Your Canvas

Buckle up for safety motherfuckers because I(Mizu) am about to fuck your reality harder than it’s ever been fucked with before. If you don’t feel changed and deeply moved as a Man after this post – YOU ARE WRONG. Just kidding ;). No, but really though…Oh and as a sidenote, if you “get it” and this post “cliiiiiiicks” for you, welcome to fucking hot women consistently, effortlessly, with EASE and FULL ENJOYMENT from NOW ON. Drinking a glass of water is comparable to the effort it will take. Sounds good? Cool.

Allllllllriiigghtttyyy thennnnnnnn kiddies, today’s concept is concerning a critical component required for having a RICH life filled with hot women, money, pleasure, and deep long-term fulfillment and satisfaction. Introducing,

Personal Responsibility.

So, I don’t know where you guys are in your lives right now but you MUST as A Man accept that only you, and YOU ONLY can pull yourself up out of your shit hole. Quit whining, quit blaming others, quit making excuses. What’s your shit hole? You know. Your flab of belly fat, lethargy and poor health. The fact that you have no hot girls in your life. Your shitty relationships. Your empty bank account. Your lack of intelligence. Those books you never read. Your laziness. Your weaknesses. Your excuses. Your dying passions and dreams sitting in the back of your mind. Your HOLE of DOOM. Remember NOT NOW = NEVER? This is the hole that you WILL die in – one day things will NOT be better. You will die the same boring fat lazy chode you are right now, that is, if you don’t decide to fucking TEAR AND CLAW TOOTH AND NAIL OUT OF IT starting from THIS MOMENT FORWARD.

Rain, sleet, snow, or hail – your fluctuating environment DOES NOT MATTER. It doesn’t matter what shit hole you are in, or where you are at now. What matters is WHERE YOU ARE GOING.


This propels us right into our next wicked concept, and that is, Your Canvas. I want you guys to contemplate this deeply. Everything outside of your self is your Canvas. your Environment. Think of your body suspended floating in a black void of nothingness. All that exists is your naked body. You. No clothes, nothing. Just your naked body. Now literally EVERYTHING outside the surface of all your skin is your Environment. Your Canvas. Another way to look at it is like an aura, imagine the prophet Jesus Christ…

The white light surrounding him is THE WORLD, the Environment, and a CANVAS. Jesus wanted to see only healing and love, GOD, and light in his. But we’re after something different today… Everything that touches your flesh and enters your eyes, nose, ears etc and all your senses is your CANVAS, your ENVIRONMENT. Okay get it? Everything. Every sensation. The bed you lay on at night, the friends that surround you, the food you eat, the car you drive, the money you put your hands on, the places you travel, the hot sexy delicious warm supple flesh of a horny beautiful woman close to you, EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING outside of your surface layer of skin that surrounds your entire body is your ENVIRONMENT and life CANVAS. How are you painting it?

What we don’t realize is that we are the MASTER SCULPTORS of our lives. One of my FAVORITE quotes of a true Authentic Alpha Male is by Jack Nicholson in the movie The Departed. He says,

I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me.”


“We dont see the world as it is, we see the world as we are.” -Buddha.

“Circumstances do not make a man – they reveal him to himself” -James Allen

Some people choose to create pain. Some people[criminals and psychopathic murderers] see in their minds first the horrible slaughter of innocent people and then bring that into existence externally. Others people see deep positive change. Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi to name a few recent Legends.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world. -Mahatma Gandhi.

Your hands are POWERFUL creation tools guys. You are truly capable of literally having anything. Like Napoleon Hill says, “If you can at first see it in your mind, and believe it, then take action, you can ACHIEVE it.” If you can SEE yourself in your mind walking over to that girl and being alpha as fuck, DUDE, you’re literally SECONDS away from making that a REALITY on your Canvas. The ONLY thing that gets in the way is your EGO mind filled with chode doubt. FUCK YOUR MIND, your MIND IS DOUBT!!!!

Now I bet you guys are wondering “Well Mizu all this woo woo canvas stuff is great, but how am I going to use it to bang hot giggling gaggles of girls in a night club?”

Slow your wheels, Turbo. I’m getting there. So how does this relate to girls? Well it starts with Michelangelo’s famous world-renowned stone sculpture, “David”.

