World’s Secrets to Godlike Health for an Authentic King.


Eating healthy is a good thing.

This is a proud day for me. I’ve been working on what you now have immediate access to for the last couple months of my life. I’ve sweat blood and tears to bring this to you guys.

Wow. It’s finally here. I don’t believe that it’s finally finished.


What you are about to embark on is a journey into what I have found to be the keys to truly having and maintaining incredible levels of Godlike health. You’re going to learn powerful secrets, ancient wisdom as well as brand new leading scientific discoveries and knowledge, and hopefully get a rude wakeup call depending on where you’re at in your current health quest.  Some of these newfound ways of living, eating, and being wont be easy, but it is incredibly rewarding in terms of glowing radiant sexy magnetic vibrant health that is your birth right.

This post, if applied, will be one of the most powerful and life-changing for you on this entire blog.

“To know is not enough. You must DO.”

-Bruce Lee

Some of this stuff you guys may have heard already. You may say, “OH but I KNOW that!” Really? Do you?

Are you DOING it?


Then you don’t “know” it.

If you honestly put effort into applying HALF of what I will be teaching you guys here, it is my promise to you that amazing things will begin to happen. You will literally transform right before your very eyes and become a deep inspiration to those around you.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical doctor. I am only presenting to you here what I have found to work for me and others close to me in my life for reaching unheard of levels of incredible health and unleashing your raw maximum human potential – aka the body and clear mind of an Authentic King in the 21st century. If you have a serious medical issue, although what I offer you here will help it (probably even fully cure it) I suggest you see a licensed (*cough chode*) medical practitioner. None of the following has been evaluated by the FDA (*cough chodes*) and should be only viewed as my opinion. This is for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only. I do not suggest you follow any of this advice.

Kay’ now that my legal ass has been covered, let’s dive right in shall we?

As we go on this health journey I want you to realize you are reading what I have personally found to be truths when it comes to having Godlike Health. A lot of what I say, depending on your current level of social conditioning, may seem like a shock to you. You probably wont believe half of the stuff I say as it is pretty “radical” from a conventional perspective. Much like how I felt when I first heard to eat lots of saturated fat and never eat grains. (But wont fat make me fat?!! And wont it cause heart disease?) Those feelings that come up in you is basically your chode socially-conditioned perspective still trying to assert dominance over your current reality. I assure you guys I am not out to make a quick buck or try to ask you to blindly believe me without doing your own personal research, but I can promise you everything I say is fact and has been backed up by years and years of research and studies including my own and peaking into the minds of many health experts who are walking, living, breathing example of the picture of perfect incredible raw health.

Have an open mind. Try out some of the stuff I offer you here and I promise you will LOVE the results. Remember that being teachable and having an open mind here are key. If you wish to change things in your life, than you must CHANGE THINGS IN YOUR LIFE. Those may be the most profound words you will ever hear. Read them again.

Have the sensory acuity to recognize when something is not working in your life (i.e. if you energy levels are poor and your body composition sucks, what you’re eating/thinking/doing now IS NOT working. It’s time for change and to let go of your old chodey beliefs about what you thought was healthy.)

So, Your first click when it comes to all modern food…


(Figure 1. – A boardroom strikingly similar to that of any given major food manufacturing company/supplier.)

Some of your current beliefs when it comes to health have been falsely spoonfed to you intentionally by massive corporations with one thing on their mind… bottom line profit.

Over-the-counter drug manufacturers don’t care if you get better or if their pills make you worse, they just care about profits. The more sick people, the more money is spent on pharmaceutical drugs, the more profit they make.

A bone-chilling recent example is that an experimental pharmaceutical drug was placed on the market and it ended up killing and severely hurting others. The company got sued, and they took the drug off the market. Problem was, their clinical tests provided them the false information that this drug was  effective and would aid in reducing symptoms of their customer base[sick people], so they already ordered and received factory warehouses filled with this brand new experimental drug ready to market to the masses. But now, having been sued and bankrupt they were in desperate need for money, and they couldn’t afford to pay a company to dispose of the now medical wastes in the warehouse.

So what did they do?

They sold the entire product line of pills to a lesser-developed country who knew nothing of the ill-effects of this so called “medicine” at a discounted price, and they not only broke even from the lawsuit but they also got a nice profit from the exchange.

When people started getting sick, they simply denied it saying “We had no idea! Our clinical tests proved it was harmless! You signed the contract, no refunds, sorry.”

How can people, knowing perfectly well that their drugs are going to sicken practically an entire nation of innocent people?


You will find this very real concept presented to you over and over again as we embark on our journey to discover what it means to obtain REAL, Authentic Godlike health in the 21st Century.

The above is just one chilling example of the hundreds of sickening greed-fueled practices that go on in major appointed “health-expert” and “safe” corporations all over the globe on a DAILY basis; whose products are in YOUR grocery stores, YOUR health clubs, and in YOUR refrigerators and cupboards, and on YOUR dinner plate.

Food companies don’t give a shit if the chemicals they pump into their products cause severe detrimental damage to the internal body, as long as their food TASTES and LOOKS pretty so customers buy it.. they’re happy – their bottom line profit increases.

Food distributors don’t care about the health of their consumers, they only care about selling and market value. And the longer their produce, food products and dairy can sit on the shelf, the longer the potential for a customer to buy their food product. They could care less about what harmful effects these preserving chemical agents have on the innocent blinded children men and women who consume their products.

As long as the bottom line profit increases, they’re successful.

Commercial dairy farms don’t care if pumping their cows full of hormone produces sick weak diseased cows which are later slaughtered for the meat[squeezing out every last possible dime out of that cow they can get], as long as they produce 2x more milk in an 8 week period that means more massive profit! They don’t give a shit if the quality of that milk (which then goes into your cheeses, yogurts, creams, milk etc) sickens the humans who consume it.

As long as their bottom line profit increases, they’re happy.

I want to start this off by calling attention to the money trail. Take a good hard look at what a grocery store is. It’s a goddam market littered with junk ads!!!! Bright colorful mouth-watering shiny packaging, crappy food, misleading labels.. it’s ALL about the money. They’re aching for you to buy their junk.

So drill this into your head as we go down the rabbit hole Kings;


I hope that what you will learn here may scare you, shock you, piss you off, and enlighten you.

So without further ado… let’s rock!!

Pt. 1- WHY?

Why? Why bust your ass for health? As you will soon learn, in our modern society there are lots of temptations. Having, and maintaining supreme health requires daily discipline and effort. It’s hard work. So why? Well for starters, the amount of girls you will naturally get when you get your health into the Godlike levels is INSANE. Human beings (women especially) are evolutionarily wired to seek out healthy offspring with most resilient immune system, some scientists even  have discovered the body emits certain unique “scents” aka pheromones that indicate things such as what emotion you are feeling, how sexually charged you are, your immune system status etc etc, there is A LOT of stuff going on at a deeper biological level than we have even scratched the tip of the surface. Real world tangible results will become apparent to you guys when you begin to implement these daily health practices. You will notice Women’s sexual attraction to you going sky high. It’s fucking hillarious. When you eat healthy, every cell is energized, supercharged. You look younger, feel younger, these are just to name a few benefits…

The next main reason is that your quality of life skyrockets. Positive emotions fill your day as well as soaring energy levels. In Tony Schwartz brilliant book, The Power Of Full Engagement, that I suggest you read immediately after completion of this blog post, he has come to shocking realization (after studying and training elite athletes, corporate CEOs and other highly productive successful men and women) that the management of ENERGY, not TIME is the key to high performance.

In other words, when you get your health handled your body doesn’t have to use up its’ energy reserves for cleaning you out and keeping you safe from the toxins you’re ingesting or coping with the constant stress you’re putting your body under, instead, that energy can be used for OWNING your life. Seriously, energy is everything. The more energy you have the more focus you have, the more productive you are. Not only does the quantity of work and fun go up that you do in a day, but the QUALITY of it increases as well.

I hope you’re excited!!! You guys are now gaining access to practically my entire life’s wisdom-bank of being literally obsessed with achieving a literal Godlike level of perfect awesome health since a kid.  I have studied the works of the masters. Health is my passion. I’ve even contemplated being a high profile personal trainer or nutritionist for Hollywood movie stars and other elite socialites. But I’ve decided on my life’s work – Music.

The next key reason why I want you guys to get your health handled is for the libido increase. Being turned on by a sexy woman is a great thing. It is their feminine gift to us. They literally arouse within us deep masculine energy that we can use to go out and achieve our missions in the world, or to ravage them into love beyond anything she has ever felt before. When you handle your health, your body no longer leeches eneergy from your sex hormones to use it for repair and detoxification. In other words, your arousal levels around girls go THROUGH THE ROOF. You guys have no idea what it REALLY feels like to be horny and desire a Hot Woman.

Ohhhmmyyygooddd its fucking awesome. The Authentic King Principle of “She gets off on how much you get off” really comes into play here.When you have an over-abudnance of sexual life energy it just pours out to every girly you talk to, literally filling their cup. They begin to get super horny around you, and want you. Baaaaad.

Like, walking up to a chick and just having a casual conversation is enough to make her want to rip your fucking clothes off. Seriously, you’ll see it’s effing wild and scarily awesome.


Health can be tricky. It’s no wonder why so many people are sick today than ever before – now more than any other time in humanities’s past are there more conflicting theories on diet, nutrition and so many more confusing subjects. One guy says not to eat fat, another says to eat fat because the human brain evolved from essential fatty oils a la DHA and high fat is the primary energy source of Man (which is true btw), another says not to do chronic cardio because it stresses the body which releases cortisol and actually fuels weight gain, another “expert” says to DO chronic cardo because it increases the energy reserves in your muscles and boosts your metabolism via your bodily O2 expenditure & adaptation processes…

Point is guys, there is A LOT of confusing information out there, equally backed up by equally confusing research. For every study proving the latest miracle health food, there is a thousand more counter-studies proving it’s harmful effects in the body.

So what do you do?

Well, that is why before we even begin with the “outer game” so to speak on health, we must first establish a solid foundation base “inner game”, that will set you guys up on the road to permanent incredible health and soaring energy levels for the rest of your life.

Introducing the Foundational Keys to Godlike Health for an Authentic King.

KEY #1:  Above All: Listen To Your Own Body.

Before we begin I want to tell you guys a true story. The Native American’s (among many other native aboriginal tribes & cultures) were and are some of the healthiest people on planet Earth because they were never contaminated with what they refer to as “white man’s food.” They lived off of the land – they were in constant harmony with Mother Nature. Researchers have said all Native American peoples have telescopic vision (40/10 or more) till the day they die, they never or very rarely get sick, have incredible energy levels to constantly run and hunt and play all day, they have perfect dental makeups, and most of all they all look extremely young and are incredibly happy. In a book I read (you’ll hear about all these sources in an upcoming badass life-changing product recommendations post) there was man who nearly died at birth and was extremely sick and frail his whole life. He talked about how he would ‘react’ to society and always eat what his mother told him was best, or what his doctor has told him to do to be healthy. But the one thing he never did, the one and ONLY place he could find a true cure to his ailments, was look inside of himself for the answer.

His one place of power.

One day, during his meditation vision quest he decided to just take backpack and a mountain bike go bike around North America to travel amongst the beautiful forests rivers, animals, and streams where some authentic Native American tribes happened to still exist. He found himself making friends with some of the Natives and they told him of an ancient sacred meditation spot his people have used for thousands of years to connect with the stars and their celestial ancestors… it was atop a huge mountain, on a cliff overlooking the entire beautiful valley below. The view was breathtaking. The sunset was brilliant.

He prepared a small spot on the Earth including incense, animal fur, and rocks to make a nice place for him to sit and relax. For three days fasting the dude sat in deep meditation asking for an ancient spirit guide to assist him in his health journey to regain his strength vitality and vigor…. a goal that has alluded him his entire life. After about three days, covered in sweat and exhausted feeling ready to quit & head back down the mountain, he heard footsteps coming up from behind him. He turns around to see a tall Native American elder tribesman with a calm demeanor and piercing brown eyes. “May I join you?” he asks. “Certainly!” “I’ve been fasting for three days…. the tribe down there calls me Cycle Man because of my bike hahaha. What is your name?”

“My name is Black Moon” said the wise Elder, gazing out into the distance, “I haven’t been here in a very long time… I almost forgot of this place and it’s striking beauty…”

The two men begin to talk about white man and his destruction of his own people through commercial gain and how there is enough food for all to enjoy and live off of the land Mother Earth provides us but how corporate greed (preservative chemicals for extended shelf life, artificial flavorings and colorings to mask rancid smells and bitter tasting “dead food” products more appealing to consumers etc etc etc) keeps people sick and other countries hungry, and then the guy asks Black Moon about how he can get his health back as he has been struggling for nearly his entire life. Black Moon looks at him and smiles and says “If you learn to listen to your body you will have all the health you will ever want.” And then he smiles and says he needs to get back to his soul journey and he heads down the mountain path. The man sits for another day deep in contemplation and realizes that his entire life he has been listening to media, doctors, friends, family and everyone else BUT his own body about what feels good for him and what he should eat. He realizes if he just would of ate a piece of food, observed how he felt afterwards (what signals his body was sending him) that he would of side-stepped so many illnesses. All the food he was eating and all the prescription drugs he was taking were only making him sicker. But because he became so numb to being able to listen to his own body and his whole life was allowing himself to be so brainwashed about what was “healthy” for him by the recommendations of others like his parents, doctors, media, friends, etc. (Question Everything), he never even saw the harm he was doing to himself. He started crying for 30 minutes straight, realizing the profound truth that he had just learned.

“If you learn to listen to your body, you will have all the health you will ever want.”

Enlightened, and excited, he headed down the hill back to the tribe to go thank Black Moon. When he got there he began asking around for Black Moon and the younger people in the tribe all stared as if he had just mentioned he saw a ghost. Suddenly one of the tribe’s older elders looked at him and said “WHO TOLD YOU THAT NAME? HOW DID YOU HEAR OF BLACK MOON” and then he says, “I just spoke with him on the top of the mountain, he really just helped me out find what I have been searching for my whole life… I came to thank him!” The whole tribe became silent. One man said “Yes, Black Moon was a great elder to our people. He has much revere and respect here, but it would be hard for you to thank him now, Black Moon has been dead for over 160 years…”

So the thing is guys, the first and critical key is that you listen to your own body. Eat some food, and take note of how you feel after. You should feel full but not stuffed, energetic but not wired, and be able to think clearly. You should feel GOOD after a meal. If you don’t, you need to experiment until you find what is best.

“One man’s medicine is another man’s poison.” This is very true.

KEY #2: Lifestyle Change vs a Temporary Diet.

Health is a day-to-day lifestyle long-term lifetime commitment. If you can’t accept that, stop reading this blog post right now.

Guys if you want to change things in your life, you must CHANGE things in your life. Health is a LIFESTYLE, not a fad. You cant throw a piece of broccoli on your plate and expect your energy levels and cells & DNA expression to SOAR.

This is a short key but a profound one. Daily consistent effort is your key to long-term health success. If you “Fall off the wagon” and start eating like shit, skip a few workouts even for a day or two you’ll instantly begin to feel the difference.

You must commit to daily healthcare and exercising. After a while it becomes as “hard” as brushing your teeth is – standard stuff, automatic routine, and it’s fun and super rewarding.

“Consistency, not novelty, is the secret to uncommon results.”

-John Berardi

There really isn’t a magic pill or a superstar weight training routine or a mysterious quest to be healthy. It really comes down to your day-to-day efforts in eating and behaving healthy. Fresh air, sunshine, plenty of deep quality sleep, daily vigorous exercise and good natural wholesome food. Honor the basics.

If you strive to follow the things I will be teaching you in this post on a daily consistent basis, in 6 months from now you will look in the mirror SHOCKED at the youthful, strong, lean, buff powerful attractive glowing man who is looking right back at you.

KEY #3: You Are What You Eat.

Did you know that it has now been proven that in 8 years your body is literally rebuilt, cell for cell?

In 8 years, you are living in an entirely brand new body.

So, Where do you think your bodies cells get the raw material to replicate, rebuild, and repair?

That’s right. From the food you’re eating now. So the bad news is if you’re supplying junk, shitty proteins, and crappy building blocks… what “new” body are you building?

Don’t build your new house out of moldy rotten wood.

The first thing you need to realize is the fundamental function of the very act of eating. Food is eaten to serve two biological purposes, the first is to provide the body with energy to carry out its’ internal processes, the second is to literally use the raw materials and particles you are putting in your stomach into building blocks to regenerate, rebuild, and repair cells throughout your entire body.

You literally are what you eat!

That fast food you had? It’s now a part of your brain tissue.

That greasy fat from whatever-the-fuck you put in your mouth on wednesday, it’s now cushioning your heart.

Your “once-in-a-while” junk food snack binge is now the new muscle mass being added to your bicep.

The list goes on…

Eat clean, supply your body with Sacred Fuel that is clean and healthy, and your body will look, feel, and perform a million times better.

Remember, KEY #2 – consistency? These changes aren’t noticeable overnight, but overtime from strictly eating healthy you will be amazed at how you look, feel, and perform and people will be asking you how and why you look so vibrant and incredibly young.

They’ll be looking for the magic pill, but you know it doesn’t exist.

All real change is slow and steady.


Remember guys, each day is another tile in the Mosiac that is your LIFE. What do you want yours to look like? If you keep “throwing away days” [Authentic King Principle – Not Now = NEVER.] eventually you’ll be an old man looking back on how you threw away your entire life and how tomorrow “when you’ll eat healthy and workout” never came!

Every single day be driven from the moment your eyes open in the morning to make it the fucking BEST day you can. Make it GOLD. Put in 110% effort and the rewards will pay off. Remember the Snowball Effect, once you get these habits into place your life becomes a smooth chill easy ride of abundance and enjoyment.

“When you live the hard way, life becomes easy”

-Eben Pagan

Tomorrow never comes. Remember the Authentic King principle of Not Now = NEVER. IF you keep putting off eating healthy because you’ll ‘start that diet on Monday’ or whatever your excuse is… you will put it off for the rest of your life and die a miserable chode. Take a good hard honest cold look in the mirror at yourself and your day-to-day actions over the last month, have you been consistent?

KEY #4: The Flow Of Wellbeing.

Ahhhh the last and Final foundational key element to your sustained success in having glowing, radiant, incredible Godlike health that gets people complimenting and the girlies blushing and flicking their hair at you is the Flow Of Wellbeing. All great masters & teachers of humanities past have touched on this concept in some way. The fundamental realization you guys need to acknowledge before we begin is that WELLBEING, Life Force, GOD, Positive Energy, LOVE, Bodily Homeostasis… whatever the fuck you want to call it, is ALWAYS flowing towards you, or more specifically – to each and every single one of your cells at every single moment that you are alive. Dis-ease only happens when you pinch off this Life Force from flowing towards you or somehow get in the way of it via mental[thoughts] or physical poison.  Every time, no exceptions.

It is no coincidence the healthiest people in life are also the happiest. When you allow that Life Force to fully flow towards you without resistance, you feel and function on an INCREDIBLE divine human perfection level. This is why in books like the power of now it talks about how many people report they start glowing after they relesse their resistance. Acceptance of ALL in the present moment with NO MIND is a powerful health tool. This is why so many great teachers teach meditation. When you still the mind, you stop thought, when you stop thought you stop resistance, when you stop resistance the floodgates open up and your cells are allowed to achieve the perfect balance and divine harmony they always continually seek… that is.. your Divine Human Blueprint.

Imagine allowing each and every one of your cells to become perfect, whole, and healthy. Cells make up tissues which make up organs which make up organ systems which make up a Human Being. Can you imagine if EACH and EVERY ONE of your cells was operating at it’s Divine level, EXACTLY as nature intended? What other definition of perfect health is there?

“To do nothing is sometimes a good remedy.”

-Hippocrates, the ‘father of medicine.’

A part of real Enlightenment is the TRUE understanding that IT’S ALL GOOD.

It’s all GOD.

ALL of it.

Every moment never-ending pure positive life-giving energy is flowing to you. When you think thoughts and feel bad (your emotional guidance system letting you know that’s an unhealthy thought) and if you keep it up eventually these negative emotions turn into physical diseases. If you continue to think bad thoughts, the body continues to feel bad, and the disease persists. If you guys can truly learn to still your mind, you will be fucking BLOWN AWAY at how your body bounces back into it’s divine perfection.

So, you now understand that allowing this life energy to flow towards you moment-to-moment is crucial for your continued sustenance of incredible health, the question is how do you monitor this “allowing” level of your ‘opened gates’ to this powerful GOD LOVE LIFE FORCE flowing to you on a moment-to-moment basis to ensure that you permanently stay at optimal health and energy levels?

The key, as touched on in a previous post, is your emotions. Your emotions are energetic indicators (think of them like a measuring stick to your universal vibration) of what your thoughts are currently doing to your body and your manifestations in your life.

You can try this for yourself. Think about your heart right now. Imagine it weak, dying, sickly, painful. Truly visualize this as reality. Imagine how bad sickly and weak your chest feels and how your heart is losing energy and collapsing and is dark and frail and you might get a heart attack etc… do this for at least 1 minute. IF you did it right and made this REAL for you, you will start to feel like shit. Literally, you might begin to feel fear, worry, anxiety, depression, or any other accompanying negative emotions. Now imagine a bright glowing chest with a powerful perfect strong everlasting heart that pumps rejuvenating nourishing oxygenated blood to every corner of your body with maximum efficiency and resilient everlasting strength & vitality. Imagine you have the healthiest most powerful beautiful heart in the world.

Feels good doesn’t it?

That’s no coincidence. I can’t hammer this into your guys’ heads enough. Your EMOTIONS are guidance to what your thoughts are doing to your reality. If it will please you it will feel good and you’re well on your way to manifesting that reality it will feel GOOD. if it feels bad it is your body warning you to STAY AWAY FROM THAT SHIT and discontinue those harmful thoughts. Never get mad at your emotions, that’s like wishing your hand was numb so you don’t feel the hot stove and getting pissed when you feel heat, wishing you didn’t feel heat. No no no you WANT to feel the hot stove so you can take your hand off it as soon as possible and put it on something more pleasurable… like a beautiful hot woman’s body. 😉

Last Words

Above all guys TAKE WHAT WORKS FOR YOU AND DISCARD THE REST. All that I ask of you is to have an open mind and try out some of the stuff you will learn here, if you like it and it fuels you and makes you feel great then fuck yeah – great, keep it up. If I suggest you eat something and you do and feel like shit, don’t eat that then! Above all you are your own best teacher.

And before we get started I also want to warn you guys (not because they aren’t super fun, but because they’re extremely unhealthy and the long-term consquences hjust aren;t worht it) to NEVER DRINK OR DO DRUGS. Your mingmen, the gate of life, literally closes when drugs and alcohol are consumed. Pinching off your flow of wellbeing, dimming your sexual life force and desire for the world, and keeping you sick and tired.

Also another common theme you will find running throughout this series is to KEEP IT CLOSE TO MOTHER NATURE AS POSSIBLE. If it doesn’t grow on a tree or have fur – DON’T EAT IT.

It’s funny. The more Man fucks with mother nature with his artificial chemical bullshit the sicker he becomes. When you return to the loving arms of Mother Nature (damn, I should be a poet) she will bathe you in her loving energy and unlock your inner divine highest human potential. You become a true ~natural. An alpha male king leader of your tribe. Power, strength, vitality, and clarity will return.

What To Eat

aka “Super Health Foods”

Below I have included a list of what I have found to be some of the most healthiest foods on the planet that should be included in your diet. These foods not only supply you with powerful raw building blocks of cellular-level tissues and energy, but they also HEAL and DETOXIFY (most of them).

Of course there are many more foods you can eat that are healthy, but I have only included the main one’s worth mentioning below that have had the most incredible impact on my own and other people’s health level. If you’re looking for potent real-world results, this is the section for YOU.

Super Health Food #1 – Raw Milk.

Ahhhh. Dairy. All dairy products come from milk, so let’s discuss the source.

Modern processed milk is what I myself, and many other health experts believe to be one of the top major causes of heart disease and sickness in our global population today.

The first reason is due to pasteurization. Pasteurization is a process by which (not only milk, but nearly ALL fruit juices – or “sugar water” as I like to call them – are pasteurized on the market today), the milk or juice is heated to extreme high temperatures in order to kill the “potentially harmful bacteria”. The man himself, Louis Pasteur, who invented the process actually came out and admitted that the germ theory was not sound and pasteurization “may actually do more harm than good.”

The dairy industry blindly brainwashes the public to believe that the “prevention of disease” is the reason they pasteurize all their milk products, but that simply isn’t true. The real reason is to prolong shelf life. There is a naturally occurring lactic-acid producing bacteria inside of milk (why milk “spoils” and goes sour after a few days), and pasteurization kills this off. That is why store bought milk can last weeks. Raw milk only lasts about a week or less until it begins to lactate and turn into cream or buttermilk.

Did you know this lactic-acid producing bacteria inside of Raw Milk also functions as a natural sterilizing agent and protects the milk from pathogens? Mother Nature does not want her delicate baby cows to drink the mother’s somehow “harmful” milk and die from some germ disease. In fact, scientists are now comparing Raw Milk to that of a white blood. It literally fights off harmful bacteria. Oh and get this, here’s the shocker, store bought milk is actually MORE LIKELY to offer a perfect environment for harboring and feeding hamrful bacteria and pathogens because all of the natural antibodies and protectants have been killed off in the pasteurization process. An underground study, that the FDA has spent millions of dollars to keep out of the publics’ awareness did a test where htey took E. Coli bacterium and placed it inside of Raw Milk and inside of stroe bought milk… Guess what happened? The Raw Milk destroyed the bacteria and it died off, the store bought milk supplied the perfect environment for the E. Coli to live and it FLOURISHED.

Fearing something that is “raw” from infecting you with germs is as ridiculous as fearing that if you pick a fruit off of a tree you will get infected with some sort of nasty bacteria just because it hasn’t been heated to a high degree temperature, some artificial process that nature NEVER intended.

Pasteurization is for shelf life and profits, period. Not health. The dairy companies want you to be scared of these evil “germs” so that you think they are the good guys, but in fact they are damaging your body and putting you at risk for actually getting hamrful germs and bacteria in your system from the very process that supposedly protects you from it!

One recent study has reported that ALL outbreaks of salmonella in the past decade occurred in store bought pasteurized milk. ALL OF THEM.

Doesn’t this tell you something?

The next major problem with pasteurized milk is that when you heat up the milk to such high degrees of temperature, it not only kills off all of the healthy bacteria, but it also destroys the delicate vital live enzymes, nutrients, and amino acids (this means damaged protein quality…ie what your Whey Protein Poweder is made from – shitty pasteurized amino acids proteins from the pasteurized “dead” milk… no wonder it’s hard for you to build lean muscle mass!!) In fact, the pasteurization process is labeled a ‘success’ when the chemist finds no enzymes in the milk!

Also, the digestion enzymes which greatly help the digestion of milk stay in Raw Milk so that people that are lactose intolerant can drink it just fine, as nature intended.

The next issue with store bough milk is homogenization. This deadly process is one of the leading causes of heart disease today, and here’s why:

Homogenization is a process whereby milk is passed through a fine filter at pressures equal to 400 pounds per square inch, making the fat globules smaller by a factor of 10 times or more. These fat molecules become evenly dispersed within the liquid milk so that after 48 hours of cold storage there is no visible cream separation in the milk. According to some experts, this ensures that the protein hormones in milk survive the normal proccess of protein digestion.breakdown in the stomach. But homogonization causes fat molecules to become smaller and llow substances to bypass digestion, so proteins that normally would be digestted and broken down in the stomach are not broken down, increasing the chances of incomplete protein digestion in th small intestine. This allows some milk prteins to be absorbed into the bloodstream intact. This sensitizes the immune system causing internal inflammation and allergy, and more. Not only is the quality of proteins greatly damaged, the small particles that enter into your bloodstream scrape against the artery walls, scarring and damaging them, whereby then cholesteral attached to the artery wall – causing blockages aka heart disease – the #1 killer today. High cholesterol levels in the body are not bad, in fact rather healthy as they are essential building blocks to body tissue and other crucial internal processes, but they only become detrimental when they attach themselves to scarred artery walls thus causing blockages.

Almost everyone drinks store bought homogenized milk, almost every day in America. And heart disease is the #1 killer in the nation.

Coincidence? I think not.

Scared? You should be. Quit drinking that shit. Both my grandparents drank homogenized milk almost their entire lives, and both dropped dead from heart attacks due to clogged arteries. They ate pretty healthy too, and exercised daily.

You really need to see the world through your own eyes and question everything. Just because the chode on the TV says it’s healthy for you, does that make it true? 100 years ago we had slavery in America, a little bit before that we were burning women and men at the stake accusing them of being demons and witches… a little bit before that “doctors” were cutting people opening to pour out all their “bad blood”, aka ‘bloodletting’… we now look back on these barbaric practices in shock but you have to understand at one point EVERYONE WAS DOING IT. I seriously believe in a few decades humanity will look back on all our current healthy practices and diets and food processing methods with nothing but shock, horror, and disbelief.

