMENT and ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM and PASSION [that directly correlates to business] and have a sharp witty incredibly creative mind, perform great in bed, etc. These daily habits of dealing with a little short-term pain bring LONG-TERM happiness and pleasure. Short-term instant gratification pleasure never lasts, and ultimately robs you. The same goes for financial investing. It’s boring not to be able to buy what you want with that shiny $4000.00 USD sitting in your bank account. It’s boring to invest it in some long-term business that wont make you money for 2 ½ YEARS. It’s boring to go read a book instead of watch the latest South Park or Entourage. But it’s NOT boring when you can buy a mansion house on the beach because you were smart with your money, and now you can buy a BIG thing that lasts in the long-term. Like a house. That sure beats any stupid little thing your instant-gratification impulse buy could ever afford.

5. Read Everyday.

For AT LEAST 10 minutes [1-2 hours is optimal.]

You NEED to have an open mind, in all arenas.

Did you know a squirrel is double jointed!? Meaning, it can bend it’s legs/arms BOTH ways so it can sprint up or down a tree very fast, in either direction!! I bet you didn’t know that. Now, take this “not knowing about things” mindset and apply it to everything around you. Every area. People of success, true Masters in any field, are ALWAYS learning, they STAY open minded to new input, and they listen.

“He who knows, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know.”

-Zen saying.

“He who knows, knows how much he does not know.”

-Zen proverb

Masters, in any given field that operate at an elite level with stellar results are NEVER satisfied with what they know now, because there is SO MUCH, even now, still out there to learn for them to learn.

In Basketball, it may be a new dribbling technique, or a fakeout that allows them to be able to score more points in the game, increasing their results. Apply this mindset to all arenas of life.

True CHAMPIONS are *always* HUNGRY for more knowledge. I once watched on YouTube a basketball coach at 87 years old talk about how he was playing the game since he was six, and yet, was STILL blowing his mind daily learning new things about the game and how it works. This was so inspiring it brought me to tears. You NEED to start seeing the DEPTH in everything. People see the people at the top and call it “luck” or “talent” or “intelligence” or “good looks” or “money”, but what they DON’T see is the guy was up every fucking day at 4 A.M. hitting the jogging track, reading every book he could get his hands on about it, practicing & practicing when no one else was looking. Falling on his ass again & again, learning each time about how not to fall again, picking himself up, dusting the dirt off, trying over and over again refining his ability. And then, one day, they see him do a slam dunk and say it’s “genetics” or he “got lucky” or he’s just “talented” – they’re looking at the surface and not the depth. A quote Frank Kern says a lot is; “Leaders are ALWAYS readers.” You need to hammer it into your mind that you, honestly, TRULY, right now, don’t know SHIT.

You need to revel in that fact that you’re an idiot [me too-we all are], and you have SO MUCH TO LEARN!! In every subject. This should not depress you, but awe-inspire you, and motivate you to begin to take up the DAILY multi-million dollar reading habit. No bullshit. No excuses. Quit being lazy. Just like you need to feed your body each day, you need to feed your mind each day so that it may grow. Start out with just ten minutes a day of reading. I will give you a comprehensive mind-blowing reading list in the followup email.

It’s too painful to sit down and get yourself to focus and read each day? Waa. Waa. Stop being a pussy. Give up instant gratification. That’s what Champions do.

6. Give up Escapism.

Avoiding reality is on the daily action item list of a pauper. You know why poor, sick or lazy broke negative people do the most drugs and binge drink alcohol, gamble and overeat the most!? Because they are trying to cover up, hide from, and temporarily mask their pain and problems. Again, instant gratification mindset; which ultimately robs you and rots your life from the inside out.

When things get tough, when you don’t have enough money, and you’re stressed and tired from working your shit fucking job all day having to give up all your free time like some slave, instead of cracking open the bottle at the end of the day “to just relax” or smoking that cigarette on the way home from stressful work or “temporarily soothing yourself” with that icecream or piece of pizza in the refrigerator or the porno fap session (what most guys will do), drugs, movies & television, or whatever you need to escape reality, INSTEAD, like a warrior, you need to start climbing out of your pit [and not deeper into the darkness] by taking positive action towards changing your life. By “covering up” your hardships with escapes, like television, junk food, movies, or alcohol, you’re just creating for yourself even larger problems. A deeper, darker hole that’s going to be even harder to climb out of.