When asked about the creation of “David” Michelangelo with a smirk musingly replied, “David was already in the stone, I just had to uncover him.” He saw David in his environment the ENTIRE TIME. All he did as a Man was BRING HIS VISION INTO REALITY(his Canvas, his Environment) by uncovering the SHIT that surrounded his vision.

“David was already in the stone, I just had to uncover him.”

As within, so without.” -Buddha

So you guys have probably guessed what’s coming next. A woman is YOUR CANVAS. Your MASTERPIECE. She is your puddy that you hold in your hands to MOLD in order to fit your deep Masculine DESIRES. A woman responds and gets her state(good feelings/experiences) from her environment – COMPLETELY. 100%. Remember from previous posts “A Woman’s love is a Man, A Man’s love is LIFE.” This is why hot girls go to nightclubs, because they can only feel good and have fun with flashing lights, loud music, and guys giving them their masculine gift – making them feel sexy, pretty, and desired, aka “validation”. Girls completely respond to their environment, external factors. Guess what guys. YOU ARE AN EXTERNAL FACTOR. YOU ARE HER ENVIRONMENT!!!!!!

How do you see and how will you MOLD the Woman in front of you? Will you sculpt your canvas as Happy? Depressed? Weird nervous and closed down? Sad? Feeling HOT and DESIRED? HORNY AS FUCK? When you close your heart down, she closes her heart down. Your openness is her openness. Your closing down is her closing down. You’re nervous? She’s nervous. You feel horny for her and filled with love? She feels horny for you and filled with love. MAN = WOMAN. You feel RIGHT about grabbing her hand and CERTAIN to act on your UNAPOLOGETIC DESIRES as a Man? She will feel RIGHT with you and confident to act on her desires as a WOMAN(by fucking your brains out equally as hard; as you’re going to fuck her to GOD[dying in BLISS]). Women are like SPONGES in their environment. As a MAN it is your duty to MOLD and shape(uplift) the woman’s mood by lighting up her heart – as well as the WORLD(your external environment). It is our DUTY as MEN to lead girls into the light with our penetrating love. She looks sorta sad, or in a chode bored state. STEP up to her. Start smiling taking in her beauty and sexiness. “WOW look at you!!! HEY, come here -grab her hand- *she starts smiling perking up*, ‘you are my cute dancing partner tonight.” and LEAD her like a MAN to the dancefloor. This is what it means to LEAD as Man. A Man must LEAD LEAD LEAD the girl into LOVE. If you walk up feeling GOOD she will respond and react to YOU, her ENVIRONMENT, and feel good too BY LAW. This is your innate powerful masculine gift to women, gentlemen. So structure your ENTIRE LIFE around feeling GOOD about yourself, completely loving yourself and your body first, so that you can love a woman even deeper, so your “self” doesn’t get in the way of your arousal as she gives her feminine gift to you. Build up a strong healthy body you feel great about, find cool little coffee shops to take girls to, throw AWESOME parties for your loved ones(friends), go surfing, do fun activities, call up invite and bring girls into your awesome PARTY aka your CANVAS, your FORGED WORLD OF ADVENTURE AND INCREDIBLE SENSATIONS!

They look to YOU as a MAN(their environment) for their stimulation and good feelings. This is why they watch emotionally-charged soap operas, go to wild nightclubs, talk about men ALL DAY with their girlfriends etc. When a woman’s external environment feels good, SHE feels good. My ex girlfriend’s room was so messy and dirty onetime she started crying “I feel so dirty!” she cried. I was like WTF at the time, but now I get it! See most men go “Just clean it.. duh…wtf is wrong with you, quit crying.” DUDE. This is YOUR GIFT to her. Clarity. Direction. KNOWING WHERE THE LIGHT AND LOVE IS and having the BALLS to LEAD HER TO IT. You know a clean room will make her happy, or hot sex in the other room, or looking at her like she’s the most beautiful  girl in the world, or making the situation funny and making a joke by telling her that you’re “gonna hose her dirty ass down” making her smile and laugh and LIGHTING UP HER HEART uplifting her mood. She doesn’t (in the moment) know what will make her feel better because she is REACTING to her environment. This is the feminine way. She CAN use her masculine side and figure it out for herself but she wont be happy or fueled by her divine sexy feminine nature. Her feminine essence is drained. She becomes ugly and unattractive to Men. This is the way nature works, feminine masculine polarity. That’s why you see ballbuster masculine girls with closed hearts and wimpy nervous frightened chodes out there with NO BALLS. Depolarized. So remember, Man = ACTION(leading to LOVE). Woman = REACTION(to environment, to YOU).

