Your Cup.

Adrianna Lima? uhhh…YES PLEASE. That chick is like a silky dream that makes me feel alive with pure hot pleasure, no? Damn.


okay I’m done.

JUST LOOK AT HER!! Ahmhmhmhmmmyyygggaawwddddd…..

okay seriously hahaha.

Yo dudes, lets give it up for Hendrix on that last post. I stayed up all night because it got so much good energy buzzing in me. He didn’t smash it out of the park with that one, he smashed it out of the fucking atmosphere… a baseball of glory is now floating somewhere out in orbit.

Today cronies I have for you what I believe to be one of the most potent concepts when it comes to having consistent, ridiculously awesome success with the beautiful girls all over this mud ball planet we refer to as “Earth”.

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And without further ado:


Your Cup.

(Figure 1. Your Cup – one of the primary tools of an Authentic King.)

What is your Cup? In regards to success with the hot girls, It’s your masculine gift. Your current behavior and actions of fucking this world open into love in every moment. Your beliefs about your own ability & capacity to dominate and change things out there FOR THE BETTER.

A classic Zen philosophy is that you must empty your cup in order to FILL it with something new.

A learned man once went to a Zen master to inquire about Zen. As the Zen master talked, the learned man would frequently interrupt him with remarks like “Oh yes, we have that too”, and so forth. Finally the Zen master stopped talking and began to serve tea to the learned man; however he kept on pouring and the teacup overflowed. “Enough! No more can go into the cup!” the learned man interrupted. “Indeed, I see,” answered the Zen master. “If you do not first empty your cup, how can you taste my cup of tea?”

I remember back in my old chode days I used to walk around thinking ” GOD I WISH I WASNT NERVOUS. OH MAN I WAS SO NERVOUS AROUND HER WTF!?!?! I WANNA STOP BEING SO NERVOUS”

But the thing is, I didn’t understand what REPLACES nervousness. Or in other words, once I EMPTIED my cup of nervousness, what would FILL it up?


See what I’m saying? You must empty your old cup of chodely ways of BEING and fill it with NEW powerful ways of BEING.

For example, what replaces nervousness? Feeling CONFIDENT(defined as feeling good and certain about what you’re doing), having FUN, and ENJOYING GIRLS. Instead of seeing a set and thinking “fuck what if I’m nervous and chode and bla bla” dude you’re filling up your cup with chode so none of that Authentic King glory self can fill up! Instead when I see a set I immediately start thinking “oh fuck she looks so hot!!!! man those girls are cute. they look like fun. I’m gonna go offer my masculine gift and light up their hearts. hahaha look at that weird creepy guy lingering around them I’m gonna go rescue Mrs. Hotness over there. FUCK look at that mini skirt and those smooth sexy legs this chick is Hotness ITSELF, GOD I gotta go talk to her so bad fuckkkkkk those fuck-me high heels are hot. OMG smooth legs for DAYSSS!” and then once my cup is full of Authentic King juice I ZOoOOooOOooOooOMm ride that tidal wave of glory right over to them and BUST OPEN that set like the Koolaid man. This is offering value in the form of positive emotions folks.

Here is a powerful exercise I recommend all of you do to determine what new ways of BEING you must fill your now empty cup with. Grab a piece of paper. Okay very good class. Now grab a pencil. EXCELLENT. Now in one column write what would fill up your cup that is chode, then in the column next to these things write what glory things needs to fill up your cup once you empty out the chodeness. Empty your mind of the chode ego creations, and fill it with the glory.

Say you feel weak? Empty that shit out of your cup and fill it with, you guessed it, STRENGTH. Some things take longer than others ie say you’re lacking strength you would have to regularly go to the gym, study what it means to be a Mature Evolved Masculine Man, become intimate with your fears and exercise right thinking muscles etc etc etc. But when it comes to most things such as emotions, those can be dumped out and replaced pretty fucking quickly.

So you’re sitting at a party. You look over and see BONAFIDE HOTTIE sitting alone on the couch looking bored and in a daze reacting hardcore to her environment as the feminine do. You want to go approach her:

……but UHOH you feel weird and shaky and nervous, doubtful or fearful?

Empty that shit.

Instead, pour in some enjoyment, GRATITUDE TO BE ALIVE, and FUN… and to complete your alchemical love concoction of glory, top it off with some cool vibes .