Let’s continue shall we?

The next MAJOR issue with store-bought dairy is growth hormones. Injecting cows with growth hormones to make them produce more milk than normal is a *very* common practice today. Remember it’s all about the bottom line($$$)? Here’s something sickening that is also extremely common, when cows are pumped full of these growth hormones (rBGH being one major one), they get very very sick and are extremely suceptivle to infections and diseases. This is what I believe to be another reason pastueirization is used, to cover up their tracks for the already diseased milk…

Anyways, these sick cows almost always get infected inflamed udders which internally secrete a disgusting rancid puss that is, you you guessed it, added right into your oh-so-trusted store bought “healthy” “Safe” milk.

By giving a cow these growth hormones, he can extend milk production for another 8-12 weeks… meaning the cow is extremely internally stressed to produce milk for this time period. These sick cows, inside employees refer to them as “weights” because they have to forklift them out of there to be slaughtered, and then their nasty diseased toxins (which are all stored in the fat of the mammal… and these non-organic/free-range meat products are one of the densest sources of fat…) end up on your dinner plate. In your burritos, hamburgers, chili, hotdogs, spaghetti, and any other item that has meat in it. Restaurants or store bought it doesn’t matter…

If that doesn’t happen then the farmer’s pump the cow full of antibiotics… which end up causing yeast overgrowth and other problems in humans and cows alike. A lot of people started getting smart about this and they began to protest and stop buying milk. Enough people took action that certain dairy companies began placing “No added growth hormones” or, “From cows not treated with rBGH!” on their labels. Problem is, this started creating awareness. People started going, “wtf is rBGH?” and Googling it… before you know it, milk sales were plummeting as people became smarter and smarter. So Monsato, one of the evil legal druglord companies who produces these piece of shit genetically modified growth hormones and chemicals SUED the other dairy companies and forced them to take that little message off their label. Some companies refuse to remove such labels to help better society, others have willingly complied.

If the label is unmarked you can sure as hell bet that milk is pumped full of bullshit chemicals. Stay far away from it.

rBGH and other “FDA approved” chemicals and hormones commonly used in our food supply today are also based “safe” due to studies done and funded by.. you guessed it… Monsato itself. This is like asking the devil to run studies on evil. This same phenomenon happens in the supplement industry. When they have claims on their labels like, “SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TO ADD 40% MORE LEAN MUSCLE MASS” bla bla, the studies were funded by THEM (which mean they are extremely biased) and are usually very very sketchy. For example one I read about was done on anorexic rats who were starved for weeks, then fed their supplement. OF COURSE they will gain lots of weight… The studies done on these hormones are also equally biased and untrustworthy.

When the studies don’t go their way, they withhold the data and “results” and hide them from the public. For example one study on the effects these hormones have on cows proved it made the cows very sick and caused their offspring to have sever birth defects and got cancer. Can you imagine what this shit does to a human body? Yet, if these farmer’s weren’t allowed to use these hormones they would lose literally millions of dollars annually because of the lack of milk production.

Scary, I know. It gets worse…

One common hormone used in almost AL store bought dairy and milk today is called IGF-1. The label says “From cows not treated with rBGH!” sure, but you can bet that it has IGF-1 in it.

IGF-1 only recently has been associated with breast cancer, human colorectal tumors and colon cancer growth. IGF-1 is an autocrine and endocrine growth regulator that accelerated various types of cancer. The public again thinks they are safe because of their false shield of this “pasteurization” process. Pasteurization has little effect on IGF-1 levels. Humans receive the IGF-1 molecules from a cow by consuming it’s milk and the human body will treat it as its own.

It’s no wonder all our girls are having their periods when they are like 11 when the normal biological clock is 15/16. It isn’t global warming, it’s all the shit pumped into the food society deems as “safe” and “healthy”.

Have you guys ever wondered why during major TV programs like professional sports games and popular shows you will see a “Got Milk?” commercial. That ad space isn’t free, it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Of course Organic dairy is free of these chemicals, but the pasteurization and homogenization processes as described above make more harm than good.

Remember ALL dairy is evil unless made from a healthy organic RAW source. Even the yogurts that everyone thinks are healthy are packed full of sugars. One health expert refers to them as “liquid candy”. Oh and according to various studies I have read, that ‘fruit’ added to yogurt is over-ripened or too damaged to sell in stores. These companies are ruthless – they will stop at nothing to keep profits soaring. If they can’t sell rotten fruit or meat to you one way they will find a different way to sell it to you.

But not all milk is bad… in fact… milk is one of the key’s to having Godlike health. But it HAS to be 100% Organic, grass-fed and Raw. Raw Milk is a superfood. It’s one of the healthiest things you could ever eat on the planet. It’s literally the closest thing to a natural steroid when it comes to building muscle mass like crazy.

High quality Raw Milk, or should I say God’s Saliva is simply amazing when it comes to achieving outstanding health.

I’ve copied the following from two different websites on the benefits of Raw Milk, if you take my word for it skip the section below. For those skeptical ones it also includes referenced research source materials. If you wanna know more, read below. If not, skip ahead to the next super health food.

The Health Benefits of Raw Milk

Osler (Principles and Practices of Medicine, by William Osler, MD eighth edition), speaks of milk as being nothing more than white blood. Milk resembles blood closely and is a useful agent for improving and making new and better blood. Blood is the chief agent of metabolism. Milk is recognized in medical literature almost exclusively as a useful food and is a complete food. These days, milk is generally looked down on as being unhealthy. Indeed diligent health researches have concluded that pasteurised milk, especially from cows that have been conventionally reared with hormones, antibiotics etc, is counterproductive to health. Raw milk from healthy cows, whose main diet is fresh grass, taken raw and un-pasteurised has fantastic health benefits. Raw milk can even be used as a single food (the only food that is taken for a period of time) for curing disease. Even though raw milk is exceptionally nutritious, surprisingly it is also detoxifying. It is even reported that regular consumption of raw cow’s milk can help clear the iris over a period of years, apparently an indicator of deep tissue cleansing.

It is worth mentioning that cow’s milk is a very nutrient-dense food. The milk should be from organically raised cows or from healthy cows cared for in healthy way, including a diet largely of fresh grass from the field. The cows should be pesticide and anti-biotic free. Most asthmatics, whether they know it or not, are intolerant to cow’s milk and all cow’s milk products including un-pasteurised products. About 20% of individuals who are allergic or intolerant of pasteurised cow’s milk are also allergic/intolerant of un-pasteurised cow’s milk and its products. The advice for these individuals is to use only un-pasteurised goats or sheep’s milk, the latter being delicious and especially difficult to obtain, probably only direct from the farms.

It is generally difficult to obtain raw milk, usually it can only be obtained directly from licensed farms, but sometimes raw milk can be obtained from health and other CO-OP shops. However freezing of milk does not kill the enzymes or bacteria that are an important part of the food. So one can freeze quantities of milk, and obtain daily amounts daily from your stores. It is not ideal, but quick freezing will still retain most of the nutritional content.

There’s little mention in the mainstream media these days, of traditional foods having healing properties. Sure, there’s a ton of hype touting unfermented soy products, vegetable oils and supplements as modern saviors, but in reality, these items have risk-to-benefit ratios like many drugs do (1).

Few people are aware that clean, raw milk from grass-fed cows was actually used as a medicine in the early part of the last century (2)(3). That’s right. Milk straight from the udder, a sort of “stem cell” of foods, was used as medicine to treat, and frequently cure some serious chronic diseases (4). From the time of Hippocrates to until just after World War II, this “white blood” nourished and healed uncounted millions.

Clean raw milk from pastured cows is a complete and properly balanced food. You could live on it exclusively if you had to. Indeed, published accounts exist of people who have done just that (5)(6). What’s in it that makes it so great? Let’s look at the ingredients to see what makes it such a powerful food (7).


Our bodies use amino acids as building blocks for protein. Depending on who you ask, we need 20-22 of them for this task. Eight of them are considered essential, in that we have to get them from our food. The remaining 12-14 we can make from the first eight via complex metabolic pathways in our cells.

Raw cow’s milk has all 8 essential amino acids in varying amounts, depending on stage of lactation (8). About 80% of the proteins in milk are caseins- reasonably heat stable and, for most, easy to digest. The remaining 20% or so are classed as whey proteins, many of which have important physiological effects (bioactivity) (9). Also easy to digest, but very heat-sensitive (10), these include key enzymes (11) (specialized proteins) and enzyme inhibitors, immunoglobulins (antibodies) (12), metal-binding proteins, vitamin binding proteins and several growth factors.

Current research is now focusing on fragments of protein (peptide segments) hidden in casein molecules that exhibit anti-microbial activity (13).

Lactoferrin (14), an iron-binding protein, has numerous beneficial properties including (as you might guess) improved absorption and assimilation of iron, anti-cancer properties and anti-microbial action against several species of bacteria responsible for dental cavities (15). Recent studies also reveal that it has powerful antiviral properties as well (16).

Two other players in raw milk’s antibiotic protein/enzyme arsenal are lysozyme and lactoperoxidase (17). Lysozyme can actually break apart cell walls of certain undesirable bacteria, while lactoperoxidase teams up with other substances to help knock out unwanted microbes too.

The immunoglobulins, an extremely complex class of milk proteins also known as antibodies, provide resistance to many viruses, bacteria and bacterial toxins and may help reduce the severity of asthma symptoms (18). Studies have shown significant loss of these important disease fighters when milk is heated to normal processing temperatures (19).


Lactose, or milk sugar, is the primary carbohydrate in cow’s milk. Made from one molecule each of the simple sugars glucose and galactose, it’s known as a disaccharide. People with lactose intolerance for one reason or another (age, genetics, etc.), no longer make the enzyme lactase and so can’t digest milk sugar (20). This leads to some unsavory symptoms, which, needless to say, the victims find rather unpleasant at best. Raw milk, with its lactose-digesting Lactobacilli bacteria intact, may allow people who traditionally have avoided milk to give it another try.

The end-result of lactose digestion is a substance called lactic acid (responsible for the sour taste in fermented dairy products). Besides having known inhibitory effects on harmful species of bacteria (21), lactic acid boosts the absorption of calcium, phosphorus and iron, and has been shown to make milk proteins more digestible by knocking them out of solution as fine curd particles (22)(23).


Approximately two thirds of the fat in milk is saturated. Good or bad for you? Saturated fats play a number of key roles in our bodies: from construction of cell membranes and key hormones to providing energy storage and padding for delicate organs, to serving as a vehicle for important fat-soluble vitamins (see below) (24).

All fats cause our stomach lining to secrete a hormone (cholecystokinin or CCK) which, aside from boosting production and secretion of digestive enzymes, let’s us know we’ve eaten enough (25)(26). With that trigger removed, non-fat dairy products and other fat-free foods can potentially help contribute to over-eating.

Consider that, for thousands of years before the introduction of the hydrogenation process (pumping hydrogen gas through oils to make them solids) (27) and the use of canola oil (from genetically modified rapeseed) (28), corn, cottonseed, safflower and soy oils, dietary fats were somewhat more often saturated and frequently animal-based. (Prior to about 1850, animals in the U.S. were not so heavily fed corn or grain). Use of butter, lard, tallows, poultry fats, fish oils, tropical oils such as coconut and palm, and cold pressed olive oil were also higher than levels seen today. (29)(30)

Now consider that prior to 1900, very few people died from heart disease. The introduction of hydrogenated cottonseed oil in 1911 (as trans-fat laden Crisco) (31)(32) helped begin the move away from healthy animal fats, and toward the slow, downward trend in cardiovascular health from which millions continue to suffer today.

CLA, short for conjugated linoleic acid and abundant in milk from grass-fed cows, is a heavily studied, polyunsaturated Omega-6 fatty acid with promising health benefits (33). It certainly does wonders for rodents, judging by the hundreds of journal articles I’ve come across! (34) There’s serious money behind CLA, so it’s a sure bet there’s something to it.

Among CLA’s many potential benefits: it raises metabolic rate, helps remove abdominal fat, boosts muscle growth, reduces resistance to insulin, strengthens the immune system and lowers food allergy reactions. As luck would have it, grass-fed raw milk has from 3-5 times the amount found in the milk from feed lot cows (35)(36)


Volumes have been written about the two groups of vitamins, water and fat soluble, and their contribution to health. Whole raw milk has them all, and they’re completely available for your body to use. (37) Whether regulating your metabolism or helping the biochemical reactions that free energy from the food you eat, they’re all present and ready to go to work for you.

Just to repeat, nothing needs to be added to raw milk, especially that from grass-fed cows, to make it whole or better. No vitamins. No minerals. No enriching. It’s a complete food.


Our bodies, each with a biochemistry as unique as our fingerprints (38), are incredibly complex, so discussions of minerals, or any nutrients for that matter, must deal with ranges rather than specific amounts. Raw milk contains a broad selection of completely available minerals ranging from the familiar calcium and phosphorus on down to trace elements, the function of some, as yet, still rather unclear.

A sampling of the health benefits of calcium, an important element abundant in raw milk includes: reduction in cancers, particularly of the colon: (39) higher bone mineral density in people of every age, lower risk of osteoporosis and fractures in older adults; lowered risk of kidney stones; formation of strong teeth and reduction of dental cavities, to name a few. (40)(41)(42)

An interesting feature of minerals as nutrients is the delicate balance they require with other minerals to function properly. For instance, calcium needs a proper ratio of two other macronutrients, phosphorus and magnesium, to be properly utilized by our bodies. Guess what? Nature codes for the entire array of minerals in raw milk (from cows on properly maintained pasture) to be in proper balance to one another (43) thus optimizing their benefit to us.


The 60 plus (known) fully intact and functional enzymes in raw milk (44)(45) have an amazing array of tasks to perform, each one of them essential in facilitating one key reaction or another. Some of them are native to milk, and others come from beneficial bacteria growing in the milk. Just keeping track of them would require a post-doctoral degree!

To me, the most significant health benefit derived from food enzymes is the burden they take off our body. When we eat a food that contains enzymes devoted to its own digestion, it’s that much less work for our pancreas. (46) Given the choice, I’ll bet that busy organ would rather occupy itself with making metabolic enzymes and insulin, letting food digest itself.

The amylase (47), bacterially-produced lactase (48), lipases (49) and phosphatases (50) in raw milk, break down starch, lactose (milk sugar), fat (triglycerides) and phosphate compounds respectively, making milk more digestible and freeing up key minerals. Other enzymes, like catalase, (51) lysozyme (52) and lactoperoxidase (53) help to protect milk from unwanted bacterial infection, making it safer for us to drink.


Milk contains about 3mg of cholesterol per gram (54) – a decent amount. Our bodies make most of what we need, that amount fluctuating by what we get from our food. (55) Eat more, make less. Either way, we need it. Why not let raw milk be one source?

Cholesterol is a protective/repair substance. A waxy plant steroid (often lumped in with the fats), our body uses it as a form of water-proofing, and as a building block for a number of key hormones.

It’s natural, normal and essential to find it in our brain, liver, nerves, blood, bile, indeed, every cell membrane. (56) The best analogy I’ve heard regarding cholesterol’s supposed causative effects on the clogging of our arteries is that blaming it is like blaming crime on the police because they’re always at the scene.

Seriously consider educating yourself fully on this critical food issue. It could, quite literally, save your life.

Lactobacillus casei Beneficial Bacteria

Through the process of fermentation, several strains of bacteria naturally present or added later (Lactobacillus, Leuconostoc and Pediococcus, to name a few) can transform milk into an even more digestible food. (57)

With high levels of lactic acid, numerous enzymes and increased vitamin content, ‘soured’ or fermented dairy products like yogurt and kefir (made with bacteria and yeast, actually) provide a plethora of health benefits for the savvy people who eat them. (58) Being acid lovers, these helpful little critters make it safely through the stomach’s acid environment to reach the intestines where they really begin to work their magic (59) (Above right, Lactobacillus casei).

Down there in the pitch black, some of them make enzymes that help break proteins apart- a real benefit for people with weakened digestion whether it be from age, pharmaceutical side-effects or illness. (60)

Other strains get to work on fats by making lipases that chop triglycerides into useable chunks. (61) Still others take on the milk sugar, lactose, and, using fancy sounding enzymes like beta-galactosidase, glycolase and lactic dehydrogenase (take notes, there’ll be a quiz later!), make lactic acid out of it. (62)

As I mentioned way up yonder in the Carbohydrate section, having lactic acid working for you in your nether regions can be a good thing. Remember? It boosts absorption of calcium, iron and phosphorus, breaks up casein into smaller chunks and helps eliminate bad bugs. (I told you there’d be a quiz!)

Raw milk is a living food with remarkable self-protective properties, but here’s the kick: most foods tend to go south as they age, raw milk just keeps getting better.

Not to keep harping on this, but what the heck: through helpful bacterial fermentation, you can expect an increase in enzymes, vitamins, mineral availability and overall digestibility. Not bad for old age!

A Word About Diet In General

Use common sense and stick with whole, unprocessed foods, free from genetic tweaking & chemicals and you’ll likely be ahead of the game.

Cook your foods minimally, and you’ll be even better off. Learn about sprouting and fermentation. Question everything before letting it past your lips.

Explore what worked for countless generations before ours, and put it to work for yourself today. You can achieve great health by diet alone. I’ve done it, and so can you!

… Is Raw Milk right for you? Maybe. Some people may still have intolerances.  Remember the #1 Key – Listen To Your Body. If you consume it and feel great, DO IT. If not, don’t.





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Super Health Food #2 – NOT Meat.

[I know, this post needs updating bros – just filter out the good and the bad.]

Let’s start at the beginning. Cows, sheep, buffalo, bison, deer, etc., are designed to eat grass. Since grass production is usually not very economical to feed LARGE amounts of animals (It’s All About The Money – remember?) commercial meat producers feed them cheap grains (oftentimes genetically modified to enhance their fat growth – [commercial meat is sold by weight, not quality of that weight. An obese sick fat sloth diseased cow is worth more $$$ on the meat market than a healthy lean one]).

Sure they are extremely cheap to produce and help farmers feed lots and lots of cattle, but what effect do these nasty cheap grains have on the animals consuming them?

When their diet is made up of grains, these animals often become sick and the quality of fats and protein in their meat SEVERELY declines.

In Michael Pollan’s famous New York TImes article, “Power Steer,” he describes how commercial calves are weaned unnaturally from their mothers and are forced onto a diet of shitty corn and grain, they then become very sick so they pump them up full of antibiotics to keep them alive. All of these toxins and chemicals are then stored in the animal’s fat tissue, and you guessed it – since the grains and corn have been genetically modified to fatten them up for bigger & better sales, these animals are fatter; whenever an organism has toxins the first place it will place them to help protect the living organism is in the fat cells. That’s why fat people have more of a toxic “buffer” and can eat lots of crap without feeling too sick, yet when a lean person eats an unhealthy meal or drinks alcohol they feel like shit. Their cells are extremely clean, and thus, *very* vulnerable to any toxins that enter the body. This is why when you eat strictly organic your internals start cleansing and purifying and then when you “cheat” and go eat some crappy junk food like fast food – it hits you 10x harder. You feel nauseus and poisoned. You literally turn pale and feel like you want to vomit. It’s wild.

Wanna hear something scary?

In one report I read, some commercial meat producers have begun scientific research and trials testing out adding cardboard, newspaper and sawdust to cattle feeding programs so they can reduce costs. FDA officials have been quoted to say that it is “not an uncommon practice today for feedlot operators to mix industrial sewage and oils into feeding mixes to reduce costs and fatten animals more quickly.”

Most of these commercially farmed animals such as the pigs, chickens, and cows that end up on YOUR dinner plate each night are also raised in these compact extremely tight cages (remember, the more space, the more animals, = the more profits) where they barely have room to breathe and end up shitting and pissing all over eachother. If one dies, its corpse can rot for days and spread disease to all the nearby animals, and do you think they have the budget to accurately test their animals for sickness and disease? Nope, they slaughter them just the same and ship them off to the packaging facilities which then place them right in your Supermarkets.

Think twice before you eat that commercially-produced chicken breast on your plate or in your burrito.

These caged animals also literally NEVER get to see the light of day. As you will learn later in this post, the Sun is literally the source of ALL LIFE on our planet. It is 100% absolutely CRUCIAL for living organisms to get exposure to sunlight to develop healthy tissue. These caged animals from birth to death live out their entire miserable petty diseased existence in a dark caged room. This unnatural sickening facility also greatly stresses these animals, releasing a FLOOD of adrenaline and other harmful stress chemicals and hormones into the bloodstream that saturate the meat, eggs, chicken, and any other animal product you can think of.

Make sure you see a “certified organic” logo on any Organic product you purchase. Many farmers (*cough marketers cough*) are now understanding despite their efforts, many people are beginning to gain awareness of the sickening practices of their food product production and are only buying organic. So these companies are now putting things on their label such as “Natural.” “Organic.” yet, it’s all a big lie.

Gasoline is natural. So is Mercury.

In order for a food product to get the label “Certified Organic” by the USDA they must meet very strict requirements and are met with regular inspection of the farming facility. Certified organic meat and animal products are guaranteed to have, “no antibiotics, no growth hormones, and the animals have to be fed 100% organic feed.”

So Certified Organic is a start, but you must also make sure these animals are Grass-Fed. Just because they’re not pumped full of chemicals doesn’t mean their food supply is shitty.

Did you know most humans are gluten intolerent? An ingredient found in ALL wheat and grain products. As you will learn later, this gluten fucks you up internally. Many people report feeling ill after consuming meats that and poultry from grain fed sources.

Super Health Food #3 – Raw Eggs.

“RAW?!?!?!? WTF… what about salmonella and a host of other bacteria and diseases?!?!? Why raw that’s disgusting.. Mizu what the fuck…”

Slow your wheels, Turbo. Allow me to explain.

(Remember, OPEN MIND, how teachable are you?)

Eggs are not only what many nutritionists believe to be one of the most complete and pure sources of protein on the planet, but they are also an excellent source of beneficial enzymes, nutrients, and essential dietary fats that aid in brain function and a host of other awesome bodily processes.

In the awesome book, Foods That Heal, by Dr. Bernard Jensen, he describes eggs as “having the right nutrients for the brain, nerves, and glands.”

My cousin’s girlfriend, who was a dedicated nutritionist and personal trainer (hot chick), told me “if I could give you one bit of advice from my years of study it would be to always eat eggs.” At the time I didn’t believe her, and she also predicted that, she had told me early on that more and more doctors (*cough chodes cough*) will tell their patients not to eat eggs due to the cholesterol scare.

The high fat and cholesterol content in a complete egg contains an abundance of lecithin to emulsify the fats in an egg, making the whole egg a well balanced natural food source that is extremely healthy. When bodybuilding, it also is a complete protien source… as you will learn later, cooking foods not only destroys vital nutrients and enzymes, but also warps and damages the amino acid chains(building blocks of protein) rendering ~60% or more of the available protein content for your muscles useless. In other words, you would have to eat 8 cooked eggs to equal about 2 raw eggs to get the same available protein amount. More on benefits of raw, ‘natural-state’, foods later…

Many people don’t do their own research and don’t realize that cholesterol is a key building block for all cells.

Now on to the fear of diseases and bacteria…

Again, the quality of the egg is depndent upon the quality of the farm, how it was raised, and what was put into its’ mouth.

Try this test. Take a conventional store-bought white eggs and take an Organic, Free-Range grass fed brown egg and compare the two. The color is the first thing you’ll notice. White eggs tend t be pale, with very little yolk that is runny and almost like water… The nutrient content obviously compromised. Brown organic eggs tend to be a dark healthy orange with thick and lots and lots of protein rich yolk. Also try to break the two, the white shell is brittle and cracks easily.. brown eggs are tough, sturdy, and take more force to break open. Clearly stronger.

Below I’ve included some more information on the benefits of raw eggs, again feel free to read it to find out why salmonella scare is false and the more benefits etc…

The Incredible Benefits Of Raw Eggs

(taken from various sources)

Raw fats from organic vegetables and healthy animals are an ideal way for many to build up health and vitality. Raw, unheated, uncooked organic eggs from a clean source are an excellent health tonic. Regularly consuming raw eggs will benefit your health as the raw egg yolk and white helps your body eliminate stored toxins. Body builder’s have long known that a great way to build healthy muscle is to eat raw eggs regularly.

When you cook animal proteins, eggs, milk, meat, and so on, it changes the structure of the proteins. This is not to say that all cooked animal proteins are unhealthy, but that when we do not cook the animal proteins, they many times are even healthier. Consuming eggs raw means that vital enzymes and nutrients are left intact.

“Well What About Salmonella? Won’t I Get Sick If I Eat Raw Eggs?”

Salmonella is a serious infection, and it is believed that in the US over two-thirds of a million cases of human illnesses a year result from eating contaminated eggs. If you want more information on salmonella the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has an excellent page on this disease.

So why on earth would any competent health care professional ever recommend eating uncooked eggs?

When you carefully analyze the risk of contracting salmonella from raw eggs, you will find that it is actually quite low. A study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture earlier this year (Risk Analysis April 2002 22(2):203-18) showed that of the 69 billion eggs produced annually, only 2.3 million of them are contaminated with salmonella.

So simple math suggests that only 0.003 percent of eggs are infected. The translation is that only one in every 30,000 eggs is contaminated with salmonella. This gives you an idea of how uncommon this problem actually is.

While it is likely that I will consume more than 30,000 eggs in my lifetime, most of you will not. However, inevitably someone out there will find a salmonella-contaminated egg, so it is important to understand how to seriously decrease your risk of infection.

Salmonella infections are usually present only in traditionally raised commercial hens. If you are purchasing your eggs from healthy chickens this infection risk reduces dramatically. Remember, only sick chickens lay salmonella-contaminated eggs. If you are obtaining high quality, cage-free, organically fed, omega-3 enhanced chicken eggs as recommended above, the risk virtually disappears.

But let’s say that for some reason, even after following that advice, you still obtain an egg that is infected. What do you do? Well, before you eat eggs – raw or not — you should thoroughly examine them for signs of infection. I have provided some guidelines at the bottom of this section for you to use in this process.

You might still be a bit nervous and say, “What if I follow these guidelines and still get an infection?”

Salmonella Is Generally a Benign Self-Limiting Illness In Healthy People

The major principle to recognize here is that if you are healthy a salmonella infection is not a big deal. You may feel sick and have loose stools, but this infection is easily treated by using high-quality probiotics that have plenty of good bacteria. You can take a dose every 30 minutes until you start to feel better, and most people improve within a few hours.

The process of cooking eggs destroy the very goodness that our bodies so desperately need as the nature of proteins and fats is altered when exposed to heat. When cooked, the egg protein changes its chemical shape it is often this process that can be the cause of allergies. Generally when eating raw eggs, any incidence of egg allergy will disappear.

Surprisingly, in spite of ‘bad press’ raw eggs, organic or at least from a known source of healthy free-range chickens, are an excellent health tonic. The regular consumption of raw eggs will do wonders for your overall health. Exceptionally easy to digest, raw eggs provide a wonderful boost to the immune system, and a completely balanced nutritional package. A good immune system is one of several things the body needs to overcome cancer.

Many people’s diets are deficient in high quality proteins and fats, and eggs are one the very best sources of these. Raw eggs have many benefits, they contain essential nutrients for the brain, nerves, glands and hormones, they are nutritionally balanced, and we highly recommend the addition of raw eggs to your nutritional programme. The sulphur amino acids help to keep you young, raw eggs also contain an abundance of other vital substances including protein, essential fatty acids along with niacin, riboflavin, biotin, choline, vitamins A, D and E, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, iron, iodine, copper, zinc and sulphur. Egg yolks are one of the few foods that contain vitamin D.

Poisoning from salmonella has been exaggerated in the past. A study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2002 indicated that only 2.3 million, of the 69 billion eggs produced annually, are contaminated with salmonella. In other words 0.003% or 1 in every 30,000 eggs. The bulk of these come from battery chicken eggs and chickens kept in unhealthy conditions – only sick chickens lay salmonella contaminated eggs. If only healthy chicken eggs (organic and free range ideally) are consumed, then far less than one in 30,000 eggs are contaminated. Salmonella is a common micro-organism found almost everywhere, and is just as likely, or more likely, to proliferate on cooked food kept in the fridge. Infection is normally mild gastric symptoms, but in rare cases where the immune system is very low such in the elderly who have had much anti-biotic use, and the source is greatly contaminated, death can result. But such a person is highly lightly to contract one of many common micro-organisms and die from that. To give some perspective, in the highly unusual situation of contracting Salmonella, in a healthy person, an infection is nothing to worry about and is easily treated with high quality pro-biotics every half an hour until you feel better.

Method of Consuming Raw Eggs


From day one of starting raw eggs, your immune system becomes stronger and health will improve. Three raw eggs a day (this will take the place of one meal), seems to be the preferred amount taken by people who regularly consume raw eggs. It is sensible to build up the amount of raw eggs consumed gradually. They are best taken by breaking them into a cup and swallowing whole. It can be helpful to cut through the yolk with a knife to make it easier to swallow, If you have a mental problem with swallowing raw eggs, (they are almost tasteless and easy to swallow) blend with a little goats or sheep’s milk or even avocado, but ideally raw eggs should not be blended as the molecular structure is damaged. Inspect the egg, if it has been cracked do not use it, once broken into the cup or blender smell it, if it smells off do not use it.