Remember for now that positive habits build momentum, so do negative ones. Again, you need to give up instant gratification. It may not feel good to you now and it wont be fun in the moment (who the fuck wants to exercise on a daily basis at 6:00 A.M.or eat salmon and spinach and oatmeal for the rest of their life!?) but when you look in the mirror at that solid, lean, sexy, awesome muscular body that LASTS, or last all night with your girl(s), or wake up everyday completely free in your Mansion house on the beach with your 2012 Porsche 911 Turbo in the garage to your drive down to your private health spa / gym where you can get a massage and have a personal trainer teach you some basketball techniques, hop on a private jet for lunch to visit your second property in the sparkling beaches of Fiji – then reading all those financial books or eating in a healthy way to keep your mind smart and alert instead of cracking open that bottle of mind-numbing television and alcohol masking your stress sounds pretty now good doesn’t it!?

Lastly, you need to ditch alcohol. You need to stop drinking that shit. It robs you of life and time. It numbs your mind. It literally kills brain cells. It makes you dumb and unable to focus. But no worries – scientists have recently found out that with the bodies own DNA-reproduced T-cells that brain cells DO in fact regenerate, but this process can take months, and they will only begin to regenerate if you stop the onslaught of harsh burning chemical cocktails flooding your bloodstream and destroying your neural networks and brain chemistry / killing brain cells on a weekly, bi-weekly or weekend basis.

7. Take Action Now, With Daily Persistence.

Finally, stop procrastinating. Not now = Never. Your future self is less likely to be wanting to do the “tough stuff” no more than your present self is. If you want to win, you’ve gotta stop being so soft and get your six-pack back, so to speak, in all facets of life. Right now. No, not tomorrow. Tomorrow is an illusion. It never comes. Your dreams slip from your fingertips with each passing day, each passing hour, each passing moment, every passing breath, until one day you will look back and wish you had.

A wise man once said, “You will always deal with two pains in life: the pain of discipline, or the pain of failure.”

Put another way; “You will deal with the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret.” Both are inevitable.

It’s your choice.

I hope you will choose the right pain. Sacrifice.


In part of the video training series I sent you, Tony Robbins [expert on personal motivation, elite success, and financial abundance generation] discusses how a positive BELIEF about something fuels CERTAINTY in a result which then breeds positive action taking towards the realization of that goal, which then breeds a POSITIVE result!! The same self-fulfilling prophecy can work against you, too! (Note: Especially with hot girls!!!!!)

Here it is mapped out: BELIEF [positive or negative. I can or I can’t ”it’s impossible”] → CERTAINTY [or uncertainty] → ACTION [or lack of action, procrastination due to fear or suspect likely failure. Remember, Not Now = Never.] → RESULT. [Positive or negative result. Which then fuels the belief, and the feedback loop starts over again, producing results or none – That’s why the Rich Get Richer and the poor get poorer.] → BELIEF.

See, then the cycle repeats itself, and reenforces your success, or your failure.

So you’re probably wondering, “Well I’ve never made any real money like so-and-so, is it going to work?”

Lots of people feel like if they don’t succeed, why even get started!?

I’m going to put all this effort in and not be successful? Why even begin, or give it my full potential?

“I mean, what’s the point of full effort if I’m not gonna be successful. I’ll just go at this half-ass…..”

I sense this in you.

You’re doubtful.

KILL that train of thought immediately man.

Don’t EVEN START THIS FUCKING WAR unless you KNOW you are going to win it!!!!!

You know what the trojan Warriors did when they got to Troy?

They burned their fucking boats.

The ONLY way they were going to make it home alive and see their loved ones again was is IF they took the city. They made no other option in their mind BUT success. Plan A, or death. Period. No Plan B. No Plan C. No plan X. No fucking around. No side “backup plans”, no bullshit.