Let’s practice filling our cup on our computer screens so when you hit the real world it will be much easier to permanently hardwire and internalize this powerful tool in the arsenal of a flawless Authentic King Natura

Alright class, lesson two. Everyone pay attention. Look at her. Mmmmm good ol’ “Megan” as they call this entity…. Fucking SMOKING hot right? Take another gander, go ahead. Let it rip – Imagine all the hot naughty delicious raw animalistic things you would do to her soft warm sensual body – the ways you’d fuck her, pull her hair, bite that neck, taste her, force her to her knees to blow you and worship your dick…

(And get your goddam hand out of your pants!!! Save that Life Energy for the girls & DOMINATING your Life goals!!)

Guess what, Your Cup is FILLING UP with good emotions of hot sexual arousal desire and pure enjoyment of her feminine essence. When you looked at that photo did you feel fear? Nervous? Weird? Chode? OF COURSE FUCKING NOT!!


Your Cup is full of LOVE!!!!!!

You know what the badass thing is about Your Cup? Once it’s full of POSITIVE AND GOODNESS (such as arousal, enjoyment, fun, playfulness such as teasing[your value > hers], roleplays, push/pull and all around (ACTUALLY PURELY HAVING AUTHENTIC FUN WITH THE GIRL) all that chode shit CANNOT BY LAW FILL IT UP, because my dear friends Your Cup is already FULL!!!!

The best part is once your cup is FULL of arousal or happiness and joy / love / peace / male positive dominance / strength / FUN / WHATEVER GOOD EMOTION you are OVERFLOWING:

…you and can help fill up other people’s cups – ESPECIALLY WOMEN.

The sad part is guys, women do not have the ability to fill up their own cups like we do. We can generate our own positive state internally and fill up our own cups. It is our innate masculine strength and gift to the feminine. Due to women’s feminine core nature they constantly must look to external sources to fill their cup and react to their environment, and the saddest part of all is, sometimes it gets filled with bad shit due to stupid chodes.

Some guys walk up with a cup OVERFLOWING with creepy vibes, weirdness, nervousness, shame about their sexuality, fear and suffering… and guess what? Her cup gets FILLED with that shit and she ends up feeling weird, creepy, fearful and starts suffering too – BY LAW. It is the feminine way. If she’s a smart girl she will run away from the chode so her cup doesn’t get full all the way before it really starts hurting. Some girls are way too nice and polite though, so they stand there while chode runs his “set” getting filled with negative shit from chodes because they don’t have the ability to be strong enough tell them to fuck off and stop filling them up with shit. The hottest ones do have this ability, and use it a lot. Bless their hot little hearts.

This takes us back to the very natural yin/yang male/female dynamic that has been artistically and poetically portrayed for tens of thousands of years. It’s one of the oldest mysteries of humanity.. As a Man it is our biological duty to FILL her pussy with your LIFE GIVING MASCULINE SEED. That’s her physical cup, your gift to her as a man is filling her with your life-giving cum. Here we discuss the emotional cup dynamic.

She is walking around reacting – a constant empty cup getting filled by her environment…are you going to let this guy fill up your girl?

The problem is most guys fill up a woman’s cup then they want their juice back, or want something in return (like sex). they do this by giving them compliments and other supplication. The problem is, if you give her a compliment and fill her cup and then EXPECT her to fill your cup back up, guess what, you’re taking it from hers to refill yours up again and she doesnt feel good/full anymore!!!

The key is to GIVE GIVE GIVE and expect NOTHING in return. Desire and love without attachment. Love her with all you got and be able to truly walk away in two seconds not caring. Abundance mindset. There’s so many of them out there, and on an energetic level since time is an illusion we’re already fucking in this thing called LIFE. One with all, all is one.

Remember my cool surfer friend that would walk up to girls smiling and beaming positivity going HEEEEEYYYY LADDDIIIEEEESS 🙂!!!!! then walk off wanting NOTHING from them but to light up their hearts? And in return they’re like “OMG WHO IS THAT GUY WHY DIDN’T HE STOP AND TALK TO US ARE WE NOT DRESSED HOT ENOUGH?!?!!?!