It is best to keep eggs un-refrigerated, but in a cool place. Refrigeration can destroy the vital amino acids in raw eggs and can also disguise the distinctive smell of an egg that has gone off.

(Mizu Note: I have been eating 4 raw eggs every morning, unrefigerated [in lots of countries they don’t refrigerate their eggs – it’s better for you] and I’ve been feeling incredible, never got sick or anything like that once. Stick to free-range, Organic natural eggs and you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about. Yeah they’re gross but chase them down with some milk or lemon water.)

Raw Eggs and Cholesterol


There is no danger from the cholesterol build up since 2/3 of cholesterol in the body is produced by the liver. The amount of cholesterol consumed in the diet does not relate to the amount of cholesterol deposited. Many studies have shown that the cholesterol in eggs does not raise cholesterol level in the body. Furthermore, eggs contain Lecithin, a valuable nutrient that helps the body to process fats and cholesterol.

Eggs contain valuable fat needed to keep us healthy. On the other hand heated or processed fats are converted into Trans-fats – toxic chemicals that harden in the body, around every cell and clog the circulation. Margarine contains an abundance of Trans-fats and is not part of a healthy diet. Do not be afraid of that natural product that has been eaten with no adverse effects for thousands of years, butter. The initial report that cholesterol in foods leads to health problems was released to the press without scientific validation, and has since been proven by hundreds of scientists and studies around the world to be completely false. The only benefits from the initial press release were to the margarine and vegetable oil industries.

“But Mizu, I see they are a power food but that’s disgusting!!!! RAW?!?!?!?

Don’t be a bitch. Just look at champ Rocky:

Take notes, boys.


Super Health Food #4 – Wild Caught Salmon

Actually all properly wild caught fish is great and super beneficial to the human body, but we’re going to focus on the #1 best seafood you could possible eat… that is… wild salmon.

Wild salmon is not only an incredible food for brain health, it qualifies as incredible across virtually every other health standard as well and is clearly one of the healthiest foods that one can eat. Period. Wild salmon (not farm-raised) in particular is a true brain food. It is one of the best sources of Essential Fatty Acids (the one’s your body can’t produce on its’ own such as the all-important Omega-3), a rich source of high-quality animal protein, low saturated fat, generally among the lowest amounts of contaminants (such as mercury) among seafood, and other health properties… Wild salmon can help do everything from improve your brain matter, your mood, your synaptic connections, your arteries, reduce your risk of stroke and Dementia and Alzheimer’s and so much more.

It’s also important to know that only wild salmon has been shown to contain the highest levels of the good high-quality stuff that your brain & body crave.. .as wild-caught fish grow and evolve their muscles, tissues and fat levels the hard way, fighting for survival of the fittest in the oceans and rivers. By contrast, many or most farm-raised salmon exist in a locked-up, artificial and sometimes contaminated environment and thus have to be fed food (or worse, color added later just before going to market!) to make them LOOK orange and healthy instead of white and sickly.

Stay away from farm raised fish, and yes this includes tuna and any other seafood source. ONLY ever consume wild caught seafood.

Location is also very important too.

Not too long ago, some experts estimate as recently as 100 years ago, our oceans produced an excellent source of edible organic plant and sea life. Today, most our oceans are toxic. Billions of pounds of sewage and industrial wastes are dumped into the oceans by industrialized nations every day.

This poisoned ocean is causing a great deal of chaos in the delicate eco-structure of the ocean. According to a research study I read, the lack of salmon today and the presence of PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls – pesticides) appear to be the primary reasons for the decline in the killer whale population. An orca needs 40-120 kg of salmon a day, and if it doesn’t get it, it draws from its blubber which causes the PCBs (remember – stored in it’s fat to protect the whale’s liver) to enter its system. PCB-contaminated blubber in turn affects the whale’s immune, neurological and reproductive systems.

Not only that, but these toxic materials are being put in a whole host of your everyday objects such as toothpastes and shampoos.

The above is just one example about how toxins get in our food supply. The National Academy of Sciences estimated in 1991 that the risk of cancer to the average consumer who eats seafood can be some 75 times greater than normally acceptable guidelines.

Holy shit.

There is even a tribe of native people (the Inuit) who live as far north as one could possibly go, well away from these environmental toxinsright? Wrong. Scientists took a sugar cube-sized chunk of their fish meat and estimated it contained 20% levels of PCB and other toxic chemicals.

Our drugs, industrial chemicals, and pesticides are affecting the lives of every living creature on Earth, be they in the soil, on the soil, in the water or in the air. More living species(including humans) are dying and becoming extinct than ever before in the history of man!

But let’s get back to salmon…

As our oceans become fished out (to use a fisherman’s term) and toxic, the environmental situation and demand for fish, forever considered a ehalthy food, has resulted in the recent economy boom of fish farms. Unfortunantly, eating farm-raised fish isn’t as safe as one might think. In fact, many experts unanimously agree – it’s even worse.

As with cattle, fish are fed grains and soy and are given a wide range of antibitiocs and other chemicals and drugs to fatten them up and ocne again… you guessed it… to increase bottom-line profits.


I can’t say that enough.


Oh and guess what else, many of these drugs these farmed fish are given have also been found recently to be carcinogenic.

Your can of tuna in the cupboard is actually a deadly toxin-packed cancer causing Can of Death. But don’t worry, the friendly happy Mr. Tuna avatar on the cleverly-designed marketing label makes it feel safe to consume, right?

Also, when you consume farm-raised fish you also have no idea where these farms are located. Most farms today require sufficient land mass property to purchase … and again, it’s all about the money, so guess where the cheapest lands available to buy are for these fish farms? Near toxic waste dumps themselves. In fact, in one study I read, it is estimated 80% of all modern fish farms worldwide are located near these toxic regions. Heck, these guys are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly on land rent costs!!!

Scary I know, but it gets worse…

If the fish farm in anywhere near – and I mean within 100 miles of – a major industrial complex or commercial farming operation, on the same coast line, or anywhere near a river that feeds into the coast line, you run the very real risk of eating farm-raised fish that is high in pesticide and industrial chemical residues.

One awesome underground research study I read back in the day took some store-bought fish right out of a local Supermarket and did some testing on it. They found the following chemicals: benzene hexachloride, chlordane, DDT, dieldrin, dioxin, heptachlor, hexachlorobenzene, lindane, polychlorinated biphenyls, and a few others.

In other words… A LOT OF CANCER CAUSING DEATHLY TOXIC SHIT. Measured in scarily high amounts, by the way  (it was estimated to be some 75 times greater than normally acceptable guidelines for a human to consume and be safe.)

I can’t stress enough here guys, you really need to Question Everything and see the world through your own fresh set of eyes. Your government is NOT protecting you. It’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY and the only person who holds responsibility of health and safety is you and in your hands alone. We live in a very corrupt greed-based world that is aching for global rebellion and massive change and I hope that I can help wake you guys up to the sickening reality of our current situation, here specifically our food supply.

In not other time than right now are more people sick and dying of cancer. Your friends, mothers, father, sisters, brothers, and virtually everyone you know is being out at risk by these greedy corporations.

Okay, Mizu rant over. Moving on…

Be aware that Swordfish, Shark, Tuna and other deep-water fish (particularly the bigger ones) accumulate more mercury than smaller fish with shorter lifespans. Today, many of these fish fresh off the boat, have been found to have mercury levels so high that eating them more than once a week is considered dangerous by many health experts.

So in conclusion, avoid fresh water fish unless it is wild caught and comes from high mountain lakes and streams – far from commercial enterprises. Avoid farm-raised fish at all costs. (If it doesn’t say “wild caught” anywhere on it, you can almost guarantee it’s been farm-raised.)

And remember Kings, ALWAYS go out of your way to purchase certified organic, free-range products. They’re far more nutritious as well as free of pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics – not to mention way more delicious.

As you have learned, the animals (including Man) store all toxins in the fat. Do not fear the fat in the fish or the meat, or on the body of any protein source that is from an organic, free-range source. That is the healthy fat that got us here!

Super Health Food #5 – Raw Broccoli

Broccoli has to be one of the best vegetables on planet Earth… ever…

It acts like an internal scrubber, deeply cleansing and purifying your internal systems as well as being one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables in existence. It contains high amounts of Vitamin C, folic acid, potassium etc.

The potassium in broccoli aids those battling high blood pressure, while a large amount of calcium helps combat osteoporosis and other weakening bone disorders.

The vegetable is also fiber-rich, which enhances the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, as well as aims to reduce blood cholesterol levels.

In recent years, broccoli has made the headlines regarding three components found in the vegetable. For instance, indole-3-carbinol has captured the attention of those looking to prevent hormone-related cancers, such as breast- and prostate cancer.

I3C promotes “good” hormones, while working against destructive ones. The sulforaphane in broccoli also helps to increase the level of enzymes that block cancer, while the beta-carotene in broccoli transforms into vitamin A within the body, providing an effective antioxidant that destroys free radicals (responsible for weakening the defense of cells).

Additionally, the health benefits of broccoli have been linked to preventing and controlling the following medical concerns: Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, calcium deficiencies, stomach and colon cancer, malignant tumors, lung cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and even the aging process.

Broccoli is also packed with super health-enhancing phytochemicals. It is also an extremely alkaline food, which as you will learn later helps out the body tremendously. An alkaline pH balanced blood and body literally CANNOT get sick.

And remember, cooking destroys vital enzymes and delicate nutrient content & vitamins / minerals so be sure to eat it raw only.

Super Health Food #6 – Raw Organic Spinach

Spinach nutrition is amazing. The calcium content in spinach and the other dark leafy greens mentioned above strengthens bones.

The A and C vitamins in spinach plus the fiber, folic acid, magnesium and other nutrients help control cancer, especially colon, lung and breast cancers. Folate also lowers the blood levels of something called homocysteine, a protein that damages arteries. So spinach also helps protect against heart disease.

The flavonoids in spinach help protect against age related memory loss.

Spinach’s secret weapon, lutein, makes it one of the best foods in the world to prevent cataracts, as well as age related macular degeneration, the leading cause of preventable blindness in the elderly. Foods rich in lutein are also thought to help prevent cancer.

The health benefits of spinach are countless. The vitamins and calcium in spinach, combined with the overall nutritional value of spinach, make this vegetable and its dark leafy green cousins top picks for healthy food choices.

WARNING: Make sure the spinach is organic. Leafy vegetables are the most susceptible to pesticides and chemicals. Also make sure it is triple-washed.

Spinach is also crucial for maintaining an alkaline cellular environment inside your body. What does this mean???

Crucial Health Concept – PH Balance

When a food is ingested, digested, and absorbed, each component of that food will present itself to the kidneys as either an acid-forming compound or a base-forming one. And when the total of all the acid producing and the base producing micro and macronutrients is tabulated (at the end of a meal or at the end of a day), you’re left with a calculated acid-base load. Your body will either be more acidic, or more basic.

Why is this important?

(as taken from sir Dr. John Berardi…)

Every cell of the body functions optimally within a certain pH range (pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of the body). In different cells, this optimal range is different, however, the net pH of the body has to remain tightly regulated. One common problem with most industrialized societies is that our diets produce what’s called a “low grade chronic metabolic acidosis.” In other words, the PRAL of our diets is high and this means that we’re chronically in a state of high acidity. While there are a number of disease states that induce severe metabolic acidosis, we’re talking a sub-clinical rise in acidity here. Therefore, your doc probably won’t notice the problem. But that doesn’t mean that you’re in the clear. Your cells will recognize the problem.

So what’s wrong with this low-grade chronic metabolic acidosis? Well, since the body must, at all costs, operate at a stable pH, any dietary acid load has to be neutralized by one of a number of homeostatic base-producing mechanisms. So, although the pH of the body is maintained and your doctor visits turn out fine, many cells of the body will suffer. Here are some of the most severe consequences of your body’s attempt to maintain a constant pH in the face of an acidic environment:

• Hypercalciuria (high concentrations of calcium in the urine). Since calcium is a strong base and bone contains the body’s largest calcium store, metabolic acidosis causes a release in calcium from bone. As a result, osteoclastic (bone degrading) activity increases and osteoblastic (bone building) activity decreases. The net result of these changes is that bone is lost in order to neutralize the acidic environment of the body. The calcium that was stored in the bone is then lost in the urine along with the acid it was mobilized to neutralize. This creates a negative calcium balance (more calcium is lost from the body than is consumed) and bones get weak. (2,3,4,6)

• Negative nitrogen balance (high concentrations of nitrogen in urine). Glutamine is responsible for binding hydrogen ions to form ammonium. Since hydrogen ions are acidic, glutamine acts much like calcium to neutralize the body’s acidosis. Since skeletal muscle contains the body’s largest glutamine store, metabolic acidosis causes muscle breakdown to liberate glutamine from the muscle. The amino acids from this muscle breakdown are then excreted, causing a net loss of muscle protein. (2,7)

In addition to bone and muscle loss, other consequences of acidosis include:

• Decreased IGF1 activity (4)

• GH resistance (4)

• Mild hypothyroidism (4)

• Hypercortisolemia (4,5)

Many doctors, dietitians, and sports nutritionists have come down on animal protein for several reasons including its effect on renal acid load. While it’s true that animal protein (especially animal flesh) does produce a high PRAL, I find it interesting that the same “experts” espouse high grain diets. As you can see from the charts above, whole grains are also very acid forming.

Another interesting fact is that while a high protein diet is acid forming, the high protein diet also seems to counteract some of its own acid loading potential.(9) In other words, while protein produces an acid load, it also increases the body’s capacity for excreting those acids. None of the other acid producing foods are as effective as protein in doing so. Besides, just like with the other acid-forming foods, all you have to do is consume enough basic foods and supplements to neutralize the acidity.

Just because very few individuals in the sports-nutrition world are talking about acid-base balance doesn’t mean that it’s not important. Employing a few simple strategies to neutralize your high-acid diet may mean the difference between chronic low-grade acidosis — and the associated muscle wasting, bone loss, and altered hormonal profile — and a healthy, alkaline diet.

So if you guys want to be lean this concept is also crucial for you to grasp. Remember how we talked about mammals hold on to fat as a defense mechanism that act as a buffer against toxins in the body? Same goes for acidity. The more acidic your blood level is, the more fat your body stubbornly wants to hold on to. The more alkaline you become, the leaner and more energized and healthy you become and feel. Our modernized diets are extremely acidic.

If you want big strong muscle that STAYS on your frame as well as optimal hormonal levels and general buzz of chill awesome good glowing health and vigor, make sure you eat green vegetables (such as raw spinach and broccoli) with EVERY meal. Those two vegetable super food greens mentioned above are some of the most basic acid-lowering compounds on planet Earth.

Super Health Food #7 – Avocados

If Raw Milk is God’s Saliva then Avocados are his balls. These power-packed nutrient dense high healthy fat (for energy, ample testosterone production, and a whole host of other unreal amazing benefits… more on healthy fats later and how a high fat diet is good and actually causes you to LOSE weight.)

Why is this peculiar fruit so damn good for you?

Read on… (Source:

Health food pioneer Bob Bergh in his authoritative textbook he labeled the avocado “…the most nutritious of all fruits.” Another noted food writer Hauser once said of it: “In this single delectable fruit are combined the protein of meat, the fat of butter [but much more wholesome!], the vitamins and minerals of green vegetables, the flavor of nuts, a six course dinner “. America’s greatest plant explorer, David Fairchild is attributed “…the avocado is a food without rival among the fruits, the veritable fruit of paradise.” And in 1959, cereal pioneer John H. Kellogg maintained that “of all edible fruits, it stands pre-eminent as a source of concentrated nutriment adapted to human use. For purity, wholesomeness, ease of digestibility, and adaptation to human needs, it has few rivals and none that can fill its place.” (Quotation courtesy of J. S. Shepherd).

Avocado usage is reduced because of negative misconceptions. The avocado has various uses as a natural cosmetic, with advantages in rapid skin penetration, and as a superior natural sunscreen. Avocado oil has several culinary and health benefits. The greater use of whole fruit has important advantages: usefulness in human weight control, high nutritional density, source of major antioxidants, stroke prevention, fruit protein source, fiber source; as baby food, and other dietary benefits. Erroneous public perceptions of avocado calorie content and of cancer influences are noted.

Many people appreciate the delicious flavor of avocado, but are afraid of them for (mistaken) dietary reasons. They therefore avoid avocados or eat less than they could, because of incomplete or erroneous nutritional information. Most of us connected with the avocado industry have encountered such errors in understanding among friends or chance acquaintances. Indeed, on occasion, one even encounters them among “avocado” people.

These errors are diverse and recurrent. One sometimes feels a bit like Hercules of classical mythology battling the ugly Hydra: as soon as one evil head is cut off, two more grow in its place! Its seems worthwhile, therefore, to make a summary of the scientific findings concerning the avocado. We will begin with a brief look at examining the more important food attributes, and close with an analysis of misconceptions in the press and among the public.

Weight control

Contrary to popular assumptions, the avocado can be a helpful part of a successful weight-management program. It brings several advantages.

  • Its monounsaturated fat speeds up the basal metabolic rate.
  • Its high fat content gives a quicker feeling of satiation (“fullness”), thus helping to reduce overeating.
  • Its high fat content makes an overall sound diet more palatable, reducing the temptation to binge on foods high in sugars or saturated fats.
  • Its rich supply of vitamins and minerals also makes the diet more wholesome and satisfying and thus more conducive to overall health and to moderation in consumption.

The high fat content of most avocados (up to 90% of its calories) will make some people dubious about its positive effects on weight control. Not only does fat have over twice as many calories per unit weight as does carbohydrate or protein, but also if excess calories are consumed, the body apparently burns about three times as many calories when storing calories from carbohydrate or protein as it burns when calories from fat are stored. Recent evidence, however, suggests that calories are not the whole story for body weight, with timing of both consumption and exercise as factors and with calories from fat also a possible added handicap.

So, what is known from experiments with the avocado? The next part of this article will discuss in detail results from the three studies of known changes in cholesterol resulting from the addition of avocado to the diet. In each of the three studies, there was an average small weight loss associated with avocado consumption. In the most pertinent experiment (Grant, 1960), a mean of just over one California avocado a day for a mean of 33 days increased average daily calories by a calculated 24% and fat by 54% but resulted in a weight loss averaging approximately 1 kg (2.2 lbs). This remarkable result (under exceptional and tightly controlled hospital conditions) should not be taken as a universal guarantee; individual results will vary depending upon complex individual metabolic histories and interactions. What can be said is that eating avocado has been shown to be fully compatible with good weight control.

Very few people will have rapid weight loss as a result of increasing their consumption of avocado; however, the more slowly one loses weight, the less likely one is to regain it. It has become clear that an effective solution to the widespread overweight problem will not come from simply eating less. Indeed, such ‘dieting’ can actually make things worse by causing muscle loss so that the usual ‘yo-yo’ weight rebound leaves one fatter than ever and subsequent weight loss more difficult to achieve than ever. Goodrick and Foreyt reported in the October, 1991, issue of the American Dietetic Journal that even a combination of behavioral self-management training plus sharply reduced calories gave a discouraging 90% eventual relapse level. Part of the reason is genetic: we tend to inherit our body fat amount and distribution. Part of the solution is more exercise which, of course, is good for us for other reasons.

The emerging picture is quite complex. In the February, 1990, issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Bouchard reported from Canada that women who were small eaters (mean of 1488 calories/day) as compared with similarly exercising 2393 calories/day eaters, actually weighed 10 lbs (22 kg) more on the average, plus having 22% more body fat. The explanation is probably a combination of average differences in both genes and food consumption: i.e., reducing calorie intake can lower an individual’s metabolic rate and thus defeat its purpose. We need to eat enough healthful food to keep our metabolism high, and to provide the sated feeling that eliminates binge eating.

Calorie-counting, dieting, advertised gimmicks and quick weight loss are recipes for failure; whereas exercise plus healthy food habits as a permanent way of life can bring success. The situation is analogous to that of personal philosophy: Focus on happiness and it will probably elude you; focus on wholesome living and happiness is a likely by-product. Similarly, focus on weight loss and it will probably elude you; focus on wholesome eating and weight control is a likely by-product.

This insight was expressed years ago by Wood (1983) in a book hailed by one health magazine as the finest method for weight reduction known to them. Wood emphasized ‘playful’ exercise, but his introduction begins: “The solution to our national overweight problem is to encourage people to eat more.” He counseled eating fresh plant food “heartily.” And his recommended list of “top ingredients for a healthy diet” included the avocado.

Americans spent an estimated $32 billion in 1989 on diet foods and products with the annual amount increasing at a rate that could reach $50 billion by 1995. It is difficult for me to avoid the conclusion that we would be healthier as a nation if we spent a tiny fraction of that amount to buy more avocados and pocketed most of the remaining money.

High nutritional density

The fourth reason given above for the avocado’s role in weight control is its “rich supply of minerals and vitamins.” More important than a food’s calorie content is its total nutritional contribution to human needs. A good measure is nutrients per calorie. Different avocado analyses have given somewhat variable results. The most detailed publication is that of Slateret al. (1973). Their data indicate that one half of a ‘Hass’ avocado, about 80 g edible fruit, provides a substantial percentage of the daily nutritional needs of a child aged 7 to 10 (adult percentages are generally a little lower, especially iron for females) (Table 1).

The avocado contains little vitamin B 12 and calcium, limited zinc and modest phosphorus. Its half-a-fruit quota of riboflavin and thiamine for children is about 9.5 and 8%, respectively, hence about equal to its relative calorie contribution. But the striking thing is that no less than eight essential nutrients are apparently present in about a 2: 1 calorie ratio. Nor is that all; three additional nutrients, potassium, copper and pantothenic acid, (for which I could not find precise Recommended Dietary Allowances) are also estimated to be present in avocado at about twice the calorie content. Per calorie, the avocado is indeed remarkably nutritious.

There is not space here to discuss either the human body’s uses or the status in typical diets of these various nutrients. Judgments vary; several surveys have concluded that one or another of them is deficient in a considerable portion of American diets. Next we will look briefly at one of the least discussed vitamins in the group of nutrients provided by the avocado.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is important for the nervous system, red blood cells, teeth and gums. The Harvard Health Letter for March, 1991, reported 1990 data indicating that most Americans consume too little of vitamin B6. Among good sources they list watermelon and banana (overlooking avocado). Polansky and Murphy (1966) compared the 86 content per unit weight of 26 vegetables and fruits. For total chromatographed 86′ banana and avocado had the highest amounts, the remaining 24 vegetables had from 1/5 to 1/25 of the amount of the avocado, with watermelon 1/6. A more recent report by William Sears, M.D., privately printed Nature’s Guide to First Foods”(1988) reports that avocado has three times as much B6 per g as banana.

Antioxidants and free radicals: cancer, cataracts and aging

The University of California at Berkeley Wellness Letter for October, 1991, discusses the basic role of oxygen for human cellular energy and for life, but notes that an inevitable by-product of this activity is the formation of highly reactive “free radicals.” These unstable troublemakers can affect various cell constituents: perhaps artery walls or LDL cholesterol advancing coronary heart disease; eye lens tissue causing cataracts; a critical gene leading to cancer; perhaps arthritis; or DNA (the genetic material) causing gradual deterioration and aging.

The human body has two main defenses against these free radicals: enzymes and other blood compounds that depend on trace minerals and good general nutrition and three potent antioxidants vitamins C, E, and beta carotene (vitamin A precursor). An article in the June, 1991, issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicates that only about 57% of nonsmokers may be getting enough vitamin C daily (for smokers the deficit is much greater).Men’s Health (June, 1991) concluded that most of us are not getting enough vitamin E. A number of nutritionists have called for greater consumption of beta carotene.

As we have discussed, the avocado provides about twice as high a proportion of our daily needs for the above three antioxidant vitamins as its calorie proportion. Recall also that the avocado is rich in copper and iron, two mineral constituents of antioxidant enzymes. Nutritionists usually recommend that we get our needs met from basic food rather than from supplements. And while the risk of colon cancer, for example, has been associated with fat consumption, the Harvard Health Letter for March, 1991, reported that while meat indeed increased that risk sharply, there was no association with plant fat. Thus, eating avocados could be an enjoyable way to help protect ourselves against cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and eye cataracts; it may even delay the processes of aging.

Stroke prevention

Heart disease, cancer and stroke are the three leading causes of death in the United States. Additionally, stroke can cause many years of partial or total incapacitation and tragic crippling. The Associated Press, 15 October, 1987, reported an interview with Dr. Louis Tobian of theUniversity of Minnesota on protection from strokes by fruit and vegetable consumption, in particular, by high potassium intake. Dr. Tobian is quoted as suggesting that bachelors may die earlier than married men because they have less balanced diets, specifically insufficient in potassium. As the best sources of potassium, he included strawberry, banana, citrus juice, potatoes, and milk (avocado is not mentioned).

Smith et a/. (1983) measured potassium in 100 g portions of 10 tropical fruits (including avocado), seven common fruits, nine common vegetables, and eight tropical vegetables. The seven common fruits, including strawberry, banana and orange, ranged from 1/5 to less than half the potassium content of avocado. Similarly, the nine common vegetables ranged from less than 1/4 (summer squash) to less than 2/3 (carrots) the avocado level. The other, lesser used, tropical fruits ranged from 1/2 to just over half the potassium supplied by avocado. Tropical vegetables, which are rare in the United States, ranged upward from 1/5 to about the same potassium richness of avocado.

Prevention magazine for August, 1987, reported the results of a 1 2-year study of stroke entitled “Potassium was the key.”, conducted jointly by the Schools of Medicine of the University of California San Diego and Cambridge University in England. A 40% reduction in stroke risk was associated with an average daily increase in potassium consumption of about 400 mg, the amount supplied by less than half an avocado! Moreover, blood pressure, a stroke factor, was linked in the same article to potassium-sodium imbalance, namely to a sodium excess. The avocado has about 52 times as much potassium as sodium. For the touted potassium-rich carrot, the potassium to sodium ratio is less than 7 to 1 according to the brochure by Dr. William Sears cited earlier. Moreover, vegetables high in potassium which include the common potato and winter squash, are commonly eaten cooked. Boiling can remove up to 30% of potassium originally present, according to a researcher cited in the abovePrevention article, giving the avocado an additional advantage.

Finally, avocado and olive oils are the two chief foods that are very high in monounsaturated fats, while being comparatively low in both polyunsaturated and saturated fats. An Italian epidemiological survey of 4,903 people (reported in a press release in February, 1990, based on an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association), found that while both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat were associated with lower blood cholesterol as compared with saturated, only monunsaturated fat was also associated with lower blood pressure. The next part of this paper will look at factors contributing to a healthy heart and related to avocado consumption. There is evidence to indicate that eating avocado may reduce the incidence of all three of the major causes of death in the United States.


Cultivars vary somewhat but the dominant ‘Hass’ is about 2.4% protein on a fresh weight basis (Slater et al., 1975). This is unusually high for a fruit. Hall et al. (1980) compared the essential amino acid content of 15 fruits: the avocado was second only to the rare Tucuma from Brazil which had about three times as much as mango, orange, peach and persimmon, and about six times as much as the two other common fruits listed, apricot and apple. Polansky and Murphy (1966) compared the protein content of 26 more common fruits and vegetables (41 entries counting separate cultivars and years). The avocado was in first place with about two to ten times the protein content of the others. The avocado is a “complete food” in terms of protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids.


The fact that the avocado is an excellent source of essential protein is of little interest to most residents of the United States and other industrialized countries who are already consuming more protein than they need. It could be of increasing importance as health concerns move people away from meats and toward more vegetarian dishes, especially for those who do not care to consume many legumes. It could already be of significant benefit in tropical areas where protein consumption is insufficient (Hall et al., 1980).


A review paper by Anderson (1990) noted that “fiber has emerged as a leading dietary component in chronic disease prevention. High fiber intake lowers the risk for cardiovascular disease, some cancers, hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, and obesity” He gives references for each of these; as well as for therapeutic benefits from fiber treatment of each of these conditions, except cancer, and with the addition of gastrointestinal diseases. For some disorders, a mixture of both soluble and insoluble fiber appears to be most beneficial. He also noted that “most individuals in the West ingest suboptimal amounts of dietary fiber.”

Smith et a/. (1983) compared the fiber content of 16 fruits and 18 vegetables. Of the 34 food sources, only the avocado had large amounts of both soluble and insoluble fiber (it had, respectively, 2.1 % and 2.7% by fresh weight). Guava had the highest fraction of soluble fiber by a wide margin, pears had 2/3 as much as avocado. The others all had less than half as much, with the common fruits ranging from 16% to 30% of the avocado level. Among vegetables, available data indicate that only broccoli surpassed avocado in soluble fiber, the others ranged downward to 21 %. For the complementary benefits of insoluble fiber, no fruit and only peas and among vegetables pigeon peas are listed with levels equal to or greater than avocado, the others ranged downward to 15%.