Nor was there any time for being a pussy.

It was victory, or nothing. Nothing in-between.

That’s called failure, mediocrity. Broke. Bitter. Poor.

Not Wealthy.

Lastly, I’ll say this; you may feel a lot of these habits are unnecessary, or don’t see why they are crucial for success. After studying for YEARS about psychology, motivation, and why some people are truly successful and experience freedom, financial wealth and abundance, and are generally more happier / more fulfilled than others comes down to this –

CHAMPION is NOT a switch you just turn “On/Off.”


“We are repeatedly what we do. Excellence is not an act, but therefore a habit.”



Wise man. Do you have any fucking idea how hard it is to break a habit!? You can’t be a lazy sloth, eating junk food, watching TV all the time constantly jacking off WASTING your time, giving in to your instant gratification impulses like reaching for the shot glass or that pizza/coke at work, procrastinating your important activities (like reading, calling up contacts / prospects, going to the gym after work, eating healthy etc.) and then suddenly expect on Monday or January 1st or Saturday when “it really counts” the get the fuck up and be a CHAMP! It DOESN’T work like that. You will fail every time.

Likewise, if you’ve been broke / just making it / average all your life. You’re not suddenly going to wake up and magically become a Millionaire. No one is going to wave a wand over your head and turn you into a successful man. It must be an ideal strived towards, every single fucking day…

It must be BUILT.

Successful habits, the ONLY way to succeed, are built up slowly over-time. And once formed, they are hard to break. Much like laziness. Ever hear the term “Want something to get done!? Give it to a busy person.” The reason for this is busy people, people in habits of constant work/accomplishment are ALWAYS handling shit. They get stuff done, the condition their minds and bodies for no excuses.

It’s all about momentum. Good habits perpetuate themselves, bad habits do the same.

You’re either refining yourself into someone who is smart, capable, intelligent, and capable of great things and richness in ALL areas of life, or you’re refining yourself into a procrastinating, mind-numbing junk food binging fat broke loser.

Say for example you start to take positive action in your life.

You wake up earlier and don’t sleep in, at say, 6:00 A.M. You immediately head downstairs and make yourself a HEALTHY, energizing breakfast that DOESN’T make you feel fat, tired, sick, and groggy. (Such as Oats with raisins, cinammon, honey + a blueberry raspberry strawberry banana smoothie with almonds with a glass of water.)

Next, you hit the gym.

Btw: You DON’T want to do any of this. You’d rather sleep in. You’d rather eat that piece of letftovers chocolate cake from Stacey’s house with some sugary Starbucks and a donut or nutrient-void worthless croissant. You’re too tired, too sore, too “not today” to go to the gym. You’ll do it tomorrow.

Or you can’t read right now, “you’re too tired” and you’ll do it later.

YEAH – RIGHT!! No you wont.

“Successful people, do what unsuccessful people don’t feel like doing on a regular basis.” -Brian Tracy

Not Now = Never. Your present self is not much likely to step up and be a Champion than your current self is. “Not now”, or “putting things off” because they are too painful in the moment and require you to kill the laziness and mediocrity inside of you is something you must do NOW, continually, on a regular basis. It takes building up and consistent right action taking on a regular basis. It takes momentum.

Let’s continue, so say you just got back from the gym and showered. After being all sweaty, you feel clean, accomplished, have pride, MORE energy, and are ready to tackle your day.

NOW, you’ve got swag. You’ve got a little pep in your step. You’re walking with a little more confidence, and you WREAK of that! People can hear/see/sense your enthusiasm, your confidence, they smell your success. Game recognizes game.

At lunch, a hotdog or some cheesy slop shit comes by on the catering cart. You’re like, “Fuck that – I’ll ruin every good habit I’ve already built up today, that shit’s not worth it.” And you pass.

You feel confident in your New Habits because they produce a New Life, and you have New Energy.

