WHOLENESS: When Everything Just CLICKS.

AYAYAYAYYAYAAY How’z everyone doin!??

Mmmmmmm… yum. Gotta love Megan Fox… she will be mine. oh yes.. she will be mine..

Seriously guys. Stop time altogether and just admire those curves for a bit. Wow!!!! remember why your learning this shit now? hahahaha GOOD!!!!!!!!

Before we get started, round of applause to Mizu that last post was fucking GOLD.

It’s all 100% true, the chinese government would even go so far as to give normal people opium so they would be on a lower frequency level than them. Just check out a chinese practise called ‘Falon Gong’ the government actually persecute people who do this stuff (Cultivating energy to get on a higher level) This is because the government knows that a disruption to their ‘power dynamic’ over these people could seriously effect them – They will wake up and realize that they don’t need to listen to these greedy idiots in charge anymore.

Now I would like to share with you something that is gonna blow your fucking brains out. An ~Authentic King, LAYER FOR LAYER:
This image is WAYYYY deep you need to actually spend some time actually thinking all this stuff through. This is all these concepts CLICKING together in a stable, usable structure. This is you on the deepest level and the layers you must have BOOOOOOOM!!!:


This is an authentic king. Dayum brotha looks magical hmmm?

Now theres this other thing that tricks most of us acting from the picture above:


That is the roots of true inner game, for all areas of life. Click on the picture to enlarge it and INGRAIN that shit in your mind.
it starts within, you do what YOU want, and then you let other people. When you get your inner game down, outter game will auto-correct as you go out.

One other thing: It’s not so much GETTING the click, it’s realizing you already have the click. Taking away all these glass walls that prevent you from showing your true self to the world.

Because I love you guys dearly, I decided to make a handy definitions list for you to go along with my MS paint masterpiece.



Internal presence and awareness – knowing your purpose and identity
Identity – who you are, what you value
Purpose – willpower and drive to clearly see what you want to do and get it done


Danger/Boundaries – What you let effect you, what you let into your life, how well you guard your identity.
Personal Blueprint/Vision – How you see yourself, where you see yourself going
Certainty/Confidence – How much you trust your core
Surrendering to core – How much you do things that is true to your identity as a man


At peace with world – Going with the world not against it, loving everything
Loving yourself – Taking care of your self, eating well etc. , loving your identity.
Loving her fully – Loving all of her, her whole form (not just looks), envisioning her to be more beautiful than she envisions herself (like a goddess, BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE HER GOD)
Awareness of everything outside body – Wide view rather than narrow, present in the moment, aware of her.
Positive – seeing the best in things, focusing on the positive.
Relaxed – At ease, calm, collected, in control but not controlling.


Passionate – Sexual, able to express sex feeling freely. Without being horny/attached.
WIN/WIN – not kicking your fellow man down, making decisions that makes everybody win
Playful & Amused – Fun with everyone (like a little kid) lick her when she least expects it, y’know fun stuff, Amused with everything – realizing that even negativity is a joke.


Opening her up, knowing that you can give her the most amazing time of her life.
Leading – maing decisions, cutting through surface bullshit, directing how you want things to happen in your life.
Expressing – Giving your true personality away freely, no walls of doubt between you and other person
Putting this whole reality onto others and not letting them put theirs on you.

Dont get worried about all the above information, it will CLICK. This is just to guide you.

AWESOME – work from your true reality and remember you define you.

These things all stem from two things: Love and Masculine Power. (Yin and Yang).


Much like the ‘Inside the room vs. outside the room’ which is one of the central ideas in wild nights.

Inside = relating, talking etc.

How much of a man you are is determined by how much you put this WHOLE REALITY onto others, while being totally oblivious to them trying to inflict outer identities onto you – this is frame control.

Ego is formed when you let others define your reality, when you start comparing to other people rater than just expressing your reality fully.

How you influence, how certain you are of it. And when you get good you actually define others realities for them – e.g they try to match you, you give them something to live upto.

Game is not about improving yourself for others, its about acting from your core, people gravitating towards you is just a byproduct of that.

When you let others define your identity you are limited to only being as good as THEY want. When someone says you will never amount to anything would you take it seriously and sulk or would you say “LIKE FUCK, I’LL SHOW YOU HOW MUCH I’M GOING TO AMOUNT TO”. I love that ‘powerful beyond measure’ video because it shows that YOU ACTUALLY HAVE THE CHOICE, if your gonna be great or not. Only YOU can give yourself permission.