A frequent recommendation is that the typical American should double his or her fiber intake. The avocado would be a very pleasant means toward that end.

Various dietary benefits

The avocado is a mild-bland, oil-rich, nutrient-rich deliciously-flavored food. This combination gives it an exceptionally diverse range of dietary advantages. Just in terms of usage alone, the avocado can be served as an hors d’oeuvre, soup, salad, dip, sandwich spread, garnish, half-shell spoon-out, entree, dessert, or beverage with various kinds of use in each category. Such eating versatility makes it easy to increase consumption in order to gain greater benefit from its numerous advantages to the human diet.

The blandness, especially of some varieties, has sometimes been denigrated. But this very quality makes it soothing to the alimentary tract. Perhaps that is partly why American Indians for hundred of years have regarded the avocado as especially desirable at times of illness. Linoleic fatty acid is an essential polyunsaturate, i.e., the human body cannot manufacture it. Our analyses (unpublished) indicate that the linolenic oil content of the ‘Hass’ avocado averages just over 21 %, only the content of the monounsaturate fat oleic acid was higher.


The 27 September, 1988, issue of the New England Journal of Medicine reported a 4-week comparison of individuals on the traditional type II diabetic’s diet of low fat-high carbohydrate with those on a diet lower in carbohydrates and higher in monounsaturated fat (the dominant kind in avocados). The monounsaturated diet offered better control of blood sugar levels, accompanied by lower triglycerides and higher HDL (“good” cholesterol). However, this needs confirmation, including more careful monitoring. Moreover, there is a report that avocado has an odd sugar type that depresses insulin production. Diabetics probably should consume avocados cautiously.

Baby food

Dr. William Sears (1988) notes that avocado is “one of the first fresh fruits a baby can enjoy.” It is a time-saver, served raw. “Low in sodium and cholesterol-free, avocados contain [many] valuable nutrients “. For example, “Ounce for ounce, avocados contain more potassium than 45 other fruits, juices or vegetables… and they are one of the only fruits or vegetables which contain monounsaturated fats, essential for baby’s development.”

In an interview with the California Grower (October, 1989), Dr. Sears stated, “When you think about it, …avocados are an ideal first food for infants. Avocados have a delicate flavor and a smooth, creamy consistency which makes them a perfect food for babies. …Avocados provide infants with more vitamin B1 B2 niacin, folacin, potassium and magnesium per 1 5 gram serving than any of the other frequently recommended fruits and vegetables [and are second to the highest in several other vitamins and minerals.]”

Seventy years earlier, long before these dietary details were understood, Pasadena nurseryman D. W. Coolidge addressed the annual meeting of what was then the California Avocado Association: “The fruit of the avocado is about the most tasteful and nourishing that grows out of the ground The strongest people physically and mentally, the happiest and most beautiful children, will be those who make the avocado, instead of meat, their daily diet. I have often marveled how babies and very young children take to the avocado at once. If I have a greater love for anything than the avocado, it is for ruddy, happy children.”




“Avocados are high in fat and therefore bad for the heart”

Right premise, wrong deduction. A number of articles discusses this misconception in detail. A brief answer is given here: avocados have been shown to maintain good cholesterol while reducing bad cholesterol. They are good for your cardiovascular system. For a more complete explanation, please see the Avocado and Human Nutrition part II, Avocados and Your Heart.


“But their high fat content makes them very high in calories”

We have already noted that increased avocado consumption has been shown experimentally to be compatible with good weight control, and we have suggested why the very fact of its high fat content may help in human weight control. Nevertheless, one keeps encountering warnings, even from dieticians, about the avocado being “very high” in calories, so let’s look at the facts.

The number of kilocalories per avocado fruit varies with race, variety, size, and season; an average for a California-grown avocado might be 300 (Slater et al., 1975). Number of kilocalories per person per day for normal maintenance varies with weight, age, sex, activity level, and personal metabolic rate. For moderately active individuals aged 19 to 50, a 125 lb (57 kg) woman needs about 2100 kilocalories, and a 157 lb (71 kg) man about 2800 kilocalories (University of California, Berkeley, Wellness Letter for May, 1991). Thus, our “average” people, if they were to get all their daily calories from avocado, would have to eat 7 or 9, respectively. That is a lot of avocado! With its high fat content, one would expect pronounced satiation well before the total “allowed” was consumed.

Rinzler (1987) gives a modern comparative food evaluation. The avocado is rated onlymoderate in calories per serving, with such foods as beans, bread, oatmeal, pasta, peas, and rice; less caloric than peanuts, most nuts and seeds, most cheeses, sugar, and butter, etc. Yet, the avocado is high enough in calories to be helpful to the estimated 18% of Americans who are underweight. It is apparently not so high in calories to be of concern to normal individuals as shown by the actual weight results cited earlier. In Fit health magazine for August, 1982, an article on the avocado concluded that in the public eye, it has somehow become packed “with fictitious calories, avocados have received the undeserved reputation of being fattening.”

Why has this happened? One possibility is that even diet specialists tend toward the oversimplification that “fat is fat”, overlooking not only the fact that avocado fat is predominantly monounsaturated, but also that it has a very high nutrient density per fat calorie. Another possibility is the lament that “everything I love is illegal, immoral, or fattening.” Preferred, high-fat foods from steaks to deserts now have deservedly bad reputations, and many people automatically conclude that anything as “sinfully” rich and delicious as avocado must be fattening and cannot be good for us (“Good” for us are rather the foods with little appeal to most people, like carrots, celery, leaf lettuce and spinach). It is an unfortunate irony that two major advantages of the avocado, high monounsaturated fat content and exquisite nutty flavor, are in many people’s minds twisted into disadvantages.


Purseglove (1968), In his authoritative textbook, labeled the avocado “…the most nutritious of all fruits.” Noted food writer Gaylord Hauser once said of it: “In this single delectable fruit are combined the protein of meat, the fat of butter [but much more wholesome!], the vitamins and minerals of green vegetables, the flavor of nuts, a six course dinner “. America’s greatest plant explorer, David Fairchild is attributed “…the avocado is a food without rival among the fruits, the veritable fruit of paradise.” And in 1959, cereal pioneer John H. Kellogg maintained that “of all edible fruits, it stands pre-eminent as a source of concentrated nutriment adapted to human use. For purity, wholesomeness, ease of digestibility, and adaptation to human needs, it has few rivals and none that can fill its place.” (Quotation courtesy of J. S. Shepherd).

Anecdotes lack scientific weight, yet sometimes capture reality more effectively than long scientific discourse. In the Los Angeles HeraldExaminer for November 9, 1969, writer Emily Wilkens had a 4-column article, “How One Woman Keeps a Youthful Look.” It tells the story of her friend Lisa, who was “a super traveling saleswoman in the cosmetics field and could buy every known external beauty aid at a fraction of its cost. [Yet] day by day she looked worse even with the most careful skin care and makeup. At the same time, her energy for “just living” was flagging, and she was having a weight problem She consulted eminent diet specialists, …all to no avail. One day while out west, she invited a very famous movie star to have dinner with her to discuss a special promotion for her company. Lisa watched with wonder as the actress reached into her handbag and produced a luscious avocado. On the way home the actress…revealed her [secret] of beauty through healthful eating [emphasizing] fresh fruits and vegetables. The very next day, Lisa embarked on the diet suggested by the actress…Lisa has lost weight and inches. Her eyes sparkle and her skin glows, and she grows…lovelier and more vibrant each year.”

Avocado health benefits are gradually becoming more widely recognized. For example,Prevention health magazine for June, 1988, had an article on ‘Nutritional nuggets fromCalifornia cuisine’ (“with Stanford University”). It speaks of the “light” and the “lean,” “sparkling with beauty, flavor and good health,” an eating style that “may help prevent heart disease, obesity and cancer, while delighting the senses.” A recommended component: avocado. Similarly, Men’s Health Newsletter for February, 1992, discusses health-conscious sandwiches, to “keep your energy level high, your wallet fat and your stomach lean.” They recommend picking one item of bread, condiment and filling from select lists; then “add as many extras as you like” from a list that includes various superior vegetables, low-fat cheese and avocado slices.

Yes, the avocado indeed is “the veritable fruit of paradise.”

Eat it. Daily.


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Super Health Food #8 – Berries

Blueberries and acai being the top choice.

Berries are some of nature’s most detoxifying and nutrient-dense foods. They are packed full of anti-oxidants that prevent free radical damage in your brain and other parts of the body, and they also have powerful healing and anti-aging effects.

You’ve probably heard that blueberries are good for you. But there’s more to that purplish-blue color than meets the eye, particularly where you brain is concerned. And we’re not just talking high antioxidant levels!

Would you believe that eating this tasty, low-glycemic superfood  every day was found by the USDA and Tufts University to slow and even REVERSE age-related brain decline, as well as improve short-term memory loss and help reverse age-related loss of balance?! Blueberries are a truly a Superfood for your brain because they are a top source of antioxidant phytonutrients such as anthocyanins, which support healthy brain function, in addition to providing the anti-aging, anti-cancer & disease-fighting benefits we all could use more of in today’s world.
Make it work for you: add 1 to 2 cups of blueberries to your diet each day, and if that’s simply not possible for you, drink unsweetened blueberry juice or extract, which you can find in either fresh juices, blends or from concentrate.

Pile em’ into your smoothies. Daily.

Super Health Food #9 – Raw Almonds

Almonds are a unique package of nutrients – a good source of protein (6 grams per one ounce) along with dietary fiber, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, iron and vitamin E. In fact, one ounce of almonds provides about 7.4 grams of alpha-tocopherol vitamin E, 50 percent of the RDA. Almonds are the only good source of protein that is also an excellent source of vitamin E.

As a protein, almonds are rich in arginine and low in lysine. Research indicates that diets rich in arginine, low in lysine are thought to reduce the risk of coronary disease. Almonds are an ideal source of arginine in the absence of lysine, hence reducing the likelihood of competing amino acids. Also, research indicates that eating a mixed diet that includes almonds and other protein sources can provide lysine in adequate and balanced quantities.

Try to buy organic Almond Milk too, it’s great in smoothies and super healthy.

In addition, the monounsaturated fat in almonds has been associated with a reduction in total and LDL cholesterol while maintaining healthy levels of HDL cholesterol. Some research shows that just one ounce a day can have this potential effect.

Almonds are also unique in that they provide various minerals that are essential for bone health. Calcium, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus have been implicated in maintaining bone mineral density. Almonds are comparable to skim milk and cheddar cheese in the quantity of these bone-building minerals provided in one serving. Other protein sources like chicken, beef, peanut butter, and eggs don’t offer the same.

In a neat little package, nature has bound up essential health promoting nutrients in an almond. From high quality and highly absorbable protein to vitamin E and essential minerals, just one handful, about an ounce, of almonds can be an important part of a healthy, nutrient-dense diet.

  • Vitamin E – Almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E, an antioxidant that has been shown to decrease the risk for certain forms of cancer, heart disease and cataracts. Vitamin E is also needed for healthy blood cells and tissues.
  • Folic Acid – Almonds, like other fruits and vegetables, make an important contribution to a diet adequate in folic acid, or folate. This important B-vitamin can reduce the risk for neural tube defects (birth defects) and is necessary for making red blood cells. It may also protect against heart disease and stroke.
  • Protein – almonds contain protein which is necessary for healthy muscles, blood and organs, and it can also be used for energy.
  • Fiber – almonds are a good source of dietary fiber – the part of the plant foods that is not digested in the human body. Fiber appears to play a protective role against heart disease and diabetes, an d aids in the prevention of constipation, diverticulosis, and some forms of cancer, such as colon and rectal.
  • Iron – An ounce of almonds contains 6% of the recommended daily requirements of iron. This essential mineral helps carry oxygen to all of the body’s cells and organs.
  • Zinc – An ounce of almonds contains 6% of the recommended daily requirements of zinc, which aids in wound healing and is involved in protein metabolism. Zinc is also important in the development of the reproductive system.
  • Copper – Almonds are a good source of copper. This mineral helps carry oxygen throughout the body and helps keep bones, blood vessels and nerves healthy. It may also protect against heart disease.
  • Magnesium – Almonds are an excellent source of magnesium, a mineral used in building bones, making protein, releasing energy from muscles and regulating body temperature. It’s also needed for calcium and potassium balance in the body.
  • Phosphorous – Almonds are a good source of phosphorous – the second most abundant mineral in the body. This important mineral is needed for strong bones and teeth, and helps the body use protein, fat and carbohydrates.
  • Pytochemicals – Almonds, like all other plant foods contain phytochemicals. These plant chemicals may have protective effects against heart disease, cancer and other chronic diseases.

Always make sure you get them certified organic and 100% RAW. In some states it is actually illegal for almonds to be sold raw (wtf I know) so they have to flash pasteurize them – which destroys all of the vital enzymes and delicate micro-nutrients, rendering them a near dead food.

Never ever ever eat cooked or roasted nuts. Fucking EVER. It makes the oils inside turn rancid and when they enter the body in their altered form they cause sever free-radical oxidative damage to the delicate structures of your cells.

So there you have it. Some of the healthiest foods known to man. There are many many more, including Blueberries, Cashews, Macadamia Nuts, Almonds, Strawberries, Cabbage, etc etc etc. But the above are the main foods you guys need to be eating on a consistent basis.

Now that you know what you SHOULD be eating, let’s take a look at what you need to avoid if you want to achieve maximum GODLIKE glowing sexually magnetic highly attractive health and vigor of an Authentic King…

Foods To Avoid Like The Plague

The following is a compiled list of foods that negatively affect your health and overall well-being. Your body is an extremely resilient machine, it can detox heal repair and purify itself in due time, but the following foods make it that much harder and drastically reduce your energy levels and severely lower your vibration.

In fact, a lot of underground government documents and papers I read (“Mizu where the fuck are you getting access to all this incredible information?!?!?”  Well Kings, is a good place to start…) in this paper I read it talked about certain elite groups actually endorsing some of the chemicals and foods listed below to the general masses and public to keep their minds dull, their energy & vibrations low (lowers their vibration and resulting manifestation / attracting power), in order to keep the masses dumb and in control as well as too weak and unmotivated to cause a rebellion. There are so many case histories like this all throughout history… the Chinese used to feed their workers Opium to keep them at a low weak vibration and powerless too. The American government likes to do something similar, but they use stealthier tactics such as artificial flavorings, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, unlabeled chemical additives, high sodium, hydrogenated oils and a host of other nasty crap that clutters up your internals and dulls your mind and body.

Crucial Health Concept – Fats & Oils

Fats and oils are essential to optimal health. They are important building blocks for the cells of your body, as well as for key hormones.

Avoid TFA’s(trans fatty acids) as they cause a spike in the bad body cholesterol.

Stay the fuck away from Hydrogenated ANYTHING. If you *EVER* see “hydrogenated X oil” on your food label, throw it out. Hydrogenated oils are to preserve shelf life only and severely clog the internals and cause heart disease. The fat literally solidifies inside of you due to its unstable chemical makeup after the marketing-oriented food processing. It’s literally like putting plastic into your body.

Hydrogenization of oils begain in 1918, and surprisingly heart disease was incredibly rare in America before 1920 – today it;s the #1 cause of death. It is estimated today that heart disease causes 40% of all deaths in the US.

Tell you something?

These deadly oils are in peanut butters, crackers, snacks, potato chips, tortillas, fast food, and all sorts of other modern death food.

WAKE UP guys!!!!! That means that nearly HALF of everyone who dies in the entire fucking nation is because of these deadly fats. But companies don’t care, hydrogenated fats and oild don’t go rancid as fast so their shelf life can be prolonged by months. They don’t care if this hardens and turns to plastic inside your arteries and body – as long as their bottom line profits increase month by month they’re happy. Oh, and the FDA says it’s fine! But perhaps they were paid to say that by certain Major companies such as Nabisco, Frito Lay, and others (Sadly it’s true. Look up “lobbyists” sometime.)


Eat lots of good fat, saturated fat especially. Fat making you fat or saturated fat causing heart disease or being bad for you is a MYTH. Saturated fat DOES NOT cause heart disease. I don’t have time to fully explain why, but check out the most comprehensive article I have ever come across on the subject here now:  Is Saturated Fat Healthy? | Mark’s Daily Apple.

Here’s a hint: If Saturated Fat was the #1 culprit for heart disease, and in the last 70 years more awareness and scare has been branded around this “low fat” socially conditioned chode craze – wouldn’t you think that  at this current time in our history of the Americans eating the LOWERST amounts of saturated animals fats in history, heart disease would be getting lower and lower?


According to recent statistics, heart disease is at an all time highest peak it has ever been before and is estimated to exponentially get worse.

Now more than ever Americans are eating the lowest amount of animal products (Meat – one of the healthiest things the human body can eat DUE to its’ high saturated fat vitamin and enzyme content) yet heart disease is at an all time high. Also, choelsterol intake is extremely low too. Yet more and more people are dying of heart disease.

Hmmm… kinda makes you think, doesn’t it?


The taboo saturated fats – which Americans are trying to avoid to obtain health – are NOt the cause of modern diseases as you have been led to falsely believe by chode teachers doctors and brainwashed government officials. If they were, none of us would be alive today because saturated fat was the primary energy source for most of our ancestors. Studies of North American Indians and Eskimos (some of the literally healthiest people on planet Earth) suggest that as much as 80% of their daily caloric intake was from fat, saturated animal fat that is.

Go read this, now; Is Saturated Fat Healthy? | Mark’s Daily Apple.

So remember to ALWAYS eat unrefined, organic oils.

DO eat lots of Organic Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, EFAs ~DHAs etc.

Stay the fuck away from Margarine. It’s notorious for the highest levels of TFAs on the market. Many studies are now coming out DIRECTLY linking heart disease to Margarine consumption.

Essential Fats

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) are fats our bodies are unable to produce on its’ own. You must therefore acquire them from healthy external sources. These fats fall into two groups; omega-3 and omega-6 EFAs. Omega-6 are readily available in meat and common cooking oils. Omega-3’s are found in leafy green vegetables and oily fish (*cough salmon cough*), eggs, nuts, and some animal meats. The ideal ratio of omega-3:omega-6 fatty acids is 1:4.

Why eat them?

Omega-3 fatty acids are vital to the development of a child’s brain and nervous system and for the maintenance and repair of the adult brain and nervous system. Some studies have taken mice and subjected them to eating a diet low in Omega-3 fatty acids (basically the American diet, or as Black Moon put it “white man food”) they then put them inside mazes utilizing one of the most classic tests known to man. What happened was these mice experienced a severe dumbing effect. The “normal” diet mice completed the maze in something like 1:16, whereas the low Omega-3 fatty acid diet mice took up to 3:00 minutes and longer to complete their maze!!!

I personally noticed this effect when I started consuming lots of Salmon and Raw Eggs (high in these EFAs) … I was like way smarter than everyone I came into contact with (seriously no ego here – I really mean this.) It was really really weird at first. Like I became super bored conversing with everyone I knew because I processed practically everything they said in like 2 seconds as it took them like 3 minutes to explain it. Kind of I felt as if everyone was trying to explain to me how the sky is blue, but it was like that on every subject. My memory also got better, AND every time I went out people were just CRACKING UP at my jokes. I was super surprised how funny I was being all of a sudden. And it kept happening every time I went out. Girls kept saying “omg you’re really funny you know that!” Like I became super witty and creative/hilarious all of a sudden.

Also reading became vibrant and alive. Intellectual stimulation was incredible. You really can notice the difference in heightened brain function and awareness. These EFAs are what our brain used as RAW FUEL to literally grow and evolve. Eat them daily. Most chodes walking around today are extremely deficient in these EFAs… dulled minds, lowered desires, and dulled boring lazy lives.

Not only does the lack of Omega-3 fatty acid consumption lead to mental stagnation and a “dumbing” effect, there are also a ton of papers and studies published outlining learning and behavioral disorders in adults and children directly linked to a lack of omega-3 fatty acids in the diet, OR an imbalance between an omega-3:omega-6 ratio.

According to the latest scientific journals of medicine, the most recent currently recognized disorders include: Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Obesity, Insulin resistance, Diabetes, Asthma, Arthritis, Lupus, Depression(even among children!), Schizophrenia, A.D.H.D., Postpartum depression, Alzheimer’s, Chronic inflammatory disorders, Chronic fatigue, Reduced cellular detoxification and MANY more…

Good sources of quality fat include: olive oil, coconut oil/butter, palm oil, butter (organic raw is best), ghee (clarified butter, good if you are allergic to casein, the protein in dairy), organic, grass-fed animal fats (lard, tallow), fish oil (remember be careful of the source), seeds (especially flax seeds), avocados, and nuts (raw, organic).

Make sure you ALWAYS choose organic foods for safe consumption of fats.Many industrial chemicals and commercial farming chemicals are fat soluble and are stored in the fats of animals, fowl, fish, and plants.

AVOID trans-fatty acids, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, vegetable oils (the high temperature used to produce such oils destroy the nutrients in the oil and cause it to change chemical shape), fats from sketchy nonorganic commercial sources such as conventially raised animals and fish.

AVOID eating roasted nuts because the roasting process causes the fats and oils to go rancid causing free-radical damage in your body. In other words, they make you age faster.

Stay the hell away from fried and deep-fried foods.

NEVER eat from fast food restaurant. Even “just once in a while” has severe long-term detrimental effects on your body. One of the primary reasons (other than the sheer amount of chemicals they use, in one study I read [google it] it talked about how they found over 45 artificial chemicals in a “Strawberry” Shake from In-N-Out), is that they use low quality foods and fats, many of which are heavily processed and turn to hardened plastic inside your body as well as many other destructive things like blocking certain chemical receptors in your brain so you feel violent irrational food cravings and severe depression.

Tell your girls, feed their babies lots of high quality OMEGA-3 oils if they want their children to grow up big and strong and be unusually smart.


Toxic Food #1 – Sugar

As recently as 400 years ago, refined or simple sugars were not available to man. We ate only naturally-occuring, whole foods that provide complex carbohydrates, which convert to energy relatively slowly when consumed as natural food sources. In fact, producing white and brown refined sugars from the sugar cane or beets was so expensive that only the rich could afford them. The extra lard on their bodies was considered royalty at one point in time.

About 100 years ago, the average annual intake of simple sugars was approximately 4 pounds per person. Today, the average American or Englishman consumes an average of 150 pounds to 170 pounds of deathly sugar each year.

Recent statistics have shown that 60% of Americans (read, 60%) are overweight or obese.

That’s more than half!!!

Sugar literally has addicting properties. Not only is it a modern drug like cocaine, it is also extremely poisonous.

The problem with all modern sugar (that is hidden inside your condiments like ketchup, beverages, fruit juices, yogurts, etc etc) is that it is virtually stripped of all its’ natural vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Not that sugar is healthy for you in the first place, but these natural enzymes play a key role in the digestive function of sugar. When these are absent, as with ALL modern day sugar, it causes severe harm to the body.

These nutritional factors are necessary for digestion, metabolism, and elimination. When we consume any form of modern refined sugar, incomplete carbohydrate metabolism re Pyruvic sults. acid accumulates in the brain and nervous system, and the abnormal sugars accumulate in the red blood cells. These metabolites interfere with the respiration of the cells – they simply can’t get enough oxygen to service and function normally. In time, this causes some of the cells to die. This interferes with the functioning of whatever part of the body was exposed to these sugars and is the beginning of all degenerative diseases.

One teaspoon of sugar has been known to suppress your immune system for 4 hours. When you consider that the average can of soda contains ten teaspoons of sugar, and that the average breakfast cereal is comprised of between 46% and 53% pure sugar, you can see how easily sugar finds its way into your diet.]

Remember how earlier I talked about your Metabolic Type? (Whether you’re ratio of fats to meats to veggies is 40:40:10, or 30:30:60: etc – LISTEN TO YOUR BODY) ? Well, when you don’t follow this, and eat at a diet [or meal] that does not match your metabolic type, this results in large fluctuations of blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels elevate after eating, triggering the release of insulin to break down and store the blood sugar. This often results in an overcompensation response, which in turns leads to a blood sugar low. Unfortunately, your brain considers low blood sugar to be a dire emergency, a majpor stressor. Stress hormones are then released to counterbalance the condition by triggering the liver to release its’ stored glycogen, which then elevates blood sugar levels. Meanwhile, instead  of waiting for the liver to do it’s job, people CRAVE sweets or sugary foods since the drop so they end up eating another sugary sweet food, triggering the process all over again. This keeps cortisol levels high, and as you will learn later, keeps you from falling asleep at night.

Remember we talked about pH balance? Daily intake of sugar causes a continuously severe over-acidic condition in the body. Consequently, minerals are required from body tissues (such as bones and teeth) in order to buffer the acidic environment and rectify the imbalance.

In order to protect the blood from this poison, calcium is taken from the bones and teeth that decay and general weakening begin. Chronic sugar intake eventually negatively affects every organ in the body.

It gets worse…

In the liver, excess sugar is stored and used in the form of glucose (glycogen). Since the liver’s capacity is limited, this unusual daily intake of refined sugar causes it to expand. When the liver is filled to its’ maximum capacity, the excess glycogen returns to the blood in the form of fatty acids. These fatty acids are then taken to every part of the body and then stored – as fat – in the most inactive areas; e.g. the belly, ass, thighs, breasts, underarms… etc.

Fat cells are also estrogen-producing entities. The more lard you carry around, the more estrogen you have in your bloodstream. And we all know what estrogen does to our sexual drive and emotions…

When these areas are “full” so to speak of fat the fat then begins to evenly distribute to your main organs such as the heart, kidneys, and liver. What happens next is these organs begin to slow down – finally their tissues degenerate and turn to fat. The whole human body is affected by their sluggish performance and High Blood Pressure and a host of other serious all-too-common diseases result.

The ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) is also severely effected by sugar. Mainly because processed sugar is a powerful stimulator of the sympathetic branch of the nervous system. The circulatory and lymphatic systems are invaded, and the quality of red blood cells begin to change. An overabundance of white cells occurs and tissue creation slows down – greatly affecting the bodies own ability to heal itself and repair damaged tissue(muscle anyone?)

The next big issue with sugar consumption is that when you ingest processed sugars without adequate amounts of quality fats, proteins, vitamins and enzymes, your blood sugar levels will become elevated. The body responds by releasing insulin, a hormone that rapidly reduces blood sugar levels. The problem is that the feedback mechanism that tells the brain that blood sugar has returned to normal is slow, commonly resulting in a blood sugar crash, or a hypoglycemic state. The body must respond to this emergency immediately – if not, your brain will run out of blood sugar to operate on and you will go into a coma. This emergency situation results in the release of powerful stress hormones, one of which is cortisol. In the midst of all this, people will usually drink some coffee or an energy drink or crave something sweet and the cycle repeats itself.

Meanwhile, cortisol has triggered the release of stored glycogen from the liver to quickly raise blood sugar levels again. This results in a rush of sugar from the liver as well at the sweet thing you just ate or drank, starting the whole vicious process all over again. Many modern people live their lives on a roller coaster ride all day. This is a problem because eventually your body can become insensitive to insulin and a large amount of fat will begin to accumulate around your mid-section. Then diabetes is shortly around the corner. Really.

If that wasn’t enough to scare you, the constant hormonal roller coaster ride caused by the typical sugar-laden modern diet (remember it can be in your fruit juices, condiments, pasty and wheat products & snacks, yogurts and other dairy etc… they even disguise it now on food labels, food marketing companies wont put “sugar” anymore, they put “glucose, sucralose, fructose, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, maltodextrose, ETC” anything that has an -ose at the end of it you can sure bet is refined sugar.)

Your adrenal system finally will become exhausted from producing excessive cortisol. When the hormonal system becomes disturbed and unbalanced due to the stress of eating processed sugars hidden in all modern foods today, numerous other degenerative diseases, allergies, obesity, alcohol craving & addiction,  drug addiction, severe depression, behavioral problems and so much more. This is seriously just scratching the surface guys.

Also, sugar severely affects the immune system. Our ability to resist disease progressively decreases as processed sugars displace the nutrient dense foods we were designed to thrive on.

“But what about artificial sweeteners!?” Mmmmm. More chemicals. Yummy!

Aspartame alone has received more complaints to the FDA due to gnarly side effects than any food additive ever approved by the FDA in history. Without delving into a huge boring scientific research paper here, let me basically tell you this; artificial sweeteners cause damage to the brain and nervous system. They also trigger incorrect food processing chemicals due to their “Zero nutrition” factor that causes your appetite to unnaturally SKYROCKET. It’s no wonder people are overeating today and walking around so goddam fat and sickly.

But don’t worry. It’s “sugar free!”

Remember, sugar companies know that you know sugar = death. So they’re getting smart. Watch out for things like glucose, sucrose, fructose, dextrose, maltose, ribose, xylose, deoxyribose, lactose, trehalose, and the like.

Seeing “-ose” on the end of any ingredients listed is an indicator of deadly refined toxic sugar. On some products, you’ll see as many as five or six “-ose” ingredients!!!