Pretty soon, you make a business call. Since YOU’RE ON FIRE, your clients can sense your eagerness, enthusiasm, optimism and sure-footedness about your business, your products, and your ability to make THEM rich with it. They are willing to give you whatever you want. You get a new lead, a guy who owns a LARGE overseas [censor] shop retail-store chain. He orders instantly 500 units of our product, wants to see how it goes, and will be ordering 1000 more next month. Congratulations – you just made $35,000 [500x$70]. Human instinct is wired to respond to confident Alpha Males or men of status and power. Women, too!

Not doubtful, unsure of themselves, weak ass beta-males.

Who do you want on your team in battle?! The guy who is SURE you guys are going to win, or the guy who is kind of nervous and doubting the situation and himself!? Exactly. Women are the same way!!!!!!

Business clients, prospects, and joint venture partners (JVPs) are equally responding to this law.

SO, key to remember – it really is all about MOMENTUM. But this can be negative or positive.

Likewise, as good habits can build you up, your life, and thus directly affect your energy/confidence (beliefs), and all facets of the results you’re getting in EVERY key important area, bad habits can BREAK you. Positive momentum is contagious, and like going to the gym everyday, it becomes hard to “snap out of it” and STOP going to the gym, or after months of eating clean and how good you feel, how hard it is to now pick up that cheeseburger and start eating it and feeling like shit dirty/disgusting eating junk food all week, or HOW HARD it is to sleep in when you’ve been waking up everyday at 6:00A.M. For the past five months – your body & mind simply wont allow it to happen.

Bad habits create gravity that suck negativity, sloth, lack of results and poor action to themselves.

The Rich get Richer, the poor get poorer. I can not say this enough, and there is a prime reason for it.

The main one is, good habits liken unto themselves, bad habits do the same;


For example, let’s take the SAME MORNING but this time, it all starts with a simple habit you choose to break – getting up early. You decide to sleep in. You wake up, groggy because your chemicals are off-balance now and you totally upset your bio-rhythms, and energy level.

You stumble downstairs, hardly able to keep your eyes open. “Fuck it, a smoothie is too much work. I’ll pick up a coffee and a donut or starbucks arterie clogging cheese-wrap on the way.”

Next, you think “since I slept in, at that cheesy-bread roll thing and am all artificially jacked up on fattening-sugar coffee, I think I wont go to the gym today. Why bother. What’s the point.” So you don’t.

You walk by a mirror, and notice your fat gut and the bags under your eyes. Instead of thinking “it’s going down, I’m getting leaner, I’m awesome!!” building your confidence, you feel shame or regret.

You keep walking, next when you pass a girl, or talk to your buds at work, they can sense there is no EDGE in you. No backbone, no spark of life. No fire!!!

At lunch, that cart rolls by of the cheesy goop. What do you do? You grab a plate. Fuck it, why bother, I mean, afterall you didn’t go to the gym, feel like shit and want to self-medicate with some junk food, what else have you got to lose!? You’re already on a roll!!!!!!!!

After this meal, you feel kinda tired.

“Oh, shit, I’ve gotta make that sales call for our business.”

 You call the guy up. You’re a little nervous. Is this going to go well?

The guy, senses, non-verbally a guy on the other phone who is “average”. You don’t joke around as much with him, you don’t bring him lots of positive energy, there’s that lack of certainty and persuasion in your voice, ALL because you’ve been living average, he can smell average, and you wreak of that.

Game Recognizes Game. The guys at the top, like being Neo in the Matrix, can see other successful guys, and they can also pick out the lazy/failure [average day job] ones. They are ALL about making money. Success. Like a shark in the water, they can smell blood.

Potential. Top Performers. Money. They are looking for confidence, charisma, DRIVE, passion, intelligence. Why!? Because THEY WANT TO MAKE A LOT OF FUCKING MONEY. They don’t want to lose it by listening to some broke, fat loser who doesn’t believe in himself or his lame, half-ass produced “average” products!

So for some reason, (gee, wonder what it could be!? :)) the guy tells you he “is busy” and “will get back to you.” He never calls back. Or he rejects your proposal. Congratulations, you just lost us multi-national [censored] Store retail distribution, because you were having an “off-day”.