Leaders, good or bad, always ALWAYS have one thing in common – They dictate their life, they have this kind of energy radiating out of them. They are shooting out from all angles their whole reality. That whole complex above.
In our society there is currently a ‘lack’ of REAL AUTHENTIC LEADERS, also the definition of a ‘leader’ has changed. Leaders are now people who have high intellect, perhaps this is why our world is slowly declining? If you don’t think our world is changing for the worst, wake the fuck up and look around you, the human intellect has destroyed the earth. While having intellect is good, having too much and not enough SOUL is badddd.
99.9% of people are NOT LEADERS, THEY ARE FOLLOWERS, they look around to dictate how they ‘should’ see their life. People in big cities are busy, eat McDonald’s, drink tones of coffee, watch excessive amounts of TV, JUST BECAUSE IT’S NORMAL!!!!! Rather than saying ‘I better not eat McDonald’s’ your brain says ‘Look, everyone else is eating McDonald’s i’m sure it’s not THAT bad for you’ or ‘he eats McDonald’s and he is skinny, so I can eat McDonald’s too and be skinny’ or some other bullshit.
In the city hardly anybody even makes eye-contact to strangers in there everyday life, WTF, chicks love it when I look at them directly, unashamed. So why does everyone do all this shit to start off with? YEA SOCIAL FUCKING CONDITIONING. Posters, advertising, TV, YES TV, unplug your television guys, seriously, I haven’t watched TV for over 2 years. Take a step back. Many people think they ‘learn’ from TV, this is just an illusion, most of it is very biased and there to ENTERTAIN you not TEACH you. FUCK TV. There are SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE who actually wright down their thoughts, you can learn so so much from books and so many different people, make it a habit. ANYWAYS BACK TO GAME.

So leading is all about putting your reality onto other people, good or bad. This could also be seen as ‘masculine energy’.
Good leaders are the real deal, they offer WIN/WIN situations for people and he shares a deep love with all those around him, but like Zues if you cross this mans boundaries he will send down massive bolts of lightning, and YOU WILL REGRET IT.
Bad leaders are the worst people on the planet, instead of having a deep appreciation for everything they have a hatred. Maybe they might think it’s ‘pussy’ to appreciate everything. This is the case only if you do not have well developed boundaries/masculine energy. They project this negativity and FORCE it on others, put out WIN/LOSE situations, try to ‘kick down’ his fellow man to be better than him. These guys seek to CONTROL others rather than influence them. Hitler is a good example of this, his men did things for him but only OUT OF FEAR.
“It is the leader who respects his men who will have his soldiers willingly die for him long after he is dead”
actually on the topic of quotes – look at them, get a quote book. Quotes are compressed wisdom in about 2 lines.. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME.

Presence –

Yes… because I am a bit of a nerd (lol) I have also broken down presence, Just for you guys:

1 – Feeling into yourself
2 – Owning your space/BOOM factor
3 – Incorporating the world/women into yourself

1. Presence is firstly feeling into yourself IN THE MOMENT. What do you feel right now? remember it is all an illusion, all you need to think is: wow I actually feel really fucking good inside – and you do. You gotta bring these awesome feelings to the surface. Y’know when you were talking to that chick before and wanted to fuck her? You need to feel it – show it in your eyes!!

2. Presence is secondly owning everything around you. Imagine only owning about a centimeter around your body – Feel this  – feels like absolute shit right? NOW imagine owning the whole room.. how far can you push out your inner core feelings? And no I don’t mean emotions, I mean feeling every inch of your body, feeling INTO your depths. Projecting it, chicks should be able to FEEL you from a mile away – like a god – imagine forcing this energy out as far as you can – exploding with energy – BOOOOOM!!! this is what chicks need to feel when you walk into a room.

3. Presence is then welcoming people and INCLUDING them, sharing this feeling with them, SHARE YOUR CORE WITH THEM. Including her like a person. Incorporating her into your presence, to become even more powerful and wide. Your awareness should be WIDE. This is the eye that see’s the all. This is Masculine presence.

Dude, I don’t even fuck chicks cuz I want to. I fuck them because they NEED ME. I feel so sorry for these girls, so many guys are CLUELESS, and they fucking need you man!!! A woman cannot define her identity by herself, she needs a man to feel deep into her and SHOW HER who she is. Do it, know this is right. LIVE BY THIS.

Zooming in and out on life –

You should have the ability to be able to be fully immersed in your life all the time, totally in the moment and then zoom out, seeing the bigger picture, where your going with your life etc. (this is a very masculine trait, females have trouble doing this which is why you must lead her)

Chase your good feelings, there is a kind of ‘activation energy’ you need to get into a positive state ALL THE TIME.

It’s hard to appreciate the moment and get into a positive state when you think there is nothing to appreciate due to not being in a positive state.