Also be aware of the term natural. Sugar is still considered natural. “Natural” ice cream will still slowly kill you. Wait I take that back, quickly kill you. Did you guys know the Baskins Robbins guy died of all these crazy ass diseases because he ate icecream his whole life? Lol poor guy, should of read authenticKing Blog…

Avoid ALL sweet drinks, inclding juices that are “freshly juiced!” or other marketing B.S. The biggest saddest modern mistake health-conscious consumers make today, especially parents, is falling for the marketing id froom these fruit juice manufacturers. They want you to think their “fresh orange juice” is actually good for you. If you read the package you’ll see from concentrate which could easily mean from syrup. Also, oxidation causes the vital enzymes and nutrients in juice to rapidly deteriorate. If not drank immediately, freshly squeezed juice products become stale and dead within a few hours. They literally turn into sugar water. Also, by law, it is required for all fruit juices to be Pasteurized, as you learned earlier that destroys practically ALL the living enzymes, nutrients and minerals literally turning your “HEALTHY FRESH ORANGE JUICE, CRANBERRY JUICE, ” and a whole host of that other shit in your fridge you think is healthy into literal SUGAR WATER and nothing else.

Also avoid high fructose corn syrup. This is specifically known to severely lower your vibration and mind efficiency, it makes you slow, stagnate, fat and stupid.

Toxic Food #2 – Soy & Canola

Soy is a poisonous weed grown for human and animal consumption. Bugs will not eat soy plants, because they detect poison in the plant. People and animals get really really sick on the stuff. Animals that eat a lot of soy products live only half their normal age. Many report experiencing poor health and weak vision when they eat soy products and tofu. You can feel the difference in energy by cutting out soy products.

Soy and canola are considered negative or left-spin energy plants. They can live on “diseased” soil and air. They take in and store the toxic environment (chemical-laden dead soils and polluted air) inside the beans. Hard salt fertilizers and poisonous sprays are used to produce the toxic soy bean. Unbelievable, but very true. Other healthy natural foods such as certain beans, vegetables, fruit, organic dairy, seeds, nuts, are called “positive” or right-spin energy plant foods. Positive energy plant foods do not disrupt or damage health and vitality.

In the mid-50s soy beans were “irradiated” to increase their oil content. This in-turn produced more oil on “negative energy soils.” “Soy oil is an ‘industrial’ oil, not a food oil!” This is a serious matter. Don’t take it lightly. Soy kills.

Soy Protein is Not a Growth Protein!!!!

The Net Protein Utilization (NPU) of soy products is a low 10-15 percent. Far too low to maintain good digestion and overall health, let alone build any muscle. The raw soy protein is almost indigestible. Animals fed raw soy plants become ill and die. Dogs, cats and other household pets fed a steady diet of soy tofu and soy products develop illnesses and live only four to six years old. “Free” amino acid soy proteins are a positive right spin energy product and is acceptable to eat, because their “negative” vibration is neutralized-their oil is removed completely. Example being Bragg’s Liquid Aminos would be a safe positive amino acid to use when cooking or on your food.

Warning!!!!: Read labels and watch for soy, canola, cotton-seed oil in thousands of modern food products! These toxic oils do not belong in the human blood system. They get sticky inside the body, cause clotting, blocked arteries and untold damage to health. Peanut oil is better on the skin then inside the body. Cotton seed oil is known to lower testosterone and sperm count in males. Guys seriously beware of cotton seed oil, soy and canola oils in many snacks, chips, health candies, corn chips etc. It’s all fucking over. Read labels. Get informed. Take charge of your own health and also, avoid oils that deteriorate and become rancid quickly, i.e., corn, safflower, peanut, (peanut oil and peanut butter is also loaded with PHG. and will make your blood clot and become gluey if eaten daily. Instead, use the healthy oils listed next. The Best Health Oils: Olive, Sesame. Sunflower.

The name Canola is a “coined” word. Canola oil comes from the rape seed, which is part of the Mustard family of plants. Rape is the MOST toxic of all food oil plants. It is not listed in anything but the most recent reference sources. It is a word that appeared out of nowhere. Canola oil is a semi-drying oil that is used as a lubricant, fuel, soap, rubber products and magazine covers. Canola forms latex-like substances that cause agglutination of the red blood corpuscles, as does soy oil only MUCH more pronounced.

Loss of vision is a known characteristic side effect of of rape oil. Rape (Canola) antagonizes the central and peripheral nervous systems – just like soy oil, only worse. Rape (Canola) oil causes pulmonary emnphysema, respiratory distress, anemia, constipation, irritability and blindness in the bodies of animals and humans. Rape oil was in widespread use in animal feeds in England and Europe between 1986 and 1991 when it was thrown out. I remember reading about these cows, pigs, and sheep that went blind, lost their minds, and attacked people… they had to be shot! …the “experts” blamed the erratic behavior on a viral disease called “scrapie.” However. When rape oil was removed from animal feed, “Scrapie” disappeared. Now we are growing rape seed and using rape (canola) oil in the USA! Canola off is now our problem. It is widely used in thousands of processed foods in the USA-with the blessings of government watchdog agencies of course! Officially, canola oil is known as“LEAR” oil. The acronym stands for low ureic acid rape. The experts tell us it is “safe” to use. Through genetic engineering i.e. irradiation, it is no longer rape, but instead “canola!” The experts talk about canola’s “qualities”-like its unsaturated structure, omega 3. 6 and 12, it’s wonderful digestibility, and its fatty acid makeup. They turn us against naturally saturated oils and fats telling us they will make us fat and cause heart disease…

The term canola provided the perfect cover for commercial interests who wanted to make billions in the USA. The name “canola” is still in use, but it is no longer needed…look at the peanut butter ingredient labels. The peanut oil has been removed and replaced with rape oil. Did you know that rape oil is used to produce the chemical warfare agent, “MUSTARD GAS,” used in all wars, including the Gulf War. Canola oil contains large amounts of “iso-thio-cyanstes’ , which are cyanide compounds. Cyanide INHIBITS mitochondrial production ofATP. ATP powers the body & keeps us healthy and YOUNG! It is also essential if you want to move heavy weights in side the gym.

Notice the tremendous increase in disorders like systemic lupus, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, myelinoma, pulmonary hypertension, and neuropathy in the recent years. Soy and canola oils are players in the development of these disease conditions. Canola oil is rich in glycosides which cause serious problems in the human body by blocking enzyme function and depriving us of our life force. Soy and canola oil glycosides depress the immune system. They cause the white blood cell defense system – the T-cells – to go into a stupor and fall asleep on the job.

These deadly oils alter the bio-electric “terrain’ and promote disease. The alcohols and glycosides in canola and soy oils shut down our protective grid  aka the immune system. In the Movie “Lorenzo’s Oil”…the dying boy had a chronically low total body pH! So low that his body fluids were dissolving the myelin sheath that protects the nerve fibers…causing his nervous system to disintegrate. The boy was given Lorenzo’s oil to boost energy output and act as a detoxifier of metabolic poisons. The oil shocked his body into a LESS acid condition. Lorenzo’s oil is OLIVE OIL!when given in large quantities, olive oil SHOCKS the body and causes it to adjust its pH. It will also SAFELY purge the body of gall and liver stones, thus avoiding the need for gallbladder surgery (Yucca extract and PAC’s must precede the “flush.” …On a TV talk show, an “expert” claimed that Lorenzo’s oil was rape oil. THIS WAS A LIE! Give rape oil to a sick person and you will seal their doom. Here is another example of “disinformation” in the public domain. These falsehoods should cause every thinking person to question the molding of public opinion by powerful commercial interests behind the scenes the astronomical increase in the use of processed foods that contain canola oil, soy oil, and chemical additives CONFUSES the body and severely weakens the immune system. The “health care” industry is an OXYMORON. It protects its own economic interests. If you want peak health and longevity you MUST take control of your life, and be responsible for your health. There is NO other way!

Soybeans cause weak digestion, gas and a deranged body chemistry in many vegetarians and sensitive people. Peanuts contain only a small amount of PHG in comparison to soybeans and some people cannot digest peanut butter, it is also been known to cause internal inflammation. Use of these products can speed-up mental deterioration in young or old people, ultimately causing Alzheimer’s. “Phyto-hema-glutinin” or PHG is contained in the oil of soybeans or tofu. If you use fat-free or oil-free soy products, the health-destroying effects are greatly reduced, i.e., tamari sauce and miso. These three products are ok to use, just don’t overindulge in them!

“Mizu, what about soy protein powder or tofu?” Tofu is difficult to digest for most people. Eaten excessively, soy products weaken the gastro-intestinal and immune systems. Liver and kidney function are also greatly impaired. If you are sick, weak, fatigued or cancerous, avoid soy and tofu completely. If you have poor digestion, gas or bloating, forget about soy products altogether.

Just don’t eat that shit. Ever.

Crucial Health Concept – Eat Only When Hungry.

It is said that “Very few people die from starvation, but millions die prematurely from over-eating.” Another wise man once stated: “Half the food we eat feeds us, the other half feeds the doctor.”

Note: This concept is great for lasting energy and health, but I do not follow it personally when bulking, only when cutting or maintaining my physique. Bodybuilding and maintaining health are not always two sides of the same coin.

The stomach, which is the central organ of the digestive system, operates something like a pot belly stove. If you over-stuff a pot-belly stove with wood, you get nothing but smoke; it refuses to burn smoothly. But, fill the same stove 1/2 to 3/4 full and the wood burns smoothly without smoke. Similarly, the stomach will also not burn (digest) food smoothly if you stuff it to the gills with food. Having consistent GODLIKE Authentic King health requires that we consume food to 1 /2 or 3/4 full and then stop! Dietitians estimate that by not overeating you can add 30 to 40 healthy years to your life. Overeaters always suffer with constant illnesses, i.e., diabetes, liver disease, colon problems, pms, fatigue syndrome, skin diseases, blood diseases, cancer, arthritis, etc, and invariably die prematurely.

Health and energy follows those that heed this timely advice. The Greek physician, Plutarch, advised his clients to ‘fast (refrain from food for a day or two) when feeling ill.’ Eating too soon after a previous meal is also a poor health habit. Stuffing down another meal, snack or liquid too soon after the last one has been completely digested and evacuated results in putrefaction and fermentation. This causes indigestion and toxemia – a loss of nerve energy, fatigue, poor vision and further ill health. Overeating destroys the nutritional value of the food eaten. There is an inner physiological voice within you, which tells you when, what and how much you need to eat everyday. Remember Black Moon’s advice from the story above – Listen to your body intelligence. What do you feel? Are you really hungry or do you eat out of boredom, depression or emotional problems?

“Mizu, what are the physical and physiological sign of real hunger?” Your mouth should water. The tongue must be pink, watery and clear – no yellow, green, brown or black coating. If you have any tongue coating[get a scraper] indicates that undigested food has not evacuated the stomach, small intestines or colon. The tongue is directly connected to the lower gastrointestinal system. The tongue is the upper part of the entire digestive system. Hunger is a mouth and throat sensation – it should never be stomach pangs. Stomach grumbling or stomach pangs indicate that toxins or undigested food is still in the stomach. It could also mean one has over-indulged in excessively stimulating foods and drinks such as, processed foods, sugar, candy, cake, pop, alcohol, pasteurized dairy products etc.

Positive signs of true hunger: If you are truly hungry, you will be happy, joyous, with a real yearning for food at mealtimes. Your energy should also be high before eating. Tiredness, fatigue, emotional upsets and stress is not a good time to eat If you are upset, rest 30-60 minutes first, then eat when your energy is restored. Digestion is one of the most energy-consuming processes the human body can possibly go through (besides ejaculation). Food digests smoothly when one is rested and full of energy and vitality. In fact, indigestion is one of the greatest causes of energy loss that the body can experience! If food is digested and assimilated well with no stomach aches, indigestion or gas, the organs of the body can receive a good flow of micro-nutrients. You will experience better results with any activity you undergo due to added energy levels by heeding the signs of true hunger.

Crucial Health Concept – Eating To Live, NOT To Entertain.

Self discipline is your key to freedom, and this especially applies when it comes time to put food in your mouth.

Sensory entertainment is a great thing, in fact, it is one of the great things about being human. Nothing beats a movie that makes you laugh, cry, and then want to kill a man for revenge.

Certain things in life are MEANT to feel really really good and to be fully reveled in and enjoyed via sensory pleasure.

Take a blowjob from a naughty eager and horny hot girl for example.

Unfortunately, even though modern society thinks the mouth is meant for fun and pleasure, food should NOT be one of these avenues of enjoyment, primarily.

Certain natural foods you crave do in fact taste good, like salty meats, or perhaps avocado dip, or maybe a succulent fruit i.e. a delicious fresh energizing smoothie. These things can and should taste good [and are good for you!], but for the most part you must understand this crucial health concept, that is, eating’s purpose is meant to keep you vital fit and alive – NOT to entertain you.

There is an ancient proverb that admonishes us to “Eat to live – not live to eat” Most people live only to see how much they can stuff down their gullet. They live only for “mouth amusement,” or to tickle their taste buds. Don’t eat for entertainment, eat to LIVE. Many manufacturers douse products with chemicals specifically designed to please our tastebuds – with little care to what these toxic compounds actually do to our internal systems.  Food can be delicious, nutritious and tasteful, but don’t obsess over it. If you eat wholesome, nutritious foods, you will be satisfied with less food – and your body will be way better nourished.

Think about it like this… why do you go to the gym?

Do you honestly enjoy the sweating, aching, pain and suffering involved in heavy repetitive lifting? It’s practically putting yourself through agony & physical torture.

So why do you do it?

For one thing, the strong flexible agile bulky powerful sexy body that commands respect and dominance and gets girls dripping wet at the mere sight of you.

For another, it’s the soaring energy levels. The added mechanical stress and ATP useage puts a higher demand on your energy reserves of your body, and your body being the adaptive machine that it is responds and adapts accordingly -by granting you more energy levels throughout the day.

It lowers depression, raises your vibration[attraction point – manifested via positive emotions], and keeps your energy channels open so you feel more relaxed and can have amazing long-lasting hot sex. It also raises testosterone, keeping you masculine, dominant, horny, and happy along with being a chill irresistible glowing natural around the hot girls.

It cleans out toxins, gives you harder erections, boosts your passion, drive, and natural zest for life.

This is only to name a FEW of the amazing benefits of regular, consistent, vigorous heavy weightlifting and exercise.

Short term pain, long-term gain.

Can you imagine the reverse of this? What if you didn’t exercise because it ‘hurt’ or ‘was too painful’ or you ‘didn’t feel like it’ ?

What would your state of emotional, mental, and physical health be? Energy levels? Self-esteem? HEALTH???

Fat. Stagnant. Dying. Weak.

The list goes on.

But, isn’t this health habit no-no exactly what almost EVERYONE is doing today when it comes to eating food? Instead of having a piece of grilled wild-caught salmon and organic raw broccoli for lunch (MMM SCRUMPTIOUS! … uhhhh  YARITE -_-), you choose something more “pleasurable” and “entertaining” to your taste buds, like that bag of doritos and the sugary soda and the quick-n-easy burrito filled full of non-organic crappy ingredients. Or instead of having some spinach leaves, an organic apple, a glass of raw milk and 4 raw eggs for breakfast (MMMM MMMMMM BITCH!) you pour a bowl of sugary cereal that vies you a host of pleasureful tastebud delights.Cereal companies should really start charging a subscription for their services, the experience of eating their foods has become an adventure in and of itself.

Tasty in the now yes, but every single action you take as a Man in this life has a consequence.

Some people claim to diss health food practitioners because they want to “live a little” or “enjoy life”, but is this not the exact same weakness of not going to the gym ‘because it doesn’t feel good’ ? They’d rather ‘enjoy life’ by sitting on their ass watching television all day eating delicious junk food on their chode comfort cushions of pleasure… but in the long run do you have any fucking idea how harmful that is to their overall life? 1 Hour of daily strenous vigorous exercise nets SO MANY incredible benefits. Same goes with eating food. 10 minutes of a plain meal will bring you lasting deep satisfaction and a feeling like you never imagined possible before, consistently.

People who eat healthy on a CONSISTENT basis are smarter, stronger, healthier, hornier, happier, and live and FEEL life more fully than people who don’t. Period.

When you guys begin to eat healthy you may find yourself complaining, maybe even getting depressed that you can’t eat that bowl of icecream now or have that brownie or cookie… The thing is dudes, even if you revel in this and fully enjoy that bowl of icecream (not only will you feel like shit afterwards – remember Black Moon’s sound advice and watch how you feel after every meal) is it not just a fleeting experience? Another form that comes and goes? Two minutes of pleasure for a damn near lifetime of illness, sickness, weakness, mental cloudiness and stagnation and possibly even disease development and death?

When you’re about to give in to a food craving, just remember, the 5 minutes of pleasure just isn’t worth it because that too, will pass.

It’s just a fleeting experience…

Remember when it comes to eating junk food, short term pleasure means long term pain. You’re robbing yourself and the world of your deepest masculine gifts every time you numb and dull your potential with crappy toxic food, drugs, alcohol, and other nasty shit that feels good in the moment but ultimately comes with a fat price. Pun intended.

Develop discipline and you will be free. It sounds like a contradiction, but as you will soon find it isn’t.

Health Concept – Chew Your Food To A Liquid

Observe the 12 noon lunch hour at the typical chode office. The robot-like machines rush from their desks to the nearest fast-food greasy-spoon slop-house. The food is gulped and swallowed like swine-in-swill. No thought is taken about the quality of nourishment that goes into ones body. All of this lifeless junk food is then washed down with a large sugared-drink or coffee. How can one build good health, energy and vision with ‘fast-foods.’ Fast foods lead to fast diseases and a fast demise. Like anything else in life, disease is a “process” that one builds over time. The following scenerio goes on in millions of lives every day. “I must eat fast. There is so much work to do back at the office.” “I must rush back to my work.” “My lunch break is very short, so I have to eat in a hurry. “By 3 or 4 pm, I am exhausted and stressed out, so I reach for another coffee and donut to boost my sagging flesh and spirit.”

This scenario goes on every day in every big city in the world. And the hospitals and morgues are filled with such sad souls that didn’t have time to chew, relax, digest, assimilate, meditate and contemplate on where the food came from. Food gulped down on the run cannot possibly be digested properly. Proper chewing sets our digestive juices flowing. It gets the food ready for thorough assimilation in the gastro-intestinal tract and healthy bowel elimination. Bowel problems start with poor eating habits. Colon and stomach disease also cause poor vision. Eating too fast prevents good digestion. Consequently, the food lays in the stomach and immediately putrefies and ferments. It all gets back to chewing. Chewing is an art. Why? Because our stomach has no teeth to handle unchewed food. Seriously, digestion starts with the saliva in the mouth with an enzyme called ptyalin. Ptyalin breaks down starch in the mouth before entering the stomach for further digestion. We by-pass the first step of digestion when we gulp and run. Long-lived people always chew their food slowly–20-30 times per mouthful. Macrobiotics say: “Chew fine, think fine. Chew rough, think rough.” Think about that. Enjoy the taste of your healthy food; this makes your digestive juices flow smoothly, and enables you to utilize the essential nutritional ingredients of the food for improved eyesight.

Crucial Health Concept – Water

Even though water covers two-thirds of the Earth, only 3% of Earth’s water is fresh and out of that, only 1% is accessible to humans.

Mother Earth is almost exactly like the human body – nearly 70% of it is made up of water.Our blood even contains roughly the same salinity as ocean water!

Although water plays many key roles in our bodies, water’s primary function inside the human body is to maintain a stable environment both inside and around our cells, allowing us to receive sufficient nutrition and aiding elimination of waste in cells and throughout our entire system. So going back to our Mother Earth and the human body analogy, in order to provide the optimal environment for life, the water we consume must be clean and should supply the body with sufficient electrolytes.

So where do we get this pure, life-giving water? The sad thing is, many fresh water sources have been polluted by corporate greed over the years. Remember, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY? You damn well should. Proper burial and removal of medical, nuclear, chemical, and other toxic sludge and wastes requires a lot of money. Dumping barrels in an ocean is easier Sure it may be illegal now, but for many years massive companies have gotten away with it. And lots of people still don’t follow the law.

“But what about the EPA?!?!”

The EPA, also known as the Environmental Protection Agency in the U.S. has currently identified over 700 pollutants that regularly occur in drinking water, both from municipal sources and from water taken directly from wells or springs. The EPA currently monitors eight inorganic and ten organic chemicals, leaving approximately 30,000 possible hazardous pollutants without regulation! Due to the cost and time required to test for the vast amount of various chemicals in our water supplies (yes – that means from “fresh” sources located on your socially conditioned chodey ‘safe’ water bottles… *cough marketing cough*), we’re left on our own to determine where to get safe water.

Remember guys, NO ONE is protecting you. NO ONE is keeping you healthy and safe. You need to be independent Men who think for themselves. You need to start to see the world through your own eyes and begin to QUESTION EVERYTHING. Women not only find this alpha leadership quality extremely sexy, but it is the catalyst for rapid evolution, power, and intelligence greater than the common societally-conditioned man.

Now back to our water supplies…

The EPA has also reported that modern agriculture plantations (chemical, NOT organic) is the #! biggest polluter of America’s rivers and streams, fouling more than 173,000 miles of waterways each year from chemical death pesticides and other nasty pollutants.

A recent study did testing on local treated “safe” city tap water and found traces of many fucked up chemicals, specifically pharmaceutical drugs that enter the water supplies through the urine (the human bodies natural filtration system), as companies dump human wastes and recycle the water and feed it right back to you.

Check this article out: Study Finds Traces of Drugs in Drinking Water in 24 Major U.S. Regions

The skin is the largest organ in the body. When you swim in a swimming pool, sit in a jacuzzi, and take a bath or shower using tap water you are literally BATHING in chlorine. What is Chlorine’s primary function? To kill all living organisms inside the water. Much like pasteurization does for dairy and juice products. But guess what guys… WE’RE LIVING ORGANISMS!!!!

I recommend you guys go to and get a Shower Filter as soon as you can. They make really good ones and I’m sure you can find one in your local CO-OP or health food store.

Showering in Chorline and metal hard water also ages the skin and body, literally KILLS you over time, and does a whole host of other nasty shit. Remember, if it’s on your skin, you’re basically drinking it. Just always make sure the water you bathe in is as clean as the water you would drink.

So where do you get safe pure healthy drinking water?

Spring water is the best;

The second best option is I recommend you get yourself a whole-house filtration system to minimize exposure to heavy metals, chlorine, and other waterborne toxins.

Most of the wealthiest smartest men in the world have them, and for good reason.

Also note that Brita tap water filters are a fucking scam. Probably better than drinking the shit straight up, but you’re just going out of the frying pan and into the fire.

NEVER purchase or drink from plastic. Always glass. Always store water in a dark location, away from direct sunlight (unless it is in glass, we will get to “sun-charged” water later…).

Have you ever went to the store and bought some bottled water, only to find it tasted like shit? You’re literally tasting all the plastic that fuses with the water from heat and sun exposure.

This same phenonomen happens on a very subtle microscopic atomic level in food storage containers. When you microwave food in plastic containers or store it, the deadly toxic plastic chemicals rub off on your food and you end up eating, or drinking it.

Always store food and water in glass (or ceramic containers).

Packaged foods in plastic wrappers, as well as cans is risky business.

A recent study performed in the UK (yupp that means within the last few months) found two-thirds of canned foods contained low levels of the potent carcinogen and estrogen-mimicking compound, bisphenol A (BPA). Chemical residues and a number of toxic solvents used in commercial food packing facilities used to clean cans and various food containers prior to being filled can also be found.

When purchasing frozen chicken or meat products immediately remove them from their plastic wrapping. Same with berries or any other packaged food.

Stay away from dead, canned shit.

These similiar estrogen-mimicking compounds are found in nearly all modern-day plastics and can leach into your foods, especially when the plastic becomes heated – even just from the sun. These substances, although ingested in small amounts, over time can seriously damage or bodies and even cause cancer and sexual defects.

I had a friend who went away for 6 months with her friend to live in an exotic tropical setting and literally had to eat only natural unproccessed food for a while, completely absent from commercial processing, and when she returned the first thing she noticed was how ‘plastic’ everything tasted. She said it was like everything she put in her mouth had this subtle chemical taste to it. I figure we’ve been eating this crap since we were little kids so we’ve grown used to it and our awareness is literally numbed to the taste because its become so normal.

Another cool trick is to always consume water at room temperature. Cold water will sit in your stomach until it reaches body temperature.

How Much Water Should You Drink

I’ve heard some health experts tell you to “Drink only when thirsty, excess water floods the liver. You can drown internally.”

Others that say you “must drink 8-10 glasses of water a day!”

So which is it? Drink a lot or a little?


A man by the name of F. Batmanghelidj, an M.D. who specializes in Healthy Water and hydration guidelines, suggests that for peak human hydration to determine your body weight in pounds, divide by two and drink that many ounces of water per day.

Example, a 200 pound man would have to drink 100 ounces of quality water each day, possibly even more if in a hot climate or exercising.

Paul Chek, renowned incredible health expert and my personal inspiration, recommends drinking pure filtered or glass-bottled artesian well water. Avoiding plastics is increasingly being recognized as important for avoiding deadly cancer-causing chemicals. Water expert Dr. B recommends passing clear urine as a sign that one is drinking enough water. Both recommend adding a pinch of unprocessed sea salt to water to ensure that the water enters the cells and reacts properly, especially if you’re not salting your foods. It’s essential, google it and do it.

Dr . Martin Fox, author of Healthy Water, suggests that the most life-giving waters on planet Earth have a hardness factor of 170 mg/L or greater and a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of 300 or greater. Modern processed water (Seeing the theme here? When Man fucks with nature, bad things happen) is known to go through extensive filtration that are soft in comparison. This consistency change in the water actually makes it harder to absorb by the body and hydrate your cells – that is why when you drink commercial water you piss it all out right away. When you add a pinch of sea salt to the water it begins to reach it’s “healthy” natural state for optimal absorption in the body.When you add 1 pinch of unproccessed sea salt to all of your water you will find it greatly reduces the frequency of your urintation and you can drink more. When your cells are more hydrated they can move faster within your body, dispose of wastes faster, recieve nutrients faster, transfer kinetic energy and a whole host of amazing things. Ever hear of cell clumping? Blood flow severely decreases when we dehydrate. The brain will instantly damage, shut down, and die if it is severely dehydrated. Delusion and psychosis surely set in right before this happens.

In many peoples efforts to remain hydrated Drinking 8-10 glasses of commercially processed “soft” water actually causes the body more work and the end result is less of the water is available. Some water retention is good – so add a pinch of sea salt to your pure water and watch your health soar.

Pure organic Sea salt also contains crucial healthy enzymes and is densely packed with vital nutrients that we lose when we sweat.

In fact, studies have demonstrated that all life originated from the ocean itself.

Remember, you’re 75% water, just like Mother Earth. It is essential for living life with ecstatic passion, energy, mental clarity, and internal purification.

Drink Up. Make it a daily habit.

Toxic Food #3 – Microwave Ovens

Okay, okay I know – microwave ovens are not a food. But what comes out of them will certainly slowly kill you over time. By ditching the modern microwave oven (keep it primal – always) you will instantly begin to feel an eleated sense of well being and raging energy levels.

You’re about to find out why…

If you ask friends and family why the fuck they use this horrible death-inducing device they will probably respond, “Because it’s fast and easy!”

This magic pill mindset runs rampant in our society today. “Lose 40 pounds in 2 weeks!”

“Make $20,000 in 5 hours!”

“Gain thirty pounds of muscle at the speed of light!”

“Say this one magic pickup line to a girl and get her wanting you forever!”

So why would we think that a clever marketing scheme of “Cook your food in 30 seconds flat – it’s fast and EASY!” wouldn’t be any different, that it somehow wouldn’t have any serious long-term consequences to the state of the food that comes out of it and detrimental to the natural healthy state of our bodies that we put this toxic radiated crap into?

This ability that if you took ONE thing from this ENTIRE blog would change your life around so fucking quick and dramiatically, this one simple concept of seeing the world through your own fresh set of eyes, is what got me started on this quest and found these scary discoveries that you’re about to learn.

Let’s break it down, Kings.

I remember one of the first times I thought something was very wrong with microwaved food. My mother used to cook us all eggs every morning before we went to school. They were so good! Nothing like a home-cooked breakfast meal.

One time, I spent the weekend with my grandparents and in the morning my grandma was serving us all breakfast. She cracked two eggs open and put them in a microwaveable “Egg dish”, popped them in this funny box and then a little bell rang. She brought me my plate with these two hockey-puck looking things on them.

The first thing I noticed is these “scrambled” eggs my grandmother made tasted like shit. They were nothing like my mother’s. Next, they had a weird styrofoam consistency to them. I felt really sick and tired after eating and remember taking a nap that morning right after my modern socially acceptable meal.

“WTF is that thing doing to my food?” was my thought at a very early age.