So what liquid emotion are you going to pour into your girl’s cup? A cool story? An interesting fact? A simple smile? Are you going to fill hers up with some boiling hot lusty arousal and desire for wild fun naughty sticky sweaty steamy bedbreaking dirty hot sex?

Choose Wisely.

How about an awesome emotional rollercoaster story about an incredible life experience you had such as a wild wilderness hike where you almost fell of a cliff or got attacked by a bear, or how about filling her with the hilarious story of the time your friend hooked up with a toothless girl who whistled when she talked because he was so drunk?



This is why being successful with girls must be a LIFESTYLE change for you. You must have awesome shit to talk about that ACTUALLY HAPPENED OR IS HAPPENING IN YOUR LIFE. You cannot fake it. I tried faking stories before with girls – it doesn’t fly. My heart started to hurt and my breathing got restricted. Literally. LIAR was written all over my face and we both knew it. (Authentic King Principle – Honesty & Authenticity).

I read up on this and the chinese say there is an energy meridian that connects from your tongue to your heart. That’s why they say “Speak your truth.”

You don’t “demonstrate” high value.. you ARE high value.

“The more you know, the less you need to say.”

-Jim Rohn

So how about filling her cup with the good feeling of being protected and safe? If you are a strong capable masculine Man on your path, then you naturally do this to ALL girls in your vicinity without even trying. It is your natural masculine gift to them(due to Man’s superior clarity and logic for safe decision making and leading others, a bigger stronger physique ie larger muscles, dominance, loud paralyzing attack voice etc etc etc) .

(Just by tapping into and connecting to your deep natural masculine CORE, your cup automatically gets filled and women want it. The more connected you are to your natural male drives and behaviors, the more your cup begins to look like the above in comparison to others chodey guys who are shameful of their primal male killer instincts and stifle them. Fight and fuck.)

…I think this is where all the stares from chicks originate from, these girls are BEGGING for their cups to be filled with good emotions that I unconsciously ooze out. I’m seriously so fulfilled on my own, my cup is overflowing from my FULL LIFE that is NOT dependent on women, and they want a taste.


That’s another great thing about developing yourself as a Man, you become a leader of other men and an inspiration to others. Your cup is so full of power that you can easily share some with the younger lesser evolved boys who need it. This is known as “Zues Energy” of leading men. They pour power and dominance and strength or good emotions/knowledge/guidance into the weaker males cup. That’s why if you’ve ever been around one of your “natural buddies” when he’s drunk and having a great time when he comes up to you strongly smiling even if you’re in a chode state, all of a sudden you start laughing with him when he starts patting you on the back hard and loudly bantering, you’re getting FILLED UP with positive emotions and begin feeling like a Man yourself.

That same powerful male zues energy can also be used to shut the fuck up anyone who tries to harm your friends or loved ones.

“If you can’t stand UP TO ME, how can I expect you to stand up FOR ME?

-Random Hottie

When I roll up to these hotties, I’m like niagra fucking falls. I’m overflowing and RAGING with arousal, positivity, FUN, positive dominance YOU NAME IT!!!! My cup is overflowing. And yours will be too.

But it isn’t always berries & cream out at the club. Sometimes these girls are on guard due to the poison that has been filling their cups from all the drunken creepy chodes of the night so they start walking off protecting their cups from anymore poison, they don’t know yet that you actually can fill them up and make them feel REALLLLLLLLY GOOD because the past 11 guys were dumping toxic sludge into their poor little cups. So of course they will start walking away to protect their little cups.

“Give them a chance to give you a chance”

-Jeffy from Real Social Dynamics.

So say you walk up full and she starts running off, go fill her up man! Game is NEVER weird. As long as your cup is filled with great stuff, it’s allll gooood man.

Don’t be the blind ignorant chode who doesn’t even know wtf is in his own cup either.

Game on guys.

They’re waiting.

Hope you guys have a fun weekend, and don’t forget to go link back to us somewhere or make a forum post or something.

Right now(not now = never). Please.



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  1. HELL yeah you guys are getting me pumped. get suuuppeeer excited cuz me and hendrix have some UNBELIEVABLE shit coming out for you all. soooo glad you guys are starting to get the -cliiiiiicks-.

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    p.s @ Edje; yeah dude, all you ever will need is your own divine self. you’re GOD. hint hint upcoming post… its gonna piss A LOT of people off but it’s time to expose some truth :).

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