But you CAN do it, first you need to feel how lucky you are, actually think WOW, i’m here, on these beautiful planet, surrounded by chicks and I can actually BE anything I want. WAIT… HOLY SHIT, THIS IS HEAVEN. Next you gotta think WOW fuck yea!!! and get into that state where your fuckin pumped to blow the mind of the next hot girl you see. Just OWNING IT. FILLING HER UP. Follow your good feelings, what makes you most happy? DO IT. When you act from your ‘True Self’ or ‘Buddah self’ or ‘CORE’ the universe gets out of your way, seriously the fucking UNIVERSE is on your side because this is how the universe WANTED you to be. This is meant to be what the bible was about but the message got fucked up like a game of Chinese whispers. CRAZY HUH?? This is like gods path. Likewise the ‘Devil’ in my opinion is a symbol for all the distractions, external influences that try to get you off your TRUE PATH. Call this the ego. When you have such a strong drive to dictate your life, your all external factors will naturally get out of your way.

Before I even talk to a woman properly I will usually powerfully fuck her with my eyes. Eye sex is amazing, it shows that your enjoying it and not rushing into ‘phase #2 of interaction’ or too eager for sex – LOL – can’t actually believe guys learn pick-up for ages and still do this shit.

Be real when talking to women, positive BOOM energy, beaming direct eye-contact and smile, totally warm dominating presence. While having this look that knows you can give her the most raw amazing hot sex and open her up further than she has even been opened EVER. Almost teasing her with it. YOUR THE PRIZE TO BE WON. Seriously guys, most dudes don’t even know about this site and most are only concerned with themselves getting pleasure. This already puts you in front of like 90% of guys out there. You have the power to change a womans life – just like that.


Women are just there. If you need a bit of inspiration walk up grab her and USE HER FOR THAT. They fantasize about this shit. STOP TAKING YOURSELF SO SERIOUSLY. All the chicks I fuck are like my friends, we hang-out/chill, do fun shit that friends do. And I can grab her ass or lead her into the bedroom whenever i want, it’s not ‘weird’ it’s just natural, she likes pleasure, I like pleasure. I like the way she looks, she likes the way I act and my certainty. Put any two animals (of the same species and opposite sex, DUH lol) in a room together and they WILL FUCK, it’s the NATURAL thing to do, But I garentee if you put the average guy in there he will think “Oh shit, umm what do I do? Umm fuck… OH!! I know I’ll act disintrested so she knows I am a cool guy and it’s no biggie for me to be around chicks” WRONG. It’s not your core, In that position I would first meet her eyes and straight away BOOOOM meet her head on so she knows i’m in control PURE DIRECTNESS, then have eye-sex fully enjoying her with a knowing smile on my face, “Mmmm, look at you! . . . ” what happens? NO SHES NOT GONNA SLAP ME. How can she?? I’m just acting from my core, all she can do is giggle AKA: ‘acting chode’, Before she can even comprehend what is happening, she is forced into her feminine polarity because of how masculine I am, and guess what?? SHE LOVES THIS.

Potent as hell. Stay on your fucking path!!!! Peace, love and ~AK.

And for fuck sake get out there and ENJOY LIFE, let this video to inspire you, watch it everyday!! excellent song too.

~ Hendrix

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  1. fucking hendrix has done it again. yo guys ~AKmizu here… I’m letting you know I got some WILDLY AWESOME posts coming up from some recent naughty adventures with some ladies :).

    oh, and I’ve been pounding away four hours a day HARDCORE to perfect this fucking book. Ohhhhmmyyygod reading some parts of it gives me chills… this shit is like DIVINELY INSPIRED WRITING hahaha. It’s going to be coined the Man’s Bible. Watch out. :).

  2. umm WTF dude, me n Mizu can see your IP Address so it’s useless pretending to be three different people? (yourmomishere, Peppy, fff).


    Thanks for all this excellent positive feedback guys, really appreciating it.

    TROY – Fuck yea dude, man that is WIKKID!! It’s such a natural, primal state to be in. Just resonating with the raw energy of life and living it how YOU truly want to.

    Jon Diesel!

    Definantly mate, thats AWESOME. I use the centre of the universe exercise, vision-book, music + short workout in the morning to pump me up FULLY, also meditating and deep breathing for about 5 mins will help you dissolve any problems, fix up loose ends in your mind. But seriously keep doing this everyday for 30mins. In a positive state of mind you are 100% more efficient, better person etc. ready for the day. It will be your default autopilot state in no time.

    good luck my man

    I’v been pretty busy lately but Mizu has some exceptional posts on the way. Absolutley awesome

    alright, love you guys


  3. Hendrix, you are the man, I enjoy so much reading over and over everything you write, same way to Mizu, you are awesome guys, and hope you keep coming those life changing articles, love for all of you guys!

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