Even in my younger days I still internally realized at a gut-level that something was seriously wrong with microwaving food…

Then one cold winter morning as I stood in the health section at a local bookstore with my hot Vanilla Bean latte (sugar-packed chode coffee, don’t drink that shit nemore. Ever.) a book caught my eye.

Robert O. Becker M.D.’s book, The Body Electric enlightened me on the dangers of not only cooking food in, but standing NEAR a microwave oven. Once activated, they emit electromagnetic pollution of a greater magnitude than most heavy electric appliances. (Ever feel “dark”, “down”, or “depressed” when you enter into a computer lab, stand near a power line, or sit next to a refrigerator for long enough? This is your cellular-level electrical signal balance being fucked with and thrown off. These unnatural bodies disrupt the internal electrical chemical system in the body and cause dysfunction and harm.)

One Health Master I deeply respect spent over 5 years studying the effects microwaved food has on the human body. One (of many) scary findings was that these “Micro Waves” produced by microwave ovens damage the cell wall of foods to such a degree that the gut receptors are not likely to recognize microwaved food particles as food, resulting in an immune response.

Microwave ovens heat foods from the inside-out by the use of alternating current to produce electromagnetic radiation. Holy shit. This alternating current, driven by micrtowave radiation, reverses the polarity of the atoms, molecules and cells of the foods or liquids being heated 1- 100 billion times a second. (Atoms, molecules or cells of organic systems are not able to withstand such a violent destructive power for any extended period of time, not even in the low energy range of milliwatts.)

Did you know that geneaologists actually use Microwave technology in the field of gene altering technology to weaken cell membranes?

One study done on microwaving breast milk (one of the most “alive” foods on the planet any developing human being can consume) found that using the microwave to heat breast milk destroys some of its most important enzymes and disease-fighting capabilities. This unnatural radioactive heating device found commonly in homes everywhere today causes the milk (and all living foods for that matter) to lose crucial enyzmes, such as lysozyme and other antibodies that aid in the fostering of harmful growth and microscopic potentially pathogenic bacteria. Milk heated at a “normal” setting lost over 96% of its immunoglobulin A antibodies (agents that fend off invading microbes). The man himself stated “…adverse changes at such a low setting suggests that microwaving itself may in fact cause some injury to the milk above and beyond the heating, rendering the substance toxic and harmful for human consumption.”

I remember when I was younger, a few months after ditching microwaves and going ‘clean’ so to speak, I went on a camping trip with my family and we stayed at this place near the river that included meals 3x a day. I noticed after eating I felt tired and a funny weak sickening feeling in my stomach. Something just wasn’t right…

I saw one of the cooks bringing out a bowl of hot gravy and I asked, “Hey man, do you guys by chance microwave any food back there?”

He smiled and said, “How’d you know?! Practically all of it! We have too many mouths to feed here and we’ve been running out of cooking time…”


It’s amazing what the human body can get used to over time…

Some hospitals (And countries!) have even banned the use of microwave ovens for the purpose of heating baby foods or infant formula of any kind. Since these establishments do not allow the detrimental affects of microwaving food to affect the delicate immune/cellular structure of a newborn infant, I can’t imagine why adults are still allowed to use these toxic devices in their homes and feed their children with this stuff.

Remember to keep it RAW and as close to Mother Nature as possible. If you have to cook stuff use a barbecue or conventional oven.

Still not convinced to ditch the microwave of death?

You can read WAAAYYY more about the crazy ass (And scary) negative health effects have on your body here:

MICROWAVE COOKING is Killing People!

Why did the Russians Ban an Appliance Found in 90% of American Homes?

Toxic Food #4 – White Death

White flour when mixed with the digestive juices becomes a paste, like ‘Plaster of Paris. We become glued-up inside. Literally, blocked-up or constipated from these “refined foods.” Many people walk around with 15 to 20 pounds of dried-up fecal matter pasted up against their colon walls. If you’ve ever done a fast involving any sort of colon cleanse, you will notice that you drop literally 10-15 pounds in the first week. This is no coincidence.

This excess fecal matter blocks nutrient absorption and slows down your waste elimination system.

The white devils all native cultures live without (who have PERFECT dental health and incredible raw health and energy and live to be like 120 elder tribesman) never consume any of the following shit in their lives; white flour, white sugar, pasteurized dairy, and sals, aka White Death.

Salt – aka “White Death”

The human body craves salt. Organic, real, unprocessed natural sea salt contains thousands of nutrients and essential components for the human body. Our craving for salt is like our craving for sex – it is nature’s way of telling you it’s a good thing and to indulge :).

So what’s the problem? The problem is NaCl, also known as “table salt”.

Table salt, found in ALL stores, resutarunts, fast food places, and in practically every store-bought packaged frozen food you eat is POISON. It is chemically altered and processed sea salt. They basically strip everything out of it, including the essential enzymes that make the sea salt a crucial component to the human body. NaCL is a deadly poison. It harden arteries, leeches water form the system, and severely damages you internally.

All the bad warning you have heard surrounding salt are talking about the altered chemical table salt. Did you know that chemical companies strip all the nutrients from natural healthy essential sea salt and then sell them to GNC and other supplement companies, and then they sell the refined toxic NaCl to restaurants and food manufacturing companies IN BULK?

It’s a brilliant idea.  You can make some serious $$$.

Remember, it’s all about the money.

Toxic Food #5 – Commercial Fruits & Veggies & Meat

Depending on how well-read (or how brainwashed) you are, this may or may not come as a shock to you.

Conventional fruits and veggies not only lack sufficient nutrient content to be nourishing to the human body, but the added preservative chemicals and toxic pesticides make them extremely detrimental and borderline poisonous to the human body.

The United States alone sprays two billion pounds a year of pesticides a year on crops to compensate for poor farming practices.

Nice mask dude. Better protect your lungs. Lucky for him, he doesn’t have to eat the shit he’s spraying. Unfortunately his client base does, but he doesn’t care about them because he is going to make a killing in produce sales this month.


The sad part is, most people don’t realize how harmful commercially grown produce really is, and how ‘dead’ the food actually is, so they continue to buy it because it’s slightly cheaper, which further fuels these massive greedy corporations, and the quality authentic organic farmers can barely stay in business.

This are actual pictures taken from a MAJOR United States produce farm. I like this dude’s protective gear, God knows what would happen if any of that stuff got on his skin – let alone if he inhaled it!

MMMM yummy!

Do you guys understand what soil is?

Plants use soil as a reservoir for roots to absorb nutrients. The soil itself doesn’t contain any nutrition, it just acts as a medium to hold the roots. The roots then suck up liquid material in the soil for nutrients and water. These come in the form of chemical fertilizers (like Nitrogen, Potassium etc) in commercial farming practices. Also, the saturated land mass from the toxic deadly pesticides are literally soaked up and absorbed by the plants. “triple washing” them just isn’t enough to get all the toxic residue out. Crops grown underground are the worst, like carrots and potatoes, because they literally act like a sponge to these deadly toxic chemical pesticides.

Why Organic?

Organic food is grown without the use of toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers. Organic foods are not only drastically better for your health, they’re also produced in ways that support a healthy global environment.

Remember, Certified Organic is best. Remember also, food marketers are catching on and “organic” can mean a lot of sketchy things nowadays.

Before achieving the organic certification in the US, fields must be farmed for a minimum three years under guidelines handed down by the organic committee of the farmer’s state. This three-year period assures that microorganisms have time to digest and completely eliminate chemical residues that may or may not be left in the soil from previous exposure.

The media reports (as funded by, you guessed it – the commercial farming facilities themselves) that “there is no significant difference in the nutritional value of organic foods when compared to conventionally grown produce.” The funny thing is, you only need to do a little research to figure out that this is virtually impossible when you consider what organic farming entails.

A very smart woman by the name of Dr. Virginia Worthington reviewed 1,230 published comparisons between organically grown and conventionally grown crops. The results of her survey indicated that organic crops had higher nutrient levels and lower toxicity levels in over 86% of the comparisons.

While many of these studies proved that organic food had much more nutrients, there were still a lot of commercial farmer’s claiming their crops were still better. The British Soil Association analyzed 109 studies on organic and conventionally raised foods and came to the conclusion that organic produce contains much higher nutrient quality, and amount, as well as containing 5x more “Secondary nutrients” which are typically destroyed through harmful chemicals and other mal-farming practices common today in commercial agriculture. Secondary nutrients are crucial for optimal functioning in the human body, and they are just not present in commercially grown produce.

Another famous research study done by Copenhagen University suggested that organic food helps prevent cancer, and commercial food helps CAUSE it. ORganic, and ONLY organic produce contains high amounts of a very potent group of antioxidents called phenolic compounds, a group of secondary nutrients. And according to researchers, these phenolic compounds are 10x more efficient at cleaning up free radical damaging entities inside the body than other “antioxident” nutrients such as Vitamin C, and E.

The benefits of secondary nutrients are well known in the holistic health care community. Many Naturupathic doctors treat their patients on organic food alone. They literally go home and “cleanse” and “fast” and “detox” on things like organic fruit and vegetables.

The bottom line is, organic food is not only toxic-free but it also HEALS the human body. It’s also densely packed with nutrients, estimated 4x the amount of commercial produce. That means you would have to eat 4 commercially-grown apples to compare to the nutrient value of 1 organic apple.

There’s another reason why Organic is superior. The plant derives the bulk of its’ nutrient value from the microorganisms in the soil. The microorganisms literally eat microbacteria in the soil and produce wastes, these wastes are then used by the plant as some of the richest natural sources of trace elements, minerals, and compounds on the planet that are then converted into nutrients inside the plant.

Commercial produce is 100% absent of these microorganisms. The plant gets a very limited amount of food through the use of chemical fertilizers, created in a laboratory. Not only is the nutrient spectrum severely limited, but the quality of these nutrients (And the effects these toxic chemicals have on both the plant and human consuming the plant) have are to be seriously questioned.

These chemicals are everywhere. An awesome study I read about talks about the ingredients in tested childrens lunch food (these dudes literally went to a cafeteria, grabbed some food right out of the trays and busted out the lab equipment right there – awesome.) another is a listing of the REAL ingredients that dont have to listed to the public in an average fast food strawberry milkshake.

Oh and it’ll show you how to get a lean 6-pack. For real.

Go read it here, it’s short and shocking: The Dreaded Bulge Below The Belt! By Paul Chek

You MUST also be sure to eat oerganic, free-range meat. NEVER COMMERCIAL MEATS OR DAIRY.

Watch this, it gets really good halfway through towards the end…

Health Concept – “Negative” Foods

I’d like to briefly talk about NEGATIVE FOODS. HAve you ever heard a friend say “every once in a while is cool man! Just have a goddam twinkie!” or “Just take a shot! Once in a while wont kill you!”

Actually, “once in a while” is worse than regular consistent consumption of unhealthy foods. Once you decide to get your health and body HANDLED, it’s commitment you’ll need to stick to for life.

Here’s why:

The first reason is that the human body is an adaptive machine.

Too hot and we sweat. Too cold and we shiver.

We get sick our temperature raises or muccus starts pouring out of our face to clean out and kill the bacteria.

We tear our muscle fibers through exercise, they grow bigger in result of the added stress.

We workout and we gain more energy. We sit around all day and we lose energy.

The human body is constantly adapting to its environment.

The same concept applies to foods. When you first started drinking alcohol remember how easy it was for you to get drunk? Like one or two shots and you were buzzing all night… if you’ve drank more since then, you will notice now it takes more and more alcohol to get you to that same drunken level. Why is this? “I’ve built up a tolerance” you say… but let’s dive deeper. What exactly is a “tolerance” ?

Basically, it’s your bodies attempt at protecting you. It literally builds up muccus and fat around healthy organs and the like internally to protect it from these harmful toxic compounds. (Ever see someone get  a fatty liver?)

That is why when we consume pesticides, preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavorings and colorings, drugs, alcohol … all that bullshit, your body reacts naturally to the poison by building up a protective buffer against it. This is why you need more and more of the substance to feel any effects over time.

So when you begin to eat pure, wholesome natural, healthy organic foods.. .your body takes a big sigh of relief and immediately begins to detoxify and purify every cell and organ in your entire sexy body. You will lose fat, muccus, sweat out chemicals, all sorts of really great things will happen when you begin to strictly eat a healthy diet. You’ll feel clearer, more vital, energetic, horny, powerful, think more efficinetly. Every cell in your body will function better.

But there’s a problem.

Your buffer is gone.

So when you fall off the wagon and decide to binge drink for a night out with the boys, or you decide to “reward yourself” with that bowl of Rocky Road icecream… you feel it.

And I mean baaaaad.

The first time I drank after months of staying away from poisonous alcohol I wasn’t drunk, I was stright up poisoned, I felt extremely sick and ended up throwing up (bodies’ natural reaction to toxins in the stomach) and then the next day I was bed-ridden all day and felt like dying. Literally. It was so fucking bad… I couldn’t get out of bed and was dry heaving all day with a gnarly headache and aches all over. And guess what, I only had 3 beers.

It’s that bad.

A clean body is more easily poisoned than a clogged up fat and muccus-filled one with all it’s toxicity buffers.

The next example is when I decided to eat some icecream and cake at my dad’s birthday… my heart was pounding, I started turning white, my mood began to swing as my glucose crashed, I felt agitated and irritated, extremely violent and angry and then suddenly super depressed and lethargic and I passed out taking a nap… it just wasn’t worth it. The ten seconds on the lips was worth a whole day of suffering and an internal roller coaster ride. My body was literally going “what the fuck is this?!?!?!”

The second reason is the concept of NEGATIVE FOODS.

Have you ever decided to eat a bag of chips and rationalized it was okay because you read the label and saw it had stuff like Zinc, Protein, Potassium etc so you’ll go “Well at least I’ll get some nutrients!”



Unhealthy foods are seen as toxins internally and literally sap the bodies precious resources of digestive enzymes, nutrients, and energy to actually eliminate and dispose of these toxins. As you have learned, sugar actually leeches calcium from the system and a host of others things to process it. This is only one example of a “negative food”, there are countless others. The point is, they COST more for your body to dispose of them than any nutrient content that actually exists within the food.

Remember guys, eat to LIVE. Not to entertain…

The Secrets

Everyone wants the secrets… Yes, I have discovered many “secrets” to having incredible health. But in all honestly, there really are no “secrets” when it comes to success guys. It all comes down to your day-to-day habits and consistency. Master the basics. Most chodes are out there looking for the latest magic pill and diet method when all they really need to do is CONSISTENTLY follow the basics and vibrant health is theirs.

Following Mother Nature will do wonders for you… plenty of good sleep, fresh air, lots of good natural healthy organic food, plenty of sunshine, and vigorous daily exercise is enough to turn you into a primal, powerful, incredible-feeling strong healthy vibrant glowing & attractive productive Man!!!!!


I know this is contradicting what I just said but there are actually some incredible secrets, and I’m about to share them with you. I just want you guys to realize these things are the spices, I just gave you the main course above. Some aren’t really “secrets” at all and some truly are. Let’s dive right in this refreshing health quest and get you to that strong ultimate human potential in an incredible youthful strong and glowing radiant vigorous body.

Crucial Health Concept – SUPPLEMENTS & WHY THEY SUCK.

Supplements have to be one of the most ingenius marketing scams ever invented. Now I’m going to be painting some broad strokes here, and some supplements are perfectly good and beneficial to the body, but the MAJORITY of shit out there is a complete fucking waste of money.

The first major error people make is actually thinking that they can eat a bunch of crappy dead food, be malnourished, just take a once-a-day “multivitamin” and be fine.

The quality of vitamins are only as good as the source they are derived from. Most supplements are from chemical compounds created in a scientific labortory, NOT their natural counterpart. These foriegn substances, in incredible sky-high concentrations greatly stress the body and poison the liver.

Ever wonder why you piss pure yellow after taking a vitamin?

Uhh…. duh?

Now, however, there are a certain type of vitamin that is good for you… these are called “Whole Food Supplements”, which are derivitives form actual natural organic healthy food. Always consume whole food supplements, and never their artificially engineered chemical cousins that litter store shelves.

Also it is important to keep in mind that NOTHING beats wholesome natural food sources. There are so many nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and the like that scientists haven’t even begun to discover yet available in natural food.

Critical Health Concept – Sunlight

The sun gives life, in the form of living energy, to all creatures on Earth. Without it, no life would be possible. In fact, Astronomers estimate if the sun suddenly burned out Earth would freeze over and all life would cease within 48 hours.

Man has evolved over millions of years outdoors working under the hot sun, in full bright sunlight exposure practically all day.

Animals that don’t get light such as bats in caves or fish deep in the depths of the ocean do not have eyes. The eyes – organs of light, literally weaken when lack of sun exposure occurs. This is what I personally believe to be the primary cause of the major epidemic of vision problems (Affecting over nearly half the population in America) today.

Staying indoors all day on computers, or just outside of the sunlight is a major hazard to your health.

Indoor lighting is estimated around 400 luxes at its brightest. Average outdoor light from the sun is measured at an incredible 10,000 luxes!!!

Another key reason why sun exposure is critical is due to the full spectrum of energy it emits. Human beings, as the great sages once said, are “solidified particles of light.” As you recall, we are all energy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) they have discovered that each organ connects to a different energy meridian on the body, each pertaining to a different emotion, all of which connect to the brain, or more accurately the third eye in the center of the brain. The secret center, the seed of enlightenment that lay in every human. The highest chakra.

Whatever you want to call it.

Point is, when you go out in the sun, you are receiving full spectrum energy. The sun light energy that surrounds and permeates every cell of your being recharges and revitalizes you. It literally fills you up with energy, and depending on what organ is weak or lacking the sun will supply it with the appropriate energy spectrum, or color, bringing it back into balance and GODLIKE status.

I can’t remember which, but in one of John Ott’s book on Sunlight, he talks about a study that was done with lab mice. They basically took these mice and put them inside a chamber, each with a different lighting energy spectrum wavelength. Some got green, some got purple, some got red, one got no light [total darkness] and another got full sunlight.

What they found is, the rats who only got green had sexual dysfunction and problems. Some developed eating disorders or depression. Others got tumors and cancer development. The rats that recieved no light lost weight, motivation, and one even died.

Can you guess what happened to the one’s who received full spectrum of sunlight? Horny, healthy, and happy.

They were bouncing around the walls of their little cages perking up full of energy activity and life.

Getting sun every day, consistently, will net you awesome results. You will look better, be buzzing with energy, feel incredible, be horny as fuck, and it even helps with building and maintaining muscle mass.

Besides, laying out with hot girls has to be one of the funnest & warmest experiences everrrr

Never go out into the sun during noon hours (from 12:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M.) when the sun is highest in the sky, this is when the UV rays are the highest and excessive sun can be damaging, which manifests in the form of skin burns.

It gets better….

The following is taken from various sources, outlining the key benefits of getting adequate sunlight exposure each day and the incredible effects it has on your health.

The Health Benefits of Sunlight


Researchers have started recognizing the importance of sunlight for a healthy lifestyle, recent studies reveal that sunlight renders many health benefits. Apart from Sunlight maintaining temperature and humidity, sunlight plays a significant role in nourishing and energizing the human body. It is also vital in order to get the full nutritional value from food that you consume and it has been proven that getting sufficient sunlight aids in preventing chronic ailments such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), osteoporosis, mental depression, type 2 diabetes, and cancers affecting the bladder, breasts, cervix, colon, ovaries, prostrate, and the stomach. To put it more succinctly, sunlight serves as the perfect medicinal pill in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

One of the prime benefits of sunlight is that it supplies the body with Vitamin D, which not only promotes the absorption of calcium in the gut but also transfers calcium across the cell membranes. This in turn provides strength to the bones as well as contributes for a healthy nervous system by increasing the production of endorphins in the brain. Usually, deposits of cholesterol-like substances known as ergosterol can be found beneath the skin, which gets converted into Vitamin D hormones when the sunlight penetrates the skin.

Vitamin D also helps to lower the level of cholesterol in blood, and sunlight can even prevent the growth of cancerous tumors. Studies show that exposing your face to sunlight for 10 minutes every day can provide your body with the Vitamin D that is required for the day. A lack of Vitamin D is associated with a host of autoimmune ailments such as Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and thyroditis.

Another significant benefit of sunlight is that it helps in the prevention of infections resulting from bacteria, molds, and viruses. The health benefits of sunlight include the enhancement of the immune system by increasing the count of white blood cells as well as gamma globulin, which is beneficial in warding off viruses and germs and it enhances the capacity of red blood cells in carrying oxygen.

According to certain studies, getting adequate sunlight serves as the perfect exercise for the heart, as it enables the body to lower the resting pulse rate and decreasing hypertension, thereby making the heart healthier. Sunlight also provides resistance power to the skin, by avoiding skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne problems. Further, getting sunlight is also correlated with the stimulation of the pineal gland, which produces such vital chemicals as tryptamines.

Other health benefits derived through the exposure of sunlight are:

  • Strengthening of cardiovascular system
  • Normalizing blood pressure as well as blood sugar
  • Increased metabolism
  • Aiding in weight loss
  • Ensuring proper functioning of kidneys by eliminating wastes
  • Enhanced liver function
  • Improved digestion
  • Above all, sunshine has that magical power to alter your moods and cheer you up, thereby preventing anxiety and depression

The sun not only balances emotions, heals organs, energizes the whole body, and (a true secret) can lead to enlightenment if the energy is absorbed into the third eye properly using a secret meditation you’re about to learn below… but it also does much much more..

Take a look at the following (source = Sunbathing, And Why It Heals by Dr. Bernarr, D.C. D.D. )

Sunbathing helps heal skin cancer and does not cause skin cancer. Sunbathing does not cause wrinkling of the skin. Sunbathing helps heal wrinkles. Unfortunately those who develop skin cancer and/or wrinkles and also coincidentally sunbathe, have many bad habits that cause their skin cancer and wrinkles. Those who have wrinkling of the skin have poor skin tone. This poor skin tone causes the skin to wrinkle.

I have sunbathed nude almost every day, for many, many years, for several hours, and I have never developed skin cancer nor wrinkles.

Sunbathing helped heal the skin cancer of Dr. Harland G. Call. His “skin cancer was diagnosed by two M.D.1s, one of whom was a surgeon who recommended surgical removal”. Call employed “sunbathing of the affected area. Within a short time, the skin cancer disappeared,” after which he reported back to the M.D. who had recommended surgical removal. When the local M.D. “examined” him, “he confirmed that the skin cancer had disappeared without surgical removal.”

A man had recurrent skin cancer. His cancer doctor recommended surgery. The cancerous man rejected undergoing surgery. Dr. John Ott wrote that he advised the man to begin spending time in the sun without his glasses or anything else between his eyes and the sunlight. After 5 months, his skin cancer completely disappeared.

Cancer is helped by sunbathing, writes Dr. Zane R. Kime. Kime writes that those who get more sunlight have less cancer. Sunbathing heals cancer by building up the immune system and increasing the oxygen in the tissues. Sunlight does not cause skin cancer. Healthy people do not get cancer and -unhealthy people do get it. Chronic sunburn combines with free radicals to cause skin cancer. Sunlight may change free radicals, dietary fat, cholesterol and deranged antioxidants via cooked foods into skin cancer. Under the influence of sunlight, these toxic foods are brought to the skin. Cooked foods have had their antioxidants, particularly vitamins C and E, reduced or deranged by cooking. The sources of free radicals are mainly dietary fat, especially polyunsaturated fats, but also fats and oils applied to the skin in suntan lotion and other cosmetics. Suppression of the ‘immune system by drugs may be involved in skin cancer that is stimulated by sunlight. X-rays and chemotherapy cause cancer.

“We may be able to reduce our cancer deaths by inducing a partial or complete immunity by exposure of suitable skin areas to sunlight,” writes Dr. Frank Apperly.

Exposing U.S. Navy personnel to strong sunlight may have saved them from dying from cancer, writes S. Peller.

Sunlight treatments reduced malignant cancer growths 50% in experimental animals in Russia, writes A.P. Zabaluyeva.

Repeated sunburning, not suntanning in itself, causes skin cancer, writes Dr. Michael Gray. Gray writes that skin cancer is caused in those who smoked tobacco and marijuana and expose themselves to sunlight. Marijuana contains adverse toxins that induce skin cells to mutate in the presence of sunlight, causing skin cancer.

Skin cancer is caused in those who over consume coffee and tea, which contain toxic caffeine and tannic acid, and expose themselves to sunlight, write Dr. Becker and D. Alexander.

Sunbathing Strengthens Muscles

Dr. Zane R. Kime writes, “Tuberculosis patients being treated by sunbathing have been observed to have well-developed muscles with very little fat, even though they have not exercised for months.”

“The Romans made use of the sun in training their Gladiators, for they knew that sunlight seemed to strengthen and enlarge the muscles.”

“A study of the results of combined sunlight an exercise, showed that a group that was getting the sunlight treatments with exercise, had improved almost twice as much as shown by their electrocardiograms, as had those who only exercised, even though both groups were on a general health resort treatment program.”

Sunbathing Helps Depression

Why winter makes you depressed? Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) hits around 100,000 people and develops into severe depression as daylight decreases in the winter. If SAD sufferers get out and get some sunlight during winter, they will relieve their depression, writes Dr. Keki R. Sidhwa.

Sunlight Healed Soldiers Under Surgery Faster During World War II

Using sunlight instead of light from surgical lamps, healed soldiers undergoing surgery faster during World War II, writes Dr. Carl Hoffminster. Injured soldiers healed and survived much, much better when their open wounds and broken bones were exposed to sunlight.

Absence Of Sunlight Causes Blindness

“Animals who live out their lives in a complete absence of light are commonly blind, even eyeless,” writes Harvey Diamond.

“Those who live in dungeons, cellars, prisons, mines, and similar places denied sunlight, grow weak, pale and sick. The eyeless -5- fish of sunless caves constitute but one example of the baneful influence of the denial of sunlight. Mules kept in mines also become blind. Horses kept in dark stables and denied sunlight become blind. Darkness is better for sleep, light for waking activities,” wrote Dr. Herbert Shelton.

Sunlight Will Help Heal Your Eyes

“Gazing directly into the sun actually improves sight and aids in overcoming disease,,” wrote Dr. Herbert Shelton.

WITHOUT SUNLIGHT YOU WILL DIE” Without sunshine, there would be no life possible on earth,” writes Dr. Edwin Flatto. The sun provides the basis for all life on earth.

The sun is the source of energy for all plants, and indirectly, for all animals. Sunlight purifies water, air and the surfaces of objects.

“Shut up the strongest man in a dark dungeon, and he becomes pale like a corpse, his blood loses its vitality, and he is liable to scrofulous disease. He loses the power of resisting disease influences,” wrote Dr. Thomas Low Nichols.

“Take away the sunlight and all life on earth would soon perish. Deprived of sunlight, man loses physical vigor and strength and will develop a disinclination for activity,” wrote Dr. Herbert Shelton. Shelton wrote that the “jailbird” who has been locked in his cell for sometime with a lack of sunlight, is in line for disease and will waste away.

Feed two animals the same diet but keep one in a dark closet and allow the other to be out in the sunshine. The animal that’s kept in the closet will be weak, stunted and die prematurely.


Eyeglasses and contact lenses rob you of energy by blocking some of the ultra violet rays that travel through the eyes to the pineal gland, writes Patricia McCormac.

After discontinuing wearing his eyeglasses, Dr. John Ott writes that he exposed his eyes to the sunlight without lenses. His vision was much improved. He recommended similar therapy to his friends and they received similar improvement in their vision. Ott writes that nothing should block out the full spectrum of sunlight, no glasses of any kind to block the ultra violet rays, and especially, no dark glasses.

Sunglasses block healing ultra-violet light and thus contribute to the increased incidence of blindness and eye disease in this country, writes Dr. Jacob Liberman.

Suntan lotions should not be used because they can cause cancer, writes Dr. Zane R. Kime.

“Artificial sun-lamps can do irreparable damage. None of the lamps, regardless of the price, contain more than a few of the rays found in the sun. The ultra-violet rays, because of their short length in artificial lamps, can be very harmful,” writes Dr. William Esser.

Sunscreen may actually increase the risk of cancer, so proposed California researchers in a paper published in January, 1993, in the Annals of Epidemiology. The researchers contended that UVB- blocking sunscreens had contributed to increasing skin-cancer rates, by disabling the body’s natural alarm mechanism: sunburn. The researchers also posited that because UVB rays are the main source of vitamin D, and because vitamin D may inhibit the progression of melanoma, and because sunscreens block UVB rays- sunscreens might promote vitamin D deficiencies and cause melanomas. (UVB is the shorter wavelength of ultraviolet light that damages the skin. UVA is the longer of the two types of ultraviolet light that reaches the earth. UVA is responsible for tanning.)

In a study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in January,1993, researchers from the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center applied three common types of sunscreen to mice and then exposed most of them to sunlamps twice a week for three weeks. Melanoma cells were then injected into all the mice. The mice exposed to the ultraviolet (UV) rays, even if they were treated with sunscreen, had a higher incidence of melanoma than those not exposed to UV rays. The researchers theorized that sunscreens may allow enough UV to penetrate the skin to suppress the immune response and/or damage DNA, thus allowing tumors to develop.