CHAMPIONS do not TAKE DAYS OFF! They are always working at getting better, because success breeds success which breeds confidence which breeds success which breeds positivity, which breeds…

 The cycle continues. The Rich get Richer. The poor get poorer.

So, you understand now that procrastination is self-deception. If you’re not doing the things that are really important and creating positive momentum NOW, in the present moment, you never will.

You’ll always be lazy.

You’ll always be a loser.

You’ll always be broke.

Lastly, by reading this sheet, you have a glimpse (yeah, – just a glimpse) of what you now need to do. You can say you “know” what to do now. This is false. To know something is to DO it! Daily.

A great author once wrote “To know, and not to do, is not to know.”

You probably now see the mountain, and can see the path you need to start putting one foot in front of the other climbing it. You see the path. But very few people actually walk it. They talk game NOT walk it. I’m telling you, the view up here is incredible, and you’ll get to see and experience things some people never do!

Let’s rock. Let’s make that first million dollar year. I can’t fucking wait. It’s actually 4:27 A.M. Right now and I just finished writing this. I don’t sleep when I’m excited. Sleep is for the weak, and I have an opportunity to turn my dreams into a reality!

I’m sending you your training resource videos. You need to watch all of them, in their entirety.

Remember; open mind is key to success.



-I am emailing you a mandatory Reading List [10 minutes a day at first, slowly increase this over time.]

-As well as a mandatory business training Video Training with a motivation fire list [all on YouTube].

-You’ll need to start here, watch a few videos, order a few key books, THEN and only then move on to the second email: Action Item List.

Most importantly: STAY FOCUSED!!! *DO NOT* Let your mind drift or wander!! You need to be fully, consciously reading/listening to every word [this is a great student] and absorbing valuable, potent, life-changing, money-producing information and proven success formulas, action strategies and ideas. Not thinking about what you’re going to have for dinner or that thing Steve said to you last week.

Let’s make/turn this business dream into a reality!

When you review your Action Item list, I need you to contact some people, I have included a very large list. That is your first assignment in this company. I will be working on the other facets as well.

Your Mandatory Week’s Videos:

You are to watch one per day, possibly before sales calls.
Make a new folder in your email, put it at the top, above inbox if you can. Call it “Important Business” – review these emails every single fucking day.
Stay Open Minded. Absorb every word. Do not let your mind wander and trail off. Focus.
Your MANDATORY Project Training Videos: 
(I will send more later – but start with this. At a cooking school, they don’t teach you the second dish until you’ve mastered the first.)
3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWr-v-4GAp0&playnext=1&list=PLEDE1847E339B51AA&feature=results_main   Watch the entire series. Especially part 3 and part 5, and part 6.
5. http://www.markusrothkranz.com/prosperity/prosperity.html – Watch the entire trailer. Some VERY important key money-making info there!! 
Read One At A Time.
(get all on amazon.com)
-The Prosperity Secret [http://www.markusrothkranz.com/prosperity/prosperity.html] I want you to get the hard book. I can loan you the DVDs when you’re ready. Watch the entire trailer. STAY FOCUSED!!!!!
-The Richest Man In Babylon
-Rich Dad Poor Dad
-Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
-The Effective Executive
-177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class
-No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline
-Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want
-Think And Grow Rich
-The Power Of Full Engagement

Also, studies unquestionably show that you only retain 20% of that which you read. You need to begin taking good notes and REVIEW THEM OFTEN. You are also going to need to review your Training Sheet One, every single day, for at least 10 Minutes. To keep the fire alive!!!!!


Btw, you may think a lot of this is taking away your perceived freedom [when in fact actually right now, you’re a slave.], but a wise man once said; “A train off the tracks is free, but it can’t go anywhere.” By allowing yourself to use disciplines everyday, you actually create MORE freedom in your life. You’re in the illusion of freedom right now by giving into your impulses. You’re a slave!




Alright guys, hope you enjoyed.
The freedom of having multiple properties around the globe is – exhilirating!
I really hope you guys take action on this stuff.
Talk soon,

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