So guys, this is why it is CRITICAL to see the BEST in everyone you interact with. See other men as strong and DO NOT accept their bullshit or let them live in their chode ego roles. Every guy you come into contact with. Don’t be afraid to act in a way that you know is RIGHT. Be strong yourself so others are inspired and uplifted. Inspire and show humanity what it means to BE ALIVE.


Having strong values, personal tastes, PREFERENCES, and boundaries(what you will and will NOT accept from others) are CRITICAL. This is how you want to experience and form the world, and ultimately your LIFE, externally. In regards to interacting with women it is WHAT TURNS YOU THE FUCK ON.

You want to see her in sexy stilettos on your bed spreading her legs? TELL HER. You want her to bend over in front of you and show you her hot little pussy and look back up at you playfully and challenging you to come and fuck her? TELL HER. You want to pull her fucking hair or rip her panties off? DO IT. You want her to submissively get on her knees and WORSHIP YOUR COCK giving you AMAZING WILD HEAD? FUCKING TELL HER TO DO IT or move her(mold your environment) in that way that best suits your CORE DESIRES. This is Male DOMINANCE guys. And women LOVE it. The most sexiest hottest most feminine girls(total 10’s in the bars and clubs) CRAVE it. They NEED it. It fuels their sexy divine feminine essence. Society says its wrong. Unhappy energy-drained, de-polarized, nasty bitter Women’s rights activists say its wrong.  Fuck society. Listen to your CORE and look to yourself first above ALL ELSE for what’s RIGHT.

“So within, so without.” -Buddha. This is why you MUST have an Ultimate Vision, your deepest purpose, your destiny, your greatest gift to all of humanity – your PATH. this is your #1 priority as a masculine strong Man to bring this into the world. Obviously guys the vision must be one that UPLIFTS, INSPIRES, and deeply moves ALL OF HUMANITY. Look at this Man, his vision for humanity is  INCREDIBLE; The Venus Project.

This goes back to the above about how only YOU, and YOU ONLY, can pull yourself up out of your hole. The environment MUST BE MOLDED AND SCULPTED by solely you. Your environment doesn’t mold you, you mold your environment. You cannot point fingers and blame ANY external factors for ANYTHING you do not have in your life. You don’t let your environment control your life, ever. That is an innate woman’s trait. You’re being a bitch.

You know what else is fucking AWESOME?

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Due to your very genetics(i.e. facial structure, immune system for best mate match[healthy offspring with varied resilient immune system], energetic divine blueprint match(some girls energetically literally “Heal” you and turn you on more than others) etc etc etc your TOTAL 10 HOT SEXY PERFECT WOMAN for YOU that makes you go  FUUUUCKKK & REALLY REALLY TURNS YOU ON feels the EXACT same way about you. Yup. Each guy’s “HOT 10 girl” is entirely different. I know this because I have a poster in my War Room(living room ;)) that is of 6 completely different “hot” girls. To me, one on there is my Total 10. Like a drop dead sexy gorgeous beautiful girl I would fuck ON THE SPOT with EVERYONE WATCHING – I DON’T GIVE A FUCK! But the thing is, I’m standing around this poster with a group of guys and we’re all rating these ho’s. One of them points to this one and is like “DUUUUDDDE ohmygod look at her!! She is a 10. No, an 11!!!! FUCK!!” In my mind she’s a freaking 6. Seriously. So I point at my dream girl and go “Nah dude, this chick is a total 10″ he’s like ” wtf no way she’s a 7 in my book.” A 7?!?!?! Are you fucking kidding me?! And some other dude, who is VERY different looking than me(varied genetics), goes, “Yeah I’d give her a 6… but HER… 9.5” And this “HER” was a 6 in my book. Literally. A lameass 6.5 at best.

Guess what guys – God gave you those HOT girls for YOU and YOU only. They’re your gift from Him. Now go fucking enjoy them and light up their hearts!!!

Lighting up a girls heart by uplifting her mood. This is your deepest innate masculine gift to a Woman. It’s the MASSIVE value you offer EVERY girl as a Man. Your ability to see two bored, even tired looking “9’s” sitting on some couch in a chode night club, have the VISION in your mind of seeing them happy, laughing, smiling, feeling better and hot STEPPING THE FUCK OVER TO THEM WITH LOVE and MAKING THAT VISION A REALITY. So once again girls REACT TO THEIR ENVIRONMENT. As a Man you MOLD YOUR ENVIRONMENT. Get it?