UVA can cause skin cancer, particularly melanoma, according to the Texas researchers. The sunscreens used in the mouse study blocked little or no UVA.

Tanning pills are unsafe, writes Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports write that Canthaxanthin, a dye, used in tanning pills, builds up in the retina and liver, causes skin reactions and itching, and leads to a type of hepatitis.

If we choose to expose our nude skins to the sunshine, all we need do is pay attention to our bodies. Our bodies are always talking to us and we must learn to listen. If the sunshine is going to be harmful to us, our bodies will feel uncomfortable in the sunshine. This will force us to withdraw our bodies from the sunshine before the sunshine can injure us. DON’T BLOCK THE SUN OR YOU MAY DEVELOP CANCER BY REDUCING VITAMIN D ABSORPTION

Anything that blocks sunshine from penetrating the skin will reduce the amount of vitamin D that the body makes.

People with lower levels of activated vitamin D are at greater risk for colon cancer, writes the Lancet.

Vitamin D “in man, absorption is through the skin,” by the influence of sunlight, writes Dr. Viviana Virginia Vetrano.

How To Sunbathe Correctly

“Sun-baths must, of course, be taken in the nude because clothing prevents passage of the sun’s rays to the body and the result is only heat and sweat,” writes Dr. William Esser.

“A full sunbath in the nude is ideal. This is not a mere cosmetic measure, but a health requirement for greatest value,” wrote Dr. Herbert Shelton.

“Wild animal life spends the cool portions of the day in the sun and seeks the shade and rest when it is hottest,” wrote Dr. Shelton.

“Absorb the sun’s rays during the early morning or just before sunset, when the sun’s rays are slanting, and when your shadow is longer than you are,” writes Dr. Edwin Flatto.

“Rooms which are poorly ventilated, into which the sunshine is not permitted to shine and which are damp and not dried by your home heating system are destructive of both life and health,” writes Rise Rafferty. Rafferty also writes, shutters and heavy curtains block the life-giving rays of sunlight from the chamber. This should not be so.

A sunny exposure, plenty of large windows, and no blinds or curtains, wrote Dr. Thomas Low Nichols.


Unfortunately we are forced in our “un-civilization to constantly keep covered with tight, restrictive garments and undergarments, brassieres, panties, underpants,& bathing suits, our breasts, prostates, reproductive organs and colons.

“No skin can be maintained in any thing like a clean condition if it ‘does not come in contact with the sun and air,” wrote Dr. -8- Herbert Shelton.

Shelton also wrote “Complete organs may be removed from the body, not only the arms and legs, but some of the internal organs, and life will continue as before, but if the function of the skin is suspended for only a few minutes, death is the result” … “The resistant powers of Elie-normal skin counteracts in a marvelous way those changes of temperature to which the body is so frequently subjected.

The skin weakened by clothing is unable to do this very effectively.” “The skin that has become weakened by clothing serves as a less effective barrier to infectious matter from the outside.”

“Man also breathes through his skin and it is vitally necessary that a constant supply of fresh pure air reach the skin if it is to carry on its respiratory function normally. A healthy skin is essential to normal health and can be had only by giving it the advantage of those agencies which are intended by nature to come in contact with and affect the skin.”

“Anyone who ever had his feet to sweat knows how disagreeable is the odor that exudes from them when his or her shoes are removed. Every one is acquainted with the fact that the feet of the ‘bare foot boy with cheeks of tan’ may sweat the whole day through without producing such a condition. Why the difference? It is because the sun and air disintegrate and carry away the excretions from the skin of the feet. If they are tightly sealed up in those leather sweat boxes called shoes they are not only denied the benefits of light and air but are forced to remain in their own filthy exudations. Someday man will substitute the sun and air bath for the present water bath.”

“The manual laborer goes to work on a hot summer day and sweats profusely throughout the day. His clothes become saturated with sweat. It gives off a very disagreeable odor. The hands and face which have been exposed to the sun and air do not give off such an odor. If one examines he finds the space between the man’s body and his clothes occupied by foul hot air and gases which are very repugnant to the olfactory sense. The man is literally wallowing in his own excretions, he has them bound to him by his clothing so that they escape slowly. This is filthy. This same thing is true of every one who wears clothes whether they are ‘high collared’ financiers or just plain folks. It is not true of those who work without clothing. This condition caused by the clothing weakens the skin. In many cases it is almost dead.”

“Man’s resistance to atmospheric changes is also lowered to such an extent that every time he meets a sudden change in temperature he suffers. The Indian could travel all day in a blinding snowstorm or swim frozen streams but if his ‘pale face’ brother attempted this he died a few days later of pneumonia. A skin debilitated by the hot house conditions produced by clothing is not an adequate protection for its owner. The sooner he begins to harden and revive it the better it will be for his health.”

“This attitude toward clothes will have to pass away if man is again to enjoy the health and vigor that is his by right. In this we have said nothing about the evils of corsets and high heeled shoes worn by women and the worse styles in men’s clothing, as we were dealing with clothes as they exclude the light and air from the body. The effects of these two things are indeed bad.”

“So prone are we to regard those conditions under which we are born and reared as natural and to look upon those things which the majority of mankind do as an average as the best for us to do as a whole that almost everyone regards clothing as both natural and best for man.

The fact is, clothing is both artificial and harmful.” “In truth man was designed by the Creator to enjoy the direct rays of the sun and the soothing and strengthening influence of the winds over the whole surface of his body. He is by nature a nude animal.”

Dr. C. W. Saleeby, wrote in, “Sunlight and Health”, ” … this most beautiful, versatile and wonderful organ (skin) is, for the most part, smothered, blanched and blinded in clothes, and can only gradually be restored to the air and light which are its natural surroundings. Then, and only then, we learn what it is capable of.”

Arnold Rickli, whose sun and air institution in Switzerland attracted patients from all over the world in the 19th century, wrote: “Man is made to live in the open air; therefore when exposed to the action of light, air and sun, he is in his real element. As a natural agent, water takes only an inferior place, above it comes air, whilst light takes precedence of every other natural agent, and is the greatest essential wherever organic life exists. The nervous system, which is an inherent principle of our organism is acted upon by light, especially through the skin. The purpose of the air treatment is the strengthening of the skin by restoring its natural functions and vitality and elasticity it has absorbed from its primitive state when directly in contact with the skin.”

Sylvester Graham, wrote in “Lectures on The Science of Human Life”: “If man were always to go entirely naked, the external skin, the anatomical structure and functional character and relations of which we have fully contemplated, would be preserved in a more healthy and vigorous state, And perform its functions more perfectly, and thereby the whole human system in all its properties, powers and interests, would be benefitted; the circulation, and particularly the venous circulation which is near the surface, would be more free, full and perfect; respiration or breathing would also be more free, full and perfect; voluntary action would be more u~restrained and easy; the bones would be less liable to disease and distortion; all the muscles of voluntary motion would be better developed and more powerful; in short, the anatomical development and symmetrical proportion, and the physiological power, and functions of every part in the whole system, would be more perfect; and, as a natural consequence, the sensual appetites would be more purely instinctive, and exert a less energetic and despotic influence on the mental and moral faculties, and imagination would be deprived of its greatest power to do evil”.


Fruits and plants have the ability to trap and store sun energy. We get our energy from eating fruits and plants. When we eat fruits & green leafy vegetables, we are eating stored sun power.


“For untold centuries the sun has been worshiped as the visible symbol of the creative power,” wrote Bernarr McFadden.

“From the dawn of history the sun has been utilized specifically as an aid to the restoration of health and as a means of maintaining and increasing it. The ancient, Greeks and Romans, Egyptians and Assyrians, Arabians, Babylonians and Cretans, the Aztecs, and the early Chinese and Japanese, the inhabitants of India and most of the other nations that were glorious in their day, derived their superb health partly from their contact with the rays of the sun, and healed their ailments by their aid.”


Hippocrates, “the Father of Medicine”, practiced the sun-cure in the temple of Esculapius on the island of Cos, in ancient Greece.

Hippocrates used “medicine (drugs) very little but relied upon sunlight, hydrotherapy, diet and water drinking, rest, and gymnastic exercise,” wrote Bernarr McFadden. SUNBATHING HELPS EVERYONE LOOK, FEEL, GET AND FUNCTION BETTER

Everyone sick or well, looks better, feels better, gets better and functions better, after exposing every part of their nude bodies to the beautiful sunshine. Sunbathe each moment you can. It helps you in every possible way!

So there you have it, the WHY you should get your ass outside in the bright light and play daily. Try beach volleyball with some honeys – that’s always one of my favorite ways. Or surfing.

Remember, the sun is FREE and it is the most potent healing tools you have. The media, doctors, and pharmaceutical drug manufactures can’t put a price on sunlight, that’s why the health benefits of it are so unknown, yet it is right under all of our noses and 100% free – Mother Nature’s Way.

“Free to all.”

-Tyler Durden

And now the the Secrets…

Health Secret #1 – Sungazing

In many cultures around the world there was an ancient practice known as Sungazing. This incredible daily ritual was reserved only for high priests and elders because it literally restores physical vitality and awakens you through charging the “third-eye” master gland, the pineal.

Sungazing is the practice of going out at either sunrise or sunset (when the UV rays are the lowest and the sun is the safest to look at) and staring directly into the sun, absorbing the energy from the life-giving solar orb directly through the eyes into the brain.This charges the sacred center, the pineal, the third eye or “master gland” which regulates hormone secretion of every single other glandular system in the body. Youth, a restored body, high energy levels, healing, a God-like glowing magnetic appearance and healthy eyes, Enlightenment (as well as siddhis) can be obtained through this ancient practice if practiced daily and consistently and CORRECTLY.

This sacred lost art, was so profound and powerful that it was literally banned and illegal for anyone other than high priests or village elders to do it. In fact, in ancient Egypt many attempting were thrown in jail into dark isolated rooms because they disobeyed these laws.

I don’t have the time nor the energy to reveal to you how to do this secret ancient powerful practice, but the good news is I’m going to make available for you here the three resources you will ever need. These will teach you the how, the why, and also outline some amazing benefits of sunlight and give you some history and background on this incredible practice.

Resource #1: eBook Download 1

Resource #2: eBook Download 2

Resource #3: [click on HISTORY and PROCESS]

Health Secret #2 – Candle Gazing

How would you guys like that good-feeling chill natural fresh vibe nearly all the time that makes you smooth, sexual, and effortless around hot women, relaxed cool and confident and most of all – HAPPY aka “In State” or what I like to call Perma-state?

The primary chemicals in your brain which regulate appetite, sleep, sex, and general mood levels are known as Serotonin and Dopamine.

Candle gazing is a secret meditation from the East that allows us to absorb the energy from a candle flame directly into our Pineal Gland, aka the “third eye”. This has incredible effects upon your brain chemistry such as the release and increase of dopamine, melatonin, and seratonin production.

Read about it here: Tratak (Candle Gazing).

Health Secret #3 – The Rejuventation Rites of Tibet

Hidden deep within monasteries around the world contain some of the most closely-guarded secrets of humanity. Many legends speak of incredible siddhi attainment happening within these monastaries due to their ancient esoteric awakening practices and meditations with origins dating back to as early as some of the earliest peak civilizations of man such as ancient Egypt, Lumaria, and Atlantis.

These secrets were passed down from monk to monk, priest to priest, master to master over the years via oral tradition.

I’m about to reveal to you guys here one of the most powerful meditations on our planet. It’s more of a body yoga morning ritual thing, but it literally unlocks the fountain of youth within you. After daily consistent practice you will begin to rejuvenate from the inside out, looking and feeling years younger, stronger, healthier, hornier, happier, and look really really young and attractive. You literally will begin to glow.

Old men that do these rites have reported hair regrowth and it turning black again. This is all possible because as you will learn when the glandular system rejuvenates AMAZING things begin to happen to the body, you literally begin to access the Fountain Of Youth.

Now I can go into how to do these “rites” and how easy and awesome they are, where they were discovered and how, and dive into the more amazing benefits (that I have experienced first-hand) this ancient closely=guarded secret practice offers, but I want you guys to discover it for yourselves. I’ve included a book written by Peter Kelder, the man who met the man who discovered these ancient rites and brought them to the West. I think the eBook is like 50 pages or something, you can read it in one sitting and it will BLOW YOU AWAY. When you start doing these rights DAILY and with consistent effort and mindful practice… ohmyygooddd amazing things will begin to happen to you. Just try and see for yourself.

Just remember, YOU MUST DO THEM DAILY.

Download the eBook, made exclusive here on

for free (shhh) here: The Ancient Secret Fountain of Youth.

Enjoy your eternal youth.

Health Concept – STRESS. the #1 killer.

Any time you are under stress your body instantly dumps a flood of stress hormones into your system. These chemicals not only are catabolic, but they also cause you to rapidly age and drain your energy reserves.

Maintain a bright, cheery, relaxed youthful optimistic outlook on ALL areas of your life. Meditate daily to enter the rejuvenating Relaxation Response to ensure your body stays young and healthy.

Only work out when fully recovered and feeling energy excess or else you are just fatiguing your nervous system and causing unnecessary stress.

Too much stress = too much cortisol, which = Chronic fatigue, muscle breakdown, depressed immune system, decreased growth and repair, rapid aging etc.

Positive stress is good. Did you know that only 8% of men and 3% of Women in the United States exercise regularly? It’s true, look it up. When you workout you are positively stressing your body. This is a good thing, especially when resistance training because the gravity on your bones ligaments and muscles causes them to stay strong and supportive and the activity increases your metabolic rate. Astronauts in space literally turn to jelly because they don’t even have the simple resistance weight of gravity.

Without positive stress, we don’t grow or get stronger. We stagnate, grow weak, and die.

I consider intellectual positive stress mind expanding activities such as reading and trying to solve problems.

Negative intellectual/psychological stress is when you think of things you DO NOT WANT, aka worry.

One helps us grow, the other doesn’t.

When our body is under stress, cortisol is released to help cope with it. If cortisol levels are above normal, your growth and repair hormones are suppressed. Long-term over-production of coristol leads to break down of body tissues and fatigue of the adrenal glands. As the adrenals fatigue, the body is unable to maintain balance between stress and immune hormones, which leads to immune system dysfunction. Many years of chronic stress results in disease and premature death.

When repeatedly stressed, you’re continually mobilizing your energy reserves for immediate use. At the same time, the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) is suppressed. The PNS stimulates digestion, metabolism, and the release of the tissue building hormones (DHEA, growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen, and others). If the PNS is constantly shut down, you’ll be unable to effectively digest foods and repair your body. This over0stumulation of the cnetral nervouds system is very serious and is the root of many chronic fatigue and chronic diseases, as well as the emotional imbalances and distress.

So guys, chill the fuck out.

In times of deep stress and anxiety, still your mind, and breathe slowly and deeply. If you keep this up for a few minutes, keeping your mind still, AMAZING things will happen. You become strong, grounded, centered, in the Now. And hyper-calibrated to the present moment, making outside observers think you are a super star… but you’re not. You’re being present. There’s a reason tolle’s book is called the POWER of now.

Crucial Health Concept – Ditch Processed Grains.

mark sisson the primal blueprint

The human body is not designed to eat commercially processed grains. Period.

These include all bread products, crackers, pastries, pastas – you name it.

There is a lot of scientific research out today that states that for most of human evolution, until about 10,000 years ago, the primary staple in the diets of most civilizations was an alkaline veggie-fruit herb and NATURAL GRAIN diet. Generally, consumption of dead rotting animal flesh was supplemental and season, only in dire circumstances.

“But what about carbohydrates?!?! Don’t I need my oatmeal and wheat bread and whole grains for energy?!?!?!”

Yes, in it’s raw, natural soaked and sprouted form.

Although many chodes like to argue that we need plenty of carbohydrate sources to function (mostly from emotional and socially-conditioned blindness), biochemistry reveals that we have the capacity to convert some fat molecules (glycerol) into carbohydrates.

If you eat sufficient fruits and veggies each day, a long with plenty of high quality fats and whole soaked grains [to reduce gluten and enzyme inhibitors – thus increasing digestibility] – you will have MORE energy than you did on shitty grains that agitate you internally.

Factory processing has only been around for the last 500 years. If you take into account the millions upon millions of years of human evolution, this is only a flash in the scope of human evolutionary history, during which our digestive machinery was formed.

Today more than ever so many foreign toxic cooked, processed grains are being eaten.

One problem with grains is that it contains compounds that block the absorption of crucial nutrients. Say you decide to eat healthy and have some borccoli and spinach or other organic healthy veggies for dinner, and also decide to have a slice of whole wheat toast. Well guess what, one of these compounds, phytic acid, is a mineral blocker. This nasty little ingredient found in nearly all modern grain products blocks the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, and zinc.

Can you say weak bones & blood? I knew you could!

These inhibitors also neutralize our own digestive enzymes, resulting in common digestive disorders. People then wonder why their stomach burns or hurts after a meal (Remember listen to your body?) and then they go take a pill to cover up the signal their body is telling them.

Commercial grains, due to the lacking sprouting proccess, also contain inactivated alfotoxins, which are toxins produced by fungus and are potent carcinogens found in nearly ALL grains today.

Ever wonder why cancer is at it’s highest today than ever before?

Just take a look at human and animal grain consumption.

Grains also contain hardly ANY nutritional value whatsoever. Wanna hear a funny story? Well, it’s actually kind of sad. Basically, a group of U.S. workers took a bunch of grains and donated them to third world starving countries… and guess what happened? That’s right – they all died of starvation anyway.

After nearly 200 years of consuming highly processed grains in the forms of cereals, breads and pastries, chronic disease is now rampant among industrialized nations.

Grains also inflame you internally, causing internal allergic reactions and inflammation due to the foriegn substance to the human digestive tract.

When you’re inflamed internally, your body begins to leech energy from sex hormones and dumps cortisol, your primary anti-inflammatory agent, into your bloodstream. So not only do grains kill your sex drive…

They also make you fat.

My dad ditched grains for 2 weeks, didn’t change anything else in his diet or exercise habits, and he lost 10 pounds.

Not a coincidence.

Ditch that shit.

If you wish to read more (and I encourage that you do) about why to never put a grain product in your mouth again, check out:

Crucial Health Concept – Fuck Pharmaceutical Drugs

Nothing beats mother nature’s cures (like sunshine, rest, plenty of fresh air, exercise, and wholesome natural organic foods).

Science can try to get close… but it really never can.

Over-the-counter and especially prescription meds have to be one of the major causes of the downfall of mankind. Why is it now more than ever there are more and more drugs supposedly designed to help cure and heal people of illness, yet illness is at its’ highest most prevalent peak in all of human history?

Now don’t get me wrong, some drugs are extremely beneficial in emergency situations… If I get shot load me up with painkillers, blood-clotters, anti-anxiety… all that good stuff.

But here’s the thing.

You guys must understand your body is PERFECT. It is a Divine instrument, as perfect as the sun moon and stars. When there’s a symptom, that’s beautiful. Each and every symptom you have is your own body seeking balance and purifying itself.

I want you guys to think of this analogy.

Imagine you’re driving along and your engine light goes on. Do you go, “Oh crap! Better find a black piece of duct tape to paste over this engine light so I don’t have to see it flashing at me anymore!”

NO! You go “UUhoh! Something is wrong with my engine, I better get this fixed – THANK YOU engine light for warning me before something really bad happened!”

These are what symptoms are.

When we get sick muccus will begin to leak from your face [a runny nose or clogged up] in order to literally drain out the bacteria and crap.

Your temperature raises to kill the foreign bacteria in your bloodstream.

You get anxiety because you’re about to get into a situation that your body recognizes as danger so its trying to protect you from it by hyper-analyzing the situation so you can predict and make the safest move.

You get depressed when you’re off your path in life and not eating, behaving, or acting the way you know deep down as a Man you were born here to do. It’s the CORE of you literally going “ENOUGH OF THIS FUCKING SHIT. I DESERVE BETTER.”

Your stomach burns and you get heartburn when you eat something that can literally eat up your stomach lining and cause ulcers.

You throw up to eject the poisons from your stomach.

Your arteries are so scarred from the homogonized milk you’ve been pouring into your bloodstream for so many years that your body ups the Cholesterol levels (building blocks of human cells) in order to repair the damage, and your doctor goes “UHOH” and puts you on cholesterol lowering medication when in fact that is not the problem, your diet is.

All of these things are GREAT.

ALL systems are divine internal bodily intelligence reacting to try and achieve homeostasis in any way it can.

Taking pills for these conditions not only severely fucks up your liver and adds a whole host of other problems and symptoms, but it is also not solving the problem. You can’t SUPRESS symptoms. You MUSTlisten to your body and get to the root cause that originally caused the symptom in the firstp lace, then ERADICATE it yourself.

People don’t like to hear this. They don’t like to take personal responsibility. They like to think of themselves as victims and feel all they need is a magic pill and they’ll suddenly lose 80lbs and never have to step food in a gym.

A great book written by Kevin Trudeau (yes, I’m aware of his legal complications) is called Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About… I suggest ALL of you go read that as soon as you can. It’s all true, and *Very* enlightening. I’ve been studying this stuff for years, and I found out a lot of what he ‘exposes’ inside the book before I read it, so I can verify it personally that it is all fact.

It’ll seriously scare you badddd. Go check it out.

I haven’t taken a single pill, including antibiotics (DONNTT TAKE THAT SHIT, causes candida yeast + parasites in your body and KILLS off the beneficial bacteria in your colon) “flu shots” and all that other bullshit and I rarely ever get sick and feel incredible.

In fact, when I fuck a girl I can just go for HOURS it’s ridiculous. I literally tired ALL women out that I have sex with because most of them are chodes and don’t know how to eat healthy. Literally bros, I have girls fuck me, cum, and then roll over and pass out from exhaustion leaving ME unsatisfied… I’m like a hot bitch now hahaha.

I don’t tell you this to brag how awesome I am, I’m trying to illustrate a point.


They’re a fucking scam designed to make you SICK.

Just look at commercials sometime. I guarantee 30% (or more) is all drug commercials.

Sleeping pills, erection dysfunction pills, anxiety pills, depression pills… all this shit MASKING life problems and natural symptoms, your body SCREAMING at you to make some serious changes in your life, and you ignore it and pop a pill thinking that will help. Maybe it will temporarily, but the magic pill mindset NEVER pays off and will leave you with more harm than good.

Go to your medicine cabinet, right now, and throw ALL of that shit in the trash.

Watch this video, the whole thing:

Critical Health Concept – MENTAL POISON

You wouldn’t pick up a poisonus mushroom and eat it would you?

Then why do you *think* mental poison (and worse) and then believe it? This the equivalency of ‘eating’ mental poison.

When imagining, your body doesn’t know if it’s real or not. I’m sure you’ve heard of the scientists who did testing on olympic athletes where they had them run their race in real life, then they took their heart rate, did blood testing to determine glycogen level expenditure and all sorts of stuff… then they had them vigrously (in their mind’s eye) rehearse running the race over and over again, and you know what? Their physical bodies experiences the EXACT same physical symptoms from the perfectly imagined real “mind movie”, some even began to perspire!!!

Your body doesn’t know if what you’re thinking is real or imaginary. It doesn’t know the difference between what is “out there” for real or what is just an imagined fancy. You’ve done this with erotic fantasies I’m sure, and then you get a boner.

Same thing works with positive affirmations (I’m super anabolic, my metabolism is sky-high. I’m a lean, bulky, buff strong powerful machine) or… (I’m skinny, weak, frail, fat, etc) <— the body releases hormones accordingly. In Joe Dispenza’s Evolve Your Brain, he talks about this one study that was done where men visualized lifting a weight and guess what, their muscles got bigger from PURE VISUALIZATION ALONE!

It’s powerful.

Read the stress section, you will see why imaging negative things about yourself is harmful. You’re mis-using your divine  innate human power of creation.

Health Secret #4 – Matcha (Authentic Japanese Green Tea)

The following article about Matcha is not mine, but it’s really really good so I wanted to share it here with you guys:

We’ve all heard the hype about green tea being good for us, which also helps explain the unprecedented recent explosion of green tea drinks, foods, supplements, even deserts.

But don’t be fooled by clever back-of-bottle marketing such as, “Now with EGCG!” or the overused, “Contains green tea antioxidants!”….which makes it sounds like literally anything containing a microscopic amount of low-grade green tea extract is going to give you the kind of health benefits that true high-quality, whole-leaf, shade-grown, fresh Tencha-grade green tea can provide.

Not even close, no contest: imagine the difference between drinking water containing a small amount of old, processed, diluted orange juice-derived flavoring, compared to eating a…well, a whole organic orange, and the you get the idea.

Fortunately, more and more people are learning what many in Japan have known for centuries: to get the full benefits of the amazing green tea plant, the maximum impact, you have to “get the best and drink it whole”: Matcha. Real, ceremonial-grade, Japanese Matcha.

And now that Matcha is finally starting to become available in the West, we may be at the very early rumblings of a Matcha Revolution — based on the research and reported health benefits from this incredible green powder.

What is Matcha?

Real Matcha is the very high-quality, stone-ground powdered form of select shade-grown Japanese green tea leaves. It’s like regular green tea on steroids, and then some: rather than just drinking green tea leaf-infused water, when you consume Matcha, you’re actually getting the whole green tea leaf, and a very high quality green tea leaf at that (real Matcha is shade-grown, carefully prepared, hand-picked Tencha-grade), so you’re drinking the full benefits of the best of the green tea leaf itself.

Countless studies over the years have illustrated the health benefits

of green tea, and recently it seems like there’s an explosion of new green tea findings: from lowering your risk of stroke to lowering cholesterol to fighting cancer to fighting cavities and gum disease to increasing mental clarity without the jittery effects of coffee. The list of potential benefits seems endless (we encourage you to do some research yourself…the massive list of researched health benefits is staggering).

But here’s the amazing thing that many don’t know: high-grade Matcha green tea in particular is exponentially more powerful than regular brewed green teas, so it’s like amplifying all of these wonderful health and mental benefits in as little as one comparative serving. For example, Matcha green tea has approximately 70 times the antioxidants of orange juice, even higher than blueberries, and its unique EGCG catechin element (the subject of much current research) is one of the most powerful immune-boosting and anti-cancer substances known to man.

And guess what? Matcha green tea contains approximately 137 times the amount of EGCG as regular steeped green tea. Wow!

Imagine what that does to your brain and body if you drink it every day.

Of course, there’s no one single cure all “superfood” that you should take at the expense of an overall healthy diet. Yet, you do have to wonder why the Japanese (particularly ritualistic Matcha-drinkers) seem to live longer than people elsewhere. And just how those Japanese monks are able to focus and concentrate intensely for 12-hour marathon meditation sessions. Maybe it’s because they always drink matcha at the beginning of these sessions? Matcha is an integral, interwoven part of the religion, the meditation and ceremonies.

And they’ve been doing it for over 800 years.

But there are numerous other health benefits that you might not know about: several studies have shown it possess anti-viral and antibiotic properties, which assist with everything from digestion to killing harmful bacteria to helping prevent colds and flus. It increases your mental alertness and sharpness while also providing an almost meditative focusing, calming quality, which explains just why those monks in Asia have consumed Matcha religiously (pun intended), for over 800 years right before their long meditation sessions and ceremonies. It also has a naturally high vitamin C, flouride and chlorophyl content, among other vitamins and minerals, and nine times the beta carotene of spinach.

The list goes on, and we could go on. What else can we say other than it’s good stuff.

So where to find Matcha? Good news, finally…

Fortunately, thanks to the recent health discoveries about Matcha combinedwith increased awareness and outright demand in the West, a couple companies have now made it possible to get real Japanese high-grade Matcha outside of Japan.

But be warned: not all products labeled “Matcha” or “green tea powder” are real, true, high-quality shade-grown properly prepared tencha-based Matcha! The importance of the quality and sourcing cannot be overstated: some are just ground low-quality Sencha or Bancha leaves, some even add coloring or flavoring or sweeteners…even MSG! YUCK!

Luckily, we’ve discovered two top-notch companies that supply ultra-premium quality Matcha sourced directly from Japan (yes, the same ceremonial-grade Matcha as previously only available to the elite in Japan) and made available to those in the U.S., Canada, and soon beyond…

DōMatcha – ‘Do’ is pronounced ‘doh’ – and means ‘the way’ or ‘journey’ in Japanese (

DōMatcha offers organic ceremonial grade and non-organic ceremonial grade Matcha, as well as a larger-sized (and more economical) “2nd Harvest grade”, Gen-mai cha tea bags and Ten-cha tea bags, plus all the accessories such as traditional authentic Matcha whisks and bowls.

Before we forget: using a real Matcha whisk makes a huge difference in the frothiness and the taste! It’s worth the investment, and consider that anyone in Japan making real Matcha uses a traditional whisk…it’s the only way to do it right.

When we first heard about DōMatcha, we decided to contact them to find out who they were, their background and Matcha sourcing method. We were amazed to discover that they are a company whose trading partnership with Japan goes back 200 years! Talk about longevity. Great people, passionate about Matcha and committed to sourcing the highest quality, ceremony-grade Matcha available…directly from an ancient, prestigious source in Japan.

After tasting all three of their Matcha offerings (organic, non-organic and 2nd Harvest), we can confirm that this is the real deal. You can check out their story on their new web site here, or contact Calli at for more info & ordering (use their toll-free phone number to order for now, until their online ordering is online…).

The other great Matcha provider in the West is Zen Matcha Tea — that’s right, now there are at least two great sources for real high-grade Japanese Matcha (

The people behind Zen Matcha Tea really know their tea as well, and clearly care about the health of their customers based on discussions with founder Naomi Thomas. They are extremely passionate about Matcha and making it available, and now offer a ceremonial ‘premium’ grade, a ‘drinking Matcha’ grade, and a ‘mixing Matcha’ grade for baking/cooking, all available online-only via their web site, so check them out at or you can contact Naomi directly at

Give Matcha a try, it’s simply amazing stuff…we drink Matcha daily here at BrainReady, and are sure that once the word gets out about the health benefits of this REAL high-grade Japanese Matcha, we may likely see a new green tea health revolution indeed.

Discover the power of Matcha for yourself.

Health Concept – EMF Pollution

Krylian photography is now proving that cellphone damage is quantifiable and scientifically measurable.

Scientists have discovered Men who carry their cellphones around in their pockets all day (turned on) have a lower semen count. This is serious stuff, and here’s why:

Your cells communicate chemically and electrically. When you get the impulse to move your hand to pick up that mouse on your desk your brain sends an electric signal that initiates the entire proccess. Millions of these “micro-processes” are happening in your body RIGHT NOW.

There is a very delicate energetic resonance and balance throughout your entire body that keeps it running at optimal efficiency and harmony.

Foreign modern day inventions such as Microwave ovens, computers, TVs, electric motors, cell phones, power lines in your homes, satellite and radio waves, etc are all extremely damaging to the human body. These low frequenciy emissions that bombard your physical body have been scientifically proven to cause dysfunction in your hormonal and autonomic nervous systems, causing tumors, lowered energy levels, sapping your vitality, and whole host of other bullshit scientists are only beginning to discover.

Computers, power lines etc all this shit is not natural for the cells delicate energy vibration and makes us feel really sick. When I was a kid and had to go to my computer class I would always feel super drained and tired and weak after sitting in a room full of buzzing computers for an hour. I always remembered it, I would walk in there feelimng happy and energetic and vital, yet after sitting in there for a while I would feel sluggish, slightly depressed, really tired and sickly.

Listen to your body, always.

Oh and a laptop > desktop when it comes to harmful electronic pollution.

So what’s the key? Well, as far as I have discovered, there are these devices you can place in your homes and wear on your neck that neutralize these harmful electronic frequencies.

I know I know, they probably don’t work, but if you want to look into it you can get one here.

The best advice I can offer you is to stay the fuck away from power sources, use laptops whenever you can, shut off ALL electronics before going to bed and keep your cellphone either off in your pocket or carry it around away from your body – the further the better.

Health Secret #5 – Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is an effective natural bacteria-fighting agent that contains many vital minerals and trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, chlorine, sodium, sulfur, copper, iron, silicon and fluorine that are vital for a healthy body.

There surely must be something really healthy in using apple cider vinegar, since The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, used this vinegar around 400 B.C. for its health giving qualities. It is said that he had only two remedies: honey and apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is made from fresh ripe apples that are fermented and undergo a stringent process to create the final product. The vinegar contains a host of vitamins, beta-carotene, pectin and vital minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, chlorine, sulphur, iron, and fluorine.

Pectin in the vinegar is a fiber which helps reduce bad cholesterol and helps in regulating blood pressure. The need for calcium supplements once you start growing older (or eat a modern calcium-leeching diet) is well known. This vinegar helps extract calcium from the fruits, vegetables and meat it is mixed with, helping in the process of maintaining strong bones. Potassium deficiency causes a variety of ailments including hair loss, weak finger nails, brittle teeth, sinusitis, and a permanently running nose. Apple cider vinegar is loaded with potassium. Studies have shown that potassium deficiency results in stunted growth. All these ailments can be avoided with the intake of apple cider vinegar. The potassium in this vinegar also helps in eliminating toxic waste from the body. The beta-carotene helps in countering damage caused by free radicals, helping one maintain firmer skin and a youthful appearance. Apple cider vinegar is good for those wanting to lose weight. It helps in breaking down fat which helps in natural weight reduction.

Apple cider vinegar contains malic acid which is very helpful in fighting fungal and bacterial infections. This acid dissolves uric acid deposits that form around joints, helping relieve joint pains. This dissolved uric acid is gradually eliminated from the body.

It is claimed that apple cider vinegar is helpful in ailments such as constipation, headaches, arthritis, weak bones, indigestion, high cholesterol, diarrhea, eczema, sore eyes, chronic fatigue, mild food poisoning, hair loss, high blood pressure, obesity, along with a host of many other ailments. No wonder then many know apple cider vinegar as the “Wonder Drug”.

Natural Apple Cider Vinegar is made by crushing fresh, organically grown apples and allowing them to mature in wooden barrels. This boosts the natural fermentation qualities of the crushed apples, which differs from the refined and distilled vinegars found in supermarkets. When the vinegar is mature, it contains a dark, cloudy, web-like bacterial foam called mother, which becomes visible when the rich brownish liquid is held to the light. The mother can be used to add to other vinegar to hasten maturity for making more Apple Cider Vinegar. Natural vinegars that contain the mother have enzymes and minerals that other vinegars in grocery stores may not have due to over-processing, over-heating, and filtration. For this reason, it is recommended that you purchase only Natural Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, with an ideal acidity (pH) level of 5 to 7.

What are the Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar?

Natural Apple Cider Vinegar is a wonderful natural cure for a number of ailments. Here a just a few:

  • Reduce sinus infections and sore throats
  • Balance high cholesterol
  • Cure skin conditions such as acne
  • Protect against food poisoning
  • Fight allergies in both humans and animals
  • Prevent muscle fatigue after exercise
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Increase stamina
  • Increase metabolism which promotes weight loss
  • Improve digestion and cure constipation
  • Alleviate symptoms of arthritis and gout
  • Prevents bladder stones and urinary tract infections

While it is not known why, many people claim that ACV promotes weight loss. Some theories suggest that ACV helps to speed up the metabolism, while others suggest that it burns calories. A number of nutritionists also believe that combining Vitamin B6 and Lecithin with Apple Cider Vinegar is highly effective for weight loss. A suggested remedy is to mix 2 teaspoons of ACV mixed with a glass of water and drink this before every meal or sip it slowly throughout the day

Apple Cider Vinegar is also a natural cure for acne.

Get it at – they sell the best, most highest quality ACV in the world.

I’m not gonna lie, this shit is gnarly. Although extremely healthy for you, it’s fucking… gnarly. If death had a taste, this would be it.

I take a shot of this miracle elixir, 3x daily – once In the morning as soon as I wake up, in the afternoon, and right before going to bed. I only scratched the tip of the tip of the iceberg above though when it comes to benefits of this amazing health drink. Please do yourself a favor and check out this incredible resource on the sweet miracle benefits of this time-tested proven awesome drink: Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (I’m referring to the book about it in their store..)

Crucial Health Concept – Oxygen

Fresh air is essential to a healthy body. The human body can only go without air for a few minutes until dead.

Oxygen is vitalizing and energizing.

The problem is, most people spend their time indoors with stale stangnat air.

Fresh air is a must. Life is movement. Air is literally “breathed” throughout our entire planet via the lungs of the rai nforests that produdce the fresh oxygen, then the winds literally carry this fresh air away for miles to the mainlands nourishing the creatures of the lands in fresh life-giving air.

There is a major problem with indoor air quality. A book, How To Grow Fresh Air, that I suggest ALL OF YOU go read now, talks about these chemicals in modern day house paints, plastics, chemical cleaners, synthetic fabrics such as curtains and carpets, cheap desk and furniture material, etc the list goes on… these materials in our unnatural box caves known as the modern day home are constantly emitting particles, that we breathe in our lungs.

Don’t believe me? Try this, go near your sunny window, jump up and down on the carpet, and then observe. What you’ll see is thousands of tiny dust particles floating and glistening in the light. Dude, you’re breathing that shit in ALL FUCKING DAY AND NIGHT.

Go read that book, buy a house plant. They literally detoxify, moisturize, and clean & purify the air in your bedroom. I’ve got myself a bamboo palm 🙂 and it is sexy. I tell girls my room is a tropical island paradise of adventure.

How To Breathe

There’s an old saying in the East that mentions that you can reach enlightenment through breath awareness meditation alone, and it’s true.

Breath stimulates electrical transfer through cells via kinetic energy. Or in simpler terms, it moves chi through the body.

Without oxygen, the human body will die in minutes.

So let’s learn to breathe properly shall we?

If you consciously train yourself to do this, I promise you will feel the incredible effects of a healthy energized body, elated mood, a sense of relaxed strength and eternal peaceful calm, and increased awareness and daily balance making you more effective in all your daily activities.

The key is deeply, and slowly. Shallow chest breathing is a disease of mankind. Primal man was FORCED to do cardio all day and walk/jog around. The human cells CRAVE oxygen, and our modern couch potato (or sitting in front of a computer) lifestyle just doesn’t cut it. Not only are we oxygen deprived, we’re also shallow breathers. I’m going to teach you guys the 2/3 breath. Basically, the proper way to ensure nourishing breaths that reap incredible awesome benefits is to make sure that you ALWAYS breathe in through your belly. Fill it up first, then the last 2/3 of the inhale should be your chest. then slowly exhale. A good, natural rhythm is 4 seconds in, 8 seconds out. No time in-between. At first this may feel unnatural to you, but if you go meditate and follow this rhtyhm with a 100% still mind – the results of just 5 minutes of doing this daily will SHOCK you. The first time I did it, I attained a deep relaxation. Like, if you think you’re relaxed now, holy fuck try this. My sinuses cleared up and I could feel my whole body relaxing, my voice got deeper and louder and my breathing became deeper. My body instantly got energized too and I felt really happy and motivated.

Don’t just take my word for it, this isn’t a goddam television set – I want you guys to experience this on continuing basis.

Try this now.

Keep it fluid, train yourself to breathe like this, with good posture, on a moment-to-moment basis and amazing things will happen to you.

Breathe is literally the flow of life and spirit through the body. In times you feel stifled I bet you are finding it hard to breathe, or are taking shallow sips of air. Afraid to SUCK IN life.

Look at guys who have a lot of presence, like Hypnotica – those dudes are heavy breathers and with good reason. They take up A LOT of space and have tons of power. Observe this awesome dude… especially the way he unapologetically breathes. That’s a little known key to massive power. You don’t have to watch the whole thing, but you should it’s an awesome video;

Also, take note of bulls. Before they charge what do they do? They BREATHE IN hard and then FORCEFULLY EXHALE. They innately know the power of breath. Champion Olympic weightlifters do the same thing. Huge gigantic deep breaths, then they HEAVE.

Breathe generates force. When you stifle your breath with shallow sips of air, you stifle your own energy and power.

Also, when you relax during sex and take deep, slow, full breaths, your stamina goes through the fucking roof as breath is literally how to move chi through the body. It doesn’t collect in your lower energy centers (your dick) and find spasmic release (ejaculation), instead, it moves through your entire body and every cell tingles and buzzes with pure desire for her.

Health Secret #6 – Magnetic Mattress Pad

The Earth used to have a strong magnetic field which aided in subtle energies of the human body being supported and optimized. If memory serves, many years ago the Earth had a magnetic gravitational field strenght of 6.0 – today it is low, around 0.3!!!! This lack of magnetism literally causes our cells to function at a less-than-optimal rate and is making all of us weaker. By sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad (Magnetico being the best) you can observe unreal health benefits.

Check out this website for more info: Magnetico – The WHY.

Crucial Health Concept – Movement

I can sum up this whole section: get off your ass and exercise, daily.

When a pond doesn’t have a fresh water source moving through it with proper circulation and taking water away it becomes stagnant.

We’ve all seen a rotting, stagnant smelly pond yes?

Your body is comprised of 75% water.

When you exercise, you sweat out toxins and old stale fluids. That is what body odor essentially is… If you guys ever fast you will begin to WREAK for a few days, this is your body getting rid of all the junk. (Or if you’ve ever had a heavy night of drinking alcohol, the next day you SMELL like alcohol because your pores are desperately trying to detoxify you by sweating it out).

When you exercise you breathe deep and cirulate fluids to all the extremeities of the body.

Sedentary lifestyle causes fatness, fatigue, sickness, laziness, and heart disease.

Movemement is absolute crucial for optimal health and an efficient powerful mind. Many leaders walked for 1 hour daily in the sunshine each day. I try to go for jogs and walks and even sprints on weekends whenever I can. On longer walks to feel more productive I pop in an audiobook on my iPod, awesome.

Lack of daily movement also causes sever postural problems (unconscious unattractive ugly slouching habits) and causes muscle imbalances.

When you walk, you synchronize both hemispheres of the brain and physically balance the body.

By slouching at a desk all day you guys literally program in shitty habits that translate to WOmen and other people like you don’t respect yourself and have low self esteem. It also blocks circulation.

Try this: slouch your chest slightly. Very slightly hunch over, I mean.

Now, move your chest up normal, and nice & tall.

See the difference????!?!?!

Amazing isn’t it, do this in a mirror – you literally go from chode to champ in like 2 seconds flat.

As much as you can, get outdoors and get moving. Lift stuff. USE YOUR PHYSICAL-ORIENTED ADAPTED BODY. It craves it.

The human body was NOT designed to sit on its ass all day… we live in a world of computers, cars, elevators etc.

Think primal. If you wanted to go get a drink of water or visit a friend it was an epic 10 mile hike that was exhuasting and equivelent to a modern day workout for you. There were no cars. No chairs. No indoors. Remember our talk about the human genome and how its been estimated it takes millions of years to change it 1%? The body was DESIGNED to move. The fat on your butt literally is there to support you when standing upright and when running. Your lungs air meant to powerfully pump air into every cell of your being and detoxify you. Your muscles literally act like blood pumps, nourishing and detoxifying.

Imagine this setting… you’re a caveman in the sunny outdoors, strong, ripped, powerful, adapted to be energetic because you walk and sprint to hunt and move ALL FUCKING DAY, but you see a slab of rock, and you decide to sit down on it. Doing notihng. Just sitting, oh and forget about sunlight, this rock is inside a cave… no exposure to natural sunlight remember except a dark little computer screen (pretend its in there.) So you just sit there… for 8 hours straight… doing nothing… barley exercising your body, just moving your little fingers and eyes on a screen. That’s it.

Does anyone else see something wrong with this?

The human body evolved on damn-near CONSTANT movement, sometimes vigorous sprints, long jogs, walks, hikes, climbs, lifting heavy crap… lots of sunlight exposure, and PLENTY OF DEEP FRESH AIR.

A sedentary life literally leads to guaranteed heart disease, toxic buildup and fluid blockages in the body, low energy levels & health and ultimately leads to a premature death.

Health Secret #7 – Get To Bed On Time

Do you wake up from a full night’s rest still feeling tired?

I used to…

Computer screens. artifical lighting, and late-night TV are all disasters for our health. Primitive Man evolved for literally millions of years attuning his body to the sleep/wake cycles of the sun. Our physiology is the same as our sun-driven ancestors, except now we just have fancy cars, clothes, and a few electronic gadgets. Even though we now have access to light 24 hours a day, our bodies are still tuned to the natural rhythm of daily and seasonal light/dark cycles.

If you have an active social life like I do, then Wednesday night – Saturday are spent out till sometimes 4 A.M.

This last “secret” is potent when it comes to health advantages, but it’s difficult to maintain in our modernized lifestyle.

The first key realization you need to have is that Man was not meant to stay up past sunrise for very long. Nightime was time for predators, cold temperatures, and SLEEP. Primal Man would stay up maybe for a little bit with what lighting? A fire? And then go to sleep. My estimation would be all primal human’s (our evolotionary ancestors) went to bed at no later than 9 P.M., perhaps a little later in the summer months.

Our brain’s chemicals that regulate energy, specifically sleep and wake cycles a la circadian rhythms is *Extremely* light-sensitive. When ANY amount of light enters the eyes it is seen as sunrise and chemicals are released accordingly.

If you’re looking for a better sex life, drastically improved energy levels, better strength and recovery inside the gym, more focus and concentration, and a whole host of other benefits – then you MUST get in bed by no later than 10:30 P.M.

I know, I know.

I used to have chronic fatigue,  stalled on all my petty lifts in the gym, and could never figure out why. I mean, I was sleeping for 8+ hours, yet woke up feeling exhausted!

I remember reading a book that talks about if you are staying up late and going to bed at 1:00 A.M. that you are literally disrupting your circadian rhythm, which leads to sleep deprivation. “Okay,” I thought, “I’m going to get up at 8 A.M. every morning and be in bed no later than 10:30 … except on some weekends) And you know what? The results were dramatic. Holy shit. I now understand why everyone is walking around in a chode zombie daze and getting sick and tired all the time barely accomplishing nothing in their lives…

First of all I felt GREAT. Like a little kid going to Disneyland or something. I was excited about evverryttthhinngg. I actually, for the first time in a while, woke up in a positive refreshed mood, STOKED for the upcoming challenge of a bright new day.

Second, my workouts were awesome. I felt stronger, and gained more muscle that month than at any other point (even 5000+ cal bulking days) in my life.

Third, my concentration was unreal. Usually before when I tried to read an article or a book my mind would wander all over the place and I could barely keep my mind on the book for more than a minute. Now, I was BURNING through books… like reading at the speed of light fully soaking up everything I was reading and aching for more knowledge. It was wild, my brain was functioning that much better. Also, I was horny as fuck. It was ridiculous, like everytime I saw a hot girl I felt so fucking turned on like I almost wanted to cry hahahah.

I found out the reason why I felt like Superman just by going to bed earlier…

Whenever light stimulates your skin or eyes, regardless of the source, your brain thinks it’s morning.

When this happens, cortisol is released in a natural amount, that helps us to ‘wake up’ so to speak to fight, go run and hunt, work, or whatever supporting our daily activities.

The problem; in nature, as the sunlight goes down and less and less light is stimulating our brain’s, our bodies will begin to wind down and prepare us for sleep. Melatonin, growth hormones, and important immune system functions will then be released at this time to “Calm us down” and repair us. This natural beneficial hormone release that aids in the repair of the body and energetic restoration and rejuvenation happens ONLY between 10:00 P.M. – 2:00 A.M.

Also, when we stay up past our bodies natural sleeping time, the body thinks you are in an emergency situation so it floods your bloodstream with stress hormones (NOT growth repair hormones) which keep you awake, at a heavy price.

This internal stress rapidly causes aging, blocks recovery, and saps your vitality and energy reserves. When you stay up at 12:00 A.M. on the computer your body literally thinks you are fighting to stay awake (like trying to get home to your cave to avoid freezing to death or being eaten by a nighttime predator) so it gives you all the fight-or-flight stress hormones it can to keep you awake and alive.

Most people don’t realize the severe damage they are causing to their bodies just by innocently surfing the web or watching TV late at night.

And when they finally do go to sleep, they missed all those beneficial repair hormones that would have been released.

The other problem is that Cortisol literally takes HOURS to clear from your bloodstream. Anytime Cortisol is present in your bloodstream, in even the tiniest of amounts, it prevents the release of melatonin, growth hormones and other critical immune factors. When most people get to bed at 2:00 A.M., the Cortisol doesn’t clear out until around 4:00 A.M., and by then hardly ANY beneficial hormones are released (in Nature it is timed from 10:00 p.M. – 2:00 A.M., remember?) and then as soon as around 6:00 A.M. happens, the sunlight entering in your window stimulates your skin and eyes, triggering the release of cortisol to wake you up and get ready for another day once more.

So must people, in reality, are getting around 2 hours of sleep each night. Which isn’t even that deep because they’re missing the crucial repair window.

Think about it. If there were no lights or computers, you would literally be forced to go to bed early because there isn’t anything to do… it’s completely dark outside!!!

If you even go to bed at midnight you’ve already missed 2 hours of your physical repair cycle.

Not only does not having sufficient repair of your body lead to a whole host of serious physical and neurological disorders and diseases, it also can result in adrenal fatigue.

The adrenal glands sit atop the kidneys and produce hormones called glucocorticoids, of which cortisol is one. Chronic exposure to light and stress at night requires the adrenals to produce more Cortisol than is normal (trying to keep you awake and alive remember?) Excessive cortisol release leads to adrenal fatigue, which presents itself in any number of ways, including chronic fatigue syndrome, viral infections, bacterial infections, headaches, depression, weak immune system, lowered muscular strength and endurance, etc… the list goes on and on…

It’s critical that you respect your natural circadian rhythm and allow your adrenals to rest.

Stimulants, like tobacco, caffeine, sugar … all this shit stays in your system and keeps cortisol producing, sometimes for even up to 9 hours after consumption! So if you drink or do that shit, make sure its in the morning only or you’re going to miss the crucial repair window of your natural Circadian Rhythm. Also, if you go read the sugar section again, you’ll learn that blood sugar fluctuations result in a massive release of Cortisol, which can keep you awake for hours. Yup, that means ditch the sugary dessert after dinner or you’re cutting into recovery time.

Electromagnetic pollution also disrupts delicate sleep/wake cycles. Unless you sleep in a cave miles away from civilization you’re going to be exposed to these. But you can help control it by shutting computers and TVs off before you go to bed.

Also, drink water before you go to bed. Not enough to make you wake up and have to take a piss, but just enough, Over time you will get a feel for how much is right. For me its 3/4 of a glass (with a pinch of sea salt so you don’t urinate as fast, remember?), I wont have to piss till the morning that way. The reason why hydration is crucial is that severe brain damage and other terrible things can happen if the body becomes too dehydrated. As soon as your body uses up its water reserve and begins to feel dehydration, it interprets this as a sign of stress (and it is), and you guessed it – Cortisol and other nasty stress hormones are then released to wake you up and get you moving and active to go find a fresh water source. (Remember caveman days, that shit wasn’t readily available as it is today). So if you’re waking up in the middle of the night and can’t fall asleep, make sure you eat something and drink something to keep your blood sugar levels stable and your body well hydrated.

Having a small portion of a low-glycemic snack before bed, like some avocado and a little bit of meat, will go a long way in stabilizing your blood sugar levels while you sleep. And as you recall from earlier, low blood sugar = stress. If it drops too low while you’re sleeping, you’ll wake up and find it hard to get back to sleep, or worse, you’ll have a shallow sleep with no beneficial hormones being released.

The next tip is to EXERCISE. Physical activity during the day will help you sleep and recover better at night. Be careful about exercising too close to bedtime though, this can raise your body temperature and disrupt your sleep cycles. Especially chronic cardio, that’s a stressor on the body (if over 30 minutes – massive Cortisol release) and is one of the biggest weight loss scams going today. In an upcoming Muscle Building post you will learn that a few minutes of focused sprinting each week will net you incredible fat burning, muscle-producing results than chronic cardio ever can.Guys who run long distance are typically weak and frail.

Just look at the build of an Olympic Sprinter who sees chronic cardio as a sin.

Doesn’t that tell you something?

Also try to get up early, 8A.M is a good time if going to bed at 10. Probably earlier if you can wing it. Sleeping in fucks up your sleep/wake cycle and leaves you feeling tired and your body confused. So my brothers, getting up early = KING and is the WAY OF MAN, the body is meant to awaken with the sunrise, and fall asleep with the sunset.

I know, it SUCKS. Obviously if you’re in field as much as you can be like me (and you better be), then you’ll have to violate this rule on weekends. But now that you know, there really shouldn’t be an excuse why you don’t go to bed early on weekday nights and wake up early. Respect this and you will be richly rewarded.

Remember, “how early you get up in the morning determines how high you will rise in life.”

-Zig Ziglar

So true.


I know this is a lot to take in guys. Don’t feel like you need to make every change you read about on this blog overnight. I’ve spent my whole life mastering these areas. I suggest you address a few issues at a time. I’d rather have you implement a few “drastic” changes here and there slowly and stick with them over time than give up everything because a life style change was ‘too hard’. The good news is, the more effort you put into mastering your health, the more energy you will have and the better you will feel which which will benefit every key area of your life.

Stay strong. See the world through your own fresh set of eyes. Support organic farmers. Change the fucking planet.

Dominate your life.


16 thoughts on “World’s Secrets to Godlike Health for an Authentic King.

  1. This post was awesome. I really liked most of it but some areas I wonder about. For example, apple cider vinegar has not been scientifically proven to aid in much, and can lower bone density, burn your throat and hurt tooth enamel ( Also, the idea of needing magnetic beds seems a bit absurd. The folk remedies seem a bit silly but I guess I should try them first before passing judgement.

    The rest of the article was totally badass and logical/scientifically sound. I plan on going out and purchasing some of these foods asap along with starting some heavy lifting in the gym. The only problem is with the purchasing of raw milk which the sale of unpasteurised milk is illegal in Canada which is where I live. So I won’t be getting any of that. Also, all of the foods are organic and cost a ton of money. I’m looking forward to your wealth post in order to gain the money neccessary to purchase these foods :). This post was awesome and I hope to see some more posts before the new year.


    Oh yeah, and some references would be nice for further research :).

  2. dude… nice you finally pumped this post out!

    5000cal bulking diet?… whats an example you can give us for an average day of meals here? I mean, say you’re eating 250g protein a day (1000cal)… then lowish carbs a day (80g = 320cal) you’ve then gotta make up about 3500cal of fats. Are you just downing alot of milk on top of a dozen raw eggs a day and that sort of stuff?

    Good post man. Ive been sugar and alcohol free for 6+ months… do it guys, you won’t regret it! =)

  3. HEY GREAT POST! I saw a lot of stuff from Paleo Diet (Good read.) I’m saving shit from this site before the Illuminati assassinate you for distributing pure fucking KNOWLEDGE. Keep it up man and if you ever come to Texas give me a holler! I need help with all these damn girls!

  4. I like it but nothing in extreme I see as good. I don’t like extremity, be it religion, spirituality or diet.

    Also the biggest problem:

    I can’t follow my bliss and travel with this diet.
    And it’s WAAAAY to expensive an organic avocado costs 3$ in Australia.

  5. Woah. My comment never registered! Anyways man THANK YOU SO MUCH for this AMAZING article. AWESOME. I’m so thankful for this. My only problem is affording this. I’m 19 and living with my parents and looking for a job, and my mom says these are very expensive. I know it’s ultimately my responsibility. I have to hustle. Thanks so much for this. I’m looking forward to your financial freedom post so I can afford this=) But take your time man, no rush – I am thankful for this wealth of information that you took time out of your life to share with us. For free too!=)

    Love you man.


    P.S. Hendrix I miss your sexual magnetism article haha! And THANKS for your information too bro! This information has helped me in my life!

  6. You are a genius mate!!!! Please never stop blogging your posts move me in the right direction and help me so much.
    Ate raw eggs for the first time in my life today and I felt pretty good.
    Although I did some more researching on it and can fully confirm your statements 🙂

  7. DAMN, that’s a long ass post filled with value. Busy implementing this stuff. About to eat some organic spinach. GOOD STUFF
    Thanks for sharingm Mizu!

  8. dude do you go to an organic store for the unpasterized milk? cause i went to weggmens (safeway of the east coast lol)and i couldnt find one gallon that wasnt labeled pasterized, even the ones that were “organic”

  9. realmetalhead: selling raw milk is illegal in stores. Do some google searches and find farms in your area that sell it. It’s a huge hassle..

  10. I just got my ceremonial grade domatcha in the mail today 🙂

    Okfirst lemme say ive enver been a big fan of teas or coffea for that matter… But this stuff is FUCKING REDICULOUS. I feel so fucking calm and focused like my reading speed has literaly quadruppled and i feel my mind on overdrive, yet so serene and rediculously calm. Plus i tried meditating on this stuff and its literally let me stay focused and present just sitting there for an hour and a half easy, whereas normaly ide get jittery and restless after half hour!! Looks like unis gonna be a piece of cake from now on. ^^

    Good shit bro!

    Keeep it coming 😀

  11. I miss you guys! Thanks again for this blogpost! It has helped me SOOO much in my life. I’ve been implementing all of this health info as much as I can even though I’m limited. I don’t even crave junk anymore! AWESOME. Anyways, I miss all your great knowledge 😉 I hope you guys had a Merry Christmas!! Later guys.


  12. Hey man, reallyy good article. SO much good valuable knowledge. Thanks a lot. I got a lot of things I can ask, but I will slowly start implementing some of the stuff you said and see how it goes. I got a couple of questions though. I started taking this supplement called greens plus. I mix with with a bit of flax seed oil and drink it everyday. It is kinda expensive though. Do you think its worth doing?
    Another thing, have you heard of candida? I think i have it cuz my tongue is covered in white coating. I found this thing called the candida diet, basically avoid sugar,alcohol and white bread, and it seems to help, but it doesn’t seem to solve the problem and it is REALLY frustrating. Any idea how to get rid of it?

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