Hope you guys just got fucking chills and it clicked because guys, THIS IS IT. This is the absolute KEY to Natural Game. Once you fully understand this post by practice in the field, I swear to God you will be fucking HOT women consistently and EASILY.

Didn’t click yet? Let’s try this. So picture YOUR total 10, and YOURS only.  It is your DUTY AS A MAN to light up her heart and TAKE HER how you WANT HER. But only give this gift to the worthy girls. And as a sidenote guys, sometimes you gotta actually (gasp!) be firm in your giving of love. Some girls(your environment) will scream at you, punch you, test you, WITHDRAW all IOI’s etc…This goes the same for your environment world and your goals. Sometimes you will get discouraged, feel tired, lazy, get beaten to your fucking knees hopeless. Are you going to fucking stand for that shit? No, dust the dirt off and get the fuck back up and LEAD THE WORLD INTO LIGHT ACTUALIZING YOUR DEEPEST VISION OF LOVE[GIFT] TO BETTER ALL OF HUMANITY.

Will you walk away like every other chodeboy or will you be a Man and penetrate her silly fluctuating mood into love with every fiber of your being? Dude. I am having girls fucking MELT with this stuff. Like staring up at me SMILING and SMILING glued to me not even knowing what to say back, clinging to EVERY word that comes out of my mouth, hahaha it’s hilarious!!!. And contrary to what the established pickup community wants you to believe (so they can take all your money) there is no “tactic” all I’m doing is naturally enjoying them and uplifting their mood with my innate masculine ability of strength. That’s why when a girl rejects you, and you accept it, you’re not opening and lighting up her heart well enough. Think of Tim, in the Flawless Natural(REQUIRED.) “But wait…. I’ll be sad :(!”He is making the girls feel DESIRED and pretty validating them, WITHOUT being needy or wanting anything in return from them! Remember, they spend HOURS before they go out “prettying themselves up” why? So their environment responds favorably to them, thus making them feel good ;). This “game” is so fucking easy guys. Quit making it hard.

And if she is REALLY rejecting you even after you are truly lighting her heart and uplifting her mood with your deepest masculine strength and gift, dude, look at her like she is an alien from Mars because it’s seriously her issue. If you walked up with a million dollars (and this is TRULY the value you offer her as a Man – making girls feel GREAT about themselves because they respond SOLELY to their environment, aka YOU.)  You can make that girl feel so fucking good about herself by being desired by a hot Cool guy and lead and give her AMAZING HOT FUN SEX – she’s an idiot. It’s like walking up handing her a million dollars and she goes “WTF get away from me creep I don’t want your dirty money!!” NOW do you see why I laugh when girls reject me (which oddly enough hardly happens… no joke…) It’s like WOW what is this girl fucking stupid LOL.

Move on to a more feminine hotter girl who CAN open up fully and accept your masculine gift, and the great exciting thing is the HOTTEST girls can, and do ;). Banging 10’s is so goddam easy guys, most chodes put them on such a pedestal and try to use tactics and shit to get them TOTALY OUT OF TOUCH WITH THEIR MASCULINE CORE OF DESIRE. NO GUY I KNOW walks up blasting love and positivity[their masculine gift] to a “total 10” and goes “heeeeeey you guys look fun! WOW. Hot dresses, holy fuck I’m turned on. I can’t keep talking to you guys, you are dangerous for me!” The girls will laugh and laugh. 🙂

Got Chills? Got the fucking CLICK yet? Good. ITS FRIDAY NIGHT BITCHES!!!! GO GIVE YOUR GIFT AND MOLD SOME CANVAS GIRLIES FEEL REALLY SEXY AND GREAT ABOUT THEMSELVES!!!! There’s some girls feeling sad and ugly out there!!

And why haven’t a single one of you motherfuckers bought me a beer yet!? I gotta pay hosting fees to keep this site up and running for you guys you know!!!!

Just kidding ;).

No, but really though…

Leave us some comments about successes or questions. FUCK I’M HORNY I gotta hit the field, girls be textin yo! GURLZ BE TEXTIN!!!!!

Condensed Samurai philosophy: “Win beforehand.”

Until next time,


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  1. DUDEEE.. AWsome stuff, its been working great, i changed my life.. for the better. Keep it up, you are changing soo many lifes .. thanks

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